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7 L. R. A. 84, MERWIN v. AL'STIN, 58 Conn. 22, 18 Atl. 1029. Effect of insolvency on right of set-off.

Cited in Carroll v. Weaver, 65 Conn. 81, Atl. 489, holding ship owner's pay. ment of ship builder's order accepted before insolvency of builder, properly set off against debt to builder; St. Paul & M. Trust Co. v. Leck, 57 Minn. 92, 47 Am. St. Rep. 576, 58 N. W. 826, holding debtor's equitable sec-off unaffected by assign. ment; Salladin v. Mitchell, 42 Neb. 863, 61 N. W. 127, holding right of set-off unaffected by assignment in insolvency; Momsen v. Noyes, 105 Wis. 567, 81 N. W. 860, holding liability as surety may be set off against assignor's claim against surety.

Cited in notes (9 L. R. A. 108) on set-off of unliquidated cross demard; (13 L. R. A. 233) on surety's right to set off joint indebtedness where insolvency exists; (17 L. R. A. 461) on effect of immaturity of claim at time insolvency occurs on right of set-off.

Distinguished and disapproved in Huse v. Ames, 104 Mo. 99, 15 S. W. 965, holding surety cannot set off payments after assignment, although on debts past due at time of assignment. Right of insolvent's representative.

Cited in Carroll v. Weaver, 65 Conn. 81, 31 Atl. 489, holding as general rule trustee takes insolvent estate with its burdens and equities; Re Wilcox & H. Co. To Conn. 231, 39 Atl. 163, holding receiver of insolvent may also represent creditors; Woodbury's Appeal, 70 Conn. 457, 39 Atl. 791, holding trustee in insolvency to a limited extent, representative of debtor and creditors; Newton Sav. Bank v. Lawrence, 71 Conn. 368, 42 Atl. 225 (dissenting opinion), majority holding insolvency trustee takes insolvent's land unaffected by unrecorded mortgage; Central Trust Co. v. Worcester Cycle Mfg. Co. 128 Fed. 490, holding right of attaching creditor to proceeds of property surrendered to mortgage receiver under stipulation preserving rights, superior to that of subsequent trustee in insolvency. Right to contribution.

Cited in note (9 L. R. A. 227) on subrogation of surety on payment of claim.


7 L. R. A. 87, HODGES v. KOWING, 58 Conn. 12. 18 Atl. 979. Description of property.

Cited in Moayon v. Moayon, 114 Ky. 873, 60 L. R. A. 423, 72 S. W. 33, holding description covering all grantor's property acquired by will or otherwise and then owned by him, sufficient to uphold contract to convey. Remedy at law as bar to equitable relief.

Cited in Sabin v. Anderson, 31 Or. 495, 49 Pac. 870, holding attachment or garnishment not adequate remedy precluding bill in equity to discover assets fraudulently concealed; Lockett v. Robinson, 31 Fla. 138, 20 L. R. A. 68, 12 So. 649, holding claimant of lien without adequate remedy in law to reach proceeds of land sold under agreement with owner.

Cited in notes (11 L. R. A. 69) on jurisdiction in equity where remedy at law exists: (8 L. R. A. 626) on right to specific performance where adequate remedy at law.

Specific performance.

Cited in Andrews v. Babcock, 63 Conn. 116, 26 Atl. 715, holding vendor on same footing with vendee as to specific performance of contract for sale of land.

Cited in footnote to Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Chicago & W. I. R. Co. 35 L. R. A. 167, which refuses to require payment of interest not provided for as condition of specific performance of contract.

Cited in note (10 L. R. A. 127) as to when doctrine of laches cannot be invoked.

7 L. R. A. 90, HESS v. LOWREY, 122 Ind. 225, 17 Am. St. Rep. 355, 23 N. E. 156. Liability of partners for torts of others.

Cited in notes (37 L. R. A. 834) on liability of physician or surgeon for acts of others; (51 L. R. A. 495) on liability of partnership for torts. Evidence of transaction with deceased partner.

Disapproved in effect in Bay View Brewing Co. v. Grubb, 31 Wash. 43, 71 Pac. 553, holding evidence of transaction between party in interest and deceased member of partnership inadmissible. Waiver of right of action et contractu.

Cited in Rauh v. Stevens, 21 Ind. App. 651, 52 N. E. 997, holding right of action ex contractu may be waived for remedy er delicto; Lane v. Boicourt, 128 Ind. 421, 25 Am. St. Rep. 442, 27 N. E. 1111, holding, in action against physician for malpractice, plaintiff may waive tort. Abatement for nonjoinder.

Cited in Alexander v. Collins, 2 Ind. App. 179, 28 N. E. 190, and Boseker v. Chamberlain, 160 Ind. 117, 66 N. E. 448, holding plea in abatement for nonjoinder bad if it does not allege that parties are living and subject to process of court. Survival of actions in tort.

Cited in Hamilton v. Jones, 125 Ind. 177, 25 N. E. 192, holding right of action for wrong does not survive death of wrongdoer; Feary v. Hamilton, 140 Ind. 52, 39 N. E. 516, holding action survives only where injury affects primarily and principally property rights.

