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Nicholson, father to tlre celebrated Margaret At Choršey, Abraham Crompton, esą. Nicholson ; he followed his trade of a barber At Lancaster, aged 69, George Saul, efqtill the day of his death, having shaved his At Caton, near Lancaiter, aged 71, Mrs. own brother the morning of the day, on Jane Cundale late of Settle in Yorkibire. which he died.

At Prelcot, Mr. Thomas Bromilow.

At Bolton, aged 38, Adam Fletcher, efa Ain ingenious mechanic at Manchestes, tray Capt. of the Loyal Bolton volunteers. Produced several specimens of cloth, made At Folton-Hall, Mr. Willlam Shayles, of thread, obtained from the stalk of a late of Poppleton, Yorkshise. common singing nettle, after being pre- At Long Millgate, Mr. Robert Allen. pared in the fame manner as hemp and fax. At Warrington, Mr. Samuel Ashton, late The workmen who wove these specimens, of Manchester, and others who have accurately examined At Manchester, Mrs. Worfley, relict of the them, are of opinion, that stuffs of a fine and bate Thomas Worsley, esą.

Miss Ashley Hasting quality, warm and pliant, and of an At Chapel-en-le-Frith, Mrs. Lingard. uniform confidence, may be produced in large

At Sbude

Hill, Mrs. Mary Timperley, gaantities from the thread of the nettle. wife of Mr. Thonias Timperley, dealer.

Married.] At Liverpool, Capt. Prince, to At Preston, Mr. John Graystock. Charles Mils E. Jacklon, daughter of Mr. Jof. Jacka Stapleton, efq. M. D. fon, at the Tide Mills. Mo. Cowan, to Miss At Afpulls near Wigan, aged 8a, Mr. Miller. Mr. John Vallentine, Mate of the James. Wooj. La Julie, ta Miss Cline, daughter of Mr. Cline, musician. Mr. Edwin Wiatt, at- Married.) At Bowden, Ms. John Alen, torneys St. Alaph, to Miss Kitchen, of Sand Linen-deaper of Manchester, to Miss Catbaa Hills. Ms. John Edwardsin furgeoni, to Mils. rine Roy, of Altrincham. Mary Price Mr. John Erayshay, mer- Died.] At Chelter, Miss Parker, niece to chant, to Mifs B. Harrifon of Bidston. Mr. Danniel Procter. Mrs. Leifter. Mys. Mr. John Ratcliffe, landing-waiter, to Mrs. Griffiths, wife of Mr. Griffiths, broker. Yates. Christopher Rabinson, esq. L. L. D. Mrs. Adains. Suddenly Mr. Bennion. Aged of London, to Mils Nicholcon, daughter of 85, Mr. Bannister. Mrs. Schoolley. Mrs. thie Rev. Ralph Nicholson.

Dix, widow of the late Mr.Dix Mr. HuptAt Thurland Castle, Richard Reynolds, ingdan, cutler. Mr. Jonadab Maddox, ataq to Mirs. North of that place.

torney. Mr. Colclough, formerly of the At Manchester, Mr. John Hern, to Miss Star-inn. At an advanced age, John ClamMary Owen, both of that place.

berlain, esq. of Great Saughall. Salford, Mr. Thomas Leech, to Miss Betty At Knutsford, aged 78, Mr. Henry RaHope.

venscroft, who was 47 years, in the service At Wigan, Mr. Edmund Chamley, mer

of the Liverpool. chant, of Liverpool, to Mils Blinkhorn, of At Over, aged 64.. Ms. John Rigby. Wigan.

At Gee-Cross, Ms. William Cheethana, At Prestwick, Mz. George Williamson, to furgeon. Bliss Blaze, both of Manchester.

At Churten-heath, Mr. Colley. At Chorley, Mr. John Pilkington, of At Macclesfield, within a few days of cacia Prescot, to Misa Crotchley, of the former other, the Rev. Dr. Simpson, and Mrs. place.

