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Shipper's export declaration. [Amended]
Commerce Department regulations (commodities, and technical data).


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Price POSTAL MATTERS Sec. 4.1 Inquiries. [Revised]

A supplemental report to the Post

master General by the Post Office De4.2 General postal publications. (Revised

partment Advisory Board showing 4.3 Privileged matter. (Amended]

progress made by the POD in demon

strating the administration's commit§ 4.1 Inquiries.

ment to equal employment oppor

tunity. Inquiries in regard to mail should be Postal Bulletin...

$2.25 a year.

Issued every Thursday, with special | *$2.50. made to local postmasters.

issues if required. Contains tempo[29 F.R. 9538, July 14, 1964)

rary instructions relating to operations

of the Postal Service, including phila§ 4.2 General postal publications.

telic information of interest to stamp col

lectors; mail handling; transportation: The following postal publications may finance; supplies; personnel; inspx'e

tion; legislation; airmail; money orders: be purchased from the Superintendent

parcel post, etc. Postal installations of Documents, Government Printing will retain Postal Bulletins for 6

months only. Permanent instructions Office, Washington, D.C., 20402.

will be incorporated into the Postal
Manual or some other permanent form

of issuance.


Postal Manual (looselean-
Chapters 1, Post Office Services (Domes-

tic), and 2, International Mail..... $4.00. Annual Report of the Postmaster General | $0.70.

*$1.00. The Postmaster General presents the

Chapters 3, Postal Procedures, and 7, annual report to the President on the


$3.50. services of the Post Oflice Department

*$1.00. for the fiscal year. The foreword

Chapters 1 through 8.....

2 $10.00 points up results in continuing pro

Chapters 1 and 2 contain regulations grams to improve service and reduce

and procedures for public use. Excosts. The organization of the Post

plain services available and conditions Ollice Department is shown followed

under which they may be obtained, by a brief financial summary. The

and prescribe rates and fees. Chapters report then gives details on matters

3 through 8 contain internal operating covering operations and services; re

instructions of the Department includsearch and engineering; modern trans

ing finance, transportation, facilities, portation; financial and related serve

and organization and administration. ices; facilities and equipment; per

Chapters 3 through 8 are usually sonnel management; public informa

needed by postal employees only. tion; the inspection service; legal

Research, Derelopment and Mechanization matters; judicial functions; and plans

in the U.S. Post Office Department (Feb. for better management. The appendix


$0.30. contains numerous statistical tables

An interim report to the Postmaster giving data on financial statements,

General by the Post Oflice Depart. auditor's opinion, and summary: mail

ment Advisory Board reporting on the and other services; employees and em

preliminary phase of an independent ployment; post offices and collection

study of the Department's program on and delivery services; facilities and

research, development, and mechanirelated services; inspection service, ad.

zation and its impact on personnel ministrative proceedings; mail trans

policies and practices. portation service; and history of the

How To Pack and Wrap Parcels for Mailpotsal service.

ing (Ercerpts from Chapter 1, Postal Commemoratire Stamp Posters....

$1.50 a year. Manual) (Sept. 1964).--8 x 10 inch posters provide advance *$0.50.

Domestic Postage Rates and Fees (Ercerpts information on commemorative stamps.

from Chapter 1, Postal Manual) (Sept. Contain enlarged illustration of stamp to be issued, date and place of issue,

Receipts and Classes of Post Offices (July number of copies to be printed, size


$1.00. and color, and complete instructions

Lists all post oflices alphabetically for stamp collectors who wish to obtain

by States; shows their class, Salary first-lay cancellations.

level of postmaster, and receipts. Equal Employment Opportunity in the U.S. Post Office De purt ment (April 1963).. $0.15,

See footnotes at end of table.

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Contains detailed information about postage rates, services available, prohibitions, import restrictions, and other conditions governing mail to other countries. Countries are listed alphabetically with the specific requirements applicable to mail addressed to each of

them. International Mail (Dec. 1963).. Agreement Between U.S. Post Office

Department and Sir National Employee Organizations (July 1, 1964, to October 31,

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Postage Stamps of the United States, 18471983.--------

---...-.................. Illustrates all stamps from the first stamps issued in 1847, through the Audubon Commemorative Stamp, issued Dec. 7, 1963. Gives detail on each stamp and miscellaneous historical information. Postal Laus (looseleaf). ------

A compilation of laws affecting the Post Office Department and the Postal Service. Contains all of Title 39 of the United States Code, and pertinent parts of Titles 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 26, 28, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, 45, 48, 49, and 50. Mailing Permits (Excerpts from Chapter

1, Postal Manual) (Sept. 1964)...--Mailing Chute Rules, Regulations, and

Specifications (ercerpts from Chapter 1,

Postal Manual) (Dec. 1963)... Apartment House Mail Receptacles, Regulations and Instructions (excerpts from

Chapter 1, Postal Manual) (Sept. 1962).. County List of Post Offices (ercerpts from

Directory oj Post Offices, POD-26, July 1964).--------

Lists States, counties within these States, and their post offices all in alphabetical order. Each post office shows its class, geographical position in the State and other information such as location of county seat court house; ollices having city delivery; oflices having rural delivery and number of boxes served; star route boxes served; and post oflice boxes rented at offices

not having city delivery. How to Prepare Second and Third-Class

Mailings (ercer pts from Chapter 1,

Postal Manual) (Sept. 1964).---------Directory of Post Officer (July 1964) ---

Used to identify post oflices and to compute parcel post rates. Explains how ZIP Code works and method of using parcel post zone keys. Lists regional oflices; inspection service divisions; number of post offices, by classes, in each State and territory as of May 31, 1961; zoned offices for which individual ZIP Code Directories are available; sectional centers by States; sectional centers alphabetically (by cities); State list of post offices, branch post offices and stations (includes ZIP Code numbers); numerical list of post offices by ZIP code numbers; alphabeticallist of post offices, branches, and named stations; post oflices by States and counties; post offices discontinued and names changed during the past 2 years; named stations and branches discontinued and names changed during the past year; army posts, camps, and stations and air force bases, fields, and installations,

[29 F.R. 15260, Nov. 3, 1964)

NOTE: For prior amendments to this section see “List of Sections Affected" at the end of this pocket supplement. § 4.3 Privileged matter.

