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Miriam's Song

Spiritual Worship

Ode to Disappointment

The Budding Leaf

Hymn to Virtue

The First Grave

The death of a Poet.


There is a Tongue in every Leaf

A Prayer

Better Moments


Ode to Duty

The Tomb of Cyrus

God an Unfailing Refuge

Who Loves me best?

The Sister's Voice

The Christian Poet

Christ's Nativity

The Jewish Captive's Lament


The Offering

Farewell to a Departed Friend

On the New Year

The Crucifixion

The Birds of Passage

The Offering

The Parted Spirit

Earth and Heaven

The Wizard

Advent Hymn

The Pilgrim's Home

A Mother's Love

The Mother's Grief

The Raising of Lazarus

Slavery—True Freedom

The Land which no mortal may



Ti mq Jufaut son.

Toy mother bade me weave a lay

A lay of love, for thee;
And I with willing mind obey,

Though tuneless all it be;
Though words but mock the fond excess
Of love, of hope, of tenderness,

Which thou hast wrought in me; And though my harp's degen’rate chords Faint echoes yield to powerless words.

O could my heart, flown to my tongue,

Dissolve itself in sound :
Or did my harp, now all unstrung,

With dulcet notes abound;
Then would I strike a chord should chain
The mind, and draw forth tears like rain,

When I am in the ground; But thou, should Heaven thy life prolong, May'st value e'en this rugged song.


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