Simpton, his wife. At Trawden Mr. Midgley, of Stunftead, to Miss Martha Heartley, of the former place. Mandado] At Spondon, Mr. Samxel Shep

Died.) At Liverpool, aged 70, Mrs. Robin. berd, of Sawby, to Miss Roscy, of Locko. for, reli&t of Thomas Robinson, M. D. Aged At Morley, Mr. William Kerry, of Smal207, Mrs. Owen, mother of Ms. Owen, at the ly, to Mrs. Waine, of Mapperley. Magazines. Aged 40, Mr. John Harrison, coal Died.) At Derby, Mrs. Borrow, relict of merchant. Mrs. Fciter, wie of Mr. Jolies the late Thomas Borrow, erg. who filled the Foster, Elliot Hill. Aged 19, Miss Martha

office of Recorder of Derby, forty years. Hatton, daughter of Mr. James Hatton. Aged 497 Mr. Sanders. Mr. John Sanders, Aged 86, Mr. Robert Davies. Mr. John bookleller. Ellis, merchant. Mr. James Wellh. Mrs. At Bradley, aged 71, Mr. Juseph Webstery Calvert, wife of Mr. Thomas Calvert. farmer. Mr. John Burton, linen-draper. Mr. Thomas, At Ticknall, Mr. F. Young, who was Trufted, merchani, late of Martinico. Aged found dead on the road, having, -as it is lupa 42, Mr. John Daggers, merchant. Aged posed, fallen into a pool of water 39, Mr. Henry Fletcher, merchant. Mrs. Calke, where his hat was discovered. He had Wood, wife of Mt. Richard Wood, merchant. extricated himself, from the waters and had Aged 24, Miss Ellen Fairbrother.

proceeded near half a mile on his way home, At Everton, Mifs M'Knight, daughter when being exhausted by the efforts he had of Mr. Nathaniel M'Knight, merchant. made, he fell a victim to the severity of the

At Rusholm, aged 64, John Entwille, Esq. weather.

At Blackburn, Mr. James Hayhurst, tim- At Kedleston Park, the seat of Lord Scarf. ber merchant.

dale, the Countess of Portmors. Her Lidya



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1799.) Nottinghamshire ... Lincolnsisir.... Leicestershire, Esi. 339 Hip was the youngest daughter of Jehr Earl of At Surfieet, Mrs. Brow., wife of Mr. Rothies, born Aug. 29, 1753, and was mar- Bro._', School-master. ried to the present Earl of Portmore, Nov. At Leasingham, near Sleaford, Lady Gorgth, 1771, by whorn the has left three fons, don, relict of Sir Samuel Gordon, sant. and and three daughters.

mother of Sir J. Gordon, of Haverholm

Priory. A great mortality, having prevailed among At Easton, near Stamferd, Henry Irgratuur the children of the poor at Nottingham, who was found drowned in the river; having the medical gentlenien, of that town have left Stamford when he was much intoxicated benevolently agreed to a plan, proposed for it is fupposed, that in crossing the river box the gratuitous innoculation of the children the Waih, (the bridge being carried away by of Nottingham, and its Neighbourhood. the floods, he fell into the poel end pe

Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Winrow, rilhed. to Mils Maria Stuart. Mr. William Cotten,

LEICESTERSHIRE. grocer, to Miss Southern. Mr. Needham, At the late general quarter-lefiione of the of Afbby de la Zouch, to Miss Topott. peace for this county, the justices have afMr. Nath. Rutt, of Lendon, to Miss So- sefied and determined the price of land-carphia Prentice.

riage of goods and merchandize, carried from Died.] At Nottingham, aged 76, Mrs. London to Leicefter, and the other underHollands, widow of the late Ald. Hollands, mentioned places, at the following rates :Mr. William Elfe, butcher. Mr. Mew.

Per Cwte Mr. Hancock. Mr. Haddeck.

Aged 22,
Mr. Jokn Flint. Mr. Samuel Walker, Te the Borough of Leicester

5 3 butcher.


4 3 At Leamington-Hafings, Sir William Market-Harborough

4 3 Wheeler Bart.

