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General.Not only have the neutral States placed restrictions upon export but the belligerent States have established embargoes upon certain goods to certain ports, or even the transit of certain goods. Such embargoes necessarily interfere seriously with the free movement of commerce. The extent to which ambargoes have been applied is illustrated in the British and German regulations.

In addition to the embargoes, belligerents have issued proclamations in which were made known the names of persons or firms in certain countries to which exports might be made.


(Corrected according to the latest available information.]


August 28, 1915. Whereas by section 8 of “The customs and inland revenue act, 1879,"? it is enacted that the exportation of arms, ammunition, and gunpowder, military and naval stores, and any articles which we shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food for man may be prohibited by proclamation;

And whereas by section 1 of “The exportation of arms act, 1900,” it is enacted that we may by proclamation prohibit the exportation of all or any of the following articles, namely, arms, ammunition, military and naval stores, and any article which we shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of arms, ammunition, or military or naval stores, to any country or place therein named whenever we shall judge such prohibition to be expedient in order to prevent such arms, ammunition, military or naval stores being used against our subjects or forces or against any forces engaged or which may be engaged in military or naval operations in cooperation with our forces;

An whereas by section 1 of “The customs (exportation prohibition) act, 1914," it is enacted that section 8 of the aforesaid “Customs and inland revenue act, 1879,” shall have effect whilst a state of war in which we are engaged exists as if in addition to the articles therein mentioned there were included all other articles of every description;

And whereas it is further enacted by section 2 of “The customs (exportation prohibition) act, 1914," that any proclamation or order in council made under section 8, as so amended, of “The customs and inland revenue act, 1879,” may, whilst a state of war exists, be varied or added to by an order made by the Lords of the Council on the recommendation of the board of trade;

And whereas by section 1 of “The customs (exportation restriction). act, 1914,” it is enacted that section 1 of “The exportation of arms act, 1900,” shall have effect whilst a state of war in which we are engaged exists as if, in addition to the articles therein mentioned, there were included all other articles of every description;

And whereas it is further enacted by section 2 of “The customs (exportation restriction) act, 1914,” that any proclamation made under section 1 of the exportation of arms act, 1900, may, whether the proclamation was made before or after the passing of the act now in recital, be varied or added to by an order made by the Lords of the Council on the recommendation of the board of trade;

And whereas a proclamation dated the 3d February, 1915, and various orders dated, respectively, the 2d and the 18th March, the 15th, the 21st, and the 26th April, the 6th and the 20th May, the 2d and the 24th June, and the 8th and the 19th July, 1915, prohibiting the exportation of certain articles therein referred to from the United Kingdom to certain or all destinations, have been issued in pursuance of the aforesaid powers;

And whereas it is expedient that the said proclamation and orders should be consolidated, with amendments and additions, and that such proclamation and orders should be revoked;

And whereas we have deemed it expedient to prohibit the exportation of the articles hereinafter enumerated:

Now, therefore, we have thought fit, by and with the advice of our Privy Council, to issue this our royal proclamation, declaring, and it is hereby declared, that the above-mentioned proclamation and orders be and the same are hereby revoked;

And we have further thought fit, by and with the advice aforesaid, and in virtue and in exercise of the powers aforesaid, further to declare, and it is hereby declared, as follows:

(A) That the exportation of the fol. Air craft of all kinds, etc.-Continued. lowing goods be prohibited to all des. High-tensile steel tubes. tinations:

Aeroplane instruments (aneroids, baroAir craft of all kinds, including aeroplanes, graphs, revolution indicators).

airships, and balloons and their compo- Aeroplane turnbuckles.
nent parts, together with accessories and Steel stampings.
articles suitable for use in connection Aeroplane engines and parts.
with air craft, including:

Animals, pack, saddle, and draft, suitNoninflammable "celluloid” sheet (or similar transparent material nonsolu- Cannon and other ordnance and machine ble in lubricating oil, petrol, or guns and parts thereof. water).

Capsicum and oleo-resin of capsicum. Aeroplane dope.

Carbons, suitable for searchlights.

able for use in war.

Carriages and mountings for cannon and Chemicals, etc.-Continued.

other ordnance, and for machine guns Mercury. and parts thereof.

Methylaniline. Cartridges, charges of all kinds, and their Neo-salvarsan. component parts.

Nitric acid. Celluloid.

Nitrotoluol. Chemicals, drugs, dyes and dyestuffs, me- Novocain.

dicinal and pharmaceutical preparations, Opium and its preparations and alkaand tanning extracts, namely:

loids. Aceto-celluloses.

