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Congress was in question.-Amado v. United injunction, held not to prevent a review by the States, 13.

Supreme Court on writ of certiorari to Circuit A direct appeal from a federal District Court Court of Appeals.-Harriman v. Northern Secu

rities Co., 493. to the Supreme Court cannot be maintained under Act March 3, 1891, c. 517, § 5, 26 Stat. Jurisdiction of the court below as a federal 827 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 549], because court held so involved as to sustain a direct rejurisdiction of lower court was questioned.- view in the Supreme Court of the United States Schweer v. Brown, 15.

of a judgment dismissing an action removed Writ of error, and not appeal, is the only from the state court.-Remington v. Central mode of reviewing a judgment of the Court of Pac. R. Co., 577. Appeals of the District of Columbia sustaining Certiorari to the Circuit Court of Appeals an award in condemnation proceedings, under will not be granted on dismissing for lack of Act Cong. June 6, 1900, c. 810 (31 Stat. 668), jurisdiction a writ of error in that view of Code D. C. $ 233.—Metropolitan R. Bonin v. Gulf Co., 608. Co. v. MacFarland, 28.

Assertion of title under a patent from the Application of due process of law clause of United States presents no question depriving Const. U. S. Amend. 5, held involved, so as to judgment of the Circuit Court of Appeals in a sustain direct appeal to the Supreme Court petitory action of that finality which exists if from a Circuit Court where the latter gave ef- the jurisdiction depends solely on diversity of fect to a judgment of a state court alleged to citizenship.-Bonin v. Gulf Co., 608. have unlawfully deprived parties of their property without due process of law.-Fayerweath- Evidence on the question of citizenship of parer v. Ritch, 58; Reynolds v. Same, Id.

ties to suit in federal Circuit Couit inust be exDismissal by federal Circuit Court of suit amined on appeal by the Supreme Court of the against foreign executor for want of jurisdic- United States on motion to dismiss.—Steigleder tion in state court, from which it had been re

v. McQuesten, 616. moved, does not present question of jurisdiction Overruling of a motion in arrest of judgment, in the federal court, authorizing a direct ap- where accused asserted that the grand jurors peal, under Act March 3, 1891, c. 517, § 5, 26 were not drawn as required by law, presents a Stat. 827 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 549]. - case in which an act of Congress is brought in Courtney v. Pradt, 208.

question within Act April 12, 1900, c. 191, Denial of motion to remand a cause removed 35, 31 Stat. 85, providing for review of final de from state court does not present question of cisions of the District Court of the United federal court's jurisdiction, so as to sustain a

States for Porto Rico.-Rodriguez v. United direct appeal to federal Supreme Court. under States, 617. Act March 3, 1891, c. 517, § 5, 26 Stat. 827 [U. Supreme Court of United States cannot grant S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 549]. -Courtney v. Pradt, mandamus to compel federal Circuit Court judge 208.

to take jurisdiction of an action not of such a Objection that attachment suit in aid of ac

character that a final judgment therein could tion at law was not cognizable in federal Cir. 1891, c. 517, 26 Stat. 826 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901,

be directed or reviewed, under Act March 3, cuit Court, to which it had been removed, is

[ not open to consideration by direct appeal to

p. 547], in the Supreme Court.-In re Glaser,

653. the Supreme Court, under Act March 3, 1891, c. 517, § 5, 26 Stat. 827 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. Appellant cannot invoke supposed presence of 549).—Courtney v. Pradt, 208.

constitutional question as ground for sustaining Writ of error, not appeal, is the proper meth- appeal from United States Circuit Court of Apod of obtaining review in Supreme Court of peals, where any such question was decided in judgment of supreme court of Oklahoma, af- their favor:—Eninire State-Idaho Mining & Defirming a judgment sustaining a demurrer to veloping Co. v. Hanley, 691.

. . and dismissing petition in action for false im- Allegation in bill held not an assertion that prisonment.-Comstock v. Eagleton, 210.

plaintiff was deprived of his interest in certain A question respecting alleged privilege of free-mining claim without due process of law, so as dom from arrest as United States senator, un- to support jurisdiction of federal court, irreder Const. U. S. art. 1, $ 6, is one involving the spective of citizenship. — Empire State Idaho

construction of the federal Constitution, sus-Mining & Developing Co. v. Hanley, 691. taining a writ of error to review conviction in

Rights asserted under Constitution of United the federal District Court.—Burton v. United States, 243.