Cited in footnote to Perkins v. Stein, 20 L. R. A. 862, which holds survivable action for negligently driving over person.

Distinguished in Melvin er rel. McVey v. Evans, 48 Mo. App. 427, holding action for assault abates against surety on death of principal. Action quasi ex contractu for damages.

Cited in Holt Ice & Cold Storage Co. v. Arthur Jordan Co. 25 Ind. App. 319, 57 N. E. 575, holding action against storage company for damages to butter, ex contractu. Exhibition of injuries to jury.

Cited in South Bend v. Turner, 156 Ind. 427, 54 L. R. A. 400, 83 Am. St. Rep. 200, 60 N. E. 271, holding weapons, clothing, and wounds may be exhibited to jury; Arkansas River Packet Co. v. Hobbs, 105 Tenn. 38, 58 S. W. 278, upholding exhibition and exercise of injured leg before jury. Power of court to order medical or surgical examination. Cited in Terre Haute & I. R. Co. v. Brunker, 128 Ind. 554, 26 X. E. 178, hold.

L. R. A. AU.- VOL. I.-57.

ing motion to compel medical examination on second trial after plaintiff had rested, properly overruled; South Bend v. Turner, 156 Ind. 431, 54 L. R. A. 400, 83 Am. St. Rep. 200, 60 N. E. 271, holding abuse of court’s discretionary power to order physical examination of injured plaintiff, reviewable; Cook Brewing Co. v. Ball, 22 Ind. App. 663, 52 N. E. 1002, holding injured plaintiff may refuse to submit to medical examination without giving reasons therefor; Graves v. Battle Creek, 95 Mich. 270, 19 L. R. A. 642, 35 Am. St. Rep. 561, 54 N. W. 757, upholding court's power to compel injured plaintiff to submit to physical examination before the jury.

Cited in footnote to Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. Hill, 9 L. R. A. 442, which holds delicacy and refinement of feeling not ground for refusing to order surgical examination of plaintiff.

Cited in note (14 L. R. A. 468) on power to compel plaintiff to submit to physical examination.

Disapproved in Pennsylvania Co. v. Newmeyer, 129 Ind. 410, 28 N. E. 860, holding in absence of statute party not obliged to submit to physical examination: Union P. R. Co. v. Botsford, 141 U. S. 256, 35 L. ed. 739, 11 Sup. Ct. Rep. 1000, holding Federal court cannot order surgical examination of injured plaintiff.

Use of text-books on examination of expert witnesses.

Cited in Byers v. Nashville, C. & St. L. R. Co. 94 Tenn. 351, 29 S. W. 128, and Louisville, N. A. & C. R. Co. v. Howell, 147 Ind. 274, 45 N. E. 584, upholding reading of statements from writers of repute, on cross-examination to test expert's knowledge; Shover v. Myrick, 4 Ind. App. 16, 30 N. E. 207, holding scientific books may be referred to by experts to refresh their recollection; Butler v. South Carolina & G. Extension R. Co. 130 N. C. 20, 40 S. E. 770, holding that expert witness cannot be discredited by reading opposite opinion from textbook and asking him whether it is correct.

Cited in note (40 L. R. A. 567) on scientific books and treatises as evidence.

Instructions as to credibility of witnesses.

Cited in Mendenhall v. Stewart, 18 Ind. App. 271, 47 N. E. 943, holding instruction properly qualified, as to witness's interest as bearing upon credibility, not erroneous.

Conviction as bar to further prosecution.

Cited in footnote to People v. McDaniels, 59 L. R. A. 578, which holds prosecution for assault to commit murder barred by conviction of battery for same acts.

7 L. R. A. 93, PICKLE v. PEOPLE'S NAT. BANK, 88 Tenn. 380, 17 Am. St.

Rep. 900, 12 S. W. 919.

Right of payee to sue dra wee upon acceptance.

Cited in Cincinnati, H. & D. R. Co. v. Metropolitan Nat. Bank, 54 Ohio St. 68, 31 L. R. A. 655, 56 Am. St. Rep. 700, 42 N. E. 700, holding, without acceptance, holder of check cannot compel payment from drawee bank.

Disapproved in J. N. Houston Grocer Co. v. Farmers Bank, 71 Mo. App. 136, holding payee of checks cannot maintain action against drawee for payment on forged indorsements.

Proof of acceptance.

Cited in Jackson v. National Bank, 92 Tenn. 158, 18 L. R. A. 667, 36 Am. St. Rep. 81, 20 S. W. 802, holding paying to unauthorized person and charging to drawer's account sufficient proof of acceptance. Payment to unauthorized person.

Cited in Jackson Paper Mfg. Co. v. Commercial Nat. Bank, 199 Ill. 164, 59 L. R. A. 663, 93 Am. St. Rep. 113, 65 N. E. 136, and Jackson v. National Bank, 92 Tenn. 158, 18 L. R. A. 667, 36 Am. St. Rep. 81, 20 S. W. 802, holding drawee bank responsible unless paying check to payee or upon genuine indorsement; Western U. Teleg. Co. v. Bi-Metallic Bank, 17 Colo. App. 233, 68 Pac. 115, holding bank not relieved from liability for payment of check to person of same name as payee by delivery of check by drawer to such person. Receiving paper for collection.

