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(1) Medical instruments and apparatus.? Moreover: Electrotechnic products not

specially forbidden, if they are goods Connecting apparatus.

which, owing to their quality, composiApparatus for endoscopy.

tion, or use, fall under an export or transit Apparatus, kinesipathic. Apparatus for high frequency therapy.

embargo (as, parts of electric lighting

devices for airships; ship installation maBaths, hydroelectric.

terial; electric pointing devices for big Radiating apparatus.

cannon; electric appurtenances of miliRadioscopic screens.

tary vehicles). Electromagnets. Fat-reducing apparatus.


Influence machines.
Instruments, galvanocaustic.

(See also Sections IV e: “Wound-dressing Compresses, electrothermic (warming pil- materials and medicines;" and VII. Eleclows, etc.).

trotechnical products and requisites. Light baths.

Aeronautical and nautical measuring inMassaging apparatus.

struments, including goniometric, as: Regulating apparatus, tables.

Observation clocks. Rontgen apparatus, tubes.

Chronometers (nautical watches). Protective devices against Rontgen rays Sillometers. (protective suits, gloves, walls).

Level quadrants. Valve tubes for Rontgen devices.

Octants. Strengthening screens for Rontgen photo- Mariner's compasses

and appurtegraphs.

nances, including revolving com(9) Other electrotechnic products.

passes and their transmissions.

Sextants. Incandescent lights which, owing to their

Sea gauges. use, are subject to a special embargo; for Breathing apparatus and apparatus for instance, those for hand lamps, flash protection against smoke of all kinds. lights, and pocket lamps for telephone in- | Bacteriological apparatus. stallations and medical purposes.

Surgical and other medical instruments Component parts of incandescent lights and apparatus;? parts of fever thermome

(pistons, sockets, platinum wires, pre- ters recognizable as such. pared glass rods and tubes).

Telescopes and field glasses of all kinds. Incandescent igniting apparatus.

Glass, gray, for snow goggles. Hand lamps, pocket lamps, and flash Mine and incandescent igniting apparatus.

lights, as well as batteries and storage Optical glass: batteries suited therefor; component Crude and crudely pressed (even parts of such lights and batteries.

ground to test purity). Insulating tubes with sheet-iron or sheet- Prisms and lenses, partially elaborated. steel covering, for electric lines.

Ground, mounted and unmounted: Light-pure carbons (homogeneous or pro- Objectives, photographic; other op

vided with hard wire); except in sizes tical glasses (lenses, prisms, objecunder the normal; petroleum coke.

tives). Mine-igniting apparatus.

Photographic apparatus.3 Searchlights and their component parts, Nautical charts and manuals.

except so-called searchlight lanterns. Safety lamps for mines, their appurte Special apparatus for transmitting com- nances including igniting tape and all

mands and for long-distance compass component parts. transmission; component parts of such Special apparatus for transmitting orders apparatus.

and for long-distance compass transmisIgniting apparatus for motor vehicles of sion; component parts of such appaevery kind.

ratus. 1 Except instruments and apparatus exclusively intended for use in obstetrics and dentistry.

2 Except spectacles, nose glasses, burning glasses, microscopes, magnifying glasses, and optical belt lens, apparatus for illuminating the sea, buoys, ship lanterns, including the requisite lenses and prismatic strips with arched grinding.

3 Except cameras without objectives and except reproduction and enlarging apparatus. Pocket tinder boxes with cereum iron or Children's toys. cereum zinc igniters.

Strands. Thermo bottles.

Magnalium (aluminium alloy).



Shavings. (See also sections III, V, VI, VII, Goods, not mentioned hereinbefore, which and VIII.)

consist wholly or chiefly of aluminium. (a) Ores.

2. Lead and lead alloys.

Refuse. Lead ores, lead ashes.

Old metal (scrap). Chrome ores (chromite).

Slag lead, hard lead. Iron ores:

Sheet lead. Brown hematite.

Lead and lead alloys, crude, elaborated Ferromanganese ore.

(bars, sheets, blocks, plates, rods, sticks). Blackband.

Lead filings (refuse from working of lead). Magnetic iron ore.

Printer's type of lead and lead alloys. Oolitic iron ore.

Wire. Liminite (bog ore).