States may be so wanting in merit as not to

afford basis for appeal to Supreme Court from Concurrent findings of two lower courts that Circuit Court of Appeals.-O'Callaghan v. damage to cargo was caused by imprudent un O'Brien, 727. loading will be accepted by Supreme Court, unless clearly incorrect.–Oceanic Steam Nav. federal Circuit Court on agents of foreign cor

Question of validity of service of process of Co. v. Aitken, 317.

poration held to involve jurisdiction of that That action of ejectment was tried without court, so as to sustain direct appeal to the jury does not make appeal the proper method Supreme Court, under Act March 3, 1891, c. for review in federal Supreme Court of final 517, § 5, 26 Stat. 827 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, , judgment of Oklahoma Supreme Court, under p. 549]. - Board of Trade of City of Chicago v. Act May 2, 1890, c. 182, § 9, 26 Stat. 81, 85.- Hammond Elevator Co., 740. Oklahoma City v. McMaster, 324. The Supreme Court will, by direction to the dent treasurer of foreign corporation held to in

The validity of service of subpoena on resiCircuit Court, finally dispose of a cause brought yolve federal question, so as to sustain a dibefore it on certiorari to a Circuit Court of Appeals.-Harriman v. Northern Securities Co., ed States, under Act March 3, 1891, c. 517, $ 5,

rect appeal to the Supreme Court of the Unit493.

26 Stat. 827 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 549].— The lack of finality in a decree reversing an Kendall V. American Automatic Loom Co., order of a circuit court, granting a preliminary 768.

$ 8.

Review by supreme court of Whether Const. Iowa, is violated by Code decisions of state courts.

Iowa, $ 5007, imposing a tax on cigarette sellWhether a bankrupt was insolvent at the time ing, held a purely local question, which cannot of an alleged preferente. and whether the cred- be considered by the federal Supreme Court on itor knew it, held questions of fact, as to which writ of error.-Hodge v. Muscatine County, 237. a verdict of the jury is conclusive on the Su

A verdict settles questions of fact on writ of preme Court of the United States.-Kaufman

error from the United States Supreme Court to v. Tredway, 33.

a state court.—Smiley v. State of Kansas, 289. Whether clauses of a state pilotage act, granting discriminatory exemptions in violation of

Writ of error to a state court, incorrectly statRev. St. U. S. & 4237 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. ing date of judgment, may be dismissed with2903], can be eliminated, is a question for the out prejudice to a second writ.-Northern Pac. state court.-Olsen v. Smith, 52.

Ry. Co. v. Ely, 302; Same v. Hasse, 305. Contention that a conveyance was fraudulent

Decision of state court as to whether conveyunder a state law, or that the residuary estate ance by a bankrupt was made to defraud credremained in the grantor, which would pass un-itors held not to present a federal question.der assignee's sale in bankruptcy, presents a Thompson v. Fairbanks, 306. local question, which cannot be considered by

Decision of highest state court that a plea Supreme Court on writ of error to a state court. does not disclose defense that note in suit was -Cramer v. Wilson, 94.

given to a foreign corporation carrying on busiFinding of state court that, when a com- ness without compliance with statutory condimutation entry under the homestead entry tions held to involve a purely local was allowed, neither the entryman nor the Allen v. Alleghany Co., 311. land officers had actual knowledge of amend

Whether courts of one state should, on prinment of Rev. St. U. S. § 2301, by Act March ciples of comity, permit an action to be main3, 1891, c. 561, 26 Stat. 1098 [U. S. Comp. St. tained upon a contract in contravention of the 1901, p. 1406], making such commutation pre- laws of any state, is not a federal question.mature, held a finding of fact, conclusive on

Allen v. Alleghany Co., 311. writ of error to a state court.-Hill v. McCord, 96.

Whether a corporate contract in contraven

tion of statutes regulating foreign corporations A federal question, if presented on motion for was ipso facto void and unenforceable in the a new trial in a state court, which is not passed courts of another state held not to present a upon by the highest state court, because waived, question under the full faith and credit clause cannot be deemed necessarily to have been de- of the federal Constitution.-Allen v. Alleghany cided where the record does not show it was Co., 311. raised in such highest court.-Harding v. People of State of Illinois, 176.

