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Silver compounds, organic and inorganic, Iodin, raw iodin, hydriodic acid, salts of as well as their preparations offered for

hydriodic acid organic ikdin compounds. healing purposes and not specially menCarbolic acid.

tioned here. India rubber (gum, except gum arabic, Simaruba bark.

acajou, cherry gum, gum tragacanth, Sophol. Kuteera and Bassora gums).

Styrax, raw or purified. Coedin (even phosphate and hydrochlorate Suprarenin, adrenalin, paranephrin, epiof).

nephrin, epirenan, and their compounds Caffein, its salts, compounds, and prepara- and preparations. tions.

Thallinum sulfuricum and other salts of Cresol, cresol soap solutions, lysol.

Thallin. Lirgin (protalbin zilver).

Theobromin, its salts, compounds, and Luminal.

preparations. Mastiel and mastic preparations,such as Tropacocain, its compounds and preparamastisol.

tions. Morphine, morphine salts and compounds, Vaseline. as dionin, heroin.

Veronal, Veronal sodium.
Narcotic mixtures (Schleich's and others). Tartaric acid.

Bismuth and bismuth compounds.
Novocain, its compounds and prepara-


lanolin. tions.

Zincum: Opium and opium preparations, such as aceticum.

opium powder, opium tinctures, opium permangan icum. extract, pantopon.

sulfocarbolicum. Paraffin.

sulfuricum. Pastes and salves of vegetable, animal, Citric acid. and mineral oils.

Bandage wadding, bandage gauze, and Peruvian balsam, even artificial (perugen). other bandaging appliances. Phenacetin.

Surgical and other medical instruments Proponal.

and apparatus; recognizable parts of Protalbin silver.

fever thermometers. Pyrazolonum dimethylamino-phenyldi- Bacteriological apparatus. methylicum (pyramidon).

Material for bacteriological culture media, Pyrazolonum phenyldimethylicum (anti- such as agaragar, litmus dye. pyrin).

Prophylactic vaccins and immunizing Pyrazolonum phenyldimethylicum salicyl- sera, such as prophylactic sera, theraicum (salipyrin).

peutic sera, and diagnostic sera. Mercury and mercurial salts, even in Experimental animals. preparations, as salves, sublimate tab

f. Fertilizers. lets. Rhubarb and its preparations.

Ammonia, sulfate of. Rhizoma Hydrastis canadensis and its Ammonia superphosphate. preparations.

Chilean saltpeter (nitrate of sodium). Castor oil.

Guano, artificial (fish, meat, blood guano, Salves. See Pastes and Mercury.

etc.). Salicylic acid and its salts.

Guano, natural. Salvarsan, neosalvarsan.

Guano of all kinds, treated with acids. Schleich's solutions and Schleich's tablets Potassium salts: for their preparation.

Carnallite. Scopolamin (hyoscin) and its salts.

Kainite. Semen Colchici (meadow saffron seed) and Sylvinite. its preparations.

Hard salt. Senega root.

Potassium raw salts. Senna leaves ( Folia Sennae).

Potassium fertilizer salts, including Silver albumose.

potassium fertilizer. Silver albumen.

Chlorid of potassium. 1 Except asphalt mastic (asphalt cement).

2 Except instruments and apparatus exclusively intended for rise in obstetrics and dentistry.

Potassium salts-Continued.

Acetates, as: Barium acetate, acetate and Sulfate of potassium.

pyrolignite of lead (lead sugar), acetate Sulfate of potassium magnesia.

of potassium, acetate and pyrolignite of Nitrate of calcium.

lime, acetates of vegetable alkaloids, Bone meal, also broken and coarse ground acetate of copper (verdigris), acetate of bone.

sodium, acetate of allumina, acetate of Bone meal treated with acids.

tin. Superphosphates (raw phosphate, guano, Gaultheria (wintergreen) oil, artificial

bone meal, treated with acids), even (salicylic acid) methylether.
mixed with other substances, as: Am- Ashes of incandescent-light mantles.
monia superphosphate.

Golden sulphid (pentasulfid of antimony). Thomas slag, even ground (Thomas slag Tempering powder. meal, Thomas phosphate meai).

Colophonic acid salts (resinates), as:

Resinate of lead, resinate of lead man9. Other chemical products.

ganese, resinate of copper, rezinate of Cuctings from incandescent-light mantles. magnesium, resinate of manganese. Alums, as: Chrome, iron, copper, alum; Wood alcohol (methyl alcohol), refined.

allumina alums (ammonia, potassium, Potassium bichromate. sodium alum); so-called concentrated Potassium chromate. alum.

Potassium hydroxid (caustic potash), Formic acid.

solid and liquid (caustic lye). Formic acid salts (formiates), as: Am- Potassium manganate.

monia formiate, sodium formiate, al- Potassium permanganate. lumina formiate.

Potassium salts not elsewhere mentioned, Ammonia, anhydrous, condensed (liqui- and products therefrom. fied) of No. 379 of the tariff.

Citrate of lime. Ammoniacal liquor (gas water), even con

Ccbalt oxid. densed of No. 271 of the tariff.