Glazier's lead. Red hematite.

Children's toys. Siderite (spathic iron).

Soldering lead. Clay ironstone (clay band).

Magnolia metal (lead alloy). Ferriferous gas-purifying composition, slag

Pipes. from smelteries, sinter for smelting.

Sheet lead in rolls. Ferrocyanese slag.

Shot. Calcined pyrites.

Shavings. Copper ores.

Tubes (sor colors, etc.), unfilled. Manganese ores.

Goods not mentioned above and which Molybdenum ores.

consist of lead wholly or with the excepNickel ores.

tion of insignificant parts (except lead Nickel slag for smelteries.

tubes used for packing). Sulfur ore.

Soft lead, crude, worked. Iron pyrites.

Workable lead.
Wolfram ores.

Zinc lcad.
Zinc ashes (zinc oxid).
Zinc ores of all kinds.

3. Iron and iron alloys.

(b) Coal.

(Cf. also section B, No. 40.) Hard coal, anthracite, brown coal.

a. Pig iron, old iron, and rejuse. Coke.

Resuse of all kinds. Pressed coal (briquettes) made of hard and

Refuse snavings (from turning, drilling, brown coal.

and planing; iron filings). Other artificial fuels made of hard and

Old iron. brown coals.

Old metal (scrap iron). (c) Base metals and products thereof. Sheet-iron edges (refuse from sheet iron).

Hammer scalo (hammer slag). 1. Aluminium and its aliors.

Pig iron containing less than 1 per cent Refuse.

phosphorus. Old metal (scrap).

Refuse from grinding. Aluminium and its alloys,crude, elaburated Ferrosilicon, crude.

(bars, sheets, blocks, castings); un- Bar-iron ends (refuse from working bar elaborated (plates, rods, sticks).

iron). Aluminium powder.

Steel shavings (shaving-like refuse from Sheet aluminium.

the working of iron (steel)--No. 842 of the Wire.2

tariff). Spun articles.

Roller scale (roller slag). Woren ware.

Refuse from tin plate. 1 The export of mətal building boxes wjich consist for the most part of iron rods and connecting pieces of metal and only to a small extent of rods and plates of aluminum, is not prohibited.

2 See Sec. VII).

Wire ropes.

b. Other products.


Anchor chains, ship chains, chains for Axles, crude and completely finished, for

towing. power vehicles of all kinds.

Chains for bicycles and motor vehicles. Axes.

Parts of riding and driving harness. Hatchets.

Billets of special and special steel. Pickaxes.

Chills. Iron mountings for riding and driving Kitchen utensils, wholly or principally of harness.

tin plate. Sheet iron of every kind and thickness; ex- Crank shafts, crude and finished, for motor

pansion sheet, checkered plate, stretched vehicles of all kinds. plate, waffle plate, rolled sheet metal, Ferromanganese, manganese steel, in corrugated iron.

blocks, sheet billets, billets, as crucible Blocks (ingots); preliminarily rolled blocks

steel in blocks, and as unformed rods. (blooms); crucible steel blocks of special Ferromolybdenum, molybdenum steel, in iron and special steel.

blocks, sheet billets, billets, as crucible Slabs of special iron and special steel.

steel in blocks and as unformed rods. Cans, wholly or principally of tin plate, Needles for surgical purposes. unfilled.

Nickel iron, nickel steel, in blocks, sheet Stirrups.

billets, billets, as crucible steel in blocks Chromiciron,chromic steel, in blocks, sheet and as unformed rods. billets, billets, as crucible steel in blocks

Horse bits (bridle bits, snaffles, Pelham and in unformed rods.

bits). Boxes (can-like receptacles), wholly or Plantation cutters (Plantagenhauer). principally of tin plate, unfilled.

Billets (half products or iron-rolling mills), Wire shears of all kinds.

of special iron and special steel.

Square iron (unformed rod iron), of special Wire stretchers.

iron and special steel. Wire tongs.