Paraffin, liquid medicinal. Acetone.

Paraformaldehyde and trioxymethyAcetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).

lene. Alcohol, methylic.

Paraldehyde. Ammonium nitrate, perchlorate and “Peptone Witte." and sulphocyanide.

Phenacetin. Amyl acetate.

Picric acid and its components. Anthracene oil and green oil.

Potash, caustic. Antipyrine (phenazone).

Potassium cyanide. Antitetanus serum.

Potassium permanganate. Belladonna, its alkaloids and prepara- Protargol, not including silver proteintions, including belladonna plaster.

ate. Benzol.

Pyridine. Caffeine and its salts.

Saccharin (including "saxin”). Calcium acetate and all other metallic Salicylic acid, methyl salicylate, soacetates.

dium salicylate, and theobromineCantharides and its preparations.

sodium salicylate. Carbolic acid.

Salol. Carbon disulphide.

Salvarsan. Chloral and its preparations, including Santonin and its preparations. chloramid.

Sulphonal. Chlorates, perchlorates, and nitrates, Sulphur and spent oxide of sulphur. all metallic

Sulphur dioxide, liquefied. Coal-tar distillation products, being the Sulphuric acid.

fractions of the distillation products Tanning, extracts for use in, the follow

of coal tar between benzol and cresol. ing: Coal-tar products for use in dye manu

Chestnut extract. facture, including aniline oil and ani

Oakwood extract. line salt.

Thorium, oxide and salts of. Collodion.

Thymol and its preparations.
Cresol, and all preparations of cresol Toluol and mixtures containing toluol.

(including cresylic acid) and nitro- Trephenyl phosphate.
cresol (except saponified cresol).


Valonia. Diethylbarbituric acid (veronal) and Coal tar, crude. veronal sodium.

Compasses, other than ships' compasses. Dimethylaniline.

Copper and brass solid-drawn tubes. Dyes and dyestuffs manufactured from Cotton fabric, suitable for air craft. coal-tar products.

Cotton waste of all descriptions.
Emetin and its salts.

Diamonds, rough, suitable for industrial
Ergot of rye, not including liquid ex- purposes.

tract or other medicinal preparations Explosives of all kinds.
of ergot.

Field glasses and telescopes.
Eucaine hydrochlor.

Firearms, rifled, of all kinds, and their
Fusel oil (amyl alcohol).

component parts.
Gentian and its preparations.

Flax fabric, suitable for air craft.
Glycerine, crude and refined.

Flax, raw.
Henbane and its preparations.

Forage and food which may be used for

animals, namely: Indigo, natural.

Beans, including haricot beans, Burma Ipecacuanha root.

and Rangoon beans. Manganese, peroxide of.

Brewers' and distillers' grains.

Forage, etc.-Continued.

Brewers' dried yeast.

Meat, namely, beef and mutton, fresh or
Cakes and meals, the following, refrigerated.

Coconut and poonac cake.

Compound cakes and meal.

Cottonseed cake, decorticated and Projectiles of all kinds and their component
undecorticated, and cottonseed


Range finders and parts thereof.
Gluten meal or gluten feed.

Linseed cake and meal.

Silk cloth, silk braid, silk thread, suitable
Maize germ meal.

for cartridges. Maize meal and flour.

Silk noils. Hay.

Silk shantung in the piece. Lentils.

Spirits, methylated. Maize.

Spirits of a strength of not less than 43 Malt dust, malt flour, culms, sprouts, degrees above proof. or combings.

Swords, bayonets, and other arms (not
Offals of corn and grain, including: being firearms) and parts thereof.
Bran and pollard.

Tarpaulins and wagon covers.
Mill dust and screenings of all Wheat, wheat flour, and wheat meal,

Wood, namely:
Rice meal (or bran) and dust.

Sharps and middlings.

Ash three-ply wood.
Patent and proprietary cattle foods of

Spruce. all kinds.

Walnut wood. Straw.

Zinc (including zinc ashes, zinc rods, zinc Glass for optical instruments.

sheets, spelter and spelter dross). Gold beaters' skin.

(B) That the exportation of the folGripdery, the following articles of, used in

lowing goods be prohibited to all desti. the making of boots and shoes:

nations abroad other than British posBrass rivets, for use by hand or ma- sessions and protectorates: chine.

Accoutrements, namely: Cutlan studs, for use by hand or ma- Web equipment. chine.

Leather belts. Heel attaching pins, for use by hand Leather bandoliers. or machine.