Mount-Sorrel At Hoveringhara, Mrs. Earnshaw, wife of Loughborough Mr. Earnshaw, fese


4 9 At Alockton, near Bingham, Mrs. Ashby-de-la Zouch Marriot, wife of Mr. Marriot.


5 3 At Bramcote, Mrs. Pickering,


5 3 At Newark, Mr. George Stephensor, From Michaelmas to Lady-Day, Ech more Chemif and Druggift.

per cwt. is allowed to be taken.

All parcels under 141b. are to be charged Lincoln fortnight market, for fat-cattle, one billing. has increased to such a magnitude as to en- Mr. Flavel, tlie proprietor of a confiderable force the attendance of dealers, of the first estate in the lordnip of Seagrave, is about to consequence in the kingdom. An individual make an experiment relative to a valuable of the city of Lincoln, has the just claim bed of coal, which it is supposed lies in that to this usefúl establishment, urged and brought lordship.-" Leicester Journal." forward by him alone, in opposition to many. Married.) At Leiceter, Mr. John Colt

Marred.] At Lincoln Mr. William Hodson, man, jun. to Mrs. Hodgson, widow of the to Miss Spurr.

late Captain Thomas Hodgson, of the CoroAt Stamford, Mr. J. Tinkler, land lur- wallis, Indiaman. Mr. Cumberland, boker, veyor of Ketton, to Miss Slade, of the for- to Miss Bell. mer place. Mr. Isaac Bridges, to Mrs. At Atherstone, Mr. S. Thompson, watchJohncon, of the Green-Man.

maker, to Miss S. Hickling, of Garthorpe At Walcot near Falkingham, Mr. Thomas Died.] At Leicester, Mrs. Baker, wife of Piggins, of Falkingham, to Miss Elizabeth Mr. Baker, holer. Mr. . Bailey. Mr. OrLong, of the former place.

ton, hofier. At Barton, Mr. George Holgate, to Miss At Mount-Sarrel, aged 67, Mr. Maffey, Cecilia Mangham, of Tetney.

of the Crown inn. At Billingborough, Mr. Holderness to At Thringitone, aged 80, Mrs. Holyoak.

At Great Wigston, aged 75, Mr. Jolin At Caister, Mr. Robert Peacock, of North- Goodrich, grazier. allerton, to Miss Holdgate, only daughter of At Witherley, Mr. James Kiss, an emiMr. J. Holdgate, farmer of Hunden, near nent farmer and grazier. the former place.

At Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. Hilditch, a Died.] At Lincoln, aged 63, Mr. Benjamin respectable farmer. Helm. Mrs. Brown, widow of the late al. derman Brown. Aged 64, Mr. Lund, Shoe- Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. T. Trafford maker. Aged 33, Mr. William Potterton, Nicholls, attorney, of Uttoxeter, to Miss one of the Lincoln volunteer Cavalry. Mrs. Shelley, of Lane-End, in the Stafforddhire Whitcombe, wife of the Rev Mr. Whic. Potteries. combe. Aged 80, Mr. S. Bristow.

At Burton-upon-Trent, Mr. J. D. Sowler, At Spalding, aged 17, Mr. W. Booth, son attorney, to Miss Myrtilla Hokins, botte of of Mr. G. Booth, of the White Lyon Inn.

the same place. At Louih, Joshua Walesby, of Stennigott, At Woolverhampton, Mr. Beajarain Highscat.



Miss Wyan.




field to Miss C. Smith, of Wall, in the parish At Albury, Mr. Vaughan Williams, to of Green-Hiil.

Miss S. Dorricot, of Butthey. At Newcastle, Mr. John Bridgwood, of At Wrenbury, Mr. Ifaac Bickley, of Lanc-End, to Miss Newbold, Stafford. Whitechurch, to Mrs. Walley, of the fore

Died.] At Tamworth, Mr. Thomas Jack- mer place. fon, son of the late Mr. Job Jackion, of Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Stanton, Manchester. Aged go, Mrs. Mary Fiarding. fruiterer.