Parts of riding harness, not specially menPrinters' rollers.

tioned above or below. Iron, forgeable, in rods, unformed, of Pipes, crude or worked, even mechanically special iron.

covered with copper, copper alloys, Iron wire, rolled or drawn, crude, worked nickel, or aluminum, or chemically

polished, varnished, zincked (galvanized) nickeled (doubled metal pipes) (Nos. tinned, or covered with other base

778, 779, 793, 794, 795, 798, 799 of the metals or alloys thereof, formed (fash- tariff): ioned), flattened (Nos. 791 and 792 of the

Of unforgeable cast iron (also pipe form tariff).

pieces). Iron alloys (ferro compounds), not specially Winding pipes, rolled or drawn (also

mentioned above or below, in blocks, pipe form pieces). sheet billets, billets, as crucible steel in

Others made of forgeable iron: blocks, and as unformed rods.

Rolled or drawn. Frost nails for horseshoes (a kind of horse

Rabbeted, soldered, riveted, welded shoe nails).

(but neither rolled nor drawn). Driving harness parts, not specially men- Corrugated flues. (See Corrugated tioned above or below.

flues.) Field forges.

Round iron, round steel (unformed rod Flat iron (rolled flat rods) (sheet billets), iron), of special iron and special steel. of special iron and special steel.

Shovels. Fussangeln.

Scythe blades.

Sickle blades. Hoes (except "shoet” hous).

Ferrosilicon, in blocks, sheet billets, billets, Domestic utensils, wholly or principally of as crucible steel in blocks, and as un. tin plate.

formed rods. Horseshoes.

Spades. Horseshoe Stekgrilje.

Spurs. Horseshoe calks (screw and Steck calks). Rod iron, not formed, of special iron and Horseshoe nails.

special steel. Bridle bits.

Barbed wire.

Screw taps.

Steel, is special steel, in blocks, sheet billets, Children's toys.

billets, as crucible steel in blocks, and as Copper and copper alloys, crude, worked unformed rod iron.

(bars, sheets, blocks, plates, rods, poles). Steel wire, rolled or drawn, crude, worked, Copper filings. polished, varnished, zincked (galvanized), Copper alloys, not specially menioned tinned, or covered with other base metals above and below. or alloys thereof, formed (fashioned), Strands.2

flattened (Nos. 791 and 792 of the tariff). Manganese bronze (copper alloy). Steel bottles, except the steel bottles (steel Manganin (copper alloy).

cylinders) used in shipping goods whose Brass (copper alloy). exportation is permitted, provided they Muntz metal (copper alloy). are customary in the trade and are ex- Cerman silver (copper alloy).

ported with other goods for this purpose). Nickelin (copper alloy). Steel bodies for projectiles, crude and pre- Packfong (copper alloy). liminary bored.

Tubes. Stirrups.

Hard solder (copper alloy). Calks (screw and pin calks) for horseshoes. Refuse from grinding. Knitting-machine needles of all sizes.

Black copper.
Crucible steel in blocks of special steel. Ropes.?
Snaffles (snaffle bits).

Vanadium iron, vanadium steel (ferrovana. Sterro metal (copper alloy).

dium), in blocks sheet billets, billets, as Tombac (copper alloy).
crucible steel in blocks, and as unformed Roller scale.

Articles not mentioned above or below and Water tube boilers.

consisting wholly or chiefly of copper. Tin-plate goods of all kinds, wholly or prin- White copper (copper alloy). cipally of tin plate, provided they are not

Cement copper. exported along with other goods as pack

5. Nickel and nickel alloys. ing in the form of boxes, cans, etc.1 Corrugated flues (tubes corrugated by Refuse.

rolling, drawing, etc.), with a wall thick- Old metal (scrap). ness of 4.5 mm. or over.

Sheet nickel. Tool steel.

China silver (nickel alloy). Ferrotungsten, tungsten steel, in blocks,

Wire. sheet billets, billets, as crucible steel in Parts of driving and riding harness. blocks, and as unformed rods.

Children's toys. Sprocket wheels, crude and finished, for Corvettes. motor vehicles of all kinds.

Nickel and nickel alloys, crude, worked 4. Copper and copper alloys.

(bars, sheets, blocks, castings, unworked

plates, rods, bars). Refuse.

Tubes. Alpaka (a kind of German silver).

Shavings. Old metal (scrap).

Articles not mentioned above and consist Aluminum bronze (copper alloy).

ing wholly or in part of nickel. Argentan (copper alloy).

