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168; Mfg. Co. v. Armstrong, 19 id. 147; The Rail-Conn. 333; Shereen v. Moses, 84 III. 448, 450, 451 ; road v. Brewer, 67 id. 295; Putnam v. Mellen, 34 Barney v. Giles, 120 Ill. 154; Arnold v. Cons. Co., N. H. 71, 79; K. P. Mills v. Slater, 12 R. I. 82; 35 Iowa, 99, 101; Cooper v. McKee, 53 id, 239 ; Adrian v. Lane, 13 S. C. 183; Hollis v. Chapman, R. R. Co. v. Fort Scott, 15 Kans. 435; Sweeney v. 33 Tex. 1; Brokenburg v. Ward, 4 Rand. [Va.], 352; U. S., 15 Ct. of. Cl. 400; Ex parte Koehler, 24 Fed. Malconison v. Morton, 11 Ir. L. R. 230; Moore v. Rep. 107; Rives v. Baptiste, 25 Ala. 382.) Waldo, 69 Mo. 277; Waldron v. Coal Co., 7 III. 2. Where a definite time is either fixed by the App. 542; Runkle v. Jolinson, 30 III. 328; R. R. contract or ascertainable from tlie circumstances Co. v. Butts, 50 Cal. 574, 577; South well v. Beezly, for the payment of money, such time happening 5 Oreg. 458; Hamilton v. Thrall, 7 Neb. 210; R. R. after the thing which is the consideration for the Co. v. Howard, 13 How. (U. S.] 307; 339; Pollock

payment is to be performed, then the money is not v. Electric Ass'n, 128 U. S. 447; Ashmann v. Penn. owing or an action therefor maintainable without Co., 4 Dutch. (N. J.) 185.)

actual or tendered performance. (Paine v. Brown, One general rule will solve many cases, however, 37 N. Y. 232, 233, and 2 Smith's L. C. (9th ed.], is the thing conditioned is to happen or exist before 1223, note 2; Glaholm v. Hays, 2 M. & G. 257, 266, the right accrues or estate vests, the condition is 268; Grant v. Johnson, 5 N. Y. 247, 250, 254; precedent; if after, it is subsequent. (Nicoll v. Eddy v. Davis, 116 id. 247, 242, 255; People's Bank R. R. Co.,12. N. Y. 121, 130; Towle v. Remsen, 70 v. Mitchell, 73 id. 406, 411; Nolan v. Whitney, 88 id, 303, 311, 322.)

id. 648, 649, 650; Bean v. Atwater, 4 Conn. 13, 15.) While the ruling upon and interpretation of one 3. Where each party is to do the things required agreement will seldom aid in the construction of at the same time, or concurrently, there arises deanother, except as it may illustrate some general pendent obligations, operating as mutual or conrule of interpretation applicable to both, the rules

current conditions, whereby neither can default the inferred from or arising under the authorities, for other or maintain suit until there has been performseparating or distinguishing conditions are chiefly

or offer to perform what was necessary or thiese:

specified on his part. (Paine v. Brown, 37 N. Y. 1. Where the terms of the agreement or the na

232, 233; Callenonel v. Briggs, 1 Salk. 112; Goodture of the case, requires the things to be

son v. Munn, 4 T. R. 761; Glazebrook v. Woodrow, done by one party to precede those by the other 8 id. 366; Kirtz v. Peck, 113 N. Y. 222, 228; Morparty, the former may not sue without actual or

ris v. Sliter, 1 Den. [N. Y.] 59, 60; Williams v. offered performance as a condition precedent to lia-Healy, 3 id. 363, 366; Morange v. Morris, 3 Keyes bility by the latter, while the former may be sued [N. Y.], 48, 50; Lester v. Jewett, 11 N. Y. 453, 457, by the latter, although nothing has been done or

