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As a healthy mind is cheerful, its pages will seek THE PROPRIETOR of this JOURNAL begs leave to amuse as well as instruct; and if the intellect and to present a short Address to the inhabitants of judgment are exclusively 'addressed at times, at LIVERPOOL and its neighbourhood, explaining the others, the heart will be invited to be merry, and the object, and stating the grounds on which he relies for lip to smile. Those who survey the present active The LITERARY DEPARTMENT will be


tointellectual progress, the number of Institutions for

1. Original Dissertations, Criticisms, with their scope of the advancement of Literature and Science, and the

subject, the Belles Lettres, Philosophy, Poetry, &c. increase and zeal of their members, acknowledge 2. Original Tales, Biography, History, Travels. the project of establishing a LITERARY JOURNAL seems 3. Valuable extracts from published works.

4. Notices and Reviews of new works of interest, justified by reasons substantial and available: and as

5. Drara:tic Literature, the Stage, and Public Amuseone of its principal features will be to record the

ments, local and national. labours of various Institutions, and bring what is now

6. Such notices, as may be permitted, of the periodical separate into one centre, it must prove the means of meetings and lectures at thelocal societies of value viz: greatly aiding the cause of knowledge.

1. The Literary and Philosophical-meeting in the The wish has been expressed in Liverpool, that a

Royal Institution, Colquitt-street. Periodical, of Literary character, would enter the 2. Natural History Society,

ditto. 3. The Philomathic Society,

do. field of Local publication. The London Journals,

4. The Polytechnic Society,

do. of the above nature, are numerous and ably conduct

5. The Literary, Scientific, and Commercial Instied ;-but they are of too general an interest to serve

tution, St. Anne-street. the purposes of local Magazines.

6. The Mechanics’ Institution, Mount-street. Liverpool is the native town of the merc


7. The Northern Mechanics’ Institution. Roscoe, yet it does not possess a single Literary For the youth of both sexes the Journal will be organ. Liverpool and Manchester proudly introduced especially adapted, as its pages will contain many railways, and all the concomitant sciences, to the amusing anecdotes and moral tales, calculated to world, yet the former has not one Scientific Journal. excite interest and emulate to good deeds. Liverpool gave birth to Gibson, Deare, and other The proceedings of Temperance Societies will be eminent artists, and has an annual exhibition of the reported and the cause strongly advocated. beautiful specimens of native talent, yet it possesses In the department of SCIENCE, authenticated no periodical giving reports of the progress of the communications as to facts, discoveries, valuable proFINE Arts. It is therefore confidently believed that a

cesses, &c. will be cordially invited. Journal appealing to the increasing mental activity,

As one of the class of cheap Periodical Literature, scientific acquirement, and refinement of taste, in

this Journal will be a substitute for those which this great and influential town, will meet with exten

are objectionable and dangerous to morality. Readsive support.

ing is now so general, that something will be supported GAWTHROP'S JOURNAL by the public, and if good is not offered, the worse will admit light and agreeable literature, as well as

will be devoured. severe argument; will open its columns freely to the As nothing leading to conflict, offending prejudices fair statement of opinions, and will endeavour to or wounding opinion on religion or politics-nothing win a welcome from all orders of thinking readers. attacking the property of private character will be Its purpose will be to put forward and support pro- permitted, but, on the contrary, every effort directed vincial talent, whether in literature or in art; to pro- to the peaceful spread of knowledge, and diffusing mote mental, moral, and social improvement-not the taste for, and pleasure in, literary and scientific social hostility; to elicit truthnot to stir up factious recreations, the Proprietor of this Journal trusts feeling; to interest in investigation-not lay down that his honest labours will be encouraged, and that dogmas.

the result will prove to the satisfaction of all parties

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