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Mines and parts thereof.

Rubber (including raw, waste, and reOil, blast furnace (except creosote and claimed rubber, solutions containing creosote oil).

rubber, jellies containing rubber or any Oil fuel, shale.

other preparations containing rubber, Oil, neat’s-foot.

and also including balata, gutta percha, Oils and fats, all animal and vegetable, and the following varieties of rubber,

including fatty acids, but not including viz: Borneo, Guayule, Jelutong, Palemessential oils.

bang, Pontianac, and all other substances Oil, whale (train, blubber, sperm), seal oil, containing caoutchouc) and goods made

shark oil, fish oil generally, and mixture wholly or partly of rubber, including

or compounds of any of the foregoing. tires for motor vehicles and for cycles, Oleaginous nuts, seeds, and products, together with articles or materials espenamely:

cially adapted for use in the manufacture Castor beans.

or repair of tires. Coconuts.

Searchlights. Copra.

Sheepskins, tanned. Cottonseed.

Sheepskins, whether woolen or not. Groundnuts, earthnuts, or peanuts Signaling lamps of all kinds capable of (arachides).

being used for signaling Morse or other Hempseed.

codes, and component parts of such Linseed.

lamps. Palm nuts and palm kernels.

Submarine sound signaling apparatus. Poppy seeds.

Surgical bandages and dressings (including Rape or colzaseed.

butter cloth). Sesame seed.

Tanning substances of all kinds (including Soya beans.

extracts for use in tanning) except exSunflower seed.

cept chestnut extract, oak-wood extract, Paraffin wax, wax candles, and waxed

and valonia. paper.

Telephone sets and parts thereof, field servPetroleum, fuel oil (including turpentine ice telegraph and telephone cable. substitute and par oil).

Torpedo nets. Petroleum, gas oil.

Torpedo tubes. Petroleum spirit and motor spirit (in- Torpedoes and parts thereof. cluding Shellspirit).

Tungsten filaments for electric lamps. Phosphate rock, viz:

Turpentine (oil and spirit). Apatites.

Uniform clothing and military equipment. Phosphates of lime and alumina. Vessels, boats, and craft of all kinds; floatPigskins, dressed or undressed.

ing docks and their component parts. Provisions and victuals which may be used Wagons, four-wheeled, capable of carrying as food for man, namely:

1 ton or over and their component parts. Animals, living, for food.

Wax, mineral and vegetable, except Barley, barley meal, and pearled and carnauba wax. pot barley.

Wire, barbed, and galvanized wire, and Butter.

implements for fixing and cutting the Cheese.

same (but not including galvanized wire Eggs in shells.

netting). Lard and imitation lard.

Wire, steel, of all kinds. Malt.

Wood tar, and wood tar oil. Margarine.

Wool, raw (sheep's and lamb's).1 Milk, condensed, sweetened or not.

Wool tops. Oatmeal and rolled oats.

Wool noils. Peas, except tinned and bottled peas Wool waste.

and peas packed in cardboard boxes Woolen rags, applicable to other uses than and similar receptacles.

manure, pulled or not. Sugar, refined, and candy.

Woolen and worsted cloth suitable for uniSugar, unrefined.

form clothing, not including women's Rope (steel wire) and hawsers.

dress stuffs or cloth with pattern. 1 Board of Trade authorizes shipment British wool to United States on condition equivalent tops and yards are exported to Great Britain. Arrangements limited to Members Textile Alliance. (See telegram of July 1, 1915, from Con. Gen. at London.)

Woolen and worsted yarns.

Forage, etc.-Continued. Woolen jerseys, cardigan jackets, woolen Cakes and meals-Continued. gloves, woolen socks, and men's woolen

Locust bean meal. underwear of all kinds.

Meat meal. (C) That the exportation of the fol

Palm nut cake and meal. lowing goods be prohibited to all foreign

Poppy seed cake and meal. countries in Europe and on the Mediter

Rapeseed or colzaseed cake and ranean and Black Seas, other than

meal. France, Russia (except Baltic ports),

Sesame seed cake and meal. Italy, Spain, and Portugal:

Soya bean cake and meal. Anchors and chain cables.