458; Eddy v. Davis, 116 id. 217, 252, 254; Nelson offered to be done by him, because the former re

v. Fireproof Co., 55 id. 480, 484; Parker v. Parmlied, not upon performance by the latter, but trusted lee, 20 Johns. [N. Y.] 130, 134; Hudson v. Swift, to his remedy by action. (Paine v. Brown, 37 id. 24, 26; Champion v. White, 5 Cow. [N. Y.] 509, N. Y. 232, 233; Glaholm v. Hays, 2 M. & G. 257, 510, 511; James v. Burchell, 82 N. Y. 108, 113; 266, 268; Mattock v. Kinglake, 10 Ad. & E. 50, Hapgood v. Shaw, 105 Mass. 276, 278, 279; Smith 55-57; Decker v. Jackson, 6 C. B. 103, 112; Grant

v. R. R. Co., 88 id, 262, 272, 273; Knight v. Worv. Johnson, 5 N. Y. 247, 253; Acer v. Hotchkiss, 97 sted Co., 56 id. [2 Cush.] 271, 286, 287; Kane v. id. 395, 408; Eddy v. Davis, 116 id. 247, 252; Hood, :30 id. [13 Pick. ] 281, 283, 284; Hunt v. Liv. Kirtz v. Peck, 113 id. 222, 228; Byron v. Low, 109 | erman, 22 id. [5 Pick.] 395, 397, 398; Dana v. id. 291, 294; Phelan v. The Mayor, 119 id. 36, 90; King. 19 id. [2 Pick.) 155, 156, 157; Gardiner v. De Kay v. Bliss, 120 id. 91, 96; Smith v. Brady, 17 Corson, 15 id. 499, 503; Smitha v. Lewis, 26 Conn. id. 173, 185, 187, 188, as modified in Woodward v. 109, 116, 117; Bean v. Atwater, 4 id. 13, 15; StockFuller, 80 id. 312, 315; People's Bank v. Mitchell, ton Soc. v. Hildreth, 53 Cal. 721, 723; Clark v. 73 id. 406, 411, 415; Parke v. Trading Co., 120 id. Weiss, 87 Ill. 438, 441; Hough v. Rawson, 17 id. 51, 56; Champion v. White, 5 Cow. [N. Y.] 509, 588, 591, 592; Simmons v. Sleeth, 45 Ind. 598, 599, 510, 511; M. D. Foundry v. Hovey, 38 Mass. 600; Moore v. Waldo, 69 Mo. 277, 230; Wyvell v. 121 Pick.) 417, 438, 439; Knight v. Worsted Co., Jones, 37 Minn. 68, 69; Putnam v. Mellen, 34 N. H. 56 id. (2 Cush.) 271, 286, 287; Cadwell v. Blake, 71, 80; Cobb v. Hall, 33 Vt. 233, 237, 238; Phelps 72 id. [6 Gray] 402; Gates v. Ryan, 115 id. 596; v. Hubbard, 51 id. 489, 493, 494; Faulkner v. Heb. Allard v. Belfast, 40 Me. 369, 376; Connor v. Atard, 26 id. 452; Stokes v. Grant, 3 Grant "Penn.] wood, 57 id. 100, 115; Savage Mfg. Co. v. Arm- Cas. 241; Powell v. R. R. Co., 12 Oreg. 488; Powstrong, 19 id. 147, 149; Palmer v. Mellen, 34 N. H. ell v. R. R. Co., 14 id. 356 ; Dorland v. Greenwood, 71, 79; Sumner v. Parker, 36 id. 449, 454; Kettle v. 1 McCrary (Cir. Ct. U. S.), 337; Fry v. Johnson, 22 Harvey, 21 Vt. 301, 305; Rockwell v. Newton, 44 | How. Pr. [N. Y.] 316; Egbert v. Chew, 2 Gr.

(N. J.) 446; Biddle v. Coryell, 3 Har. [N. J.] 377; man v. Levy, 5 N. Y. Supp. 418, 419; Moree v. Courtright v. Deeds, 37 Iowa, 503; Bridge Co. v. Taylor, 42 Hun, 45; Knight v. Worsted Co., 56 Greene, 53 id. 562.)