Collodium liquid (liquid in which to dip Argon of No. 379b of the statistical goods incandescent-light mantles). list.

Sulfate of copper. Barium compounds:

Solution of thorium and cerium salts (imBarium (baryta) colors. (See herein- pregnating fluid) of No. 317s of the stabefore under d. 2 b.)

tistical goods list. Barium chlorid and other baryta salts. Magnesia, carbonate, artificial. Barium oxid, barium superoxid, and Malonic acid and its compounds (malonic other barium compounds.

acid ether, diethyl malonic acid ether, Bauxite, purified (unpurified, see Section etc.). XV).

Lactic acid. Sugar of lead (acetate and pyrolignite of Sodium bichromate, sodium bicarbonate, lead), lead vinegar.

sodium chromate. Boric acid and borax (borate of sodium),

Sodium carbcnate. (See Soda.) of No. 275 of the tariff.

Nickel oxid. Calcium carbid.

Sulfate of nickel. Centralite I and II (I=diethyldiphenyl- Oleates, linoleates, as: Linoleate of lead, carbamid, II=dimethyldiphenylcarba

linoleate of lead manganese, oleate of mid).

magnesia, manganoxydul (oleate of Cerium (cerium metal).

manganese). Cerium nitrate.

Oxalic acid. Cerium oxid sulfate (cerisulfate).

Phosphorus. Cerium oxidul sulfate (cerosulfate).

Phosphate of lime. Cerium salt solution (impregnating fluid). Phosphorus sulfids. Chlorin, condensed (liquified) in bottles Potash (potassium carbonate, also potas

and tank wagons, of No. 379b of the sta- sium bicarbonate). tistical goods list.

Pyridin bases. Magnesium chlorid.

Chlorid of ammonia. Sulfur chlorid.

Liquid ammonia, spirit of ammonia, Potassium cyanid.

spirit of hartshorn. Sodium cyanid.

Nitric acid.

Nitro-muriatic acid.

Field kitchens. Nitrates: Of ammonia, of barium, of lead, Field forges.

of calcium, of cerium, of potassium, of Warships of all kinds. sodium, of thorium, of allumina.

Sanitary wagons. Nitrites: Of ammonia, of potassium, of Military vehicles, other. sodium.

Torpedo protective nets.
Hydrochloric acid.

(b) Ships and ship receptacles. Bisulfid of carbon.

Boats. Sulfid of sodium.

River and lake ships: Sulfuric acid.

Steamships. Sulfuric acid anhydrid (sulfur trioxid). Motor ships. Sulfates: Ofammonia, of anilin, of barium,

Sailing ships. of cerium (cerisulfate, cerosulfate), of Row boats. iron (sulfate and protosulfate), of potas- | Ocean ships: sium, of copper, of magnesium, of sodium

Steamships. (glauber salts), of vegetable alkaloids, of Motor ships. thorium, of allumina, of zinc.

Sailing ships. Sulfurous acid.

Ocean lighters.
Sulfites of: Potassium, calcium, magne- Pontoons.
sium, sodium, allumina.

Floating docks.
Soda (carbonate of sodium); bleaching Tubular boilers for ships.

soda; boiler scale remedies containing
soda; caustic soda, solid or liquid.

(c) Aerial craft, as well as objects serving in Sulfuryl chlorid.

their manufacture and in the carrying on of Thorium.

aerial navigation. Thorium nitrate, thorium sulfate. Thorium salt solution (impregnating liq- Balloons (captive, free, pilot balloons). uid).

Kites. Allumina, artificial.

Aeroplanes (monoplanes, biplanes, etc.). Allumina hydrate.

Aeroplane hangars and tents.
Roller composition for printer's rollers. Airships.
Hydrogen gas.

Airship sheds.
Bismuth salts and other bismuth com- Parts of aerial craft and hangars, and ap-

pounds (except powders and rouges), as: purtenances, as:
Basic gallate of bismuth, salicylate of Aeronautical instruments.
bismuth, nitrate of bismuth.

Driving gear (crank shafts, etc.). Tin oxid, stannic acid, tin ashos or refuse Cotton fabric, rubberized, for balloon of No. 301 of the tariff.

covers. Stannates and othertin compounds of Nos. Benzine tanks. 309 and 317r of the statistical goods list,

Free balloon covers. as: Acetate of tin, chlorid of tin (tin but- Skids. ter, tin salt), ammoniacal chlorid of tin Elevating controls. (pink salt), stannate of sodium.

Cover fabrics.

Fuselages for aeroplanes.

(See also under sections VII: “Electrotech- Nets for free balloons.

nical productions;" VIII: “Instruments Propellers, propeller blades.
and apparatus, optical glass;' XII: Searchlights.
“Rubber and rubber goods;” and XIII: Searchlight carbons.
“Goods of the textile industry.”)

Silk fabrics, varnished, for balloon

covers. (a) Warships and military vehicles of all

Longitudinal controls. kinds, as well as their component parts and

Steel tubing. appurtenances.

Steering planes. Gun carriages.