Cited in note (7 L. R. A. 845) on ownership of paper indorsed in blank. Power of agents to indorse negotiable paper.

Cited in note (27 L. R. A. 401) on power of agents to indorse negotiable pa per.

7 L. R. A. 96, COLE v. HAND, 88 Tenn. 400, 12 S. W. 922.
Who entitled to benefit of statute giving wage-earners preference.

Cited in Pullis Bros. Iron Co. v. Boemler, 91 Mo. App. 92, holding superintendent of iron company not within statute according employees of insolvent corporations priority of payment.

Cited in note (18 L. R. A. 309) on who are laborers, employees, or servants within meaning of statutes giving them preference. Statutes imposing director's liability How construed.

Cited in Tradesman Pub. Co. v. Knoxville Car Wheel Co. 95 Tenn. 660, 31 L. R. A. 601, 49 Am. St. Rep. 943, 32 S. W. 1097, holding statutes making directors of insolvent corporations liable, strictly construed.

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7 L. R. A. 99, ATTY. GEN. v. DETROIT, 78 Mich. 545, 18 Am. St. Rep. 458,

44 N. W. 388. Citizenship.

Cited in Boyd v. Nebraska, 143 U. S. 168, 36 L. ed. 112, 12 Sup. Ct. Rep. 375, Reversing 31 Neb. 762, 48 N. W. 739, holding resident of Nebraska when taken into Union citizen of United States, although his father had not been naturalized.

Cited in note (8 L. R. A. 337) on possession of political rights not essential to citizenship. Regulation as to registration of voters.

Cited in Morris v. Powell, 125 Ind. 293, 9 L. R. A. 330, 25 N. E. 221, holding law requiring certain persons to be registered in order to vote, without requiring others to be, unconstitutional.

Cited in footnote to Barret v. Taylor, 36 L. R. A. 129, upholding right to have name registered as voter of unnaturalized minor who becomes qualified voter before revision of registry.

Cited in notes (8 L. R. A. 338) on qualification of voters registration law;

(10 L. R. A. 226) on election law; registration; (25 L. R. A. 481, 485) on how far right to vote is absolute. Limit of power of legi ture to regulate elective franchise.

Cited in Ferguson v. Allen, 7 Utah, 273, 26 Pac. 570; Detroit v. Rush, 82 Mich. 538, 10 L. R. A. 173, 46 N. W. 951, holding legislature may regulate but not destroy enjoyment of elective franchise; Todd v. Election Comrs. 104 Mich. 482, 29 L. R. A. 334, 64 N. W. 496, upholding act forbidding placing of name of any candidate in more than one column on official ballot; State ex rel. Brown v. McMillan, 108 Mo. 163, 18 S. W. 784, holding Australian ballot law constitutional; Mills v. Green, 67 Fed. 831, holding registration law, abridging right to vote, unconstitutional; Slaymaker v. Phillips, 5 Wyo. 497, 47 L. R. A. 858, 42 Pac. 1049 (dissenting opinion) majority upholding act making void, ballots not properly indorsed by election officers; Butler v. Ellerbe, 44 S. C. 286, 22 S. E. 425 (dissenting opinion) as to constitutionality of act requiring registration of voters.

Cited in footnote to Brewer v. McClelland, 17 L. R. A. 845, which holds statute requiring notice of claim to be legal voter from persons residing less than six months in county void.

Distinguished in Atty. Gen. ex rel. Reynolds v. May, 99 Mich. 545, 25 L. R. A. 328, 58 N. W. 483, upholding regulations to preserve purity of elections, although resulting in some inconvenience to voters. When whole act, void in part, must fall.

Cited in Butler v. Ellerbe, 44 S. C. 293, 22 S. E. 425 (dissenting opinion) as to invalidity of entire act part of which is unconstitutional.


8 Mont. 396, 20 Pac. 809.


Cited in footnote to State ex rel. Fleming v. Crawford, 14 L. R. A. 253, which grants mandamus to compel secretary of state to seal appointment of United States senator.

Cited in note (11 L. R. A. 763) on mandamus to control executive discretion. Liability of counties for torts and negligence.

Cited in note (39 L. R. A. 71) on liability of counties in actions for torts and negligence.

7 L. R. A. 111, WALKER v. VICKSBURG, S. & P. R. CO. 41 La. Ann. 795,

17 Am. St. Rep. 417, 6 So. 916. Contributory legligence.

Cited in Bemiss v. New Orleans City & Lake R. Co. 47 La. Ann. 1675, 18 So. 711, holding passenger going from one car to another while train is moving cannot recover if thrown off.

Cited in note (8 L. R. A. 674) on contributory negligence of passenger. Alighting from moving car.

Cited in Odom v. St. Louis S. W. R. Co. 45 La. Ann. 1203, 14 So. 734, 23 L. R. A. 153, 'holding passenger carried beyond his station, jumping from moving train, cannot recover; Burgin v. Richmond & D. R. Co. 115 N. C. 675, 20 S. E.

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