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ACADEMY, Diffenting one at Brisol, Bankrupts and dividends, in November 910
account of

December 1002
Swedish, particulars re- Bafingitoke, defeription of

· 783

731 Bavaria, Elector of, his judicious plan of go-
....., at Glafgow, account of 765 vernment

Accent, pronunciation by, remarks upon Blind, indigent, institution for at Edinburgh

Achard, of Berlin, his mode of extracting Bolton in the Moors, description of that town,
sugar from the Beet Root

Addison, one of the coarsest writers of his Brabant, its etymology

day in point of diction

551 Brunswick green, mode of preparing it 638
Agriculture, ingenious hints for improving it Buenos Ayres, on the river La Plata, ac-
932 count of

.....letter of Mr. Marsh respecting 730 Bürger, origin of his Leonora

Agricultural Report, for July 1789 588 Burke, remarks on his character 595
August 676 Busby on ancient mufic, reply to him

September 764 Cambridge, Nagellation at

October 844 Camel, advantages to be derived from trans-
November 932 porting this animal to the Cape of Good
December 1024 Hope

Age, on provision for

947 Carradori's experiments on the respiration of
Alexandria, city of, particulars refpecting it frogs

81 Caylus, obfervations upon his antient paint-
Algiers, new and curious account of 959 ings

Alkalies, Dr. Mitchell's observations upon Chatterton, state of facts relative to 770)

692 Chin-Fon-Hau, a Chinese drama, account of
Altieri Claudes, letter respecting them 536

America, observations on a Catholic bishop China, embassy to, its objects, and causes of
792 its failure

Ancients, inquiries into the construction of Chinese, general particulars respecting them
their large ships, and arrangement of the

- 594

account of their games and amuse-
Andover town, account of

Anecdotes of eminent persons 547, 626, 713,

games of chance noticed and ex-
801, 802, 803, 883, 884, 885, 977,978,979 plained

Animals of prey, nocturnal, on their digef- Coal trade, its progress and present itate 590
tive faculties
556 Colours, experiments on

Annuarys, or almanacks, departmental in

Mr. G. Hulley's fyftem respecting 852

558 Commercial Report for July 1799 586
Antinomianism, complaints respecting it 795


Apparitions, and second fight, how account-

September 762
ed for



Arioso, the Italian poçt, critique on his writ-

... November 930


December 1022
Arithmetic, an improved method of teaching Conserva, account of, as a fubftitute for rags
678 in making paper

Arsenal, marine, Lacedemonian, new one Cordova, defcription of


858 Corn, consumption of in England 524
Aftrarium, new one, account of 730 Courts of Conscience, observations refpe&-
Arts, fine, Monthly Retrospect of 559, 611 ing

766, 967
755, 900, 901, 997

their origin, practice,
Aftronomical observations, French 872 &c.

Baking, fermentation for

875 Cow-pox, the observations upon 691
Ballad, Norwegian, trannated

968 Creain, fingular phenomena of 633
Bankrupts and dividends, in July 569 Criticisms, critique upon by Mr. G. Dyer 62]

August 654 Curates, observations upon the late act rea
September 787 fpecting

October 825 Dictionaries, Spanish queries respecting 875

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Didot's Virgil, obfervations upon 538, 539, Howe, Lord, biographical memoir of 655

607, 678, 846 Hussey, Giles, his curious mode of taking Discoveries, not owing to accident 858 likenefres

725 Difeafes in London, account of in July 565

his letter to Wray ibid. August 648

his system of colours 852 September 742 Jackets, cork, their use in faving from shipOctober 824 wreck

537 November 911 Iceland, account of a volcanic island difcoDecember 1003 vered in its vicinity

685 Dog, curious initance of one living nine weeks Jesuitism, modern, hints concerning it 597 without food

620 Jews, answer to queries respecting them 215 Drunkenness, on the Russian propenaty to Industry, house of at Brifiol, observations 878 concerning it

609 Dutch, observations on their natural charac- Insanity, remarks on Dr. Sims' definition of ter, 695 it

876 East-India House, description of its new front Insitute, National, of France, diminutions to 737 be made in its expenditure

558 Elder, Thomas, esq. account of him 574,616

account of its proceedEngland and Wales, pedestrian excursion


710 through several parts of 532, 783, 966 Intelligence, literary and philosophical 632, Etymology of the word rich


729, 807, 890.

See Varieties. Brabant

847 Joliba river, enquiries whether Herodotus Females, plan for rescuing from prostitution was acquainted with it

972 523, 610, 619, 689 Journal de Physique, analysis of all its inFinances, public observations concerning

teresting papers

964 them

603, 700 Ireland, late rebellion in, enquiries into its Fire, mode of preservation from

557 effects on the character and feelings of the Flowers, on the irritability of their famina Irish

592 555

remarks on the present state of 680 France, on the weights and measures lately Inand, volcanic, account of one in Iceland there introduced 700

685 new metrical fytiem compared with Itch, reasons of Petrarch for consolation unthat of England

der it

528 particulars relative to the measures Jujui, in South America, account of this and coins of 940 - town

788 Fulham bridge, beautiful views from 533 Justice, courts of, moral sentences for 967 Funds, plan for putting them in current cir- Kien Long, emperor, original letter from culation 513

723 Games of the Chinese

594 Kotzebue, particulars respecting 636 Germany, number of authors and books an

his dedication to his Natural Son nually published in 636

689 Glue, queries relative to the process of mak- Latin negatives, observations respecting them 691

847 Goldsmith, Dr. original letter from 720 Lauderdale, Lord, observations upon his Grain, observations upon 999 plan of finance