Contention, on motion for directed verdict,

that cession to the United States in Act N. J. Neither petition for rehearing, nor for writ March 12, 1846, of jurisdiction over land at of error, nor assignments of error, nor certifica- Sandy Hook, vested in the United States extion of briefs by the clerk of state court, can clusive jurisdiction over littoral waters, held cure failure of record to show that a federal to present a question as to exclusive legislative question was raised and decided.-Harding v.

power of Congress under Const. U. S. art. 1, People of State of Illinois, 176.

§ 8, cl. 17, sustaining a writ of error from the The assertion, on motion for new trial, that a federal Supreme Court. -- Hamburg-American state statute is contrary to the federal Consti- S. S. Co. v. Grube, 352. tution, without pointing out in what way, held not to present a federal question, giving juris-Act June 28, 1834, c. 126, 4 Stat. 708, to agree

The contention that congressional consent in diction on writ of error to the Supreme Court.— ment between New Jersey and New York as to Harding v. People of State of Illinois, 176.

territorial limits, vested exclusive jurisdiction Writ of error to review decision of state court in the federal courts over the sea adjoining the upholding seizure of intoxicating liquors shipped two states held not to raise a federal quesinto the state from another state will not be tion.-Hamburg-American S. S. Co. v. Grube, dismissed, where protection of the commerce

352. clause of the federal Constitution was invoked A decision sustaining validity, under the ex below.-American Express Co. v. State of post facto clause of the federal Constitution, Iowa, 182; Adams Express Co. v. Same, 185. of Act Fla. May 30, 1901, amending Rev. St.

Suggestion of violation of a federal right, Fla. $970, held not involved in the denial by first made in petition for review in the highest the Supreme Court of a petition to vacate a state court of the judgment of an intermediate decree entered before the amendment, because court, held too late as a basis for the exercise of relationship of the judge and one of the of the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme parties, so as to give federal Supreme Court Court of the United States.- Chicago, I. & L. jurisdiction.-Caro v. Davidson, 428. Ry. Co. v. McGuire, 200.

Findings of fact are conclusive on Supreme

Court of the United States in cases from state Decision of the state court sustaining a homestead exemption resting on the effect as res

courts.—Chrisman v. Miller, 468. adjudicata of an order of a court of bankrupt- A decree of a state court requiring defendcy cannot be reviewed by the federal Supreme ants to vacate certain lands and enjoining them Court, where the only federal right claimed was from further mining thereon is not reviewable immunity from the discharge in bankruptcy.- in the federal Supreme Court, as depriving a Smalley v. Laugenour, 216.

corporation not a party and a lessee of defend

ants of its property without due process of law. Certificate of presiding judge of a state court, Iron Cliffs Co. v. Negaunee Iron Co., 474. that a federal question raised by petition for rehearing was decided, held not to confer juris-4 The Supreme Court of a state may decline to diction on the federal Supreme Court of a writ reopen on a second appeal a question of the vaof error to the state court.-Fullerton v. State lidity of a service of summons, which it had upof Texas, 221.

held on first appeal, without making a case for

[ocr errors]

a writ of error from the Supreme Court of the A decision of state court that defendant in United States, where the claim that service was ejectment cannot invoke rule that judgment deinvalid under Const. U. S. was raised on sec- termining ownership of portion of a tract is ond hearing. -Western Electrical Supply

Co. v. conclusive between the parties held not reAbbeville Electric Light & Power Co., 481. viewable in the Supreme Court of the United

A federal question, first raised by a petition States, though judgment in question was renfor a rehearing in a state Supreme Court, held dered in the federal court.-Leonard v. Vicksnot to support the appellate jurisdiction of the burg, S. & P. R. Co., 750. Supreme Court of the United States. - Mc

· A judgment of a state court will be affirmed Millen v. Ferrum Min. Co., 533.

by the United States Supreme Court, if there That a suit was brought under Rev. St. U. s. is evidence to sustain it, where the proceed2326 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 1430], to try ings were approved by the highest state court adverse rights to a mining claim, held not without an opinion.—Gleason v. White, 782. necessarily to involve a federal question.—Mc- $ 9. Circuit Courts. Millen v. Ferrum Min. Co., 533.