Mass. [2 Cush.) 271, 278, 279; Foundry Co. v. 4. Where the mutual promises, acts or covenants Hovey, 38 id. [21 Pick.) 417, 439; Lord v. Belknap, apply to the whole consideration on both sides they 55 id. {1 Cush.] 279, 284; Scott v. Coal Co., 89 are mitual conditions precedent, whereby actual or

Penn. St. 231; Leggett v. Smith, 3 Watts, 331 ; offered performance must appear to cause default Quigley v. De Haas, 83 Penn. St. 267; Ins. Co. Apor authorize recovery.

(Paine v. Brown, 37 N. Y. peal, id. 396; Rugg v. Moore, 110 id. 236; Alard 232, 233; Havelock v. Geddes, 10 East, 555, 564;

v. Belfast, 40 Me. 369, 377; Connor v. Atwood, 57 Ritchie v. Atkinson, id. 295, 306; Atkinson v.

id. 100, 105; Dibol v. Minot, 9 Iowa, 403; VeerSmith, 14 M. & W. 695, 696; Stavers v. Curling, 3 kamp v. Drying Co., 58 Cal. 229; Speer v. Sneider, Bing. (N. C.] 355, 368; Boon v. Eyre, 2 Wm. Black, 29 Minn. 463; Baeder v. Currie, 44 N. J. L. 208; 1312; Boon v. Eyre, 1 H. Black, 272, n.; Poussard

Canford v. Dist. of Col., 20 Ct. of Cl. 376.) v. Spiers, 1 Q. B. Div. 410; Tipton v. Feitner, 20 6. Conditions in grants are not favored in law, N. Y. 423, 430, 431; Baker v. Higgins, 21 id. 397, hence they must be clearly expressed, and are not 399; Avery v. Nelson, 81 id. 341, 344, 347; Mount sustained by mere inference or recital. In arriving v. Lyon, 49 id. 552, 553, 554; Catlin v. Tobias, 26 at the meaning of the words used, that which is in id. 217, 222; Butler v. Butler, 77 id. 472, 474, 475; form a condition, a breach of which forfeits all èsNightingale v. Eiseman, 2 N. Y. upp. 779, 780; tite, is frequently construed as a covenant on which Hazard v. Hoxie, 6 id. 295; Archer v. McDonald, only the actual damages can be recovered. (Wood36 Hun, 194; Pepper v. Haight, 20 Barb. 429; Dox worth v. Payne, 74 N. Y. 196, 199; Craig v. Wells, v. Day, 3 Wend. 356, 9 id. 129; Knight v. Worsted 11 id. 315, 320; Lyon v. Hersey, 103 id. 264, 270; Co., 56 Mass. 271, 278, 279; M. D. Foundry v. Nicoll v. R. R. Co., 12 id. 121, 130; Post v. Weill, Hovey, 38 id. 417, 439; Lord v. Belknap, 55 id. 115 id. 361, 375; Avery v. R. R. Co., 106 id. 142, 279, 284; Clough v. Baker, 48 N. H. 254, 257; 155; Graves v. Deterling, 120 id. 447-455; R. R. Butler v. Manning, 52 Mo. 497; Tilden v. Besley, 42 Co. v. Butler, 50 Cal. 574; Hollis v. Chapman, 36 Mich. 100; Burchardt v. Burchardt, 36 Ohio St. Tex. 1; Labere v. Carleton, 53 Me. 211; Emerson 261; Newman L. Co. v. Purden, 41 id. 373; Sche- v. Sampson, 43 N. H. 475; Hadley v. Mfg.Co., 4 land v. Orpelding, 6 Oreg. 258; Hartley v. Decker, Mass. (4 Gray) 140, 145; Southard v. R. R. Co., 2 89 Penn. St. 470; Weichart v. Hook, 83 id. 434; Dutch. [N. J.] 13; Thompson v. Thompson, 9 Ind. Alcott v. Hynes, 105 id. 350; Barry v. Alsburg, 6 323; Varis v. Renshaw, 49 Ill. 425.) Litt. [Ky.] 151; Blackwell v. Foster, 1 Metc. (Ky.] The intention of the parties must, therefore, be 88; Stansberry v. Fringer, 11 Gill. & J. (Md.] 149; ascertained in every practicable way known to the R. R. Co. v. Fort Scott, 15 Kans. 435.)

