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Purts 1. to IV., pách containing 32 pages Royal 8vo., price 7d.,
To be continued in future in Monthly Parts of 56 Pages each, price 1s.,


Of the English Language.
of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, based upon the Dictionaries of Johnson and Walker,
and comprehending all the principal terms which have been introduced and esta-
blished since their day to the present time in Literature, and in the various de-
partments of Natural and Mechanical Science, Arts and Manufacture, has been
long felt as a desideratum in British Literature, which, if well supplied, could not
fail to prove highly useful and acceptable to the Literary and Scientific World
wherever the English Language is read or spoken. To supply this desideratum,
is the object of the present Work. It will be completed in 34 Monthly Parts,
and form two handsome Royal Octavo Volumes, of about 1700 pages. Several thou-
sand words which occur in our old standard English authors will be embraced,
the obsolete being carefully marked as such, and quotations generally given from
the passages in which they occur. The roots from which the Terms are derived
are printed in Italics, obviating the difficulties which otherwise occur to persons
not familiar with the Greek, Hebrew, or other ancient alphabets. A compen-
dious Grammar of the English Language will be given during the course of pub;
lication; and, at the end of the Work, a copious Vocabulary of French, Latin, and
other foreign phrases and words now used by English writers. In Natural His.
tory all the classes, orders, families, and recognised genera of animals, plants, or
minerals, will be described, as now classified by the most eminent Naturalists;
in fact, notbing shall be wanting to render the Work one of universal reference
and useful information for the Private or Public Library, the Counting-House,
the School, or the University.

The Publisher has received a great many communications, inquiring who the author of the UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY is? In answer to all such Correspondents, MR. GILBERT has to state, that there exists no reason why the Author's name should not be known, save an earnest wish on his part that the Work should be tested solely by its own intrinsic worth. Mr. Gilbert, however, may state, that the gentleman in question is personally known, and his talents appreciated by some of the most eminent Professors in the Universities of London, Oxford, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, and that he is himself an Author of several publi: cations connected with Natural Science and Polite Literature, and has been for several years a Lecturer in one of our Universities. Parts I. to VI., in Royal 4to., each containing 3 Coloured Maps, at the extraordinary

price of 18., to be continued monthly, till completed in Twelve Parts, Gilbert's Modern Atlas of the World

With an Introduction to the Physical Geography of the Globe, and an Alphabetical

Index of the Latitudes and Longitudes of 25,000 Places.
The Proprietor trusts that the public approval which has been so extensively
bestowed upon his previous Works on Geography will be continued to the present
Publication. He is determined that it shall not only be by far the cheapest, but the
very best work that has ever been issued at treble the price, either in this or any
other country. The distinguishing features of the Work will be :-

1. Maps, beautifully engraved on steel, from original drawings, including very copious and the best accredited information derived from geographers and travellers of decided reputation.

2. Each Part will contain three Maps, accurately coloured in outline, 3. The Consulting Index of 25,000 Places, which will of itself be a Gazetteer of Reference, has been compiled with the greatest care.

4. The Divisional Maps of the Continents, each have a scale, showing the lineal dimensions of the respective countries in contrast with England; the same Maps have also the Points of the Compass, within the circle of which is introduced a miniature Map of the quarter of the globe in which the country is situated-showing at a glance the position and area each particular empire or state occupies in comparison with the Continent to which it belongs.

5. The Work will be completed in Twelve Parts, and the entire publication issued by February 1, 1847.

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THIRD EDITION, In 200 full-sized pages, price 3s. 6d., or with the Maps coloured, only 4s., bound, GILBERT'S GEOGRAPHY

For Families 'and Schools;


13 VERY SUPERIOR STEEL-PLATE MAPS, AND 4 WOOD-CUTS, viz.:Map of the World in Hemispheres, with pictorial representations of the Mountains and Waterfalls, and Scales of the principal Rivers--the Solar System-Modelled Map of Geographical Terms-A Delineation of the Sizes of the most noted LakesThe Seasons-The World as known at the Deluge-Ditto in the time of our Saviour-The Mariner's Compass-Maps of Europe British Isles-Asia-Africa-North America South America - Australasia-Diagrams of the Projections of Maps-And AN ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF THE LATITUDES & LONGITUDES OF

2,500 PLACES.