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§ 5.2 Postal law violations.

Send information and complaints concerning postal law violations, such as use

of mail for lotteries and schemes to de-
fraud, mailing of obscene and scurrilous
matters, extortion, and theft of mail to:

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Postal inspector in
charge at

If mailer lives in the State of
Atlanta, Ga., 30302.----Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.
Boston, Mass, 02107---- Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, city of

Fishers Island, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee.

Chicago, Ill., 60607------ Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45201. Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio.
Denver, Colo., 80201.---- Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming.
Fort Worth, Tex., 76101. Louisiana, Texas (except city of Texarkana).
Kansas City, Mo., 64142.. Kansas, County of Jackson, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma.
New York, N.Y., 10001--- New York (except city of Fishers Island), Puerto Rico, Virgin

Philadelphia, Pa., 19101.- Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
Saint Louis, Mo., 63199.- Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri (except Jackson County), city of

Texarkana, Texas.
Saint Paul, Minn., 55101. Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.
San Francisco, Calif., California, Canton Island, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, American

Samoa, and Trust Territory, Pacific Islands.
Seattle, Wash., 98111---- Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington.
Washington, D.C., 20013. District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia.

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(d) Envelopes having a ratio of
width (height) to length of less than 1
to 1.414 (1 to the square root of 2) are
not recommended.
[28 F.R. 1466, Feb. 15, 1963)

Prior Amendments
1962: 27 F.R. 12448, Dec. 15.
$ 12.4 Window envelopes.

12.1 Color. (Revised ]
12.3 Size, shape, and ratio. (Revised ]
12.4 Window envelopes. (Amended)
$ 12.1 Color.

Use any light color that does not inter-
fere with legible address and post mark.
Brilliant colors must not be used.
(28 F.R. 1466, Feb. 15, 1963)
& 12.3 Size, shape, and ratio.

Envelopes of standard sizes and shapes are essential to the economical handling of mail, both by machine and manual methods. The following standards apply to envelopes:

(a) Envelopes less than 3 inches in width (height) or 414 inches in length are nonmailable.

(b) Envelopes more than 9 inches in width (height) or 12 inches in length are not recommended.

(c) Envelopes having shapes other than rectangular are nonmailable.

(f) When used for registered mail, they must conform with the conditions in $ 51.7(d) of this chapter.

CODIFICATION: In $ 12.4, paragraphs (e) and (1) were redesignated (i) and (e), respectively, and as redesignated, paragraph (f) was amended to read as set forth above, 27 F.R. 6975, July 24, 1962.

13.1 General information. (Amended]
13.2 Arrangement of address. (Amended)
13.3 Where to put request for return mail.

13.4 Simplified address. (Revised ]

schemes to de ne and scurrilous theft of mail to:

mpshire, city of nont.

(1) Second-Class mail in envelopes or wrappers—$ 16.2(f) of this chapter.

(2) Forth-Class mail-$ 15.5(a) (1) of this chapter.

(3) Air parcel post-$ 26.6(a) of this chapter.

(4) Mail of any class, when its return is desired—$ 43.3 of this chapter.

(5) Registered mail- $ 15.7(a) of this chapter.

(6) Insured mail—$ 52.1(b) of this chapter.

(7) COD mail—$ 53.2(c) of this chapter. [Paragraph (c) revised, 29 F.R. 3809, Mar. 27, 1964]

Prior Amendments 1962: 27 F.R. 2101, Mar. 3.

(d) Include the ZIP code in all addresses and return addresses. See 13.6. (Paragraph (d) amended, 28 F.R. 12581, Nov. 23, 1963)

13.5 Mailing list services. (Revised ]
13.6 Zip code system. (Amended)
13.8 Overseas military mail. (Amended]
8 13.1 General information.

(a) Write the name and the address clearly and legibly on one side only. See $ 15.3(c) (13) of this chapter for exception on baby poultry. (Paragraph (a) revised, 27 F.R. 2101, Mar. 3, 1962)

(b) Mail for delivery through a city delivery post office must include in the address; the street and number, or post office box number, or general delivery, or rural or star route designation (except simplified address mail as prescribed in & 13.4). Mail for patrons on rural route may be addressed to street names and numbers provided this type of address has been approved by the Regional Director. [Paragraph (b) revised, 28 F.R. 1995, Mar. 1, 1963)

Prior Amendments 1962: 27 F.R. 2101, Mar. 3.

(c) All mail should bear the name and address of the sender. For instructions concerning mail which must bear a return address, see:

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(h) See § 13.8 for special instructions on addressing overseas military mail; and 88 111.1(b) and 121.2(d) (1) of this chapter for addressing international mail. (Paragraph (b) amended, 27 F.R. 2101, Mar. 3, 1962]

§ 13.2 Arrangement of address.

(a) The proper place for the address is in the lower right portion of the address area; the postage (stamps or meter stamps or permit imprints) in the upper right corner; and the return address of the sender in the upper left corner.

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