law, and must, when ascertained, control adjudica5. Where the promises, acts or covenants apply tions. As the effect of conditions precedent has only to part of the consideration on both sides, so been ofttimes to prevent the courts from administhat any breach or failure may be compensated in tering justice according to the equities of the case, damages, they are probably independent obliga- it is not surprising to read so frequently that contions or covenants, not conditions, thereby allow-structions productive of such conditions should not ing recovery upon the original contract without

be encouraged, or that courts looking beyond the complete performance, but subject to counter-claim contract to its performance or the inequality of for damages. (Paine v. Brown, 37 N. Y. 232, 233 ; losses, have attempted to conform the rule of conStavers v. Curling, 3 Bing. [N. C.] 355 ; Carpenter struction to the remedy invoked; or, interpolated v Cresswell, 4 id. 409; Fishmongers Co. v. Rob

some stipulation into the agreement or transaction ertson, 5 M. & G. 131, 197; Graves v. Legg, 9 Ex.

from acts subsequent thereto, whereby the confu709, 715; Bettini v. Gye, 1 Q. B. D. 183; Campbellsion, difficulty or perplexity experienced in the law v. Jones, 6 T. R. 570; Seeger v. Duthie, 8 C. B.

of conditions bas chiefly arisen. (N. S.) 45, 74; Ritchie v. Atkinson, 10 East, 295,

FRED'K M. EVARTS. 306; Havelock v. Geddes, id. 555, 564; Boon v. Eyre, 1 II. Black, 272, n.; Bogardus v. Ins. Co., 101 N. Y. 329, 340; Tipton v. Feitner, 20 id. 423, 430, RAILROAD COMPANY 431; Grant v. Johnson, 5 id. 247, 250, 252; Paine STREET. -An abutting property owner is not estopv. Brown, 37 id. 232, 233; De Kay v. Bliss, 120 id. | ped to sue on account of the construction of a rail91, 97; Tompkins v. Elliott, 5 Wend. 496, 499; road in a street by the fact that during its construcDey v. Dox, 9 id. 129, 133; Nolan v. Whitney, 88 tion he knew thereof, and took no measures to N. Y. 648, 650; Cunningham v. Morell, 10 Johns. i prevent it. (Maysville & B. S. R. Co. v. Ingraham 203, 205; Bennett v. Pixley, 7 id. 249, 250; Azee- 1 [Ky.), 30 S. W. Rep. 8.)



Chap. 97. Mr. Burns's, providing for commissionENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ers to confer with like representatives of the State THE STATE OF NEW YORK OF 1895. of New Jersey for the acquisition of the Palas uides

of the Hudson river by the United States and makChap. 9. Mr. Lawson's, the procedure bill foring an appropriation therefor. cities of the first class.

Chap. 98. Mr. Horton's, to amennd the Code of Chap. 11. Mr. Lawson's, the New York city power Criminal Procedure in reference to witness's fees. of removal bill.

Chap. 106. Mr. F. F. Schultz's, incorporating the Chap. 13. Mr. Ainsworth's bill, extending the Grand Court of the State of New York for the Anpower of audit of the State comptroller over chari

cient Order of Foresters of America. table institutions and giving liim the appointment

Chap. 107. Mr. Hamilton's, providing for a secof a second deputy.

ond deputy to the secretary of state who shall also Chap. 23. Senator Pound's, providing that gen- be a clerk in the office and receive no extra comeral election officers shall serve at charter elections. pensation. The secretary of state is also authorized Chaps. 29 and 30. Senator Pound's, enabling Don

to affix his signature to certain records of the office ald Stewart Moore and Ovid Robbillard to be ad-left unsigned by his predecessors with the same mitted to practice in the State Supreme Court as power and effect as if they had signed. attorneys and counselors at law.

Chap. 114. Mr. Cutler's, making the maintenance Chap. 32. Mr. Ainsworth's, providing for the of the Penny bridge over the Minisceongo creek, in payment of experts employed by the State comp. Rockland county, a State charge. troller to examine the books of racing associations

Chap. 119. Mr. Norton's, relating to stay upon in connection with the collection of the Ives pool appeal to the Court of Appeals in certain cases. tax.