Ai Rugeley, aged 75, Mr. Matters, father At Shoplatch, Mrs. Howell, wife of Mr. of Mr. Masters, of Stafford

Howell, ihoemaker. At Shelton, in the Staffordshire Potieries, At Knockin, Mrs. Ratcliffe, wife of Mr. Mr. James Hardy

Ratclisi. A: Leek, Mr. George Salt, of Afhen- A1 Olwettry, Mrs. Maddox, wife of Mr., hurst.

Maddox, cabinet-niaker.
At Extal, aged 69, Mrs. Talbot.

At Whitechurch, Mrs. Corser, widow of
At Dunstone, Mrs. Asplay, wife of Mr. the late Mr. George Corser.
George Asplay.

At Broughton, Mr. Miles. At Bradley, Mrs. Fowler, relict of the A. Frankwell, Mr. James Cross, currier. late Mr. Fowler, farmer, of that place. At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Lloyd.

At Sandon, near Stafford, Mr. Walter At Olweftry, Mr. G. Stoakes, late timCooke, farmer.


At Weston, near Oswestry, Mr. Downes, Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. G. Bul. farmer. lack, picture-frame-maker, to Mrs. Mansell. At Bridgnorth, aged 82, Mrs. Arden, Mr. W. Badkin of that place, to Miss Mary widow. Hacket, of Burton-upon-Trent. Mr. Samuel At Higligate Whitchurch, Mrs. Wilson. Smith, iron-master, of Sheffield, to Miss At Horne, near Bithop's Castle, Edward Sarah Robinson of the former place. Mr. Rogers. esq. Thomas Thomas, to Miss Eliz. Wood- At Hales Owen, Mrs. Carruthers, wife of house, both of that place. Mr. Simpson, to Mr. Carruthers, attorney. Miss Lloyd, of the Crescent.

At Grendon, Mr. Baker, to Miss E, Cope, both of the same place.

Married.] At Bromsgrove, Mr. Charles At Coleshill, Mr. T. Wallis, alderman, Webb, attorney, to Miss M. A. Mortimer, of Tamworth, to Miss Drakeford, of the of Devizes. Mr. Samuel Hudson, grocer, of former place. Mr. Thomas Thompson, to Miss Stourbridge, 10 Miss E. Lowe, late of Wors Mary Taylor, both of that place.

cester. Mr. Charles Cresswell to Mifs H. At Harborne, Mr. Wm. Warden, draper, Piddock, both of that place. to Miss Bradley, both of Brimingham.

At Feckenham, Mr. William Johnson to At Warwick, Mr. E. T. Cox, surgeon, to

Mrs. Fielit, of Hadley Cross. Mr. John Mrs. Payne, widow of the late Mr. Payne. Hollington to Miss Harris, Hoth of that place, Died ] At Birmingham, Mis. Young, wife

At Kidderminster, Mr. Joseph Newcomb of the Rev. Mr. Young of that place. Mrs. to Miss Baker, both of the same place. Webb, draper. Mrs. Lane, wife of Mr. At Flyford Flavel, Mr. James Davis to William Lane, Spur-maker. Mr. John Miss Stevens, both of that place. Mr. John Blackford of the Star inn. Aged seventy Morris, of Naunton Beauchamp, to Miss £x Mrs. Ann Harvey, widow of the laté Mary Wilkins, of the former place. Mr. Wm. Harvey, distiller. Mrs. Tur- At Worcester, Mr. Boulcott to Miss Cham. şer, widow of the late Mr. Turner, of the berlain. John Simmonds, esq. of St. John's, lamp public house. Aged 98, Mrs. Margaret to Miss Ann Snith, of Kenwick Mount. Morgan. Mrs. Ann Edwards, found dead in Mr. E. Shaw, currier, to Miss Green, of her bed. Mrs. Elenor Wilson, who was un

Crowle. fortunately burned to death. Mr. John Hill, At Pershore, Mr. Pratt, currier, of Beng. formerly a coach master. Mrs. Hands. Mrs. worth, to Miss Padgate, of the former place. Lyneall, wife of Mr. George Lyneall, printer. At Bewdley, Mr. G. Clarke to Mifs DeAged 8c, Mr.J. Yates, of Perry-bar, farmer, vey, of Stapleton, near Bristol. Aged 59, Mr. John Thompson, Clerk to Mr. At Stourbrijge, Mr. Brettell, of London Wolley, sword-manufacturer.

to Miss Bate, of the former place. At Maney near Sutton-Cold-fields, Mrs. At Tenbury, John Russell to Miss Bright. Welch, at an advanced age.

ing, both of thač place.