Control levers. Caissons.

Hydrogen gas. Limbers.

Cells. Searchlight wagons.

Cell fabric. Field ovens.

Tenting cloth.

(d) Motor vehicles and parts thereof. Automobiles, motorcycles, chassis with

motor built in, all these of 6 and more stamped (Steuer) horsepower, together with finished changing gears (except electrically-driven motor vehicles without regard to horsepower, and tricycles); al] parts of motor vehicles, as: Axles, crank shafts, and sprocket wheels, finished or unfinished, tires, tubes, protective covers for rubber tires, igniting devices of every kind.

(e) Bicycles and parts thereof.
Axle nuts.
Brake levers.
Fork tubes.
Fork prongs.
Handle bar grips.
Crown wheels.
Sprocket wheels.
Chain adjusters.
Mud guards.
Ball bearing steering gear heads.
Bearing brasses.
Lamp holders.
Handle bars.
Finished and unfinished fore and hind

Saddle posts.
Inner tubes.
Protective plating.
Protective covers for tires.
Steel balls.
Pedal cranks.
Crown wheels.
Sprocket wheels.
Tension rods.

Electric machines:

Armatures, completed.
Choking coils.
Dynamo machines.
Storage batteries, completed.
Flat and round knitting machines up

to No. 10, inclusive. Hammers, mechanical (falling, air

pressure, spring hammers and other hammers driven by power transmis

sion), and parts thereof. Machines for producing wood pulp. Long-arm quilting machines with arm

over 50 cm. long. Locomotives (steam), running on rails

(locomotives with and without tenders, locomotive tenders) or not running on

rails; parts thereof. Machines for working metals, wood, or

stone (machine tools), and parts thereof. Riveting machines and parts thereof. Paper-making machines. Machines for filling cartridges. Powder-making machines. Machines for nailing soles. Machines for sewing soles, not with chain

stitch. Machines for producing explosives. Barb wire machines and parts. Machines for making buttonholes in cloth. Internal combustion motors (except hori.




(a) Machines.

Armatures, completed.
Choking coils.
Dynamo machines.
Storage batteries, completed.

(T) Ladders, transportable.

(6) Articles connected with electric wiring. Wires, ropes, strands of copper, aluminum

and their alloys, bare or covered, spun or braided with fabrics, varnish, or rubber, with or without metal covering, with or without metal armoring; except flexible, insulated wires of short length, which, as component parts of electric lighting apparatus, are connected therewith or which are provided with contact arrangements on both ends.


Machines for making army and field cables. Steam and hydraulic forging presses and

parts thereof.

(c) Telegraphic appliances and their compo- , Carbon lightning protectors. nent parts.

Head receivers.

Head telephones. Type-printing telegraphs.

Loud-speaking stations. Electromagnets.

Poles for aerial lines, of wood. Inkers.

Microphones. Printing apparatus for long distances.

Microphone stations. Telegraphic receivers.

Hughes apparatus.

Patrol apparatus.
Sounder telegraphs.


Calling jacks. Insulation testing instruments.

Switches. Vacuum lightning protectors.

End signal galvanoscopes. Magnet inductors.

Multiple switchboards. Record tables.

Fusing elements for carbon lightning proMorse recorders.

tectors, Morse keys.

Speaking batteries of so-called field elePlate lightning protectors.

ments. Relays.

Speaking keys.

Jumping signals.
Recording telegraphs.
Current interrupters.

Subscriber jacks for multiple switches.

Devices for producing induction currents Current reversers.

Break jacks of the trunk junction board. Telegraph apparatus, transportable.

Alarms. Telegraph poles, of wood.

Intermediate distributors. Telegraph alarms.

Component parts of wiring equipment Telegraph works.

which are not subject to an embargo in Arrangements for the production of induc

themselves, if they are intended for such tion currents.

equipment (for instance, insulators). Alarms. Alarm stands.

(e) Appliances for wireless telegraphy and Needle telegraphs.

telephony, together with their component Component parts of wiring equipment parts. which are not subject to an embargo in

Aerial conductors. themselves when intended for such

Aerial masts. equipment (for instance, insulators).


Electromagnets. (d) Telephone appliances (except wall and

Receiving apparatus. table stations), together with their compo

Coherers. nent parts.

Spark inductors. Office jacks for multiple switches.

Transmitter condensers. Inquiry apparatus.

Receivers. Army telephones.

Inductors. Lighting protectors.

Condensers. Bose cartridges.

Morse recorders. Bose safety fuses.

Morse keys. Circuit-closing devices.

Radiators. Electromagnets.

Relays. Field telephones.

Switches. Arrangements for establishing telephone Current interrupters. connection.

Current reversers. Long-distance telephones.

Interrupters, electrolytic. Operators' meters.

Devices for producing induction currents. Incandescent lamps.

Main distributors for multiple switches. Wave meters.

Component parts of wiring equipment Inductors.

which are not subject to an embargo in Cable drums for field and army cables. themselves, if they are intended for such Inductor switchboards.

equipment, as insulators. 23057-16--6

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