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How often is the man, who stays at home on the Sabbath, on account of the weather, found at his worldly business, early and late, in far worse weather,-and is the one more necessary or imperative than the other?

How often is the man who lives nearest to the church, the absentee, when he can excuse his cold indifference to God, by the cold or damp state of the atmosphere ? “ Be sure this sin will find you out, for God looketh upon the heart.”


It is the duty of every Christian to be revived in heart, growing in grace, and doing all he can to glorify God. The obligation of this duty rests upon the present moment.-Rom. 13: 11. 1 Thess. 5: 4-8.

2. God hears and answers the prayers of his children when they are in the way of obedience. 1 John 3: 22. John 15: 7.

3. When Christians pray and labor for the salvation of souls that God may be glorified, sinners will be converted.-Matt. 3: 10.

4. When no souls are converted in a congregation, let no follower of Christ look around upon this or that brother, or sister, or any number of them, who do not come up to the work, and complain that they are standing in the way of God's blessing. Let him look at home, and say, “ Lord, is it I?”—Matt. 7: 1-5. Rom. 2: 1. James 4: 11.

5. If but two members of a church become truly revived themselves, and agree together, and offer up the prayer of faith for a revival of religion, they may expect that blessing will be granted.—Matt. 18: 19.

6. Let not God's praying people be discouraged because their numbers are few in comparison with the whole church.-Judges 8:7.

7. While the world lies in wickedness, there is no time for Christians to seek for personal enjoyment. The feelings of Christians, while laboring for the salvation of souls, are compared in Scripture to the severest agonies and most painful struggles to which human nature is subject. --Gal. 4: 19.

8. The progress of a revival is sometimes arrested by God's people grieving away his Holy Spirit, and hence, the cessation of a revival frequently brings great guilt upon the church.-2 Chron. 15: 2. 1 Thess. 5: 19.

There may be a revival when there is not much excitement or noise, but when there is a spirit of prayer, and of effort, and continual accessions to the church; and this is the revival most to be desired.



It is the duty of the people to visit and show respect and kindness to their pastor.—1 Thess. 5 : 12, 17. 2 Cor. 8: 7.

2. Are any anxious to know of the doctrines whether they be of God, or to know how they can be saved, or are they in any spiritual distress ; it is their manifest duty to wait upon the minister and to ask the law at his mouth.-Deut. 17: 9–11. Mal. 2: 7.

3. The minister is not to be involved in any worldly matters, or mere temporal affairs, except where the Christian principles to be exemplified, in such circumstances are sought for. Thus Christ said to him who asked him to settle a dispute, “ Man, who made me a judge or divider over you?”

4. Are any sick, or bed-ridden, or otherwise prevented from waiting on their minister, then let them call for him or the elders of the church, and inform them of the circumstances of the case, and let no one expect them until so informed.-James 5: 14.

5. Ministers ought never to be expected to pay visits merely as an expression of respect, nor should the infrequency of their visits when not spiritually needed, be regarded as evincing any want of kindness and regard.

6. When can advice be sought from the minister ?

The hours of ministerial study are until one o'clock, P. M., and generally in the evenings.

7. The minister will receive visiters after one o'clock, or in the evening, if the visiter could find no other suitable time.

Conversation on any points of difficulty might be very properly held with the minister after any of the services of the church in the place of meeting.


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