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And fools, who came to fcoff, remain'd to pray.
The service paft, around the pious man
With ready zeal each honeft ruftic ran:
Even children follow'd with endearing wile,
And pluck'd his gown, to fhare the good man's


His ready smile a parent's warmth expreft,
Their welfare pleas'd him, and their cares distrest:
To them his heart, his love, his griefs were given,
But all his ferious thoughts had reft in heaven.
As fome tall cliff, that lifts its awful form,

Swells from the vale, and midway leaves the ftorm,
Tho' round its breast the rolling clouds are fpread,
Eternal funshine fettles on its head.


(Ein noch lebender glücklicher Dichter der Engländer, deffen Gedichte neulich erst in eine vollständige Sammlung gebracht sind. In allen herrscht ein gewiffer ernster, schwers müthiger, aber zugleich sanfter und einnehmender Ton; wie dieß auch in diesem Gedichte der Fall ist, dem der einfache, schmucklose Vortrag so viel Eindrang und Rührung ertheilt.)


By others bleft with genius's rays

Let noble acts be told,

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While I, content with humbler praise,

A fimple tale unfold!
The Spaniard left the hoftile plain,
To feek his native land,



Goldsmith Jerning ham.

Berning ham.

Beneath the fails that fwept the main,
Cabeyfa join'd the band!

Who, as he met his country's foes,
Within the field of fame,
Above his rank obfcure arofe

And graced his humble name:
Yet not the early wreath of fame

With haughtinefs was twin'd:
Nor pride nor ficklenefs could claim
The empire of his mind:
The lowly hut, beneath whofe roof
He figh❜d a fad adieu,

Receiv'd him (time and diftance-proof)

To love and Laura true:

This hamlet-fair, by fortune fcorn'd,
Seem'd nature's fav'rite child,

With hand profufe by her adorn'd
The flowret of the wild!
Her neat but homely garments prefs'd
The pure, the feeling heart,
Oft fought invain behind the vest
Of decorated art:


If fharing all thy cares (fhẹ faid)
,,Has paled my beauty's role,


Ah know! for thee the heart that bled,
,,With all its paflion glows:


,,Bleft moment to my wifh that gives
The long, long abfent youth!
He lives th' endear'd Cabeyfa lives,.
,,And love confirms the truth.

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"When thy brave camrades fell around,
What powr's benignant care


Secur'd thee from the fatal wound?

32 And Laura from despair?



Oft in the troubling dream of night,
I faw the rushing fpear;


„Nor did the morn's awak'ning light,
"Difpel the ling'ring fear.
Thy tender fears (the youth replied)
,,Ah give them to the air!


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To happiness we're now allied,
And pleasure be our care!
„Let us purfue the joy begun,
„Nor lofe by dull delay!
Say, Laura, fhall to-morrow's fun
,,Illume our nuptial day?"

With look declin'd fhe blufh'd confent
Referve that takes alarm,

And love and joy their influence lent
To raise meek beauty's charm.
The guests, tol hail the wedded pair,
Beneath their roof repair'd;
With them the little feaft to share
Their fcanty purse prepar❜d:
Tho' no delicious wines were pour'd,
Mirth took his deftin'd place,
The hand-maid neatness spread the board,
And fage content faid grace.
Scarce thro' one hafty week had love
His grateful bleffings fhed,
When blifs (as flies the frighted dove)
Their humble manfion fled:
'T was at Bellona's voice it flew,
That call'd to war's alarms :
Bad the youth rife to valor true,
And break from Laura's arms:
But fhe ftill ftrained him to her heart,
To lengthen the adieu:

"Ah what, (Che faid) fhould'st thou depart, ,,Shall I and forrow do?

„Say, valiant youth, when thou'rt away Who'll raife my drooping head?


"How fhall I chace the fears that fay

Thy lov'd Cabeyfa's dead?


With thine my fate I now involve,
Intend thy course to steer;


"No words fhall fhake my firm refolve,

„Not ev❜n that trickling tear."

Fram'd for each scene of foft delight, (He faid), thy gentle form.


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Jernings ham.



As fhrinks the lily at the blight;
,, Will droop beneath the ftorm.“
„Bleft in thy presence! ev'ry pain
(She added),, brings its charm,
,,And love, tho' falls the beating rain,
Will keep this bofom warm."
Ev'n as the wall-flow'r rears its head,
'Mid ruins, wrecks and tombs,
So 'mid the woes around that spread,
True love unconquer'd blooms.
Her zeal (the fupplement of ftrength)
Upheld her many a day,

But nature's pow'rs fubdued at length,
On fickness's couch fhe lay:
Three painful days unfeen fhe lay,
Of him fhe held fo dear:

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