Sunflower seed cake and meal. Armor plates, armor quality castings, and Chick-peas, pigeon peas, gram or dhol. similar protective material.


Bags and sacks of all kinds (except bags Molasses for cattle feeding.

and sacks made of jute, and paper bags). Green forage and lupin seeds. Bicycles and their component parts. Grindstones, carborundum wheels, and Binder twine.

emery wheels. Bladders, casings, and sausage skins. Gums, resins, balsams, and resinous subCamphor.

stances of all kinds, except such as conCarnauba wax.

tain caoutchouc. Chemicals, drugs, etc.:

Hair, animal, of all kinds, and tops, noils, Acetic acid.

and yarns of animal hair. Antimony, compounds of, except sul- Implements and apparatus designed exclu

phides and oxides of antimony. sively for the manufacture of munitions Arsenic and its compounds.

of war, for the manufacture or repair of Bichromate of soda.

arms or of war material for use on land or Bismuth and its salts (except bismuth sea, namely, plant for cordite and amnitrate).

munition factories, namely: Iodine and its preparations and com

Cordite presses. pounds.

Dies for cartridge cases. Nux vomica and its alkaloids and prep- Gauges for shells or cartridges. arations.

Incorporators. Sodium cyanide.

Lapping machines. Sodium sulphide.

Rifling machines. Tin, compounds of, other than chloride Wire-winding machines. of tin and tin ore.

Intrenching tools and intrenching impleCharcoal and peat.

ments, namely, pickaxes and grubbers, Chronòmeters and all kinds of nautical in- whether of combination pattern or otherstruments.

wise; spades and shovels of all descripCompasses for ships, and parts thereof, in- tions; helves and handles for pickaxes, cluding fittings, such as binnacles.

grubbers, spades, and shovels; and maCotton, raw.

chinery for trenching and ditching. Cotton yarn and thread.

Lacs of all kinds, including shellac, gum Firearms, unrifled, for sporting purposes. lac, seed lac, stick lac, and other forms of Flaxen canvas, namely:

lac, but not including lac lye. Hammock canvas.

Lignum-vitæ. Kitbag canvas.

Linen close canvas. Merchant navy canvas.

Linen duck cloth. Royal navy canvas.

Lupin seeds and green forage. Tent canvas.

Machinery, metal-working. Forage and food which may be used for ani- Mahogany. mals, namely:

Mess tins and water bottles for military use. Buckwheat.

Metals and ores, namely: Cakes and meals, the following, namely: Copper compounds, except copper niBiscuit meal.

trate (exportation of which is proCalf meal.

hibited to all destinations), copper Fish meal and concentrated fish.

iodide, copper sulphate, and suboxGroundnut or earthnut cake and ide of copper (exportation of which is meal.

prohibited to all destinations other Hempseed cake and meal.

than British Possessions and Protec. Husk meal.


Metals and ores-Continued.

Provisions, etc.-Continued. Copper ore.

Rice and rice flour, Iron ore.

Rye, rye flour and meal. Iron, hæmatite pig.

Sago and sago meal and flour. Monazite sand.

Soups, compressed and desiccated. Motor vehicles of all kinds, including mo- Tinned and potted meats and extract

tor bicycles and their component parts of meat. and accessories.

Vegetables, fresh, except peas. Packings, engine and boiler (including Railway material, both fixed and rolling slagwool).

stock: Peat.

Rattans. Provisions and victuals which may be used Seeds, clover and grass. as food for man, namely:

Shipbuilding materials, namely: Bacon.

Boiler tubes. Cassava powder and tapioca.

Condenser tubes. Cocoa powder.

Iron and steel castings and forgings for Cocoa, raw, of all kinds and all prepa

hulls and machinery of ships. rations of cocoa, including cocoa

Iron and steel plates and sectional mahusks, cocoa shells, and chocolate.

terials for shipbuilding. Coffee. Ham.

