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Whortleberries. Leek.

Raspberries. Laurel leaves.

Elderberries. Corn cobs.

Currants. Marjoram.

Cherries. Cassava roots.

Red bilberries. Manioca roots.

Mirabelles. Maté leaves.

Unfermented fruit juice. Sea cabbage.

Peaches. Eggplant.

Plums (prunes, mirabelles, reineclaudes, Melons.

Krickeln, bulsaces, and other plums). Morels.

Red pilberries. Parsley.

Prunelles. Chanterelles.

Quinces. Mushrooms, edible, not named above or Reineclaudes. below.

Juniper berries. Leek.

Mahaleb cherries (a kind of sour cherry). Purslane.

Grapes. Radishes.

Prunes. Corn salad.

(h) Vegetable fats, fatty vegetable oils, fatty Winter radishes.

acids. Rhubarb.

Dika. Brussels sprouts.

Ankara (a cocoanut butter). Red (purple) cabbage.

Bankul nut oil. Carrots, beets, Teltow turnips, and similar

Bassia oil. root vegetables for human consumption.

Olive oil. Lettuce.

Cottonseed oil. Beets.

Cotton stearin. Sage.

Ben oil. Edible seeds.

Oil of bitter almonds (fatty). Sauerkraut.

Bean oil (soy and other oils). Savoy.

Beechnut oil. Edible mushrooms.

Chaulmugra oil. Viper grass (scorzonera).

Cocotine (edible grease made of cocoanut Celery (tuberous celery, stalk or blanched

oil). celery).

Degras. Asparagus.

Oil of cameline. Broccoli.

Elipe oil. Spinage.

Peanut oil. Brussels sprouts.

Fatty acids, not specially named. Woodruff.

Shea butter. Teltow turnips.

Grana oil. Thyme.

Hemp oil.

Wood oil.
White cabbage.

Illipe oil.

Cacao butter. Savoy.

Cocoanut oil (cocoanut butter, grease, talWitloof.

low). Sugar beets. Onions for eating purposes.

Copra oil.

Croton oil. (9) Fruit and berries, fresh, dried, cooked, or Artificial lard (chiefly of vegetable oils). otherwise preserved.1

Squash seed oil. Apples.

Lavat oil. Apricots.

Linseed oil. Pears.

Laurel oil, fatty. Strawberries.

Madia oil. Elderberries.

Corn oil (corn germ oil). Black currants.

Margaric acid.

Poppy oil.
1 Except nuts, candied fruits, fruit pastes, and jellied fruits.
2 Transit also forbidden.

Soy oil.

Mowra oil.

Kindermehl. Nutmeg butter (nutmeg balsam, fatty nut- Levulose (fruit sugar). meg oil).

Cornstarch. Niger oil.

Cornstarch flour. Nut oil.

Corn meal. Oil dregs.

Macaroni. Oleic acid.

Maltose. Palm butter.

Maltose sugar. Palmin.

Maltose sugar sirup. Palmitin.

Almond substitutes. Palm kernel oil.

Unleavened bread. Peach kernel oil.

Flour wafers. Vegetable fats, not specially named above Molasses. or below.

Fodder prepared with molasses. Piny tallow.

Loaf sugar, ground. Rapeseed oil.

Sealing wasers of dough. Rice oil.

Noodles. Castor oil.

Wafers of flour, groats, or gluten. Mustard oil.

Wafers. Sesame oil.

Pumpernickel (Westphalian brown bread). Sesame oil fatty acid.

Refined (loaf) sugar. Shea butter.

Rice starch.

Rice-starch flour. Sunflower seed oil.

Cane sugar. Stearic acid.

Beet tops. Oil of black alder.

Beet juice. Sulfur oil.

Beet sirup. Tallow, vegetable, not specially named

Beet sugar. above or below.

Ship biscuit. Tea seed oil (Chinese tree oil).

Rolls. Tournante oil.

Wafers of dough. Grape seed oil.

Sirup. Wool grease stearin.


Starch products of tariff numbers 174 and (i) Pastry, macaroni, etc., sugar, kinder mehl,

175, for instance, gluten flour. starch.

Glue and finishing substances containing Pastry of all kinds (except Nuremberg gin- starch flour. gerbread and spice nuts).1

Gluten, including granulated, dried, or Bread.

changed by fermentation (albumen glue) Dextrin sirup.

Paste (size), liquid or dried. Dextrose.

Manioc. Powdered sugar.

Flour, East Indian. Colored sugar.

Arrowroot flour. Fruit sugar.

Sago. Fruit-sugar sirup.

Sago substitutes (groats of potatoes) Green sugar.

