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Mineral oils, not named specially above or Amidobenzaldehyd. below.

Amido benzol, naphthaline, naphthols, Mineral lubricating oils.

toluols, xylols (together with their sulNaphtha.

phates and carbonates, as: Bamma acid, Paraffin oils.

H acid, J acid, S acid, SS acid). Petrole crude or refined.

Amidobromic and amidochloric comPetroleum asphalt.

pounds. Petroleum ether,

Amidocresols. Petroleum pitch,

Amidonitro compounds. Petroleum spirit.

Amidophenols. Petrol coke.

Amidosalicylic acids. Cleaning oil.

Amylchinoliniodid. Crude benzine.

Anilin, anilin oil, anilin compounds. Crude naphtha.

Anisidins. Residue from the distillation of mineral Anthrachinon, anthrachinon compounds oils.

(nitro, amido, chloranthra chinons; nitro, Heavy benzine.

chlor, nitroamido, amidochlor anthraSolar oils.

chinons; their sulfo and carbon acids). Motor oils.

Anthranilic acid. Vaseline oil.

Anthranilic acid methylether. Paraffin oil.

Anthranilic salts.

Anthracene. (6) Anthracite coal tar, anthracite coal-tar Ethyl compounds, as: oils, including the oily distillates from an

Ethyl acetate (acetic ether). thracite coal-tar oils.

Ethyl anilin, toluidins.

Ethylamidophenol. Anthracene oil.

Ethylbenzyl anilin, toluidins. Asphalt naphtha.

Azobenzol and other azo compounds. Benzol (anthracite coal benzine).

Azoxystilbenedisulfo acids and other azoxy Cumol.

compounds. Hydrocarbon (hydrocarbid).

Benzaldehyde. Carbolineum.

Benzidam (anilin).
Carbol oil

Benzidin and benzidin compounds.
Creosote oil.
Solvent benzol (solvent naphtha).

Benzol and benzol compounds (amido, Naphtha (thinly liquid product of distilla

nitro, chlorbenzols; nitrochlor, nitroamition of anthracite coal tar).

do, amidochlorbenzols; their sulfo and

carbon acids). Naphthaline oil. Heavy benzol.

Benzo compounds, as: Benzophenon. Anthracite coal tar (coke oven tar and gas

Benzoyl compounds, as: Benzoyl chlorid. works tar, both including thick tar and

Benzyl compounds, as benzylanylin, bentar thickenings).

zylchlorid, benzyltoluidin. Anthracite coal-tar oils, light and heavy,

Beta. (See under the next following syllanot specially named above or below.

ble, as: Betanaphthol. See Naphthol.) Toluol (methylbenzol).

Bi. (See under the next following syllable, Xylol (dimethylbenzol).

as: Binitrobenzol, binitrochlorbenzol,

binit otoluol. See Nitro compounds.) (c) Organic products utilizable in the pro

Oil of bitter almonds, artificial, containing duction of explosives and coal-tar dyes

chlorin. (except benzoic acid and its salts).


Chinolin. Acetanilid (antifebrin).

Chloramido (chloramino) compounds. Acetessigester.

Chloranilins. Aldehyde.

Chloranisidin. Alpha. (See under the next following syl- Chlorethyl and chlorethyl compounds.

lable, as: Alphanaphtholand alphanaph- Chlorbenzaldehyde. thylamin; see Naphthol and Naphthy- Chlorbenzols and chlorbenzol compounds. lamin.)

Chlorbenzyl and chlorbenzyl compounds. Amido (Amino) compounds, as:

Chloracetic acids. Amidoacetanilid.

Chlorhydrins. Amidoazobenzol, amidoazotouol, ami- Chlorcarbonoxyd (phosgen).

doazoxylol (together with their sul- Chlormethyl and chlormethyl compounds. phates).

Chlornitro compounds.


Chlortoluol and chlortoluol compounds | Naphthion acids, naphthion salts (naph(sulfo and carbon acids).

thionates), as: Naphthionate of sodium, Chloroxylol and chloroxylol compound naphthionic acid compounds. (sulfo and carbon acids).

Naphthols and naphthol compounds Cleve acid.

(nitro,amido,chlornaphthols; nitrochlor, Cumidins and cumidin compounds.

nitro, amido, amidochlor, naphthols; Delta acid.

their sulfo acids, as Neville-Winther acid, Di. (See under the next following syllable, crocein acid (Bayer's acid), Schäffer's as:)

acid, F acid, chromotrop acid, and carDianisidin. (See Anisidin.)

bon acids). Diethylanilin, diethylamidophenol, Naphthyl compounds, as naphthylamins,

diethyltoluidin. (See Ethyl com- naphthylaminsulfo acids.

