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The following schedule exhibits the countries or groups of countries represented in the statements of commerce and navigation by countries in the following pages:

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26 Alaskaa

(United States.) 27 Bermuda

(British.) Off the east coast of the United States. 28 British Honduras.

DOMINION OF CANADA: 29 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,

Including Cape Breton Island and the smallerislands of Gran Mandan, Campobello, and Prince Edward Island.

ete, 30 Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba,

Including Anticosti and the Magdalen Islands.
Rupert Land, and the North-

west Territory
British Columbia.

Including Vancouver Island. 32 Newfoundland and Labrador.


Costa Rica on Caribbean Sea. 331

Costa Rice on the Pacitie. 31 Guatemala. 310

Guatemala on Caribbean Sea. 3-10

Guatemala on the Pacific. 35 Honduras

Including the Bay Islands of Ruatan, Utile, Bonacca, ctc. 3502

Honduras on Caribbean Sea. Including the Bay Islands of Ruatan, Utila, Bonacca, etc. 333

Ilonduras on the l'acific. 36 Nicaragua. 360

Nicaragua on Caribbean Sea. 361)

Nicaragua on the Pacific. 37 Salvador. 39 Mexico. 38a

Mexico on the Gulf. 380

Mexico on the Pacific. 39 Miquelon, Langley, and St. Pierre

(French.) Off the south coast of Newfoundland. Islands.

a For statements of trade between the United States and noncontiguous territory only,


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The Bahamas, including the Andros and Abaco islands, Great Bahama, New

Providence, Harbor Island, Great Inagua, Eleuthera, Long Island, and several
smaller islands; Barbados; Jamaica, to which are attached Turks, the Caicos and
Cayman islands, the Morant and Pedro Cays; the Leeward islands, comprising
Antigua (with Barbuda and Redonda), St. Kitts (with Nevis and Anguilla),
Dominica, Montserrat, and the Virgin Islands, viz, Tortola, Anegada, and Virgin
Gorda; Trinidad, with Tabago; the Windward Islands, comprising Grenada, St.
Vincent, the Grenadines (including Carriacou, Union, Cannouan, etc.), St. Lucia,

and other smaller British islands in the West Indies not specified.
St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas islands.
Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustache, and St. Martin (south part of)

islands. Desirade, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes, Martinique, Marie Galante, St. Martin (north

part of), and St. Bartholomew islands.

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48 Argentina
49 Bolivia.
50 Brazil,
51 Chile
52 Colombia.
53 Ecuador.
54 Falkland Islands

55 British.
56 Dutch.
57 French.
58 Paraguay.
59 Peru.

Uruguay. 61 Venezuela

Including the Galàpagos islands.

Including its adjacent islands.
Incinding its adjacent islands.

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(British.) Aden and dependencies.
Chinese Empire, including the adjacent islands of Hainan, etc., but excluding

Wei-hai-wai, for which see British China, and Macao, for which see Portuguese
possessions; Kiau-chau, for which see German China; l'ort Arthur and Talien-
wan, for which see Russian China, and Kwang-chau-wan, for which see French

Comprising Wei-hai-wei in the province of Shantung and territory in Kwang.

tung Province on mainland opposite Hongkong,
Comprising Kwang-chau-wan in the province of Kwangtung.
Comprising Kiauchau in the province of Shantung.
Comprising Port Arthur and salienwan on the Liaotung Peninsula.
India, comprising the following provinces: Bombay, Madras, Bengal, the Nortlı.
west Provinces, the Punjab, the Central Provinces and Oudh, the Northwestern
frontier province, Assani, Burma, Coorg. Ajmere Merwara and British Baluchis-
tan; and the protectorates of the native States of Haidarabad, Jammu, and Kash-
mir, Mysore, the Burma States, the Rajputana States (including Jodhpur, Bika-
ner, Jaipur, and other), Gwalior, Rewa, Bastar, and numerous smaller States not
specially mentioned; Ceylon, the Straits Settlements (including Penang, Welles-
ley Province, Perak, Malacca, Christmas Island, the Keeling Islands, and Singa.
pore); Laccadiye, Maldive, Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Labuan; North Bor-

neo, and other smaller possessions in India and the East Indies not specified, Bali, Banda, Borneo, except north coast, and the islands of Anamba, Laut, Natuna,

etc. (except Labuan, for which see British East Indies), adjacent to Borneo; Celebes, and the islands of Butong, Pangansane, Sangir, Siao, etc., adjacent to Celebes; Flores, Java, Lombok, Madura, the Molucca (including Amboina, Buro, Ceram, Gilolo, Ternate, etc.); New Guinea (west part of), Solor, Sumba (Sandal. wood), Sumbawa, Sumatra, and the islands of Banca, Billiton, Bintang, Karimon, Riau-Lingga Archipelago, Singkap, etc., off the east coast of Sumatra, and Engano, Mega, Nias, Pagai, etc., off the west coast of Sumatra; Timor (southwest part of), and the islands of Kisser, Savu, Simao, Wetter, etc., adjacent to Timor; and other