Sago flour. Gelatin, vegetable, and gelatin glue Salep powder. powder.?

Starch, roasted. Glucose.

Dextrin. Candied honey.

Tapioca, tapioca flour. Strained honey.

Bassorin. Dog cakes (dog biscuit).

Starch flour. Invert sugar sirup.

Starch sirup. Cakes.

Starch sugar. Wafers, of flour.

Alimentary paste. Caramel (burned sugar).

Grape sugar. Potato flour.

Waffles. Potato noodles.

Wheat flakes, roasted. Potato starch.

Sugar of all kinds. 1 Exportation of Nuremberg gingerbread and spice nuts not prohibited even if they have a slight addition or a thin covering of cacao or chocolate.

2 Transit also forbidden.

Sugar drainings (sirup, molasses).

Oleaginous-seed cakes (oleaginous-seedBrowning.

cake meal). Sugar colors.

Palm-kernel cakes (palm-kernel-cake meal). Powdered sugar.

Pulp bran. Sugar molasses.

Rapeseed cakes. Biscuit.

Rice straw.

Distiller's wash, residual liquid from mo(k) Hay and other fodders of all kinds; bed

lasses. ding and straw.

Chaff from grain of all kinds. (Bran and shorts. See above under d.) Bedding, not specially named above or Pine needles (bedding).

below. Bean fodder meal (residue from extraction Straw, not specially named above. of oil from soy beans).

Peat dust, peat litter. Distiller's wash or swill.

Brewer's dregs. Peanut cakes (peanut-cake flour).

Turnips. Turnips.

Sugar-beet shreds, lixiviated. Fodder lime.

(1) Drinks, juices of fruits and plants, yeast. Fodder herbs. Fodder beets of all kinds.

Apple juice. Grain straw.

Arrak. Green fodder.

Ether alcohol (ether mixed with or disChopped straw.

solved in alcohol). Hemp cakes, even ground.

Beer yeast. Millet shells.

Birch water. Millet chaff.

Brandy (including liquor, arrak, rhum, Hay, including clover hay.

cognac, Kirschwasser, and ZwetschgenHay-fodder meal.

wasser). Chaff.

Strawberry juice. Coffee hulls.

Fennel sirup. Coffee-hull meal as admixture to cattle Fruit juices, not specially named above or feed.

below. Cacao shells.

Fruit sirup, not specially named above or Potato pulp, even in form of bran (pulp below. bran).

Jellies (vegetable). Turnip-rooted cabbage as cattle feed. Yeast of all kinds. Coconut (oil) cakes.

Whortleberry juice. Coconut-cake flour.

Raspberry vinegar. Copra cakes, even ground.

Raspberry juice. Squash-seed cakes, even ground.

Raspberry sirup. Leaves (bedding).

Hoffmann's Balm of Life. Flax cakes.

Hoffman's Drops. Linseed meal.

Ginger juice. Linseed cakes, even ground.

Ginger sirup. Corn eyes.

Current juice. Corn-eye cakes (corn-eye-cake flour). Current sirup. Corn-eye-oil cakes (corn-eye-oil-cake flour). Carmelite water. Corncobs, stripped.

Cherry juice. Corncob' flour.

Cherry sirup.
Maisolin (residue from cornstarch produc- Cherry water (Kirschwasser).

Krauseminz (Mentha crispa) sirup.
Corn-oil cakes (corn-oil-cake flour). | Field poppy sirup.
Corn residue (from oil production).

Corn-meal fodder (refuse product from corn- Buckthorn-berry sirup.
starch production).

Liqueur. Malt germs.

Liquor (ether alcohol, Hoffmann's Drops). Malt residuum (brewer's dregs).

Manna sirup. Molasses “strength" fodder.

Marmalade. Poppy-seed cakes.

Mastic spirits. Carrots.

Mulberry sirup.
Moss (bedding).

Carmelite water.
Mowra-seed cakes (mowra-seed-oil cakes). Poppy sirup
Oil cakes (oil-cake meal).

Fruit juices.

Fruit jelly.

1. Small arms and parts thereof-Contd. Peppermint sirup.

Parts of guns, as-Continued. Peppermint spirits.

Sabers. Plant juices.

Saber blades. Plant sirup.

2. Other weapons, and parts thereof. Orange-blossom sirup.

Ordnance (cannon, howitzers, mortars, Orange juice.

etc.). Orange-peel sirup.

Parts of ordnance, as: Rhum.

Barrels. Juices of fruits and plants, not specially

Carriages. named above or below.

Machine guns. Sweet spirits of niter.

Machine-gun parts. Muriatic ether (sweet spirit of salt).

Mines. Marmalade.