Federal Circuit Court has jurisdiction, in a Certificate of Chief Justice of the highest suit by citizens of a state in which it sits state court that the judgment of that court de- against citizens of other states to set aside nied an immunity set up and claimed under a judgments of probate court, as fraudulently obfederal statute held insufficient to confer juris- tained, which are a lien on real estate within diction on the Supreme Court of the United the district and inherited by complainants, unStates of a writ of error to that court.-Allen v. 472 (U. S. Comp.' St. 1901, p. 513).—McDaniel

| der Act March 3, 1875, c. 137, § 8, 18 Stat. Arguimbau, 622.

v. Traylor, 369. The Supreme Court of the United States will not take jurisdiction of a writ of error to a state under Act March 3, 1887, c. 373, 24 Stat. 552,

A federal Circuit Court has no jurisdiction one of which does not involve a federal ques- States

v. Lake Shore & M. S. Ry. Co., 538. court, where judgment l'estä on two grounds, under. Act March 3, 1887, c. 373, 24 Stat. 552,

of original proceedings in mandamus.—United tion.-Allen v. Arguimbau, 622. Defense in action on notice given for a promise

Jurisdiction in a federal Circuit Court of an to have cigars called for by certain contract original proceeding by mandamus to compel an manufactured in Key West without compliance interstate carrier to report to the Interstate with Rev. St. U. S. $$ 3390, 3393, 3397 [U. S. Commerce Commission can only be inferred Comp. St. 1901, p. 2218, 2220, 2222], held not from the authority to the Commission to ena special assertion of a right or immunity under force that act or from the direction to district a federal statute, within section 709 [U. S. attorneys of the United States to enforce its Comp. St. 1901, p. 575], authorizing writs of provisions.-United States v. Lake Shore & M. error from the Supreme Court of the United S. Ry. Co., 538. States to state courts.-Allen V. Arguimbau, -622.

§ 10. Territorial and provisional

courts, and Court of claims. Judgment of highest state court, reversing decree of trial court in equity and remanding the for street improvement in the

District of Co

Equitable jurisdiction to reform a contract cause, is not final, so as to sustain writ of er- fumbia held conferred on the Court of Claims ror in Supreme Court of the United States. —

by District of Columbia Claims Act June 16, Schlosser v. Hemphill, 654.

1880 (21 Stat. 284, c. 2443).- District of ColumDecision of state court that statute of limita- bia v. Barnes, 401. tions, making adverse possession for seven years a bar to recovery of real estate, op- inal contract may be awarded by

Compensation for work done outside the origerates to defeat action under Rev. St. U. S. Claims under District of Columbia Claims Act

Court of $ 2326 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 1430], to try June 16, 1880 (21 Stat. 284, c. 243).—District title to conflicting mining claims, in which de- of Columbia v. Barnes, 401. feated party relied on relocation, under section 2324 [U. S. Comp: St. 1901, p. 1426), of a Power of Hawaiian judges at chambers, conforfeited claim, held to deny rights asserted un- ferred by Hawaiian laws in force at the passage der the latter section, so as to make a case of Organic Act April 30, 1900, c. 339, 31 Stat. for a writ of error from the Supreme Court 141, was preserved by the provision of section of the United States.-Lavagnino v. Uhlig, 81 of such act.-Carter v. Gear, 491. 716.

§ 11. Concurrent and conflicting jurisWhere record shows that trial court consid

diction, and comity. ered that unsuccessful party was claiming Federal court cannot enjoin collection of franrights under Rev. St. U. S. § 2326 [U. S. Comp. chise tax, assessed under state authority, beSt. 1901, p. 1430), authorizing an adverse of cause of inequality in valuation as compared an application for patent to mineral lands, and with other taxable property.—Coulter v. Louisthe highest state court acted on that assump- ville & N. R. Co., 342. tion, a federal question is presented.-Lavagnino v. Uhlig, 716.

One of two corporations bearing the same

name but incorporated in different states will Presence of question as to application of con- be restrained by ancillary suit from assailing gressional legislation as to swamp lands held title of purchaser under decree of federal court to give no jurisdiction to Supreme Court of foreclosing trust deed, the property lying in United States to review judgment of state both states.-Riverdale Cotton Mills v. Alabama court in ejectment.-Leonard v. Vicksburg, S. & G. Mfg. Co., 629. & P. R. Co., 750.

