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Page 3. line 18—For, and in 1870, read 1850, 12,726; 1860,

16,935; 1870, 17,181. Page 7, line 31—For Aaron Johnson, first Sheriff, read Thomas

Robinson, first sheriff. Page 16, line 23—For Hon. J. S Beriman, read Hon. J. S.

Berreman. Line 35—For William R. Millikan, read Wm. Millikan. Page 17, line 5—For Mrs. Beerley, read Mrs. Berry.

Page 19, line 14—For Croton, read Creighton.
Page 21, line 2—For-yearly bulls, read yearling bulls
Page 22, line 9—For Hegler, read Heagler.

Line 29—For Shane Indian, read Shawnee Indian. Page 24 line 6—For Jane and John are dead, read Jan is dead.

PERRY TOWNSHIP. Page 31,line 25—For George and Samuel Viniger, read Biniger. Page 32, line 9—For Geshrow Berdew, read Gersom Perdue. Page 33, line 16—For 1967, read 1867.

GREEN TOWNSHIP. Page 43, line 3—For Elisha Harber, read Elisha Harper, Esq. Line 21—For Jordon Pary, read Pavy.


Page 70, line 1—For 500 horses lost, read over $500 worth of horses lost.

Page 71, line 15—For Col. Anthony, read Col. James M. Huston.

Page 77, line 4—William Harrold was married to Miss Maggie Jones, by whom he had eight children, and he died in March, 1861.

MARION TOWNSHIP. Hezikiah Brown was omitted, in the war of 1812. Page 107, line 2—-For John Durham, read Joseph Durham. Page 111, line 10'—For Children, read relatives.

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