605 Grammars, Spanish, enumeration of the beat Law, Mosaic, its original

949 875 Leiplic, account of the fair there Grapes, process to prevent their dropping off Le Mounier, French astronomer, account of 557

ing it


626 Grease spots, modes of taking them out of Leonora, of Bürger, its origin

602 leather breeches 536 Letters, original, of erninent persons

722 Hamilton, Duke of, biographical'ınemoir of Lima, travels through to Potofi

785 658 Literary queries

862 Hampton Court, description of 533 Literature, progreslive retrospect of, from Henry the VIIIth, remarkable act of rela- Marcus Aurelius to the commencement of tive to large horses 551 the French republic

700 History, review of books of


domestic balf-yearly retrospect Historians, translations of them recommended of, 1026.—Books reviewed : Hifiory ;

877 Wraxall's Memoirs of Berlin, &c. Allen's History, natural, French museum of, account natural and political Hifiory of the State of some of its productions

555 of Vermont, ibid. Tooke's View of the Holland, extract froin Riems' travels through Russian Empire, Dr. Ferguson's Hisory of

683 the Roman Republic, Major Outelcy's Epi.... on the probability of a counter-re- toine of the History of antient Perfia, Mauvolution in

ibid. rice's History of Hindotian, Blaquiere's Homer, his notion of destiny

872 Translation of Schuller's History of the Horte-chesnuts, inode of employing to ad- Thirty-Years War, 1027. New Annual vantage

692 Register for 1798, Menoirs of Pius VI.


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Finances, 1029. Politics, ibid. Theo-- Original communications

677 logy, 1035. Biography, 1038. Natural Otaheitans, their descriptions and character History, 1039. · Phyfic, 1048. Law, 1049.

594, 532 Poetry, 1050. Novels and Romances,

remarks on

Cummerren's ac1046. Miscellanies 1058 count of them

087 Literature, French, retrospect of, 1059. Otaheitans, Cummerren's account of them Review of books on history, ibid. Poli- defended

9.13, 988 tics, 1062. Natural history, 1063. Bo- Paintings, natural, furious , account of, on tany, belles lettres, 1064. Architecture, marble and other substances

550 1065. Geography, ibid. Medicine, 1066. Paper, account of the conserva as a substitute Drama, ibid. Poetry 1072 for rags in

869 German, retrospect of 1074 Parliament, remarkable acts of

551 Spanish, retrospect of 1097 Patents, new, Luccock's, for a paradoxical Liverpool, outlines of the plan of the library engine, 563. Brewen’s, for tanning, 639. and news-room there

535 Wilkinson's, for new invented' boilers, 742 Logic, remarks on Mr. Collard's Effentials of

Murray's steam-engine, 813. Chapman's,

607 for clearing skins of wool, ibid. Wilkin London, its progreslive population 935 fon's, for ceruse, ibid. Knowles's, for a

query respecting its public libraries945 new mode of tanning, 900. Eckhardt's, Longevity, instances of

791 for grates, 900. Bishop's, for a new power, Lucerne, qucry relative to its growth 709 ibid. Hochkiss's, for a mechanical power, Luther, supposed to have been the author of ibid. Croot's, for weight making and bleachthe old hundredth psalm tune

790 'ing, 901. Wilkinton's, for a gum, 993. Machine, self-moving, query respecting 959 Williams's, for book-bindiog, ibid. Bell's Mac-Gregor, clan, defence of

for a pocket-fastening, ibid.

Murdock's, Magdalen hospital, queries respecting it 772 for seam-engines, ibid. Gillifpic's, for Marle, on some varieties of

845 printing callicoes, 994. Marriages and deaths in and near London, Pavia, defcription of its university, 810

July 573 Pedestrian excursions through England and
August 655 Wales

September 719 Pekin, embassy to, causes of its failure 521
October 826 Peterhain, its picturesque beauties 533
November 913 Petrarch, his observations on the Itch 628

December 1009 Piely in military men, remarkable instances Mary, queen of Scots, translation of a fone of

543 net by her 610 Pius VI. memoirs of his life

713 Mathematicians, Scottish, eminent ones now Pizarro, the univerfki topic

514 living

699 Poem, Well, by David ab Gwillim, translaMathematics, a new mode of teaching 677 tion of

513 Meat, falted, queries respecting

691 Poetry, original 544, 630, 804, 838, 987 Mills, hand-corn, their utility

periorification in

709 Mercury, fulminating, wonderful effects oi'a

review of books of

410 new one lately discovered

637 Poets, Italian, reirarks on the principal 970 transit of, as obiurred at Hamburgh Ponds, new mode of inaking them tight 636 without mafuniy

964 Paris 595 Poor, observations upon the management of Military men, their fingular picty 5.13 at Shrewsbury

690, 975 Muse, dramatic poem, extract from 693 Poton, account of the town and Gilver inounMonboddo, Lord, biographical memoir of tain of

789 576 Porteus, fimilarity between hiin and Young Montaigne, account of a new stereotype edi

681 tion of

557 Port-folio of a man of letters, extracts from Music, observations on the mode used for re.

550, 886, 982 gulatiog the time in


Pot-ah cake, Aunerican, receipt for making Mufcal publications, review of, for July 551

August 644 Prior, origin of his story of the Thief and Core
September 757 delier
October 814 Pronunciation, by aceant froin

680 November 896

of uncommon words, remarks December 1000 upon

919 Necdle, experiinents on, at Paris 634 Prunitutes, plan for relieving

610 New-York, yellow-fever of, obfervations on

charities for

638 Provincial occurrences, with marriages and Niagara-falls, description of

612 deaths in Great Britain, in July 578 Nurfing, maternal observations on 937

Augur 661 Oii, a new property of


September 751 Ontario-lake, account of the country routh of

October 832 524, 610

Nuveinber 917




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