At Bishapton, Mr. James Clemens of BirMarried.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Howels, of mingham, to Miss E. Woodward, of the Oswestry, to Mrs. Rogers, of the former place. former place. Mr. Thomas Richards, tuiner, to Miss A. Died.] At Elms, Mrs. Bury. Millington, both of that place.

At Lullley, aged 92, Mr. Coney, who At Marchomley, Mr. Brazener, sadler, of was found dead within a quarter of a mile of Prees, to Miss Athley, of the former place. his own house, in his return from marker,

At Middle, Mr. R. Evans, of Shrewsbury, he is supposed to have perished thro' che into Miss Ann Woodall, of Bishop's Castle. clemency of the weather.






1799.) Herefordshire... Glocestershire....Oxfordshire, &c. .

341 At Piddle Wharf, near Bromsgrove, Mr. he went to Wick, and there remained that Page, who was killed, while talking to some night ; after breakfast the next day he went to men who were felling timber, by one of the Bach, and returned again in the evening. Wedtrees suddenly falling upon him.

nesday being an unpleasant day, he remained At Turkey, near Worcester, Mr. Croutch. in doors, amusing himself with such publicaAt Bengworth, Mrs. New.

tions as the house afforded. On Friday night

he ordered some tea and retired to bed about Married.] At Ludlow, Mr. Dalby) of nine. Not arising at his usual hour, the mifWoodhouse, near Nottingham, to Miss Ellis, tress of the houfe fent up to him, when he daughter of Mr. Richard Ellis of Ludlow. complained of a Niglit indisposition, and passed

At Wigmore, Mr Hill, Ironmonger of the whole day in his bed, refusing to take Knighton, Radnorshire, to Miss Sarah Oakley, the least nutriment. On the evening of the of the former place.

following day he expired. One shilling and Died.) At Hereford, aged 95, Mrs. Pierce. two fixpences was all the pecuniary store he

At Leominster, Mr. Isaac Wyke, fen. had; and as he died amongst strangers, he was furgeon and apothecary. Aged 62, the Rev. buried at the expence of a person to whom he Thomas Williams.

was utterly unknown; and though an adAt Wormsbridge, Mrs. Parry.

mirable scholar, possessed of most brilliant

parts, and generally admired for the elegance Died.) At Glocester, Mrs. Elton, wife of and Atrength of his language, he now lies Edward Elton, of Burley-hill, Glamorgan- buried in Abson Church yard, without a stone, shire, Mr. Connibeere, auctioneer.

or letter to mark the place of his interment, At Tetbury, Mrs. Willis, relict of the late Rev. Mr. Willis.

Married.] 'At Oxford, Mr. Thomas Roo At Tormartin, Nathaniel Olborne, Esq. bertson, attorney, to Miss Lucy Cox.

At Wick, James White Esq. a character Died.] At Witney, aged 83, Mr. Thomas well known in the literary world, as the Synonds. translator of the speeches of Mirabeau, and At Henley, after a long illness, Matthew the author of some historical Novels entitled, Phillips, esq. Richard Coeur de Leon, Earl Strongbow, John of Mrs. Ward, wife of Mr. Ward, grocer. Gaunt, and of several poetical pieces. He Mr. Nathaniel Elliot, one of the coroners was educated at the university of Dublin, was