The following is a Selection of a few of the Criticisms of this important Work. “A very neatly got up, and very excellently digested, and usefully illustrated volume, than which we cannot recommend our readers to a more serviceable and pleasant guide to one of the most necessary and agreeable of studies."- Literary Gasette.

“A most excellent Geography, and one that we can cordially recommend.'Atlas.

“ The volume contains an immense mass of geographical information; the Maps, too, are very distinct."-Spectator.

“ This is really fit for the purpose it professes to serve, which is more than can be said of other geographies. It is illustrated with neatly drawn maps, one of which, representing the surface of land and water in relief, is a beautiful specimen of art.” -Gardener's Chronicle.

"It is admirably adapted to, and fully merits, the place which the proprietor intends it for in families and schools;' the more so, as it is remarkably cheap. It is also quite sufficiently copious for general reference; and to those who have too long neglected this very useful and entertaining study-and there are too many such, - this is exactly the book to take up, as it gives, in addition to the usual dry enumeration of rivers, towns, and inhabitants, numerous observations on the government, character, and condition of the different inhabitants of the globe. We are decidedly of opinion that the proprietor has succeeded in his “endeavour to produce an attractive and useful summary of the subject,' and think his wish 'that the book may become permanently established,'deserves to be gratified."-Court Journal.

“ This is a very great improvement upon the pre-existing geographical guides for the use of schools and families. It is simple in its definitions and descriptions, and enters into minute details with considerable perspicuity and great accuracy. The maps and diagrams are well drawn. We are well aware of the difficulty which exists in displacing old established class-books of any kind; but we feel convinced that when the one before us becomes known to preceptors and families generally, it will receive a most extensive patronage."-Weekly Dispatch.

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Gilbert's Outline Maps of the world; In Nine Steel-plate Foolscap 4to. Coloured Maps, with Diagram of Projections, and an Index of the Latitudes and Longitudes of 2100 Places ; well suited for Exercises in Map Drawing, and for Educational purposes. Price Is. 6d. sewed.

“ This, with the Author's Geography,' forms the best system of geographical study we have seen."-Methodist Magazine.

“ These two works, of which the second is subsidiary to the first, are deserving of great praise."-Spectator.

“The following up of these Outlines' will prove a salutary exercise."-Bap. Mag.

THE HOUSEHOLD BOOK OF PRACTICAL RECEIPTS, For all Branches of Domestic Economy and Family Uses. By Mrs. PEIRSON. Assisted by several Writers on Domestic Economy.

This valuable Work contains upwards of 500 Receipts in the several departments of Cookery, Brewing, Preserving, Pickling, Cookery for the Sick Room, Home-made Wines, Family Medicines, Effervescent or Cooling Beverages, Pastry, Marketing, Gardening, the Toilette, &c. &c. No family should be without it.

Also, Price ls., THE LAWS RELATING TO MASTERS AND APPRENTICES. By a Barrister-at-law. This little Treatise has been pronounced by the leading Journals to be one which all masters taking apprentices, and all apprentices binding themselves to masters, should possess. THE CHOLERA: a Treatise upon this terrible Disease, which again

menaces the British Islands with a speedy visitation. Price 6d. This little work contains the best mode of treatment, and hints for the adaptation of necessary precautions.

THE POISON OF TOBACCO! Price ls. This work proves to demonstration the poisonous nature of Tobacco, used in any shape--cither for smoking, chewing, or snuffing--and quotes a variety of medical authorities and examples of the ill-effects of the weed, to illustrate the argument.

A Manual for Shipmasters; In a series of Letters on their Qualifications, Duties, Powers, Responsibili. ties, &c. By JAMES LEES, Esq., author of “ The Laws of Shipping and Insurance." Price 58., bound in cloth.

It is rather anaccountable that in this country, there is no work exclusively appropriated to the explaining of the qualifications, the duties, and the powers of Shipmasters, and which may be used by them as a safe guide, in almost any cases which may occur, or any circumstance or situation in which they may be placed. Impressed with the conviction of the necessity for such a work, the author has brought out this “MANUAL FOR SHIPMASTERS," which he trusts will prove acceptable and valuable. The whole is supported by authorities, and a table of the authorities is added for consultation when necessary.

