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Quakers, their yearly meeting in 1835, account of, 236,--275.
* Reed and Mathieson's Narrative,' extract from, 287.
Reformation, Churches of the, in the United States, their origin

and progress traced, 11; their principles, 12 ; view of their doc-
trinal sentiments, 24 ; admit their slaves to communion, 78 ;

reject unbaptized persons, 80.
Reformers and Anti-reformers addressed, 259.
Reformations in Religion, wherein defective, 50.
Reforming Methodist Committee, in Baltimore, address from, 269.
Reform Association among the Methodists in England, 331.
Remarks on creeds and confessions of Faith, 243.
Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things, Essay on, No. 1.

46; Essay, on No, 2, 241 ; reflections on, 51.
Remission of sins, connected with Baptism, 253.
SANDEMAN, Robert, his letter to Archd. M'Lean, 272 ; letter

to his own father, 309; and continued, 351, his character

strikingly sketched by a contemporary, 284.
Scott, Mr. WALTER, his Circular letter for the Mahoning Asso-

ciation, 151; his Essays under the signature of Philip, 60, 153.
Scotch Baptist Churches, sketch of their rise and progress, 71 ;

vindicated from the charge of Hyper-calvinism, 75.
Scotch Baptist Meeting-house in Liverpool, vindicated, 335.
SEMPLE, Mr. R. B., his first letter to Mr. Campbell, 194 ; his

second letter to the same, 206 ; refused the title of Doctor of
Divinity, 194 ; how he characterized the Christian Baptist,'

and its editor, 196.
Slavery in the United States, strictures on, 286 ; its atrocious-

ness exposed, in a letter to George Washington, 369.
Sorrow for the Dead, reflections on, 185.
Speech, purity of, essential to Christian Union, 225.
Transubstantiation, its origin accounted for, 68.
United States, Deputations to the, from England, 86.
Unity of opinion, remarks on, 359.
Union of churches in New York, 362.
Wellsburgh, in Virginia, Circular Letter from the Church

there, 146.
WESLEY, JOHN, what his reformation issued in, 49.
Wesleyan Methodist Reform Association, strictures on the, 331.
*Wilson's Scripture Manual, quoted and recommended, 260.
WYETH, P. C., some account of, 15.

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