of this county. -esteemed an admirable scholar, and was pos

sessed of the most brilliant parts. His conduct Married.] At Kilsby, Mr. Thomas Clarke, for these four or five years past has been 'grazier, of Swinton, to Miss Cowley, of Kilmarked by great wildness and eccentricity. Aby. He had conceived an ardent affection for a At Clayceston, Mr. Johnson, to Miss Norcertain young lady, who he supposed was as ton Yeverteft. warmly attached to him, but he conceived Died.] At Peterborough, Mr. Horden, some plot was contrived to wean her regard, bookseller. and to frustrate all his future prospects in life. At Wellingborough Mrs. Ropick, a blind He attributed the failure of his application elderly widow lady ; her death was occasionfor patronage from the great, as the machina- ed by her cloaths taking fire, at a time when tiuns of these plotters and contrivers ; and even no person was near her. supposed that their influence upon the book- At Ashton near Oundle, aged 78, Mrs. sellers prevented his literary labors from being Gregeres. more amply rewarded. He palled the win- At Loddington, Mr. R. E. Dexter, one of ter of 1797 and 1798, at Bath. His means of the Coroners for Northamptonshire. substance were very scanty. He has been At Farndon, aged 20, Mr. John West. known to have denied himself animal food for At Hurlstine Park, Mrs. Andrew, wife of months, and to have subsisted every day on a Robert Andrew, Esq. biscuit, a piece of bread, a potatoe and a glass of water. Unable to pay his lodgings and too Died.] At Eton, aged 79, Mr. John Mil. proud to ask relief, he would many nights wan- ton, taylor. Aged 78, Mr. Thomas Groom, der about the fields or seek repose beneath a well known for the discoveries he has made hay-stack. He once, when almost exhausted, in Botany, he has left his writings on that took refuge in an Inn at Bath, where his subject to Mr. Gotobed, of Eton. Aged 82, extraordinary condu&, and his refusing every Mr. J. Willmore, who had spent upwards of kind of sustenance, alarmed the mistress and 40 years in the service of his country. Aged induced her to apply to the magistrates, who 73, Mr. Wm. Arnold. Aged 83, Rob. humanely ordered him to be placed under the Horfa, having no relation he has left the care of the parish officers. Instead of appre- whole of his property, (including his valuable ciating these precautionary means, as he ought library) to Mr. Thompson of Brookhouse. to have done, he complained in his letters of Among the collection Mr. Thompson dife the undue interference of magisterial authority covered a very old book, which proves Mr. and the unconftitutional infringment of the li- Horsa to be lineally a Saxon General, who berty of the subject. On the urth of March came into this country in the year 449. · MONTHLY MAG. No. xliv.





ESSEX. Many of the poultry-breeders in Norfolk Married.] At Gosfield, Mr. H. Wiggleshave lately adopted the practice of feeding their worth to Miss Smith, of Maldon. stock chiefly with boiled potatoes mixed with At Kirkford Hall, George Wright, esq. meal, in the proportion of one-third ; and it is to Miss C. Lukin, daughter of the rev. D. L. found that this food, motonly makes such poultry dean of Wells. fas is reserved for breeding very prolific, but alio At Ballingdon, Mr. Allen tu Miss Wyatt, attens those intended for market, in as short a both of that place, time as any other method of feeding.

At Malden, Mr. May, of the Blue Boar inn Married.) At Norwich, Mr. William Cork, to Miss Shynon, of the same place. to Miss Emily Mary Tallant, of Saxlingham. At Colchester, Mr. Ari hur Tillet, hair Mr. Thomas Eaton, filk-weaver, to Miss dresser, to Miss M. Wale, of the same place, Damant. Mr. Howard to Miss Rix. Mr. W. Died.] At Lexden, aged 76, Mr. Ifaac Toll to Miss Stevenson.

Green. At Holme, Rev. W. Stevens, master of the At Colchester, Mr, Essex, gardener, at an Grammar School, at Sedbergh in Yorkdhire, to

advanced age. Miss S. Vitty, youngest fister of Mr. Vitty, Ar Great Baddows, Mr. Elias Suckling, attorney.

shopkeeper. At Swaffham, Mr. Drake Young, gun- At Colchester, Wm. Jacob, esq. (mith, to Miss Orton, of Clenchworton.

