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par. 1145.


Surgical supplies—Continued. Rubber tires or parts thereof for bicy- Thermometers, fever (1267). cles or motor cocles (642A).

Turpentine (except that which, accordRubber waste and worn rubber goods. ing to certificate of origin, is made in Saccharine or other artificial sweetening Sweden). matter.

Survey instruments and recognizable parts Salts (see also, Chemicals):

thereof (Fr. 1260). Andrenalin and preparations thereof. Tanning materials (see also, Chemicals): Areca.

Vəgetable, such as oak bark, myrobaAtropamine.

lanes, and quebracho wood, whole or in Bromic acid. (See Bromide.)

pieces, ground, rasped, or divided in any Bromide that can not be referred to other way, and extracts of tanning ma

par 1145 and bromic acid salts (Fr. terials, Jiquid or solid; also gall nuts; val1259).

lonea; oak wood, catecu, quebracho, Caffeine and preparations thereof.

other kinds. Diethylamine carbamine (veronal). Tar paints, etc. (See Chemicals.) Duboisine and combinations thereof. Timber, pine or fir, other timber. Epinephrine and preparations thereof. Tires. (See Vehicles.) Epirenine and preparations thereof. Tongs and scissors for clipping off iron and Hexamethylane.

metal wire (Fr. 830-833). Iodine, which can not be referred to Torpedoes. (See War material.)

Tubes. (See Vehicles.) l'aranephrine and preparations thereof Turpentine (except that which, according (Fr. 1258).

to certificate of origin, is made in SweQuicksilver.

den). Quinine.

Twine used by reapers (Fr. 426). Salicylic acid.

Vallonea. (See Tanning materials.) Scopolamine (hycosin).

Vegetable tanning materials. (See TanSuprarenal.

ning materials.) Theobromide and combinations. Vehicles and accessories (see also, War

Tropacocaine and preparations thereof. material): Scissors and tongs for clipping off iron and Carriages and conveyances, without metal wire (Fr. 830-833).

motors, for conveyance of goods, with Shellac (1178C).

motors, for conveyance of passengers; Ships' chronometers (1290).

for conveyance of goods. Silk for surgical purposes (355).

Electrical igniting apparatus for motor Skis and staves.

cars. Ski staves.

Igniting apparatus, electrical, for moStaves. (See Skis.)

tor cars. Surgical supplies (see also, Chemicals, etc): Inner tubes for bicycles or motor cy

Bandage articles, with the exception of cles, in rings, fitted with valves, or

celluline cotton, bandage gauze, with holes and reinforcements. so
bandage cloth and preparations that a valve may be put on (Fr.
thereof; rubber articles for medicinal 642B).
and hygienic purposes.

Motor cycles, finished parts thereof, Bandage articles (with the exception not specially mentioned.

of chemical wood pulp wadding, Products of soft rubber:
bandage gauze, bandage tissue, and

Automobile tires and

parts articles made from same), and rubber

thereof. articles for medical and hygienic pur

Inner tubes. poses.

Other products of soft rubber, not Catgut (Fr. 1325).

specially mentioned, of rubber Catgut, strings of (Fr. 1298).

only or in combination with Fever thermometers (Fr. 1267).

other material. Gutta-percha paper (Fr. 314).

Tires, solid; also in lengths. Gutta-percha plasters, quicksilver, and Rubber tires or parts thereof for bicyquicksilver carbolic.

cles or motor cycles (642A). Needles for surgical purposes (Fr. 1260). The under part of carriages and vehiRubber plasters (Fr. 545).

cles with motor; also of vehicles withStrings of catgut (Fr. 1298).

out motor, for transportation of Silk for surgical supplies.

goods (Fr. 10981).

Vehicles and accessories-- Continued. Wire, copper-Continued.
Wheels for automobiles (Fr. 1098K).

other metal, with or without isola(Remarks: The prohibition of export of tor, also in combination with other

vehicles with motor includes also all materials; also electric cables or parts of such vehicles not specially wires, with or without isolator. mentioned.)

Covered with rubber, gutta-percha, or War material (see also, Arms and ammuni- other isolating material, not spe.

tion and explosives), not specially men- cially mentioned, alone or in combitioned, and parts thereof; armor, other nation with chips and shavings, pakinds cannon, howitzers and mortars, per, or asbestos; also electric cables projectiles, cartridge cases; empty, fitted

or wires isolated in such a manner. for ammunition ready for use; carriages, Isolated by means of shavings, paper, limber carriages and ammunition wag- asbestos, varnish, alone or by means ons, torpedoes, other kinds. Steel tubes of a combination of several of these; for gun pipes (Fr. 888-890 and Fr. 894

also electric cables and wires isolated 896). Steel pipes for shrapnels (Fr. 755–

in this manner. 758).