Chap. 125. Senator Coggeshall's, incorporating Chap. 34. Mr. Wray's, providing for apportion the missionary society of the Calvanistic Church in ment of compensation among counties in the second

the United States of America. judicial district, not including King's county, to

Chap. 126. Senator Smelzer's, changing the name provide for payment of Supreme Court justices of the village of Havana to Montour Falls. whose terms are abridged by the Constitution.

Chap. 128. Senator Raines's, giving the Ontario Chap. 35. Mr. Lawson's, to prevent the display of county clerk six cents a folio for recording instruforeign flags on public buildings.

ments. Chap. 39. Senator Persons', regarding the change Chap. 134. Mr. Nixon's, in relation to agents apof location of banks.

pointed by the commissioner of agriculture to inChap. 42. Senator Pound's, amending the Civil vestigate the diseases of yellows or black knot. Code relative to jail liberties in certain counties.

Chap. 138. Senator Robinson's, providing that Chap. 63. Mr. O'Grady's, relating to the office and

when a nominee dies, that the certificate of the perdefining the duties of the special county judge of

son named in his place shall be filed at least four Monroe county.

days before election. Chap. 70. Senator Mullin's, to anthorize the com

Chap. 144. Mr. Kern's, providing that county missioner of agriculture to settle and compromise clerks shall keep their offices open until 6 p. m. becertain claims in favor of the State for violations of

tween March 31 and October 1. sections 245, 27, 28 and 29 of the law regulating the

Chap. 145. Mr. Pavey's, amending the Revised sale and use of oleomargarine.

Statutes relative to limited partnerships. Chap. 72. Mr. O'Grady's, to amend the Penal

Chap. 149. Mr. Gerst's, relative to the dissoluCode relating to loan, use or sale of personal credit tion of rural cemetery associations. or security taking usury.

Chap. 150. Mr. Whittet's, providing that sheriffs' Chap. 73. Senator Parson's, permitting the use of offices shall be kept open from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. the Myers automatic ballot machine in towns, vil- from November 1 to April 1, and during all other lages cities and counties, voting precincts or dis- months from 8 A, m. to 6 P. M. tricts to be arranged to contain not more than 600

Chap. 153. Mr. Norton's, providing that where a

plaintiff is not a resident of the county, or if there Chap. 78. Mr. E. C. Stewart's, to amend chapter are two or more plaintiffs when all are non-residents 460 of the Laws of 1863 relative to the lands granted thereof, the action must be brought in the town by Congress to the several States and Territories where the defendant resides or in any adjoining which may provide colleges for the benefit of archi- | town thereto. tecture and the mechanic arts.

Chap. 154. Senator Coggeshall's, providing that Chap. 93. Senator Mullin's, repealing the law pro- if a resident village population shall exceed 1,200, viding for a State agent of discharged convicts. for every 400 additioval population & trustee may


be elected, until the entire number, exclusive of the tribution to incorporated public libraries in this president, shall be nine.

State of State department reports and certain pubChap. 15.). Mr. A. R. Conkling's, providing that lic documents. any person who solicits from a candidate for an Clap. 220. Senator Wolff's, according to vetelective office, after this November, money or prop- eran's in State, county, city or village employ leave erty, or seeks to induce him to buy admission of absence for twenty-four hours on May 30 to partickets to balls, picnics of fairs or entertainments, ticipate in the exercises of Memorial Day. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. This provision Chap. 222. Mr. Andrews's, providing that every shall not apply to a request for a contribution of public school shall be provided with a United moncy by an authorized representative of the party States flag and flagstaff. or organization to which the candidate belongs. Chap. 223. Senator Smelzer's, providing that a

Chap. 165. Senator Wolff's, providing for the tie vote shall be deemed an affirmative decision in making and use in New York city of diphtheria confirming certain preliminary orders at meetings anti-toxine and other anti-toxines.

of school commissioners. Chap. 166. Senator Robertson's, incorporating the

Chap. 227. Mr. Horton's, legalizing certain acts of trustees of science and historic places and objects, the board of education of school district No. 1 of to care for certain historic landmarks.