At Rayleigh, Mrs. Waight, baker, Died.) At Norwich, aged 93, Mr. Thomas At Halsted, aged 22, Miss Ann Hayward, Springall, who was married to fix wives. Mrs. daughter of M. Jos. H. Martha Patteson, widow. Aged 86, Mr. John At Saffron Walden, aged 89, Mr. Wm, Spoonen. Aged 81, Mrs. Ellinett. Āged Jeffries. 76, Mr Samuel Kitten. Aged 49, Mr. Gra. At Farndon Mill, Mr. Charles Freeman. ham. Mr. Joseph Hallmarke.

At Stapleford Abbots, the rev. Dr. Wm. At Lynn, aged go, Mrs. Ann Haylett, wi. Gould, D.D. one of his majesty's justices of dow, Mr. William Hawkinson.

the peace for this county, and brother to the At Stone-hills, aged 56, Mrs. Aldis. late judge Gould. At St. John's, Mrs. Brettingham.

At Belchamp Otten, Mrs. Brewster, relict At Elmfwell, Mrs. Hodgskin, wife of the of the late W. B. Rev. Mr. Hodgkin. At Badwel Alh, aged

KENT 24, Mrs. Crabb, wife of Mr. D. Crabb. At Married.] At Canterbury, Mr. John Browne, Suillingham, Mr, Middleton, armer. At Oų. Jinen-draper, to Miss Warren of the same well, aged 86, Mr. Timothy Matthews. place.

At Holi, aged 75, James Hewitt, esq. Died.) At Canterbury, Mr. Welby, mafter At Great Yarmouth, aged 49, Mrs. Eliza. of the Royal Exchange public' houle

. Mr. beth. Upcher, widow.

John Lands, master of the Castle public house, At Bethel, aged 42, Mr. John Jordan. Mrs. Terry, wise of Mr. J. T. At Wroxham, aged 78, Mr. Wm. Fenn. At Faversham, Mrs. Clowdley, wife of SUFFOLK.

Mr. J. C. clerk of the cheque of the same Married.1 At Bury, Mr. Steele to Mifs place. Relfe, eldest daughter of the late Mr. W. Relfe, Ât Folkefone, aged 82, Mrs. Bayley, wie esq. Mrs. Rutren, wife of Mr. T. Rutten, dow of the late Mr. H. B. yain maker. Mr. Samuel Smith, Carpenter, At Wye, aged 77, Mr. David Hughes. to Miss Warren.

Ar Loddington, in Maidstone, Mr. Beard, At Lavenham, Rev. William Blowers, to

farmer. Miss Rebecca Branwhite.

At Margate, Mrs. Wiles, wife of Mr. R. At Wangford, John Barker, efq. to mifs Wiles. Caroline Conyers.

Wye Shelve, near Lenham, Mr. Thomas At Sudbury, Mr. William Jones, of the Nower, farmer, formerly of Wye. Golden Lion Inn, to Miss Alward.

At Tenderden, Mrs. Puxty, widow of Mr. Deed.] At Ipswich, aged 63, Mr. William Jos. P. aged 70. Bridges.

At Faversham, aged 78, Mrs. Halke, moAç Bury, Rev. Mr. Wyke. Aged 55, Mrs. ther of the Rev. Mr. H. of that place, Alice Woodreffe. Mrs. P. Bulton.

At Wetterham, Mrs. Whitaker.
At Lowestoff, Mrs. Farrer, wife of Mr. At Folkestone, Mrs. Andrews, wife of Mr.
Farrer, of th: Post-Office. Aged 83, Mrs. H. A. Mrs. Woolmen.
Elizabeth Buckle.

At Ben hley, Jno. Hooker, esq.
At Melferd, aged 82, John Clarke, efq. At Deal, aged 88, Mr. Woodroff.
many years steward to the earl of Exeter.
Gipping, Edmund Tyrell, esq,

Married.) At Reading, Rev. Mr. Nott, fon At Jeklingham, Mr. William Connell, a of the late Captain N. to Miss Mary Meffman respectable and opulen: farmer.

of that place. At Sudbury, suddenly, Mr. Jeremiah At Great Hendred, Mr. Thos. Miltshire to Spurling.

Miss E. Shadwell, of the same place. At Che llworth, Mrs. Raypham,

Died.) At Reading, Mr, Perkins, formerly



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