Isolated in other ways; also other elecPieces of turned steel for shells (Fr. trical cables and wires (912-921). 885-896).

Barbed (Fr. 8644C). Wire, copper (see also, Copper):

Wood. (See Timber.) Twisted into lines or cables, without Wool. (See Clothing, etc.)

isolation, with a covering of lead or From April 22, 1915, and until further notice is given, goods which have previously not been prohibited for export, but which are entirely or partially manufactured of prohibitions of export, are not to be exported from the Kingdom, either by land or sea, provided the quantity of the goods or the circumstances connected with the case give rise to the suspicion that the goods have been manufactured in order to enable the exportation of the material that is prohibited.

Licenses permitting the export of goods which are on the list of prohibited exports may not be used after July 27, 1915, in case they were granted before May 1, 1915.

Articles prohibited from exportation will not be allowed to pass in postal packets in transit through Sweden.

SWITZERLAND. Arms and their component parts, gun- | Surgical bandages and batting of cotton. stocks, walnut wood, ammunition, ex- Electric cables of all kinds and insulated plosives, and pyrogenic articles, sulphur, electric wires. saltpeter, and soda.

Parts of automobiles and benzine motors Aluminium sulfate and hydrate; salts of for automobiles. Furniture and tank tin.

cars returning empty to foreign parts or Antimony and other ores, yellow and red

exported in order to be filled may until phosphorus.

further orders go out without special auCopper, tin, zinc, load, iron (scrap iron), thorization.

iron and steel wire of all kinds, rails and Acetanilide (antifebrin). iron beams.

Acetone. Graphite crucibles.

Acetylo-salicylic acid. Telephone apparatus, as well as component

Citric acid. parts thereof, notably microphones, field cables, insulating rubber, electric bat- Salicylic acid and salicylate of soda.

Tartaric acid. teries; electric ignition plugs for automobiles.

Adrenaline, natural or artificial, and other Boats and vehicles with or without motor,

extracts from suprarenal glands (suprafor the transportation of passengers or

renine, paranephrine, epirenane, etc.). freight, not including bicycles.

| Agar. Sanitary equipment (not including medi- Aloes.

cal and surgical instruments), medica- Aluminium, acetotartrate of.
ments (except serums and vaccins), dis- | Antipyrine.

| Apomorphine.

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Arecoline and its salts.

Sodium sulphide.
Atropino and its salts.

Sheet iron.
Peruvian balsam, natural or artificial. Sheet steel, including corrugated, ribbed,
Bismuth and its salts.

and warted sheets, corrugated pipes, Bromin and its salts.

whether plain, galvanized, leaded, Caffein and its salts.

zincked, varnished, perforated, cut in Camphor, raw, refined.

widths, punched, bent, etc., wrought Chloroform for narcosis.

iron and steel pipes under 40 centimeCocaine and its salts and compounds.

ters inner diameter. Codeine and its salts.

Vegetable, animal, and mineral waxes, Collodion.

whether raw, bleached, colored, or otherCresol and its soapy solutions.

wise prepared.
Diethylmalonylurea and its salt, veronal. Spurred rye.
Dimethylamidoantipyrine, pyramidon. Worm seed.

Sulfate of copper.
Sulfuric ether, pure or crude.

Formaline (formaldehyde, formic alde- | Theobromin and its salts and compounds.
hyde, formol), liquid.

Tropacocaine and its compounds.
Glycerine, pure.1


Mineral oils, tar oils, and resinous oils (ben-
Castor oil.

zine, petroleum, petroleum residues, Iodin and its salts.

naphtha, turpentine, etc.); tar, alcohol, Iodoform.

fuel of all kinds (anthracite coal, lignite, Ipecacuanha root.

coke, briquettes, firewood, etc.). Lanɔline (wool grease).

Clothing and articles of equipment for the Mastic.

use of troops, such as underclothes, winMercury and its salts.

ter gloves, stockings, footwear for men Morphine and its salts.

(weighing over 1,200 grams a pair),3 Naphthaline.

woolen blankets. Novocaine.

Wool, cotton (crude or bleached); jute Opium and opium powders, extracts, tinc- sacks and jute textiles serving in their tures.

manufacture. Paraffin, solid or liquid.

Horses, mules, and asses, as well as their Paraformaldehyde.

usual harness, and horseshoeing equipPermanganate of potassium.

ment. Phenacetine.