Ontario, Wayne county. Chap. 171. Senator Kilburn's amendment to the

Chap. 232. Mr. Sherwood's, relative to gospel Revised Statutes relative to dowers.

funds and school lots in the several towns and Chap. 172. Senator O'Connor's, amending the counties of the State. State care act relative to the discharge of patients. Chap. 233. Mr. Wilds's, relative to the disposi

Chap. 175. Mr. Husted's, relative to proceedings tion by police magistrates of charges for violating in voluntary dissolution of corporations.

city ordinances. Chap. 177. Mr. Stevenson’s, pro ing that sten

Chap. 237. Mr. Wilds's, in relation to disorderly ographers appointed in the Supreme Court shall be

persons arrested in New York city. residents of the judicial districts in which they are Chap. 239. Mr. Winne's, amending the town law appointed.

relating to commissioners of highways. Chap. 178. Senator O'Connor's, authorizing for- Chap. 240. Senator Higgins's, taxing foreign eign insurance companies to do a court-bond busi- stock corporations annually one-eighth of one per ness in this State.

cent on the amount of capital stock employed in the Chap. 179. Mr. Fuller's, amending the game law State excepting banking, fire, marine, casualty and relative to the close of the season for web-footed life insurance companies, and corporations wholly enwild fowl.

gaged in carrying on manufactures in this State, coChap. 181. Mr. Stevenson's, relative to laying out operative fraternal insurance companies, endowment and dividing bighways upon town lines between orders and building and loan associations. towns, cities or villages.

Chap. 241. Mr. Vacheron's, amending the Code Chap. 187. ?

of Civil Procedure relative to fees of referees upon Chap. 188. Mr. Weed's, declaring Black brook sales of real property. and the west branch thereof, known as Berry Mills Chap. 242. Mr. Ainsworth's, regulating the percreek, a public highway.

formance of highway labor by the Thousand Islands Chap. 194. Mr. Maddens's, the Polak escheat bill. Park Association in the town of Orleans, Jefferson

Chap. 200. Mr. Kern's, amending the town law in county. relation to town auditors.

Chap. 259. Mr. Cartwright's, authorizing Walton, Chap. 202. Mr. J. N. Stewart's, amending the Delaware county, to transfer rights in certain real general sewer construction law.

estate. Chap. 203. Senator Parker's, amending the gen- Chap. 260. Senator Ahearn's, providing that when eral health law.

a member of the uniformed fire department of New Chap. 208. Senator O'Connor's, authorizing the York city is killed in performance of duty or dies land board to sell lands under lake waters and off from injuries resulting from an accident while in Long Island and to permit dredging companies to service, his widow, if he has dump along the shores of the Hudson river.

Chap. 262. Mr. Gray's, amending the town law Chap. 209. Mr. Fish's, the Astor-Tilden-Lenox relative to voting on the question of repairing highlibrary consolidation bill.

ways. Chap. 211. Mr. E. C. Stewart's, authorizing the Chap. 266. Mr. Schoepflin's, providing that superjustice of the peace of Ithaca to act as recorder dur-visors in counties of not less than 300,000, nor more ing the illness of that officer.

than 60,000, inhabitants, and containing a city Chap. 218. Mr. O'Grady's, providing for the dis- | whose supervisors are elected for more than a year,

[ocr errors]

the supervisors of the towns shall be elected for public baths in cities of the first and second class, a like period.

both hot and cold water to be provided. Chap. 267. Mr. Armstrong's, amending the Civil Chap. 352. Mr. Gardiner's, providing for the asCode relative to qualifications of judges.

sessment and collection of certain appropriations Chap. 273. Mr. Ainsworth's, amending the con- made by the superintendent of banks. solidated school act relative to voting on the ques

Chap. 354. Mr. Terry's, relative to the filing of tion of school repairs.