Leather pouches. Lasting tacks or rivets, including iron Other leatheraritcles of personalequip

shoe rivets, for use by hand or ma- ment suitable for military purposes. chine.

Alunite. Steel bills, for use by hand or machine. Blankets, colored, exceeding 3) pounds in Heel tips.

weight, containing wool. Heel tip nails.

neash. Hobnails of all descriptions.

Boots, heavy, for men. Protector studs.

Camp equipment, articles of, including Screwing wire.

tents and their component parts, wooden Harness and saddlery which can be used huts, ovens, camp kettles, buckets,

for military purposes, including metal lanterns, and horse rugs.

fittings for such harness or saddlery. Carts, two-wheeled, capable of carrying 15 Heliographs.

cwt. or over, and their component parts. Hemp, other than manila hemp.

Chemicals, drugs, medicinal and pharmaHides of cattle, buffaloes, and horses, and ceutical preparations, namely: calfskins.

Acetanilide. Iron pyrites.

Aconite and its preparations and alkaJute piece goods and bags and sacks made loids. made of jute.

Ammonia and its salts, whether simple Jute yarns. (Applications may be made or compound, other than ammonium

for specialexport license for jute articles.) nitrate, perchlorate and sulphoKhaki woolen cloth.

cyanide. Leather, undressed or dressed, suitable for Ammonia, liquified. saddlery, harness, military boots

Ammonia liquor. military clothing.

Antimony, sulphides and oxides of.


Chemicals, etc.-Continued.

Graphite, including foundry (molding) Benzoic acid (synthetic) and ben- plumbago and plumbago for lubricating. zoates.

Bromine and alkaline bromides. Hemp, the following manufactures of:
Calcium carbide.

Carbon tetrachloride.

Cordage and twine, not including cordCaustic soda-sodium.

age or twine of manila hemp or reaper Chloride of tin.

or binder twine. Chlorine (including liquefied chlorine). Horseshoes. Copper iodide.

Hosiery needles. Copper, suboxide of.

Jute, raw and carded. Copper sulphate.

Lubricants. Cresol (saponified).

Maps and plans of any place within the Formic aldehyde.

territory of any belligerant, or within Hexamethylene tetramin (urotropin) the area of military operations, on a scale and its preparations.

of 4 miles to 1 inch or on any larges scale, Hydrobromic acid.

and reproductions on any scale by phoHydrochloric acid.

tography or otherwise of such maps or Magnesium chloride and sulphate. plans. Mercury compounds and preparations Metals and ores, namely: (other than nitrate of mercury).

Aluminium, manufactures of alumiOxalic acid.

nium, and alloys of aluminium. Oxides and salts (other than chlorates, Antimony and alloys of antimony, perchlorates and nitrates) of the fol- including antifriction metal. lowing metals:


Chrome ore.


Copper unwrought and part wrought,

all kinds, including alloys of copper Phosphorus and its compounds.

(such as brass, gun metal, naval Potash salts (except potassium chlo- brass and delta metal, phosphor

rate, cyanide, nitrate (saltpeter), copper, phosphor bronze and solder perchlorate, and permanganate).

containing copper), copper and brass Prussiate of soda.

circles, slabs, bars, ingots, scrap, Sodium. (See Caustic soda.)

rods, and plates, and also wrought Sodium hyposulphite (thiosulphate). copper of the following descriptions: Tartaric acid, cream of tartar, and Copper and brass pipes, sheets, conalkaline tartrates.

denser plates, copper wire, brass Urea and its compounds.

wire, bronze wire, perforated brass Zinc chloride and sulphate.

sheets, perforated brass linings, and Coal (including anthracite and steam, gas,

copper foil. household, and all other kinds of coal) Lead, pig, sheet or pipe (including and coke.

solder containing lead). Coal sacks.

Lead ore. Deer skins, dressed and undressed.

Manganese and manganese ore. Draw plates, jeweled, for drawing steel Molybdenum and molybdenite..

wire, and diamonds prepared for use Nickel and nickel ore. therein.

Scheelite. Electros for printing purposes, composed Selenium. of lead, antimony, and copper.

Steel containing tungsten or molybFerro alloys, including:

denum or both, and any tools or Ferrochrome.

other articles made from such steel. Ferromanganese.

Tin and tin ore. Ferromolybdenum.

Tungsten. Ferronickel.

Vanadium. Ferrotitanium.

Wolframite. Ferrotungsten.

Wulfenite. Ferrovanadium.

Zinc ore. Ferrosilicon.

Mica (including mica splittings) and micaForges, portable.

nite. Goat skins, dressed and undressed.

Mineral jellies.

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