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In the Meadow.....



The River ....

Samuel G. Goodrich 116

The Clouds

Selected 117

The Dew...

Selected 118

Rain in Summer

W. C. Bennett

Summer Shower.

Einily Dickinson I 20

A Song of Clover..

“ Saxe Holm” I21


Frank Dempster Sherman

What the Burdock was Good for.


Lily's Ball

Fun and Earnest I 24

Pansy Song



The Lily of the Valley.

1 26

A Child to a Rose

Poems for a Child



Selected 128


Sarah Orne Jewett 128

Great-Grandmother's Garden

M. J. Jacques 130

The Poppy

Jane Taylor 131

Chorus of the Flowers ..

Lucy Wheelock 131

Fashions at the Court of Queen Flora.

Lydia Hoyt Farmer 133

Who Was She?.

Selected 135

The Butterfly

Eben E. Rexford 137

The Butterfly's Lesson.

Selected 137

The Grasshopper

The Independent 139

The Song of the Bee

Marian Douglass 140

The Busy Bee ...

Isaac Watts 141 V

The Mocking-bird's Song.

J. R. Drake 142


Alice Cary 144

Out-of-door Arithmetic .

F. M. S. 144

Letting the Old Cat Die

Selected 145

The Spider and the Fly.

Mary Howitt 147

O Lark of the Summer Morning

From the Japanese 150

The Peacock.

. Songs for the Little Ones at Home 150

Nursery Song

Mrs. Carter 151

In the Swing..

Eudora S. Bumstead 153

Good-night and Good-morning

Lord Houghton 154

The Bank-swallow's ...

Selected 155

Three o'Clock in the Morning

.R. S. Palfrey 157

Who Stole the Bird's Nest?

. Lydia Maria Child 158

The Peter-bird

Henry Thompson Stanton 160

A Fable ...

. Popular Educator 162

The Birds' Lawn Party

Child Garden 163 .

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