Naphthylen compounds, as NaphthylenDinitrobenzol, dinitrochlorbenzol, diamins. dinitrotoluol. (See Nitro

Nitramon. pounds.)

Nitranilin and nitranilin compounds. Diphenylamin. (See Phenylamin.) Nitro compounds, as: Nitro, nitro amido, Diazo compounds.

nitrochlor anthrachinons, naphthalins, Dioxybenzol (pyrocatechin, hydrochinin, naphthols, toluols, xylols; their sulfo and

resorcin) and other dioxy compounds. carbon acids; nitroanilins, nitrobenzalAcetic ether.

dehyde, nitrobenzol (mirbane essence), Acetic acid (glacial acetic acid).

nitrochlorbenzol, nitrosalicylic acid. Acetic acid anhydrid.

Nitroso compounds. Formaldehyd.

Ortho. (See under the next following sylFreund's acid.

lable, as: Orthocresotinic acid; see CresoGallic acid.

tinic acids.) Hydrols and their substitution products, Oxamin developer.

as: Tetramethyl, tetraethyl, diamido- Oxybenzoicacid and other oxy compounds. benzhydrol.

Para. (See under the next following syllaHydroxylamin.

ble, as: Paranitranilin; see Nitranilin.) Isatin.

Phenanthren. Camphor substitute.

Phenetidin and Phenetidin compounds. Carbolic acid and its derivatives. (See Phenol (benzophenol, carbolic acid, phePhenol.)

nyl alcohol, phenylic acid, oxybenzol, Carbonyl chlorid.

anthracite coal-tar creosote) and its deKetons and their substitution products, as: rivatives, as: Amido (amino) phenols,

Tetramethyl, tetraethyldiamidodiph- bromphenol, chlorphenol, diamidoresorenylketon.

cin, dioxybenzols (pyrocatechin), hydroCarbon oxychlorid.

chinon, resorcin), nitrophenols (trinitroCresols.

phenol) (picric acid), nitrosophenol (chiCresotin acids.

nonoxim), phenolsulfo acids. Vat powder.

Phenyl and phenylen compounds, as: Cyanol (anilin).

Phenylamin (anilin), phenylendiamins, Lucidol.

phenylendiamindisulfo acid. Meta. (See under the next following sylla- Phosgen (chlorcarbonoxyd).

ble, as: Metacresotin acid and metani- Phthalic acid and phthalic acid compounds. tranilin; see Cresotin acids and Nitrani- Propiolic acid. lin.)

Propionic acid. Metanilin acid.

Pyrogalloland pyrogallol compounds. Methyl compounds, as: Methylamidophe- | Salicylic acid and salicylic acid compounds.

nol, methyl, methylethyl, methylbenzyl, Sulfanilic acid and sulfanilic acid comanilins, and toluidins.

pounds. Mirbane essence (Nitrobenzol).

Tetra, see under next following syllable, as: Mono. (See under the next following syl- Tetrachlorbenzol, see Chlorbenzol.

lable, as: Monochloracetic acid, monome- Thiosalicylic acid. thylanilin; see Chloracetic acids and Thiotoluidin compounds. Methyl compounds.)

Tolidin and tolidin compounds.. Naphthalidin (naphthylamin).

Toluidins and toluidin compounds. Naphthalin and Naphthalin compounds Toluoland toluolcompounds (nitro,amido,

(nitro, amido chlor naphthalins; nitro, chlor, coluols; nitrochlor, nitroamido, chlor nitroamido, amido; chlor naphtha- amidochlor toluols; their sulfo and carlins; their sulfo and carbon acids).

bon acids).

Toluylendiamins and toluylen compounds. Safflower extract.
Tolyl compounds.

Safflower carmine.
Tri, see under the next following syllable, Safflower yellow.

as: Trichloracetic acid, trinitrotoluol, see Safflower red.

Chloracetic acid and Nitro compounds. Saffron extract. Xylidin. (See Xylidin compounds.) Sandalwood extracts. Xylol and xylol compounds (nitro, amido, Cochineal, wild, tame.

chlor xylols; nitrochlor nitroamido, Cochineal, ungenuine (animal kermes, amidochlor xylols; their sulfo and carbon kermes grains, alkermes). acids).

Cochineal carmine. Cinnamic acid.

Indian yellow (purrée). (d) Paints and dyes,l not prepared, not in Sepia. packages for retail.2

Vegetable and animal dyes, not specially

named above. 1. Organic dyes.

b. Artificial dyes.1 a. Natural dyes (vegetable and animal dyes).

Anilin dyes.

Anthracene (alizarin) dyes. Alkanna extract.

Azo dyes. Berberis extract.

Chinolin dyes. Berberin.

Gallic acid dyes, as: Gallein, gallocyanin, Chlorophyll.

gallamin blue. Campeachy wood extracts.