6. Tin and tin alloys. Sheet copper. Bolt copper.

Refuse. Bronze (copper alloy).

( ld metal (scrap). Delta metal (copper alloy).

Argentine (tin alloy). Wire.

Britannia metal (tin alloy). Durana metal (copper alloy).

Wire. “Oak” metal (copper alloy).

Children's toys. Driving and riding harness parts.

Tubes. Braided articles.

Rolled tin. Woven articles (woven wire, metallic Soft solder (tin alloy). cloth).

Silverin (finely divided metallic tin). Hammer scale.

Shavings. Hammer slag.

Color tubes, unlilled. i To tin plate articles belong not only those made wholly of tin plate, but also those made largely thereof.

2 See Sec. VII b.

Articles not mentioned above or below Barrel wood (staves and parts of bottoms),

and consisting wholly or chiefly of tin even planed; wood recognizably pre(except tin foil and tin color tubes used pared for this

purpose. sor packing).

Basket willows; even fascines. Tin and tin alloys, crude, worked (bars, Staves for hoops (split for barrel and simsheets, blocks, plates, rods, poles).

ilar hoops). Tin foil (sheet tin), esported alone (not Fine woods (erica or heath, cocoanut, used in packing goods).

cedar, beech, ebony, mahogany, lignumTin powder (pulverized tin).

vita, rosewood, teakwood, worked and

unworked, even planod, rabbeter, 7. Othes base metals.

grooved, chiseled, tapped, slitted). Antimony.

(ther lumber and cabinet wood (worked Cerium iron.

or unworked, even planed, rabbeted, Ceriun.

grooved, chiseled, tapped, slitted). Cerium zinc.

l'eg wood. Chrome.

Charcoal, charcoal briquettes. Fine zinc.

J\yewoods (blue, yellow, red wood). Cadmium.

Slabs made of artificial wood (vylolith, Potassium.

wood paste, scisarin, etc.). Magnesi!im, crude or as scrap; refuse from Veneers, including wood hangings (not

working it; metal magnesium powder. with inlaid work); plates produced by Manganese and its alloys.

gluing veneers together for wall coverMolybdenum and its alloys.

ings (panels): crude veneered boards. Sodium.

Parts of parquet flooring. Mercury.

Wooden bungs. Silicon.

Wooden wire, wooden tacks. Thorium.

Canes (not with gut strings), even with Vanadium and its alloys.

ferrules. Bismuth, crude.

Barrels, bottoms of barrels, and other Tungsten,

cooper articles, even metal hoops. Zinc, crude (in blocks, tablets, lumps, Spools (yarn spools), spindles (rarn spin

disks, drops; old zinc, scrap zinc, hard dles), weaver's recds, teeth of weaver's zinc, resmelted zinc, zinc resuse).

reeds, Zinc, stretched, rolled (sheet), crude.


(6) Cork and cork goods. AND CORK GOODS; CELLULOID,

Cork, reduced into small pieres or flour. (a) Wood and lood products. Plates, strips, cubes with or without bark,

cut to shape. Mine timber.

Rark hings. Telegraph and other line poles.

Stones, tiles, pipes, and parts of pipes Railroad ties.

made of cork refuse. Wood paving blocks.

Cork fenders.
Gun stocks, (See also III d.)

Cork disks.
Spruce wood.
Wood for the production of mechanically

(c) Celluloid. prepared wood pulp (wood paste, wood

SI. HIDES, SKINS, LEATHER, GOODS THEREgrindings), or of chemically prepared

FROM!, TINNING SUBSTANCES. wood pulp (cellulose). Shavings or chippings (from clearing, (a) Dides and skins for leather manufacture,

crude. burning, roof, braiding, shocmaker, sword cutler, and the like, refuse shav- Bufialo hides. ings from planing, sawing (sawdiist), Bull hides. etc.).

Badger skins. Firewoods of every kind; pine cores; lix- Ass hides.

iviated tanning wood and lixiviated Skins not specially mentioned above or

tanning bark, even formed (tan balls). lielow. Naves, fellies, spokes, as well as wood recog- Fish skins. nizably prepared for these articles. Colt skins.

1 Tanning wood, see p. 87, Sec. XI, f. 1.

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