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Here smiling Loves and Bacchanals appear
The Julian star, and great Augustus here,
The doves that round the infant-poet spread
Myrtles and bays, hung hov'ring o'er his head.
Here in a shrine that cast a dazzling light,
Sat fix'd in thought the mighty Stagirite; *)
His sacred head a radiant Zodiac crown'd
And various animals his fide furround;
His piercing eyes, erect, appear to view
Superior worlds, and look all nature through.
With equal rays immortal Tully shone,
The Roman roftra deck'd the Consul's throne;
Gathöring his flowing robe, he seem'd to stand
In act to speak, and graceful strech'd his hand
Behind, Rome's genius waits with civic crowns
And the great father of his country owns.

*) Ariftorle,

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Beisp. S. 1. B.


Dr. Lowth.

Dr. Lowth.

(Der Stoff der folgenden allegorischen Erzählung ift, wie bekannt, aus Xenophon's fokratischen Denkwürdiga Keiten entlehnt, und ihr eigentlicher Erfinder war Prodis kus. Vom Xenophon ist sie meisterhaft vorgetragen; und hernach von mehrern Dichtern und fünftlern bearbeitet; una ter andern findet man sie auch beim Silius Italicus, E. XV, S. 130. ff. -- Dr. Robert Lowth, Bischof von Lons don, gestorben 1787. übertrug fie sehr gläcklich in folgendes Gedicht, welches man, außer in der Dodsleyischen Samms lung, auch in Spence's Polymetis, S. 157. ff. abgedruckt findet. Eine deutsche Uebersetung in reimlose Jamben has ben wir vom Hrn. Legationsrath Bertuch erhalten, die Hr. Hofrath wieland seiner lyrischen Dramatisirung dieses Subs jekts beiðrucken ließ. S. Teutschen Mierkur 6. III. S. 127. ff.)


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Now had the son of Jove mature, attain'd

The joyful prime : when youth, elate and gay,
Steps into life; and follows unrestrain'd
Where paflion leads, or prudence points the way.

In the pure mind, at thofe ambiguous years,
Or vice, rank weed, first strikes her pois'nous

Or haply virtue's op'ning bud appears
By just degrees, fair bloom of fairest fruit:
For, if on youth's untainted thought impreft,
The gen'rous purpose ftill shall warm the manly


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As on a day, reflecting on his age
For highest deeds now ripe, Álcides fought

Retirement; nurse of contemplation sage;
Step following step, and thought succeeding

Mufing: with steady peace the youth pursu'd
His walk: and lost in meditation stray'd

Far in a lonely vale, with folitude
Conversing: while intent his mind survey'd
The dubious path of life: before him lay
Here virtue's rough afcent, there Pleasure's flow'ry



Much did the view divide his wavering mind:
Now glow'd his breast with generous thirst of

Now love of eafe to fofter thoughts inclin'd
His yielding foul, and quench'd the rising flame.

When, lo! far off two female forms he spies;
Direct to him their steps they seem to hear:

· Both, large and tall, exceeding human fize;
Both far exceeding human beauty tair.
Graceful, yet each with different grace, they


This, striking sacred awe: that fofter, winning


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The first, in native dignity surpass’d;
Artless and unadornd she pleas'd the more:

Health, o'er her looks, a genuine lustre cast;
A vest, more white than new-fall’n snow she wore.

August she trod, yet modest was her air;
Serene her eye, yet darting heav'nly fire.

Still she drew near; and nearer till more fair,

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Dr. Lowrh., More mild appear'd: yet fuch as might inspire

Pleasure corrected with an aweful fear;
Majestically sweet, and amiably fevere.


The other dame leem'd ev'n of fairer hue;
But bold her mien: unguarded rov'd her eye:

And her Aush'd cheeks confess'd at nearer view
The borrow'd blushes of an artful dye.

All soft and delicate, with airy suim
Lightly she danc'd along: her robe betray'd

Thro' the clear texture ev'ry tender limb,
Height'ning the charms it only seem'd to shade:
And as it flow'd adown, so loofe and thin,
Her stature shew'd more tall, more snowy-white

her skin.


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Oft with a smile she view'd herself askance;
Ev'n on her shade a conscious look she threw:

Then all around her cast a careless glance,
To mark what gazing eyes her beauty drew.

As they came near, before that other maid
Approaching decent, eagerly she press’d

With hasty step: nor of repulse afraid,
With 'freedom bland the wond'ring youth ad-

With winning fondness on his neck she hung;
Sweet as the honey-dew flow'd her enchanting ton.



„Dear Hercules, whence this unkind delay ?
„Dear youth, what doubts can thus distract thy

Securely follow, where I lead the way:
And range thro’ wilds of pleasure unconfin'd.

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„ With me retire, from noise, and pain, and Dr.Lowel). Embath'd in bliss, 'and wrapt in endless eale: „Rough is the road to fame, thro' blood and

war; Smooth is my way, and all my paths are peace, With me retire, from toils and perils free; „Leave honour to the wretch! Pleasures were made

for thee.


Then will I grant thee all thy soul's desire, , All that may charm thine ear, and please thy

sight: „All that thy thought can frame, or wish re

quire, To steep thy ravish'd senses in delight. The sumptuous feast, enhanc'd with music's

found; „Fittest to tune the melting foul to love;

„Rich odours, breathing choicest sweets around; The fragrant bow'r, cool fountain, shady grove: „Fresh flowers, to strew thy couch, and crown

thy head, Joy shall attend thy steps, and ease shall smooth

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thy bed.


„These will I, freely, constantly supply; Pleasures, not earn'd with toil, nor mix'd with



„Far from thy rest repining want shall Ay; „Nor labour bathe in sweat thy careful brow.

Mature the copious harvest shall be thine; ,,Let the laborious hind subdue the soil:

Leave the rash soldier spoils of war to win; Won by the foldier thou shalt share the spoil:

„These fofter cares my bleft allies employ, „New pleasures to invent; to wish, and to enjoy.“

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