Live stock (large and small), poultry, and Phenol (phenic acid), pure.

military and police dogs. Phosphorus.

Fodder of all kinds (hay, bran, marc [refuse Phosphorus sesquisulphid.

from pressing grapes and other fruits], Spanish popper.

etc.), straw, bedding of all kinds, soods, Quinine, chlorohydrate and sulfate of. artificial fertilizers, bones, and bone dust. Cinchona (Peruvian bark).

Foodstuffs. Biscuits, other fine sweetRhubarb root.

ened and unsweetened cakes, milk Salol.

(fresh). Saltpeter.

Shoemakers' gluo and starch, starch pow. Salvarsan, noosalvarsan.

der, rubber solution.

Leather and skins.5
Scopolamin (hyoscin).

Unworked leather of all kinds.

Boots and shoes of all kinds and parts
Sodium chlorate.

1 Until further orders crude glycerine shall not fall under the export embargo.

% Cotton goods of all kinds may be exported until further orders without special authorization.

8 S ze also partially elaborated leather footwear for men, decision of Oct. 20, 1914, hereinafter.

! Until further orders the following foodstuffs may wa exported without special authorization: Soft ch Jeses, such as Tilsit, Munster, and Monkhead; cheeses like the Schabziger de Glaris and Appenzell cheeses; hard cheeses in slices weighing 5 kilograms at most. Fresh fruits in shipments up to 100 kilograms; fresh and trampled grapes. Snails; game animals and game birds.

5 Skins of wild animals, fresh and dry, may be exported until further orders without special authorization.


Partially elaborated leather footwear for Extracts of substances containing tanain, men.

liquid and solid. Partially elaborated or finished leather Vegetable and animal oils and fats for in. parts of articles of equipment for troops

dustrial uses. and military teams.

Oils and fats of all kinds, worked for luSearchlights.

bricating purposes. Combed wool.

Cotton and linen rags; old cordage and Yarn, fabrics, and articles of pure or mixed other waste material used in paper manwool.

ufacture; maculature (waste paper). The exporation of hardtack without sugar

Rag pulp. is prohibited.

Chocolate (including cake chocolate) and Lens and prism opera glasses.

substitutes for coffee also fall under the Purified pine resin (colophony).

Candles and wax tapers of all kinds, except Timber-raw, hewn, split, sawed, and Christmas-tree candles. shaped.

Soap of all kinds. India rubber and its substitutes.

Products of all kinds for lye. Pneumatic and other rubber tires for ve- All kinds of coffee substitutes; chicory hicles and vel cipedes.2

roots, fresh and dried; torrefied figs. Saltpeter, not purified.

Chocolate. (The term "chocolate" figurTan, tan bark.

ing under letter i of article 1 of the deciWaste from wool, combings.

sion of the Federal Council of Sept. 18, Artificial wool.

1914, should be stricken out.) Crude carborindon.

Vinegar, acetic acid, and essence of vinegar, Iron pyrites.

containing more than 12 per cent of pure Chromite, ferromanganese, tungsten iron; acetic acid. raw.

Articles made of soft rubber, even com. Copper, lead, zinc, tin, as well as the alloys bined with other substances, with the

of these metals, crude or in plates, disks, exception of elastic textiles. bars, wire, sheets, etc.

Retort carbon. Copper, lead, antimony, and other ores. Tinplate in sheets or cut out. Nickel and its alloys, crude or in plates, Electric cables of all kinds and insulated bars, sheets, wire, etc.

electric wires, of pure or alloyed copper. Aluminum and its alloys,crude or in plates, Catechu, including gambier; kino. bars, sheets, wire, etc.

Coal-tar pitch. Sulfid of antimony (native antimony). Pyrolignite of lime. Benzine motors for automobiles.

Acetic acid, crude or purified, with an emParts of automobiles, such as chassis, pyreumatic odor. bodies, etc.

Flax, hemp, jute, ramine (Chinese nettle), Ignition plugs for automobiles.

Manila hemp, and other similar textile Nitrate and nitrite of lead.

substances and their waste products, Compressed protoxid of nitrogen (laughing crude, steeped, peeled or batcheled, gas), also in liquid form.

combed, bleached, colored, etc.; oakum. Nitrates, such as nitrate of potassium and Yarns of the textile sul stances named of sodium, nitrate of calcium.

under No. 396; unbleached. Nitrites, such as nitrite of soda, nitrite of Sulfuric acid which has already been used calcium.

as a fertilizer or for other purposes. Nitric acid; mixed acid (mixed with sul- Timber, raw, hewn, split, sawed, and furic acid or hydrochloric acid).

shaped. Hydrochloric (muriatic) acid.