statements of the interest on mortgages. Chap. 274. Mr. Ainsworth's, amending the con- Chap. 356. Mr. Norton's, amending section 3070 solidated school law providing that when bonds are

of the Code of Civil Procedure relativg to offers to issued when authorized by the vote of the inhabit- compromise before return. ants of a school district, the board of trustees shall Chap. 362. Assemblyman Burns', authorizing the submit a statement of same to the clerk of the State superintendent of public instruction to furboard of supervisors.

nish additional facilities for instruction in natural Chap. 285. Senator Stapleton's, authoring the history, geography and kindred subjects by means Supreme Court to lease premises 2019 Fifth avenue,

of pictorial representation and lectures to the free New York city.

common schools of the cities and villages that have, Chap. 287. Mr. Vacheron's, amending the Penal or may have, superintendents of free common Code making it a misdemeanor to open and publish schools, and appropriating $25,000 for that purpose. private telegrams, letters, etc., by others than the

Chap. 363. Senator Owens', appropriating $6,000 persons to whom addressed.

for more fully organizing and equipping the volunChap. 289. Mr. Gleason's, amending the Civil

teer life saving corps of inland waters of this State. Code relative to actions for dower.

Chap. 365. Senator Mullin's, repealing the act, Chap. 310. Mr. Ainsworth's, amending the county

chapter 756 of the Laws of 1871, creating the office

of shore inspector (or New York harbor. law relating to statements of indebtedness. Chap. 321. Senator Parsons's, relating to the quali- way law providing for the adoption of the county

Chap. 375. Senator Child's, amending the highfications of jurors.

road system. Chap. 324. Mr. Nixon's, abolishing the office of

Chap. 376. Mr. Armstrong's, amending the Code mine inspector.

of Civil procedure dividing the State into four Chap. 316. Mr. Schoepflin's, providing for the in- judicial districts withi appellate courts at New York, corporation of associations for lending money on

Brooklyn, Albany and Rochester, personal property, and to forbid certain loans of

Chap. 381. Mr. Howe's, providing that after Ocmoney, property or credit.

tober 1, 1895, all hospital buildings and asylums Chap. 327. Mr. Armstrong's, providing for hour

for the insane shall have properly constructed iron sittings of boards of registry in election districts of stairways on the outside for use in case of fire. cities except New York and Brooklyn.

Chap. 383. Senator Donaldson's, relative to village Chap. 328. Mr. Keenliolts's, extending to Decem- boards of water commissioners. ber 31, 1905, the time for the completion of the

Chap. 384. Senator Mullin's, relative to the drainNew York and Canadian Pacific Railway.

age of agricultural lands of another person. Chap. 330. Mr. Husted's, amending the highway

Chap. 395. Senator Donaldson's consolidating the law relative to the erection of guide boards and

State forest and fish and game commissions. posts upon highway intersections.

Chap. 399. Senator Ahearn's bill, providing for a Chap. 331. Mr. Armstrong's, amending the Code hospital on Gouverneur slip, New York city, at a of Civil Procedure relative to searches.

cost of $200,000, for reception of persons injured or Chap. 332. Mr. Nixon's, amending the county law taken suddenly ill in the lower east side of New relative to the taxation of dogs.

York. Chap. 337. Mr. Burns', amending the consolidated Chap. 410. Senator Parker's bill, amending secschool law relative to the qualifications of voters tion 793 of the Code of Civil Procedure, relating to and eligibility of certain persons for school officers. orders in preferred cases.

Chap. 344. Mr. Brush's, amending the civil ser- Chap. 411. Assemblyman C. C. Cole's bill, amendvice law.

ing the highway law concerning the purchase of Chap. 349. Mr. Gerst's, amending the Code of stone crushers and materials, Civil Procedure relating to services of summonses Chap. 412. Assemblymau Wray's, providing for a upon express or insurance companies.

dog tax in New York and Brooklyn. Chap. 350. Mr. Ainsworth's, amending the general Chap. 413. Mr. Tobin's, the stone bill, providing municipal law relative to the registry of bonds. that all stone to be used on public works in the

Chap. 351. Mr. Hamilton's, providing for free | State shall be dressed in the State.

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