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4 From day to day, from year to year,

The stately tree shall rise ;
Till gathered from this earthly sphere,

And planted in the skies.

5 There, with its tendrils winding round,

Th' eternal plant shall thrive ; Nor age, nor death, shall curse that ground

While God himself shall live.

6 Meanwhile, in this accepted hour,

May Jesus from above,
Through his own institution, shower

The Spirit of his love.

HYMN X. L. M. Family Hymn. 1 United prayers ascend to thee,

Eternal Parent of mankind;
Smile on this waiting family ;

Thy face they seek, and let them find.

2 The father of the household bless,

The priest, the patriarch, let him move; That all his family may trace

In him thy law, in lines of love.

3 Regard the mother's anxious tears,

Her heart's desire, her earnest prayers ; And while her infant charge she rears,

Crown with success her pious cares.

4 Let the dear pledges of their love

Like olive plants around them grow;
Thy present grace, and joys above,

Upon their little ones bestow.

5 Receive at their believing hand

The babe whom they devote as thine, Obedient to their Lord's command,

And seal with power the rite divine.

6 To every member of their house

Thy grace impart, thy love extend ;
Grant every good that time allows,

With heavenly joys that never end.



The churches of New England will not be censured for the novelty of their discipline, in their endeavor to have their communion as it was in Justin Martyr's time, when the Supper was administered unto no man, but one who believed the doctrines of Christianity, and lived according to the laws of our Saviour. They consider baptism as a sacrament of entrance and reception into the church; but the supper, they regard as a sacrament of continuance in the church, or a confirmation of the reception made before ; and generally concur in the principle, that nothing short of a probable and credible profession of a justifying faith qualifies for this latter ordinance, where the benefits of that faith are sealed unto us. Accordingly, the usages of our churches may be reported in the words used by Origen concerning the primitive : “After those that are converted make such proficiency, that they appear to be sanctified by the divine word, and unto the utmost of their power live in a better manner, then at length we call them to our Mysteries." Or in those words with which that father vindicates those churches from the reproaches of Celsus, as to the qualification of their communicants :-" The Christians do exquisitely search the souls of their hearers, in order to their admission to full communion."

The Discipline of the churches indeed charitably provides, “ that the weakest measure of faith is to be accepted ; and that such tenderness and charity is to be used, as that the weakest Christian, if sincere, may not be excluded, or discouraged. The Lord Jesus would not quench the smoking flax, nor break the bruised reed, but gather the tender lambs in his arms, and carry them gently in his bosom.

It has ever been the design of our churches to make the terms of communion run as parallel as may be with the terms of salvation ; exclude none from their fellowship who have truly their fellowship with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ, -and to receive all that our Saviour will receive unto the glory of God. If any churches insist on any little modalities in their admission, they are all with an eye to the necessary qualifications of the most substantial piety; and it is to be hoped, they will be softened and ordered, and on occasions varied accordingly.

A charitable consideration of nothing but piety in admitting to evangelical privileges, is a glory that the churches of New England would lay claim unto.- Ratio Disciplinæ, pp. 81–85.




WHEN a candidate for the communion presents himself for examination before this church or its officers, he will be expected to give a serious and sensible answer to some such Questions as the following:

Did you receive a religious education in your younger years?

Have you been thoroughly convinced of the miserable condition into which you are fallen by your departure from God?

What has been your course, whither your flight for help, under these awakenings?

What are the blessings for which you repair to the glorious SAVIOUR of men ?

Which way do you hope to be justified before the holy God?

What is the sanctity, the purity, the piety, which will always be the character of the justified believer ?

Is every sin grievous and odious to you?
Is there no known sin in which you indulge yourself?

Do you endeavor daily to show forth a respect unto all God's commandments ?

Can you remember any special word of God, by which you have been sensibly quickened in living to him?

What doth the LORD's SUPPER signify and seal ?

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