Ash wood, crude, resplit, squared, or Sulfuric acid; sulfurous acid in solution in sawed.

water or compressed, also liquefied: Calves' stomachs, fresh or dried. Chlorsulfuric acid (sulfuric chlorhydrin); Unworked rennet (naturalrennet), or pow

oil of vitriol (smoking sulfuric acid). dered rennet, extract of rennet or other Tannic acid (tannin), gallic acid, etc.8 rennet preparations.

1 Until further orders unbleached fabrics of com sed wool may be exported without special authorization.

2 By the decision of January 22, 1915, the export embargo was extended to all articles made of soft rubber, even when combined with other substances, with the exception of elastic textile fabrics.

3 See also catechu, including gambier, and kino.

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Hardtack without sugar, even pulverized. I New and used iron lathes, also with other Twire of fax, hemp, jute, ramie (Chinese component materials, parts thereof. nettle), Manila hemp, and other similar Medical and surgical instruments and aptextile substances of No. 396, as well as paratus. their waste products:

Fever thermometers, glasses thereof. Tried out with alum, etc.; washed in All natural and artificial raw and manulye; bleached.

factured tanning materials, including Colored, printed.

chromium sulphateand solutions thereof. Twined.

Vegetahle and animal raw products Arranged for retail (on spools, in balls for pharmaceutical purposes,

whether or skeins, etc.).

natural, crushed, or otherwise mechaniRopemaker's articles made of the textile cally treated. substan es named under No. 396 alove: Manufactured pharmaceutical prcducts Ropes, cables.

including condensed plant juices, 1 alOthers, except nets.

sams, resins, unmanufactured fats, oils, Mica in sheets or tablets, oval or rectangu- Chemical raw products, as carrageen moss,

lar (cleavage mica): Crude, not glued to- fleawort, etc. gether.

Lemon juice. Articles of all kinds, including tubes, of Gums of all kinds. aluminum or aluminum alloys.

Copal. Lac (varnish) in flakes, even ground. Dammar, sandarac, and other gum-resins. Chlorate of potassium.

Bleached, distilled, powdered, and soft Blue vitriol and so-calledfungivorous prod- resins for technical purposes, including

ucts; ammoniacal sulfate of copper; stea- raw pitch, turpentine, galipot, etc. tite with sulfate of copper.

All manufactured resins, including l rewBoots and shoes, all kinds, and parts ers' pitch, cobblers' wax, etc., and powthereof.

dered resin. Camphor, raw, refined.

Cheese (all kinds) except Glarner, Kraeu- Alums.

terkase or Schabzeiger, limited to three- Borax.
fourths of normal exportation, one-third Potash.
of which limit may be exported from Water glass.
April 1 to August 1, by members of Formic acid.
cheese exporting association.

Coal-tar - derivatives and auxiliary raw Cotton batting.

products for aniline colors, as benzol, Crucibles.

chlorobenzol, naphthalene, anthracene, Graphite.

phenol, toluol, benzoic acid, etc. Surgical bandages.

Analine, raw and manufactured. Additional export embargoes enforced Aniline oils, salts, and comtinations for June 15, 1915:

manufacturing colors, as toluidine, dimeRaw tobacco leaves, rils, and stems.

thyl-aniline, phthalic acids, etc. Grape juice and wine containing not over Resorcin. 15 per cent alcohol, in barrels.

Egg and blood albumen and vitellus for Used petroleum and oil barrels of wood or technical

purposes. sheet metal.

All waxes, as floor wax, leather polish, and Ordinary carded or glued cotton waste. oils. Pocket lamp battery carbons.

Cleaning pomades, soaps, and similar turIron nails for mountain shoes.

pentinous fatty sul stances. Iron or steel ball bearings, parts thereof. Additional embargoes enforced July 5,1915: Half finished and manufactured articles, Fresh, dried, or salted animal intestines including tubes of copper, lead, zinc, tin, and bladders. nickel, and their alloys, except ma- Compressed fluid or gaseous chlorine ir chines.

wrought iron or steel flasks. Mechanical tools.

Regenerated, crushed, or doughlike manVehicles.

ganese superoxide. Watches.

Sodium phosphate, methyl alcohol, graphClocks.

ite, crushed, powder, pressed, etc. Instruments and apparatus.

Following enforced July 16, 1915: Cerium.

Gold, pure or alloy, fragments, chips, ashes, Wrought iron and steel flasks for gases. refuse and dross; also unmanufactured, Electric transformers, parts thereof.

coined, rolled into foils and strips.

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