Federal court, which has decreed foreclosure A federal question may have been so explicit- in a suit in which diverse citizenship was admitly foreclosed by prior decisions as to give noted, may by ancillary suit restrain attack on basis for an appeal to the Supreme Court of 'title of purchaser under a decree by a suit in the United States.-Leonard v. Vicksburg, s. a state court.-Riverdale Cotton Mills v. Ala& P. R. Co., 750.

bama & G. Mfg. Co., 629.

[ocr errors]

Diverse citizenship held not to give jurisdic-S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 716), authorizing the retion to federal Circuit Court of a bill seeking moval for trial of persons charged with offense & declaration of nonexistence of a will.–O’Cal to the district where the trial is to be had, laghan v. O'Brien, 727.

though contained in the judiciary act of 1789,

when the district was not in existence.—Benson COURTS-MARTIAL.

V. Henkel, 569.

Objections to indictment charging violation of See “Army and Navy."

Rev. St. U. S. $ 5451 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 3680], in bribing federal officers to reveal the

contents of reports in an investigation pending CREDITORS.

in the Land Department at the time, held not

available in proceedings before United States See "Bankruptcy."

commissioner for removal of accused to another Right to proceeds of life insurance, see "Insur- federal district for trial.-Benson v. Henkel, ance," 8 4.


Evidence of probable cause in proceedings to CRIMINAL LAW.

remove a person to another federal district for

trial held not rebutted, where the rebuttal tesEx post facto laws, see "Constitutional Law," timony is negative and the accused claims his

§ 5. Extradition of persons accused, see "Extradi- privilege under state practice of exemption from

cross-examination.-Beavers v. Haubert, 573. tion." Number of jurors, see "Territories."

Constitutional rights of accused to a speedy Restraining criminal acts by injunction, see trial held not violated by the prosecution of pro"Injunction," $ 2.

ceedings to remove the accused to another fedReview by Supreme Court, see "Courts," $ 7. eral district for trial of an indictment.-Beavers

V. Haubert, 573. Offenses by particular classes of parties. United States officers, see “United States," § 1. other federal district for trial a person there

Prosecution of proceedings to remove to anParticular offenses.

charged with an offense against the United

States neid not an unlawful interference with See “Conspiracy," $ 1.

the jurisdiction of the federal Circuit Court, in Neglect to detain aliens or return them to port, whose custody the accused was then held to ansee "Aliens," $ 2.

swer certain indictments.—Beavers v. Haubert, Peonage, see “Slaves."

573. Violation of health laws, see "Health." Violation of internal revenue laws, see "Inter-trict of Columbia for an offense against the

Person indicted in the Supreme Court of Disnal Revenue."

United States may be removed to that district § 1. Jurisdiction.

for trial, under Rev. St. U. S. § 1014 [U. S. The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Comp. St. 1901, p. 716].—Hyde v. Shine, 760; District of Columbia over a criminal con

criminal con- Dimond v. Same, 766.

v. . spiracy alleged to have been entered into in Washington is not defeated because such of $ 5. Evidence.

§ fense was also triable in the states of Cali- Judicial notice will be taken that vaccination fornia and Oregon, under Comp. St. D. C. c. 35, is believed by high medical authority to be a ,

. § 23.-Hyde v. Shine, 760; Dimond v. Same, protection against the spread of smallpox.766.

Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts,

358. $ 2. Venue.

The crime of bribing a public officer, in viola- $ 6. Trial. tion of Rev. St. U. S. § 5451 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 3680], begun by mailing a letter in one

The trial court ought not to inquire of the district and completed by receipt in another, is jury in a criminal case, when brought into court triable in the latter district.-Benson v. Henkel, Burton v. United States, 243.

for inability to agree, how the jury is divided. 569.

Failure to request instructions to find for § 3. Limitation of prosecutions.

defendant will not prevent federal Supreme The further prosecution of a criminal of-Court, in reviewing conviction of crime, from fense held not barred by failure of grand jury examining to see if there was any proof of a to act within nine months from date when the material element of the crime charged.-Clyatt accused were_held to bail to await such ac- v. United States, 429. tion by Code D. C. $ 939 (31 Stat. 1189, 1342), which section operates merely to end the pend- 8 7. Appeal and error, and certiorari. ing prosecution and not to repeal pro tanto the Lack of statutory authority precludes a regeneral statute of limitations in Rev. St. U. S. view in the Supreme Court of judgments of the $ 1044 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. 725]. United Supreme Court of the territory of Oklahoma in States v. Cadarr, 487.