Torpedo frames. Sirup (fruit and plant sirup).

Torpedo batteries. Alcohol.

Torpedo launching tubes. Tropical fruit juices, not specially named Torpedoes. above or below.

Torpedo parts, other. Tresterbranntwein (weak spirit distilled Sighting devices.

from fermented husks of grapes). Violet sirup.

(b) Ammunition: Elderberry juice.

Bombs. Elderberry spirits.

Projectiles. Alcohol.

Shell. Wine lees.

Case shot. Absinthe.

Cartridges (artillery). Cinnamon sirup.

Cartridges, small-arm, including illumiLemon juice.

nating cartridges. Lemon sirup.

Zwetschgenwasser (“prune water”).

(c) Powder and explosives.

Astralite. (See also Sections IV: “Mineral oils, an

Ballistite. thracite coal tar, tar oils, organic prod- Bellite. ucts for the manufacture of explosives Cheddite. and coal tar dyes, etc.”; VII: “Electro- Cordite. technical productions and necessaries;', Cresylite. and IX: “Ores, coal, base metals and

Dahmenite. products therefrom.")


Dualin. (a) Arms.

Dynamite. 1. Small arms and parts thereof:

Dynamite glycerin. Bayonets.

Ecrasite. Daggers.

Filite. Dagger blades.

Fördite. Dirks.

Gelatin dynamite. Guns.

Gelatin glycerin.
Parts of guns, as -

Glycerin gelatin mixtures.
Trigger guards.






Closing mechanism.

Breech closures.


Picrate (of ammonia, potassium, sodium).

Picrate powder.
Pistols, including light pistols. Plastomenite.
Rapiers, rapier blades.



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Tampions. Roburite.

Phosphorus. Securite.

Picric acid. Explosive gelatin.

Pyroxylin (nitrated cotton). Trinitrocresol.

Mercury. Vigorite.

Rockets (illuminating, signal, exploding). Westphalite.

Nitrates, as: Nitrate of ammonia, of ba(d) Articles serving in the manufacture of

rium, of potassium, of copper, of soda. arms, ammunition, powder, and explo- Nitric acid. sives, and other munitions of war.

Gunstocks, crude, partially or wholly fin.

ished. Acetone.

Guncotton. Acetyl cellulose.

Shot for firearms. Antimony.

Sulfur. Ethyl ether.

Sulfuric acid. Clubmoss seeds (Lycopodium, witch

Nitroglycerine. meal).

Explosive primers.
Nitrated cotton.
Centralite (I and II; I=diethyldiphenyl-

Steel bodies for projectiles, crude, and pre

liminarily bored. carbamide; II=dimethyldiphenylcarba

Turpentine oil. mide).

Toluol. Chlorates of barium, calcium, potassium,

Trinitrobenzol. sodium, strontium.

Trinitrotoluol. Dinitrotoluol.

Celloidin (nitrocellulose). Wire shears.

Cellulose, nitrated. Acetic ether.

Primers of all kinds (percussion caps,

time Pine resin.

fuses, double primers, etc.). Caltrops.

Forsyth's primers.
Gelatins, vegetable.

Gelatin glue powder.
Projectile primers.

Fulminating primers.
Cannon primers.




TAR DYES, DYES AND PIGMENTS, WOUNDMetallic cases for artillery and small-arm



AND OTHER CHEMICAL Lime, acetate of.

PRODUCTS. Camphor, including artificial—that is, that produced synthetically.

(See also Sections III c and d; “Powders Chlorate of potassium.

and explosives as well as articles serving Fulminate of silver.

in the manufacture of these goods.") Bone charcoal, powdered (export only forbidden).

(a) Mineral oils, crude and refined. Collodium wool.

Benzine, crude and refined. Colophony.

Asphalt, natural, liquid. Balls and bullets for firearms.

Brown coal-tar oils. Illuminating torches.

Fuel petroleum. Brass plates for cartridge shells (artillery Cylinder oil. and small-arm).

Petroleum, crude and refined. Oxalate of sodium.

Mineral tar, natural, liquid. Nitrogelatine.

Gas oils. Nitroglycerin.

Gasoline. Nitrolignose.

Tar. Nitrotoluol.

Kerosene (fuel petroleum).

Illuminating oil (fuel petroleum).
Peddigrohr (pith cane") over 3 mm. thick. Ligroin.
Perchlorates: Of barium, potassium so- Lubricating oil.

Masut. 1 The export and transit carriage of retort graphite is permitted, and the export and transit carriage of graphite crucibles and of refuse from graphite crucibles is prohibited.

2 Except violin resin in formed pieces (colophony for violins, violincellos, and bass viols).


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