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Regulating Admissions to the Bar.


The petitioner shall file with his petition a All applications for admission to the bar certificate from the member of the bar in shall be made by petition to the court of ap- whose office he studied, or if the petitioner peals. The petition shall be under oath, and studied in a law school, a certificate from the shall state:

president, dean or any instructor of such (a) The full name, age, residence, and place school, certifying that the petitioner has pur

sued under his direction for at least two of birth of the applicant.

(b) If the petitioner shall apply for admis- years the course of study prescribed in rule sion as a member of the bar of another state 5, and that the petitioner is not a person of or of the courts of the United States pursuant bad or dissolute habits but of good moral to section 6 of chapter 139 of the act of 1898, character, and that he has never, so far as the petitioner shall state that he is now an

known to the person certifying, been guilty actual resident of this state, and shall further of any criminal or disgraceful conduct.

The certificates hereinbefore provided for name the state in which and the court by which the petitioner was admitted to the bar, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts and shall also state that the petitioner has, stated in them.

The petition shall be filed at least ten days for at least five years before filing his said petition, been engaged as a practitioner or before the day fixed for an examination by teacher of the law or a judge in such state. the state board of law examiners. The petitioner shall file with his petition a copy of his license to practice, duly certified,

SECOND or a copy of the record of the court in which

All applicants for admission to the bar, inhe was so admitted, certified as required by cluding members of the bar of other states, law for the authentication of the records of shall pay a fee of twenty-five dollars, at the courts of

other states when offered as evi- time of filing their petition. dence in the courts of this state.

No petition will be considered or referred The petitioner shall also file a certificate of to the state board of law examiners until said a judge of the state in which he was so ad- fee is paid to the treasurer of the said board. mitted or a certificate from two members of the bar of this state certifying how long they

THIRD. have known the applicant, and that he is not a person of bad or dissolute habits, but of

All applications for admission to the bar, good moral character, and that he has never, except applications from members of the bar so far as known to the person or persons cer- of other states, shall be referred to the state tifying, been guilty of any criminal or dis- | board of law examiners, who shall examine graceful conduct, and that he is, at the time the applicants as to their qualifications to of such certificate, a member of the bar in practice law. good standing, and that he has been actively

FOURTH. engaged as practitioner or teacher of the law or judge in such state for at least five years The board of law examiners shall meet before the filing of his said petition.

twice annually, once in the month of June, (c) If the petitioner shall not apply for ad- and once in the month of November, at such mission as a member of the bar of another place in the state of Maryland as said board state, the petition shall further state:

may determine, for the purpose of conducting That the petitioner has studied law in the such examination. Thirty days' public notice office of a member of the bar of this state or of the time and place of meeting shall be in a law school of the United States for at given. least two years, and that while so studying The said board shall hold such other meetthe law he diligently pursued the course of ings for the purpose of conducting examina- . study prescribed in rule 5.

tions at such time and place and on such no

1 Adopted in pursuance of the Act of 1898, c. 139. 44 A.


tice as may be directed by the court of ap- the applicants admitted or rejected as recompeals from time to time by special orders. mended by the board.

If exceptions to the report of the board FIFTH.

shall be filed, such exceptions shall be heard

and decided by the court. In case an excepAll examinations shall be in writing. Alltion shall be filed to the recommendation of applicants shall be examined by said board the board that any applicant shall be not adon each of the following subjects: (1) Ele- mitted to the bar, and the exception relates mentary law; (2) contracts; (3) torts; (4) to the qualification of the applicant to pracwills and the administration of estates; (5)

.tice law, no new examination will be held, corporations; (6) evidence; (7) equity;

(7) equity; (8) but the exception heard and determined on real property; (9) personal property; (10) an examination of the applicant's answers to criminal law; (11) domestic relations; (12) the questions asked him. If the exception pleading and practice at law and in equity (at relates to the moral character of the applicommon law and in Maryland); (13) constitu- cant, the exceptant and the applicant shall tional law; (14) international law; (15) legal have the right to produce evidence in support ethics.

of or against their exception before the court The board may, at its election, in addition or before an examiner appointed for the purto the written examination, examine orally pose of taking testimony. any or all of the applicants. The state board of law examiners may pre

EIGHTH. scribe rules for the conduct of examinations,

When it shall be determined by the court provided that the applicants shall be allowed of appeals that an applicant is qualified to at least six hours in which to prepare the an- practice law and is of good moral character, swers in the written examination.

an order will be passed directing that he be

admitted to the bar on taking the oath reSIXTH.

quired of a member of the bar by the Mary

land Code of Public General Laws, article 10, The state board of law examiners shall, as

section 10. soon as practicable after such examination,

NINTH. report to the court of appeals all their proceedings in connection with such examina

The members of the board of law examintion. They shall file with their report a copy ers shall be entitled to the sum of ten dolof the questions asked and all the replies. lars per day for every day actually spent in The report shall also state the conclusions of the discharge of their duties, and all their said board as to the qualifications of all ap- traveling and other expenses, provided the plicants and shall recommend, in the case of fees and expenses of said board shall not exeach person examined, that he be or be not ceed the sum paid by applicants as fees. admitted to the bar.

Ordered by the court of appeals of Mary

land this second day of June, A. D. 1898, that SEVENTH.

the foregoing rules relating to the application The names and places of residence of all for admission to the bar, be and the same persons recommended by said board for ad- are hereby adopted, subject to such alteramission to the bar shall be published once a tion, amendment or revision, as may hereaftweek for three successive weeks in two daily er from time to time be made if deemed exnewspapers published in the city of Balti- pedient. more before the day fixed for the ratification

JAS. McSHERRY. of the report of the state board of law exam


DAVID FOWLER. If no exceptions are filed to the report of

CHARLES B. ROBERTS. the board of law examiners within thirty

A. HUNTER BOYD. days after their report is filed, the recom

HENRY PAGE. mendations contained in their report shall be

JAMES A. PEARCE. adopted, the action of the board ratified, and



Order of the Court.

RELATING TO COLLECTION OF AL-| refer the question of issuing summary proLOWANCES MADE IN PETITIONS cess to the appellate division sitting in banc. FOR DIVORCE.



INVESTIGATION. Hereafter, the process for collection of allowances made in petitions for divorce will

(November 13, 1897.) be by execution against goods, chattels and It is ordered that the expense of sumreal estate, which may be issued by the moning witnesses to attend before the comclerk, at any time before the hearing on the mittee appointed by the court to hear charpetition, upon affidavit of nonpayment, for ges against attorneys, summoned on behalf the amount due: Provided, however, that in of the complainants, be borne by the comcases of great urgency and need the justice plainants, and that the complainants be rehearing the motion for an allowance may imbursed by the state if the complaints are


Amendment of the Rules.

RELATING TO COMPLAINTS AGAINST The court will appoint two members to serve MEMBERS OF THE BAR.

one year, two members to serve two years

and one member to serve three years, and (July 16, 1898.)

will fill any vacancies at the expiration of Complaints against members of the bar for such term of service, or whenever arising unprofessional conduct shall be made in otherwise. writing that shall set forth specifically the The members of this committee will be exfacts upon which the charge is based. Such cused from attendance in court when necescomplaints, when filed, will be referred to a sary to fulfill engagements previously made standing committee of five members of the to attend meetings of the committee. bar for investigation and report thereon.



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