Marine engines and parts thereof. Herrings, cured or salted, in barrels or

Ships' auxiliary machinery, cases, including dry salted herrings

Sounding machines and gear. and herrings in brine.

Telegraphs, wireless telegraphs, and teleMandioca or tapioca flour.

phones, material for. Onions.

Terneplates. Pork.

Tin plates, including tin boxes and tin Potatoes.

canisters for food packing. [Translation.)


Washington, August, 1915. GERMAN EXPORT AND TRANSIT EMBARGO LISTS. REMARKS: This list is not intended to be absolutely complete as, for example, it has not been feasible to enumerate all colors and dyestuffs, copper products, parts of torpedoes, and products of kalisalts.

(Issued Apr. 21, 1915, and corrected to May 10, 1915, by the imperial statistical office.] CLASSIFIED LIST OF ARTICLES AFFECTED BY THE EXPORT AND TRANSIT EMBARGO.1

I, ANIMALS AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS. (b) Meat, meat products, fish (not live). (a to c, export forbidden.)

Poultry, slaughtered, carved, etc., goose (a) Living animals.

breasts, drumsticks, and livers.

Game birds, not live, carved, etc. Poultry (ducks, geese, chickens, pigeons, Fish, not live, fresh, salted, dried, smoked, etc.).

etc. Fish.

Canned fish. Rabbits.

Meat, fresh, prepared (mutton, veal, lamb, Horses, including colts.

beef, pork, goat, ham, bacon); entrails Mules, including colts.

of cattle (fresh and dried); entrails,

eatable. Asses, including colts. Horned cattle (steers, heifers, calves, cows.

Meat broth, inspissated.

Meat broth tablets. oxen, beefers, bulls).

Meat extract. Sheep, lambs.

Canned meat. Hogs, also sucking pigs.

Meat peptone.

Game animals, not live, carved, etc.
Calves stomachs in every form.

Sausage. 1 The articles appearing hereinbelow under la to Ic and under II are a lected only by export embargoes.

(c) Milk, butter, animal fats. Catgut (twisted gut strings) of No. 567 of

the customs tariff. (Lanolin and wool grease. See Sec. IVe.)

Manure, animal. Butter.

Horn meal (refuse from the elaboration of Buttermilk.

animal horns or horn products), not for Intestinal tallow.

the production of horn paste. Intestinal fat.

Horn clippings (refuse clippings and shavEggs of poultry and game birds.

ings from the working of horn). White and yolk of egg.

Hoofs. Fats, animal, not specially mentioned Claws. above or below.

Bone. Fish blubber.

Horn pith (Knochenzapfen, Hornpeddig). Fish oil,

Raw, also freed from fat, for other purGoose fat, goose lard.

poses than carving. Tanner's grease (degras), natural and arti- Bone charcoal, powdered (only export for

ficial, also that made of oxidized fish oil bidden). (moellon).1

II. SUBSISTENCE SUPPLIES, BEDDING, AND Graves, greaves, for eating purposes.

FODDER. Cheese.

(Only export forbidden.) Neat's foot grease. Neat's foot oil.1

(a) Grain, including rice. Bone grease.

Buckwheat. Bone oil.1

Dari (seed of Sorghum tartaricum). Artificial butter (oleomargarine).

Barley. Artificial lard.

Oats. Glue fat.


Indian corn.
Milk, fresh, sterilized, hermetically sealed. | Malt.
Milk, condensed.


Rye. Oleomargarine.

Spelt (bearded wheat). Premier jus (oleomargarine tallow).


(6) Pulse. Cream.

Pease. Beef tailow and beef marrow.

Fodder (horse, etc.), beans. Seal blubbe..

Lentils. Seal oil.

Lupines. Mutton tallow.

Table beans.
Lard and lardlike fats.

Hog fat, hog lard.
Skin fat of belly of hog.

(c) Oleaginous fruits and seeds. Soap grease.

Clubmoss seeds (lycopodium, witch meal). Stearin tar.

Cotton seed. Tallow of beef and mutton.