Indigo dyes. Balls of woad.

Nitro dyes. Brasilien.

Suliur dyes. Nettles for production of chlorophyll.

Other artificial and tar dyes not specially Lac dye.

named. Litmus dyes. Yellow wood extracts.

2. Mineral colors. Dyer's weed extracts.

a. Mineral colors which are natural or preHematein. Hematoxylin.

pared from the refuse of industries, Indigo, natural.

Earth colors (burned, ground, washed, or Indigo extract.

further prepared color earths (except Carmine red, carminette.

chalk, including the so-called Neuburg Cheese colors (casein colors) of vegetable chalk), ores), as: Iron oxid 3 (even iron dyes.

oxid hydrate), natural or artificial (also Madder extract.

yellow ocher, even ground with oil or Madder paints and dyes (madder bloom, oil varnish).

madder carmine, garanceux, garancin, Manganese ore, zinc ores (calamine, zinccolorin).

blende), cobalt ores (zaffre), and other Curcumin.

ores. Maclurin.

Bolus (Cyprian, Lemnian, Maltese, StrieMorin,

gau, Sienna, and sealed earth). Annatto.

Umber (Cologne, Cyprian, Sicilian). Quercitron extract.

Veronese earth (Veronese green, green Quercitin.

earth). Red dyewood extracts.

Yellow earth (yellow Sienna earth). 1 We have refrained from mentioning all names, since they show that dyes and paints are meant, thus: Brilliant blue, brilliant green, genuine blue, genuine red, naphthalin yellow, neutral blue, victoria blue, victoria green.

2 Forbidden on the contrary are the exportation and transit carriage of white lead, zinc white, lithopone white, iron oxyd, iron minium, rubbed on with oil or oil varnish; of paper printing color of lamp black, or copper printing ink produced with linseed oil or oil varnish, not in packages for retail, and of graphite (except retort graphite), formed or in packages for retail.

3 Exportation of overglaze color made of iron, chromic, and cobalt oxid for mixing with colorless glaze or enamel, as well as enamel paste and clay paste, not forbidden.

Asphalt brown.

Chrome colors-Continued. Cassel earth.

Chrome orange. Oil black (fine powdered black chalk).

Chrome red (chromic cinnabar, AmeriMineral black (fine powdered black chalk). can vermilion chromate of lead). Grudeschwarz (“ember” black).

Emerald green. Charcoal black,

Zinc yellow (zinc chrome yellow, Coke black.

chromate of zinc). Graphite (powdered black lead, bismuth Zinc green (mixture of zinc yellow and black lead, plumbago, stove polish),

Paris blue). formed (in tablets, blocks, or the like) or Iron colors (see preceding note): in packages for retail.1

Berlin blue (ferrocyanide of iron, Refuse and by-products of industry, utiliz- Prussian blue, Paris blue). able as earth colors.

Iron brown. b. Artificial mineral colors (pigments).

Caput mortuum (colcothar, English

red, Berlin red, iron minium), even Antimony colors:

ground with oil or oil varnish. Algarot (antimony oxychlorid).

Siderin yellow (chromate of iron). Antimonial cinnibar (antimony oxy- Turnbull's blue. sulfid).

Cadmium colors: Cadmium yellow (cadWhite lead substitute (oxid of anti- mium sulfid). mony).

Cobalt colors (see preceding note): Naples yellow (antimonial yellow Stone or cobalt blue, powder blue antimonate of lead).

cobalt glass, china blue, smalt. Arsenic color: Orpiment.

Cobalt blue (Thenard's blue, Vienna Barium (baryta) colors:

blue, Leyden's blue, cobalt ultraBaryta yellow (yellow ultramarine, marine). neutral chromate of barium).

Baryta green (mixture of Paris blue, Cobalt yellow (Indian yellow, cobalt

chrome yellow, and heavy spar or potassium nitrite).
permanent white).

Cobalt green (Rinmann's green, cobalt Baryta white (permanent white, arti- tin oxid).

ficial sulfate of baryta, barium sul- Cobalt rose (cobalt red, arseniate or fate), even with white lead (Genoa, phosphate of cobalt).

Hamburg, Dutch, Venetian white). | Copper colors: Lead colors:

Schweiniurt green (emperor, meadow, Chromate of lead (chrome yellow).

English, patent, parrot green, copper Litharge (yellow oxid of lead), yellow acetate arsenite). (silver litharge) and red


Mountain blue (copper, mineral, Hamlitharge), powdered (yellow lead, burg blue, copper carbonate). massicot, sandix).

Mountain green (Brunswick green). Red lead (minium, red oxid of lead). Blue verditer (green verditer). White lead (basic carbonate oi lead),

Casselmann's green (basic copper suleven ground with oil or oil varnish. fate). Cassel yellow (oxychlorid of lead).

