Nature, Volumen25

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1882

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Página 31 - ... the sole working or making of any manner of new manufacture within this realm...
Página 323 - The elementary parts of all tissues are formed of cells in an analogous, though very diversified manner, so that it may be asserted, that there is one universal principle of development for the elementary parts of organisms, however different, and that this principle is the formation of cells.
Página 100 - Chinese studies by his digest of the doctrines of Confucius. The value of this work will be perceived when it is remembered that at no time since relations commenced between China and the West has the former been so powerful — we had almost said aggressive — as now. For those who will give it careful study, Mr. Faber's work is one of the most valuable of the excellent series to which it belongs.
Página 184 - Conference formed by delegates from the Meteorological Society, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Society of Telegraph Engineers, and the Physical Society...
Página 147 - In regard to the origination of new species, I am very glad to find that you think it probable that it may be carried on through the intervention of intermediate causes. I left this rather to be inferred, not thinking it worth while to offend a certain class of persons by embodying in words what would only be a speculation.
Página 268 - ... in writhing, hanging, coiling masses, which make the air white and thick as with snow, only the flakes are a foot or two long each; the surges themselves are full of foam in their very bodies, underneath, making them white all through, as the water is under a great cataract; and their masses, being thus half water and half air, are torn to pieces by the wind whenever they rise, and carried away in roaring smoke, which chokes and strangles like actual water.
Página 213 - The tides must have been very much more frequent and larger, and accordingly the rate of oceanic denudation much accelerated. " The more rapid alternation of day and night would probably lead to more sudden and violent storms, and the increased rotation of the earth would augment the violence of the trade winds, which in their turn would affect oceanic currents.
Página 130 - ... of a second that tube was exposed to a pressure of four or five tons weight per square inch on its outer surface, and no pressure on the inner. The impulsive pressure on the bottom of the tube projected it upwards, so that it stuck in the tallow which fills the hollow of the steel-plug.
Página 170 - The last discharge of Conybeare's artillery, served by the great Oxford engineer against the Fluvialists, as they are pleased to term us, drew upon them on Friday a sharp volley of musketry from all sides, and such a broadside at the finale from Sedgwick, as was enough to sink the ' Reliquiae Diluvianas ' for ever, and make the second volume shy of venturing out to sea.
Página 117 - The time of the last appearance of any wellmarked and persistent discontinuity in the illumination of the apparent limb of the sun near the point of contact.

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