Peanuts. Animal fat, not specially named above or

Seeds of turnips, etc. (urdinary and sugar below.

beets, and others). Articles manufactured from dry milk

Grass seed (ray, timothy, canary,

and (plasmon, sanatogen, and others).

other grasses). Whale fat.

Hemp seed. Whale blubber.

Clover seed (red clover, lucern, serradilla Train oil.

esparcet, white clover, and others). Whale bone fat.


Flaxseed meal. (d) Refuse, bristles, bones, etc.

Flaxseed. (Export and transit forbidden. Skins and

Carrot seed.

Palm kernels. hides, see Sec. XI.)

Rapeseed. Refuse, animal, of all kinds, in a raw state, Coleseed. and fertilizers made therefrom.

Sesame. Bristles in a raw, unelaborated, and un- Soy beans. bundled state.

Sunflower seed.

i Transit also forbidden, 23057-1645

(d) Mill products from grain (including rice) | Tobacco and tobacco products—Contd. and pulse.

Pipe tobacco in rolls, sheets.

Snuff and chewing tobacco in rolls, Flakes of grain, as oats, corn, and rice.

sheets. Peeled grain, as barley, oats.

Tobacco meal, tobacco dust. Grits of grain, as corn, wheat, rice.

Paper made of stalks of ribs of tobacco Groats of grain, as buckwheat, oats.

leaves. Bran of grain, as barley, oats, millet, corn,

Cigars. rye, wheat, and rice.

Cigarettes. Flour of grain (buckwheat, barley, oats,

Refuse from tobacco leaves and from millet, corn (dari), malt, rye, spelt, and

tobacco products, also mixed with wheat), also coarse rye and wheat meal.

refuse from raw tobacco (scraps). Flour of pulse (beans, peas, lentils).

Flour of rice.
Coarse ground grain, as barley, corn, rye,

Roots and parts of roots, roasted.) As cof

Chicory (chicory roots), roasted. fee suband wheat.

stitutes. Coarse ground pulse.

Sugar beets, roasted.

Chicory (chicory roots), dried.
Mill products, other, as:
Buckwheat, hulled.

(f) Potatoes, culinary plants (except garlic Peas, shelled, etc. (pea groats, split

and horseradish), fresh, dried, cooked, or peas, etc.).

otherwise preserved; sugar beets. Rolled barley. Hulled oats.

Artichokes. Shelled millet.

Bamias (Bamien).
Lentils (shelled).

Sweet potatoes.
Rice, including broken rice, polished. Artemisia.
Rice refuse.


Cauliflower. (e) Groceries and substitutes, cacao products,

Beans. tobacco and tobacco products.

Borage. Date seeds, roasted.

Savoy. Acorns, roasted.

As coffee

Borecole. Ground nuts (earth chestnuts),

substi- Broccoli.

tutes. roasted.

Brussels chicory. Figs, roasted.

Butterkohl. Acorn cacao.

Mushrooms. Fig coffee.

Dill. Oat cacao.

Tarragon. Coffee, raw, roasted.

Eggplant. Coffee substitutes not named above or Endive. below.

Peas. Cacao, raw in beans; roasted.

Tarragon. Cacao, roasted, shelled, ground, etc. Prickly lettuce. Cacao paste.

Green cabbage. Pressed cacao cakes.

Cucumbers. Cacao powder.

Dill. Cacao products.

Viper grass. Grain coffee.

Hop sprigs. Malt coffee.

Hyssop. Malt, burnt, roasted, carameled. As coffee Tarragon.

substiCarrots, roasted.

Headed cabbage.

tutes. Pepper, black and white.

Carrots. Chocolate.

Potatoes. Chocolate substitutes.

Potato flakes. Tobacco and tobacco products:

Potato flour. Tobacco leaves.

Sliced potatoes. Raw tobacco.

Potato chips. Tobacco ribs and stalks.

Carvol. Tobacco lye.

Kohlrabi. Carrots, sticks, and rolls for the produc-Turnip-rooted cabbage (as human food). tion of snuff.

Herbs for food. Smoking tobacco, cut.

Herb tea for drinking (Paraguay tea, etc.).


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