capital cases.—New v. Territory of Oklahoma,

68. § 4. Preliminary complaint, affidavit,

A refusal to charge the jury in a criminal warrant, examination, commitment, and summary trial.

case, on their return into court for further inThe Supreme Court of the District of Colum- structions, that certain applicable requests to bia must be deemed a court of the United States, charge, given at defendant's request, were mawithin Rev. St. U. S. § 1014 [U. S. Comp. Sť. terial to the case, h.cld reversible error.—Burton 1901, p. 716], in view of Act June 22, 1874, c.

v. United States, 243. 396, 18 Stat. 193, and Code D. C. (31 Stat. Lack of affirmative statement in a criminal 1189, 1199, c. 854) $8 1, 61.–Benson v. Henkel, case that it contains all the evidence held not 569.

fatal.-Clyatt v. United States, 429. The District of Columbia is a district of the Failure to except to the overruling of a moUnited States, within Rev. St. U. S. § 1014 [U. | tion in arrest of judgment waives objection that

[ocr errors]

grand jurors were selected by an unauthorized

DESCRIPTION. official.-Rodriguez v. United States, 617.

Of property conveyed, see "Boundaries,” $ 1. CUSTOMS AND USAGES.

DEVISES. Custom existing in San Francisco between See "Wills.” shippers and shipowners, requiring a consignee to designate a berth for discharge of cargo, cannot prevail over terms of contract, requiring

delivery of coal at wharf and on wharf in See "Slaves.”
IIonolulu.-Moore v. United States, 202.


From indebtedness, see “Accord and Satisfac§ 1. Validity, construction, and opera

tion"; "Bankruptcy," $ 3; "Compromise and tion of customs laws in general.

Settlement"; "Release."
Existence of armed insurrection in Philippine
Islands after treaty of peace with Spain did not
justify exaction of duties on imports into

DISCRETION OF COURT, . Manisa under an order of the President, issued Grant of certiorari incident to habeas corpus, during the Spanish-American war, that on occupation of the Philippines duties should be

see "Habeas Corpus," $ 2. collected as a military contribution.Lincoln v. United States, 455; Warner, Barnes & Co.

V. Same, Id.

The collection of duties on imports to Ma- Of cadets, see "Army and Navy."
nila, which was not authorized by order of July
12, 1898, after ratification of treaty of peace
with Spain, was not ratified by Act July 1,

1902, c. 1369, $ 2, 32 Stat. 691, 692 [U. S. Comp.
St. Supp. 1903, p. 242].—Lincoln v. United

The District of Columbia held not charged States, 455; Warner, Barnes & Co. v. Same, Id. with duty so to light a street as to show a

stepping stone on the sidewalk near the curb, § 2. Entry and appraisal of goods, by Rev. St. D. C. $ 233.--Wolff v. District of bonds, and warehouses.

Columbia, 198. Reliquidation by Secretary of Treasury of entry of imported gunnies at exchange value of the invoice rupee held authorized by Act Aug.

DIVERSE CITIZENSHIP. 27, 1894, c. 349, $ 25, 28 Stat. 509, 552 [U. Š. Comp. St. 1901, p. 2375]. United States v. Ground of jurisdiction of United States courts, Whitridge, 406.

see "Courts," $ 4; "Removal of Causes," $ 2. DAMAGES.

DIVORCE. Compensation for property taken for public Effect of discharge in bankruptcy as to aliuse, see "Eminent Domain," $ 2.

mony, see "Bankruptcy," $ 3.


DOMICILE. See "Bankruptcy."


as ground of jurisdiction, see

"Courts," § 4. DECEDENTS. Estates, see "Executors and Administrators."


Of naval officer, see "Army and Navy."
In equity, see "Equity," $ 2.


See "Constitutional Law," $ 7.
In transportation, see "Carriers," $ 1.

Laches, see "Equity," $ 1.

Customs duties, see "Customs Duties.

Excise duties, see "Internal Revenue."
Of goods sold, see “Sales," § 1.

EASEMENTS. Of pledge, see “Pledges.

Compensation for taking for public use, see DEPORTATION.

"Eminent Domain," $ 2. See "Aliens."

EJECTMENT. DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION. Conclusiveness of judgment, see "Judgment,"

$ 1. See "Executors and Administrators”; “Wills.” Review by Supreme Court, see “Courts," $ 7.

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