Just published, the 2nd Edition, price 78. 6d., of a Manual of the Laws of Shipping & Insurance, For the use of Merchants, Shipowners, Shipmasters, and the Legal Profession; with a very copious APPENDIX, containing the existing Statutes, including the new Merchant Seaman's Act, 7 & 8 Vict., Pilots and Customs. house Regulations, &c., and Forms of Deeds & Writs. By Jas. Lees, Esq.

Fourth EDITION, PRICB 58. The Freighters' Guide & Corn Merchants'

Assistant; With Tables of First and Second Class Goods, on a Decimal Scale, also of the Lumber Trade; accompanied by Rules, Examples, and Demonstrations, with a new set of Tables of Proportionate Rates of Freight, by Inspection, forming, at once, a Ready Reckoner and Pocket Companion; together with extensive Miscellany of Compendious Rules on tbe various and most intricate subjects connected with the Trade, whereby all difficult questions are solved with precision and accuracy. By GEORGE HARRISON, Shipbroker, Newcastle.



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The 33rd Thousand, price only ls. seved, or ls. 6d. bound,
With a very useful steel-plate Genealogical Chart of the Sovereigns of England, and

other Engravings,
Outlines of English History, ,

BY HENRY INCE, M.A. “A neat and accurate compendium, and written with perspicuity. The events of each reign are arranged under different heads, so as to give, at a glance, à comprehensive view of the whole." -Athenaeum.

“ There is a great deal of information in a small compass, and the author has availed himself of the latest authorities.”—Spectator.

“ Ince's Outlines is an excellent book to put into the learner's hands : it is clear and well arranged.”- Author Institute Circular.

“A very useful book for the instruction of youth, being a complete resume of the whole History of England.”—Metropolitan.

“ A well-digested little book."-Literary Gazette.

“A good compendium of our national history, manners, and customs; it contains the essence of very many volumes.”-Sunday School Mag. Also, in 18mo., price ls. sewed, or ls, 6d. bound, with Engravings, a very much

IMPROVED EDITION OF Ince's General Knowledge. * Contains, for its size, a remarkable quantity of interesting and well-arranged information. It would make a valuable present to Sunday-schools and lending libraries." -Athericum. Also in 18mo., price 18., (a Companion to the English History,) a New Edition of

Outlines of French History, With Notices of the Manners, Customs, Arts, &c. of the different Periods.

BY HENRY INCE, M.A, “ Mr. Ince is not of those men who speak much without saying anything; he says much in a few words.”-French Paper.

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Gilbert's Maps for Schools & separate use.

In Sheets, price 6d. Plain, or 9d. Coloured, viz.The Worldin Hemispheres | Asia, General.

North America. double Mup.

Ditto, Central, No.1, Tar- British and Russian AmeDitto, on Mercator's Pro.

tary, Bokhara, &c. rica. jection, with circles of the Ditto, Ditto, No. 2, Mon-Canadas, New Brunswick Progress of Geographical golia, Tibet, &c. United States.

[&c. Discovery, double Map. Ditto, Ditto, No.3, conti- Mexico and Texas. Europe.


(nued. Guatemalia, & West India England and Wales. Assam, &c.

Islands. Scotland.

Malay Peninsula, &c. South America, General
Oriental Islands.

Мар. .
Turkey in Asia.

Ditto, in four Maps, in-

cluding Columbia, BraHolland. Persia.

zil, Peru, Bolivia, La Prussia. India, North.

Plata, Chili, Patagonia, Sweden and Norway. Ditto, South.


[&c. Denmark.

Cabool, Affghanistan, Be. Van Diemen's Land. Russia and Poland.

loochistan, &c.

Pictorial Comparative Greece & the Ionian Isles. Syria and Palestine. View of the Mountains Spain and Portugal. Africa.

and Waterfalls of each Germany, North.

Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Hemisphere with Clouds Ditto, South. and Tripoli.

Comparative Chart of the Switzerland, and the Alps. Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia. length of the Rivers of Austria. Cape Colony.

each Hemisphere. Italy, North-& Corsica.

Guinea, Nigritia, Sene- Comparative View of the Ditto, South-& Sardinia. gambia.

[&c. size & form of the Lakes Turkey in Europe. Madagascar, Mozambique, of each Hemisphere.

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