islands in Malaysia belonging to the Netherlands not specified. Settlement of Chandernagore, Karical, Pondichery, and Yanaon, on the east coast of Hindustan; settlement of Mahe on the west coast of Hindustan; and posses

sions in Cochin China; and Cambodia, Tonking, and Annam in Farther India. Settlement of Damao, Diu, and Goa, on the west coast of Hindustan; Macao Island,

off coast of China; Timor Island (northeast part of), etc., in Malaysia.
Including Formosa, and the Liu Kiu and Kurile Islands.
Siberia, including Saghalin Island; Bokhara and Khiva.
Asia Minor, Syria, and the adjacent islands of Khios, Lemnos, Mytilenc, Rhodes,

Samos, etc., in the Mediterranean, and Arabia.
Afghanistan, Baluchistan (not British), Maskat, Persia, and Siam.

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78 British Australasia
79 All other British Oceania

Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.
New Zealand and Tasmana.

Auckland, Fiji, Norfolk, Choiseul, Isabel, and other small islands of the Solomon

Group; Tonga, and all other not specified. a For statements of trade between the United States and noncontiguous territory only.


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New Caledonia and dependencies in Australasia; Marquesas and Society Islands,
including Tahiti and Moorea, Raiatea, Tubuai, and Vavitao, Wallis Archipelago,
Tuamotu, Gambier, and Rapa Islands, and Clipperton Island in Polynesia, and
all other French possessions not specitied.
Kaiser Wilhelm Land, in northeastern New Guinea; Bougainville and Buka of

the Solomon Group; Ladrones, Caroline, and Pelew Islands in Polynesia; the
Bismarck Archipelago, including the whole of New Pommern (formerly New
Britain), New Mecklenburg (forinerly New Ireland), New Lauenburg (formerly
ihe Duke of York Islands), the Admiralty, Hermit, New Hanover, Fischer, and
several smaller adjacent islands; Samoa other than Tutuila, and the Marshall

(United States.)
(United States.)
(United States.)
(l'nited States.)
(United States.)

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Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Lagos, Nigeria; also Ascension, St. Helena and

Tristan da Cunha Islands, and all other West Coast not specified.
Cape Colony and Natal.
British East Africa (mainland), British Somaliland, Zanzibar, Mauritius, and

Seychelle islands, and all other East Coast not specified.
Algeria and Tunis, on the north coast; the colony of Senegal, with St. Louis, Dakar

and Goree; French Guinea, including the island of Tombo; the Ivory Coast,
including the settlements of Grand Bassa, Grand Lahou, Grand Bassam, Assinie,
etc.; Dahomey, with Grand Popo and Porto Novo; French Congo, with Libre-
ville, Mayumba, and Loango on the west coast; French Somali coast, including
Obok, Jibutil, and the Tajura Bay; Reunion, Mayotte, and the Comoro Islands;

Madagascar and the adjacent islands of Nossi Be and St. Marie on the east coast.
Togoland, the Kamerun region, German Southwest Africa, German East Africa,

with the ports of Dar-es-Salaam, Bagamoyo, Pangani, and Tanga.
Italian possessions and protectorates in Africa, including Eritrea on the Red Sea,

the northeastern part of Somaliland, and other territory.

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94 Kongo Free State.
95 Liberia.
96 Madagascar
97 Portuguese Africa..

The Cape Verde Islands; Portuguese Guinea (including Bissao and adjacent terri-

tory south of the river Gambia, and the Bissagos Islands off the coast); Angola
(including the divisions of Kongo, Loanda, Benguela, Moscamedes, and Lunda),
and the islands of Principe and St. Thomas in the Gulf of Guinea in Western
Africa; Portuguese East Africa (including the districts of Lourenço Marquez,

Zambezi, and Mozambique).
Ceuta, the ports of Peñon de Velez and Melilla, the Alhucemas and Chafarinas

islands, on and off the north coast, and the Sahara Coast Protectorate, from Boco
Grande to (south) Cape Blanco, the Rio Muni and the islands of Fernando Po,
Annabon, Corisco, and Elobey and Cape San Juan.

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Morocco (not Spanish), Abyssinia, etc.

102 103 104

North Atlantic whale fisheries.
North Pacific whale fisheries.
All other whale fisheries.

a For statements of trade between the United States and noncontiguous territory only,

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