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“In separating from you, brethren and sisters, permit us to give you this testimony of our sincere desire that God would still continue to prosper you in the work of building up his kingdom; and that you and we may continue to labor faithfully in his cause, although henceforth in different places upon the walls of our spiritual Zion. Our prayers have been and will continue to be offered to the great Head of the church, that he would pour out his Spirit upon you, and bless you, as he has done in the times of refreshing that are past. We remain yours, in the faith and fellowship of the gospel.'

Signed by about one hundred persons. At a meeting on the 31st of January, the covenant and form of admission prepared by a committee previously appointed was adopted.

At the same meeting a committee was chosen to call a Council for the organization of the proposed church, to consist of the pastors and delegates of the same churches that composed the Council for the dismission of Mr. Towne, and also the Salem Church.

On the 5th of February, the applicants for dismission from Salem Church received a paper from that Church, as a letter of dismission, of which the following is a copy : To the Ecclesiastical Council hereafter to be calleil, to take into considera

tion the request of Amos DUNNELS and others, to be formed into a new church, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Joseph H. Towne.

The Salem Church, in Boston, sendeth greeting: " REVEREND AND BELOVED :

“Whereas Amos Dunnels and others, whose names are hereunto appended, have requested to be dismissed from us, and recommended to you for the purpose of being organized into a new church under the pastoral care of the Rev. Joseph H. TOWNE;—this is to certify that they are members of this church, in regular standing, -and we still cherish towards them feelings of Christian affection, and strong desires for their increasing holiness and usefulness in the cause of Christ. But of their proceedings since the dismission of the Rev. Mr. Towne, in relation to the formation of a new church, and also of the expediency of such a measure under existing circumstances, we express no opinion, but confidently refer these points, and all others involved in this subject, to the Christian judgment of the Council. We feel indeed that very important principles are involved in the case, as it regards the duties of individuals towards the church of which they are members, and of the church towards individuals, in such circumstances; and also, as it regards the proper time and mode of undertaking such an enterprise ;but in our present trying circumstances, we feel disposed rather to ask advice of our sister churches, than to give an opinion on any of the points involved. If, however, after a careful investigation of the whole matter, in the opinion of the Council, it is expedient that these brethren and sisters should be formed into a separate church, we will acquiesce, and this shall be their dismission and recommendation, according to their request.

• By vote of, and in behalf of, the Salem Church, Boston, January 24, 1844."

THOMAS Hollis, Moderator. SAMUEL TENNEY, Clerk.

The following is a list of names of the brethren and sisters referred to in the foregoing certificate, and is to be appended thereto. Amos Dunnels,

John H. Edlefson,
Lucy Dunnels,

Mark Clarke,
Thomas C. Dunnels,

Julia Ann Dupee,
Horatio P. Dunnels,

James Perkins,
Lucy E. Dunnels,

Samuel S. Stacey,
Harriet A. Cutter,

William T. Perrin,
Elvira S. Drury,

Leonard F. Cutter,
Thomas D. Demond,

Clarissa Henry,
Susan M. P. Demond,

Hannah Ball,
formerly Susan M. Palmer, Mary Furber,
Susan C. Palmer,

Mary Jane Harding,
Mary S. Palmer,

John Davis,
Henry Clark,

Alonzo P. V. Rice,
Susan Clark,

Oliver Miles,
Mary G. P. Clark,

Abigail Miles,
James M. Whiton

Sophronia Lailer,
Mary E. Whiton,

Mary Ann Green,
Lucy L. Wellington,

Susan A. Bennett,
William B. H. Clarke,

Margaret McManus,
Elizabeth T. Clarke,

Mary S. Cheney,
Alfred H. Orcutt,

Ann M. Baxter,
Mary Ann Orcutt,

Mary Baxter,
formerly Mary Ann Merrill, Mary A. D. Robinson,
Nehemiah Merritt,

Frances M. Bazin,
Anna B. Merritt,

Joseph H. Towne,
Nehemiah T. Merritt,

Eliza J. Towne,
Anna B. Merritt, Jr.

Elizabeth T. Dow,
William T. Keyes,

William Adams,
Abigail Snow,

Betsey Adams,
George K. Snow,

Walter Manning,
Ebenezer Hoyt,

Abby H. Manning,
Hannah D. Hoyt,

formerly A.H. Barker, Betsey Pike,

Elizabeth Edlefson,
David F. Bradlee,

Maria M. Chamberlin,
Mary K. Bradlee,

Hannah Hibbert,
Mary Currill,

Margaret Simpson,
Sarah Whitmore,

Harriet M. Cutter,
Amelia H. Whitmore,

Eliza J. Bennett,
Elizabeth J. King,

Almira E. Locke,
Ezra Palmer,

Jane Reynolds,
Diancy S. Walker,

Sophia A. Coombs,
Archibald Hayes,

Sarah W. Fletcher,
Paul Higgins,

Jane Barry,
Sophia K. Higgins,

Pamelia D. Allen,
John Stimson,

formerly Pamelia D. Ewell, Elizabeth Dupee,

Sarah C. Brown,
Isaac H. Hazelton,

formerly Sarah C. Ingalls, Susan P. Hazelton,

Rebecca F. Furness,
Seth Robinson,

James D. Farnum.
Mehitable Robinson,

Thomas HOLLIS, Moderator.
Boston, January 24, 1844.

