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wisdom and virtue, unstained by civil blood, undisturbed by revolution. Our own history finds an exact parallel, and to the same period of time. We have enjoyed our eighty-three years of unequalled prosperity. The second horse was red, the general and almost universal symbol of blood. “Rilling one another ” is the language of civil war. The peace they formerly enjoyed was taken from the earth. The pretorian guard, under their chief, during the period of sixty years, assassinated nine Roman emperors in succession. Peace had fled, and a reign of terror foreshadowed the decline and final destruction of Rome. The third horse was black. Black is the universal symbol of mourning and distress. There followed a condition of extreme poverty and oppression. The black mantle of night hung over the nation. The nation went down rapidly, and Soon that stage represented by the Pale Horse. Death sat upon the horse, and hell followed with him, and power was given to them to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. As Rome approached her final dissolution, the sword, pestilence, famine, and even destruction by the beasts of the earth were the dregs of the cup of wrath she was compelled to drink. We have followed Rome for eighty-five years. Universal prosperity and happiness has been ours. We have abandoned the white horse upon which we went forth from conquering to conquer. We are now on the red horse of civil war, and the temple of liberty is being pulled down over our own heads. How long shall we follow in the footsteps of the once glorious self-destroyed Roman Republic : STATESMEN AND CITIZENs The contrast suggests an important lesson.

This pamphlet will be published on fine paper, in lithographed and colored cover, showing the proposed Imperial Flag. It will be sold or mailed, postage pre-paid, to any part of the country, at twenty-five cents per copy. It will be sent to clubs, where twenty-five or more copies are ordered to one address, at twenty cents per copy. Sold at all bookstores and periodical depots.

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