Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1974

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Página 50 - Law 89-670, 80 Stat. 931-950, 49 USC 1651-1659), transferred to and vested in the Secretary of Transportation "* * * all functions, powers, and duties, relating to the Coast Guard, of the Secretary of the Treasury and of other officers and offices of the Department of the Treasury" (subsection 6(b)(l), 49 USC 1655(b)).
Página 57 - SEC. 13. (a) That no vessel of one hundred tons gross and upward, except those navigating rivers exclusively and the smaller inland lakes and except as provided in section 1 of this Act, shall be permitted to depart from any port of the United States unless she has on board a crew not less than 75 per centum of which, in each department thereof, are able to understand any order given by the officers of such vessel, nor unless...
Página 58 - The collector of customs may, upon his own motion, and shall, upon the sworn information of any reputable citizen of the United States setting forth that this section is not being complied with, cause a muster of the crew of any vessel to be made to determine the fact, at which muster said reputable citizen must be present, and no clearance shall be given to any vessel failing to comply with the provisions of this section...
Página 55 - New Year's Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, but this shall not prevent the dispatch of a vessel on regular schedule or when ready to proceed on her voyage. And at all times while such vessel is in a safe harbor, eight hours, inclusive of the anchor watch, shall constitute a day's work.
Página 13 - This term means a void or empty space separating two or more compartments for the purpose of isolation or to prevent the contents of one compartment from entering another in the event of the failure of the walls of one to retain their tightness.
Página 292 - No safety relief valve shall be smaller than % inch nor larger than 6 inches. Safety relief valves shall have flanged or welded end inlet connections and either flanged or screwed outlet connections, except outlets exceeding 4 inches in diameter shall be flanged. (e) Safety relief valves shall be of the angle or straight-through type, fitted with side or top outlet discharge connections. (f) (1) Springs shall not show a permanent set exceeding 1 percent of their free length 10 minutes after being...
Página 156 - United States Coast Guard, Washington, DC, 20226. Correspondence pertaining to the subject matter of this specification shall be addressed to the Commander of the Coast Guard District in which the factory Is located. (b) Manufacturer's plans and specifications. In order to obtain approval of hand-held rocket-propelled parachute red flare distress signals...
Página 112 - Whenever question arises as to the watertightness of a container, the following test may be made to determine whether it is satisfactory in this respect. Open the container, remove the contents, insert colored blotting paper as a lining, re-close container as tightly as possible by hand (no wrenches or special tools permitted), submerge container with top about one foot below the surface of the water for two hours, remove container from water, wipe off excess moisture on outside, then open the container...
Página 150 - The boat shall then be suspended freely from the releasing gear and shall be dropped in a free fall into the water from a height of 10 feet. There shall be no damage which would render the boat unserviceable. (5) Thwart test. A 200-pound sand bag shall be dropped from a height of 6 feet on the center of each thwart span. The thwarts shall not fracture or otherwise be rendered unserviceable. (6) Towing test. With a towline rigged around the forward thwart in the same manner as the sea painter is normally...
Página 320 - If an adhesive or protective coating is used, a liberal sample shall be supplied. (3) If the manufacturer desires to witness the tests, he should so indicate at this time. (4) A commitment that he will reimburse the National Bureau of Standards for the cost of the tests when billed by them. (d) The above material will be submitted to the National Bureau of Standards by the Coast Guard for testing. The tests noted in §164.006-4 will be conducted and a report submitted to the Coast Guard.

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