Blue verditer, blue ashes. Naples yellow (basic antimonate of Saxon blue, smalt. lead).

Scheel's green (mineral green, Swedish Patent yellow (Turner's yellow, oxy- green, copper arsenite). chlorid of lead).

Gentele's green (tin green, copper Calcium colors:

stannate). Lime chrome yellow, Gelbin.

Manganese colors: Satin white.

Manganese white (carbonate of manChrome colors: 2

ganese). Baryta yellow (yellow ultramarine, Manganese violet (Nuremberg violet, neutral chromate of barium).

phosphate of manganese). Chrome blue (chrome silicium phos- Manganese brown. phate).

Molybdene color: Molybdene blue (mineral Chrome yellow (chromate of lead). blue, blue carmine). 1 See also Section XV. Exportation and transit carriage of retort, graphite permitted.

2 Exportation of overglaze color made of iron, chromic, and cobalt oxid for mixing colorless glaze or enamel, as well as enamel paste and clay paste, not forbidden.

Mercury colors: Red sulfid of mercury e. Wound dressing materials and medi(red cinnabar, patent red, Chinese red,

cines. vermilion).

Acetanilid (antifebrin). Strontium colors: Strontian yellow (chro- Acidum acetylosalicylicum (acetylosalicylic mate of strontium).

acid, aspirin). Tungsten (wolfram) colors: Mineral yellow

Actol. (tungstic or wolframic acid), wolfram

Albargin. blue (mineral blue, blue carmine).

Aloes. Zinc colors:

Aluminum naphtoldisul sonicum (alumnol). Zinc ash (zinc oxid).

Alypin. Zinc yellow (zinc chrome yellow, Arecolin, even bromohydrate of. chromate of zinc).

Argentamin. Zinc gray (gray zinc oxid).

Argentum (silver). Zinc green (mixture of zinc yellow and

citricum (citrate of silver). Paris blue).

colloidale (colloidal silver). Zinc dust (poussière).

gelatosum. Zinc sulfid white (lithopone, lithopone

lacticum (lactate of silver). white, zincolith, even ground with

natrio-caseinicum (casein silver). oil or oil varnish).

nitricum (nitrate of silver). Zinc white (white zinc oxid, zinc

nucleinicum (nucleinate of silver). bloom, even ground with oil or oil

protalbinicum (protalbinate of silver). varnish).

proteinicum (protein silver, protargol). Tin colors: Mosaic gold (tin disulfid).

sulfo-ichthyolicum (ichthyolsulfate of

silver). c. Special mineral colors.

Argonin (casein silver). Bronze or metal colors, as:

Argyrol. Dutch metal, brass foil, gold tinsel. Ether (ethylether), also ether pro narcosi. Silver tinsel.

Ethylendiamin silver phosphate solution. Mosaic silver.

Atropin, its salts and compounds. Tile ore.

Bromin, bromhydric acid, salts of bromic Bronze powder.

acid, salts of bromhydric acid, organic Argentum musivum (tin-bismuth bromin compounds. amalgam).

Cascara sagrada and its compounds. Ultramarine.

Cinchona bark. Lampblack (shining soot, soot black, gas Quinine, quinine salts, and quinine com

black, finest lampblack, lacker black, pounds. acetylene soot, petroleum black, lamp- Chloralhydrate. black barrels).

Chlorethyl and chlormethyl in tubes and Printer's ink.

phials. Plate black (Frankfort black).

Chloroform, even chlorofor pro narcosi. Bone (ivory) black.

Coca leaves. Druse black,

Colchicin. Printing inks:

Collargol. Paper-printing ink, made of lampblack Diethylbarbituric acid and its salts (for

or plate black with linseed oil or oil instance, medinal).

varnish, not in packages for retail. Digitalis leaves and their preparations, Others.

such as digitalen, etc. Asbestos paints (asbestos paste with color Duboisin, its salts and compounds. added).


Folliculi Sennae. d. Lakes, graduated mineral colors.

Formaldehyde solutions, paraformaldeLakes from natural organic dyestuffs, as: hyde.

Turkey berry lake, yellow wood lake, Nutgalls.

carmine lake (coloring lake made of Gliadin silver.

Gutta-percha paper.
Madder lake.

Hegonon. French purple.

Hexamethylentetramin (urotropin, forLakes made of coal-tar dyes (for instance, min, aminoform, etc.). of indigo and indigo carmine).

Lunar caustic. Graduated mineral colors, as: Lime red Ichthargan.

(Kalkrot), fashionable red (Moderot) Ipecacuanha root, even that free from (baryta colored with coal-tar dyes).


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