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The authors wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to Prof. F. W. Bouska for valuable assistance in the preparation of the chapter on bacteriology; to Prof. J. D. Hoffman, Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Nebraska, for his helpful criticisms on the chapters dealing with refrigeration and to Mrs. J. H. Frandsen for help and encouragement in the preparation of the manuscript.

The authors are also indebted to the following parties for the illustrations in this book: Wheats' Ice Cream Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; Hendler Creamery Co., Baltimore, Md. ; American Creamery Machinery Co., Oakland, Calif.; Dairy Machinery and Construction Co., Derby, Conn.; Creamery Package Mfg. Co., Chicago; B. Riley Hauk Supply Co., St. Louis; N. A. Kennedy Supply Co., Kansas City; U. S. Department of Agriculture; North Bros. Mfg. Co., Philadelphia; The Madison Cooper Co., Calcium, N. Y.; The Vilter Mfg. Co., Milwaukee; The Remington Machine Co., Wilmington, Del.: The York Mfg. Co., York, Pa.; The Armstrong Cork Co., Pittsburg; The Jamison Cold Storage Door Co., Hagerstown, Md. ; The Ice Cream Trade Journal, New York; The Duke-Doyle Co., Baltimore; The D. H. Burrell Co., Little Falls, N. Y.; The J. G. Cherry Co., Cedar Rapids, Ia. ; John C. Raum & Son, Baltimore; The Trumbull Mfg. Co., Columbus, O.; The Confectioners' & Bakers' Supply Co., Chicago; The DeLaval Separator Co., Chicago; DeWitt & Co., Denver; Fairbanks Morse Co., Omaha; The Torsion Balance Co., New York; Russ Bros., Harrisburg, Pa. J. H. F.

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The development of ice cream making into one of the very important branches of the dairy industry, together with the introduction of this subject into the course of study in many schools and colleges, has created a demand for a suitable text on “The Manufacture of Ice Creams and Ices.”

The authors have attempted to present in this volume, material which has been gathered during several years of teaching and of actual commercial experience. Ice cream factories in various parts of the country have been visited and studied for the purpose of gaining the most up-to-date information on the subject. They have aimed to bring together all available scientific information relating to the subject of ice cream making and to present it in a scientific and a practical manner and have tried to avoid the mistake of making their work simply a collection of recipes.

They realize that there is need of much experimental work along this line and that future research may modify considerably, views now generally accepted as correct regarding the manufacture of ice cream. In the light of present day information, however, it is hoped this book will be found of value in the class room as well as to the practical ice cream maker.


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