The Council convened on the 7th of February, and, at the request of the committee, adjourned to 3 o'clock, P. M. on the following day.*

On the 8th, it re-asserubled, when the committee presented a statement of the proceedings of the persons proposing to be organized, together with the letters of dismission and recommendation, and also the paper from the Salem Church. The following is the


Boston, February 7th, 1844. Agreeable to letters missive from a committee of a number of individuals principally members of Salem Church, an Ecclesiastical Council was convened in the Tremont Temple, February 7th, 1844, for the purpose of forming a new Congregational Church.

The Council was called to order by the Rev. William Jenks, D. D. The Rev. N. Adams was chosen Moderator, and the Rev. D. M. Lord, Scribe.

At the request of the Committee of Arrangements, who called the Council, it was voted to adjourn to meet in this house to-morrow (Feb. 8th), at 3 o'clock, P. M.

Feb. 8th.—The Council met according to adjournment, and the following Churches were present by their pastors and delegates, viz.:

OLD South Church—Rev. George W. Blagden, Pastor. Dea. Pliny Cutler, Delegate.

PARK STREET CHURCH-Rev. Silas Aiken, Pastor. Dea. N. Dana, Delegate.

Essex Street Church-Rev. N. Adams, Pastor. Dea. George Rogers, Delegate.

Bowdoin Street CHURCH-Rev. Hubbard Winslow, Pastor. Dea. Ezra C. Hutchins, Delegate.

Green Street Church-Rev. Martin Moore, Delegate.
Salem Street Church—Bro. Ephraim Buck, Delegate.

PINE STREET CHURCH-Rev. Austin Phelps, Pastor. Bro. J. Osgood, Delegate.

MARINERS' CHURCH-Rev. Daniel M. Lord, Pastor.

CENTRAL CHURCH-Rev. William M. Rogers, Pastor. Bro. Wm. J. Hubbard, Delegate.

GARDEN Street Church-Dea. N. Rogers, Delegate.

Mount VERNON Church-Rev. Edward N. Kirk, Pastor. Dea. Julius A. Palmer, Delegate.

The Council was called to order, and opened with prayer by the Moderator. Letters of dismission and recommendation of persons from their respective churches, who desire to be organized into a church, were submitted to the Council. Statements were then made, through • their Committee, showing why, in their opinion, a new Congregational Church should be formed.

After a free interchange of views, it was voted, that it is expedient to form these individuals into a church with the confession of faith and covenant submitted to the Council.

* The reason for this adjournment was a domestic affliction in the family of Rev. Mr. Towne.

Voted, That the Council proceed to the organization of the Church, and that the order of services, and parts, be assigned as follows :

Invocation and Reading of the Scriptures, by Rev. Mr. Aiken.
Introductory Prayer, by Rev. Mr. Winslow.
Sermon, by Rev. Mr. Blagden.

Reading of the Covenant, Recognition of the Church, and Consecrating Prayer, by the Moderator.

Fellowship of the Churches, by Rev. Mr. Rogers.
Concluding Prayer, by Rev. Mr. Lord.
Benediction, by the Moderator.

Voted to adjourn to meet in this place to attend the public services at 7 o'clock. The Council met according to adjournment. The Church was organized and the services performed as assigned. (Signed,)

N. ADAMS, Moderator. Daniel M. Lord, Scribe. Attest-a true copy,

DANIEL M. LORD. On the 12th of February, the Church appointed a committee to extend, in connection with a committee of the Society, a call to Rev. Joseph H. Towne, to become its pastor ; also, a committee to prepare Standing Rules, a Platform of Ecclesiastical Principles, and such other matters as they might think desirable to recommend to the Church for adoption, and reports were afterwards made, from time to time, in respect to these matters, which, as adopted by the Church, will be found in this volume.

On the 19th of February, the committee to present a call to Rev. Mr. Towne, reported that they had done so, and that it had been accepted.

At the same meeting, was adopted the name of the North UNION Church, it being understood that this name was adopted temporarily, until the Church should have a fixed location.

On the 27th of February the Church elected WILLIAM Adams, HenRY CLARK, and James M. Whiton, Deacons.

On the 28th of February a Council for the installation of the pastor elect was convened. The churches represented, were the Park Street, Old South, Essex Street, Bowdoin Street, Green Street, Pine Street, Mariner's, Salem, Central, Garden Street, Mount Vernon, and Phillip's Churches in Boston, Winnisimmet, Chelsea, and the North Congregational, Hartford, Ct. The public exercises took place in the evening in the Central Church, Winter Street, which was kindly offered to the church for the occasion.

The Invocation and Reading the Scriptures, were by Rev. Mr. Blagden. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Langworthy, of Chelsea. Sermon by Rev. Dr. Bushnell, of Hartford, Ct., from 1 Cor. 1: 21. Installing Prayer by Rev. Dr. Jenks. Charge by Rev. Mr. Adams. Right Hand of Fellowship by Rev. Mr. Rogers, and Benediction by the pastor.

At the annual meeting on the 21st of January, 1846, it was voted by the church that the name of North Union Church (temporarily adopted at the organization) be henceforth discontinued and the church hereafter be known as the Church of Christ in Leyden Chapel.

In accordance with a suggestion from the deacons, at a meeting for devotional exercises some weeks previously, the Church on the 21st of January, 1846, elected brother George BRADFORD, Jr., and on the 23d of February following, brother James Haughton, to be deacons, the choice being unanimous in each case.

The Lord our God be with us as he was with our fathers : let him not leave us nor forsake us : that he may incline our hearts unto him, to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments which he commanded our fathers.—1 Kings 8: 57, 58.

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