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Cited in notes (39 L. R. A. 586, 588) on government control over right of fishery; (9 L. R. A. 807) on fishery rights; (8 L. R. A. 449) on property in feræ naturæ; (36 L. R. A. 593, 598) on power of municipal corporation to define, prevent, and abate nuisances. Due process of law.

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Cited in footnotes to Eichenlaub v. St. Joseph, 18 L. R. A. 590, which holds no judicial proceeding necessary to authorize tearing down of wooden building within fire limits; State v. Robbins, 8 L. R. A. 438, which refuses to direct summary destruction of gaming devices seized.

Cited in notes (19 L. R. A. 197) on right to compensation for property destroyed in abating public nuisance; (36 L. R. A. 606) on extent of municipal right to take or destroy property in abatement of nuisance; (38 L. R. A. 167) on municipal power over buildings and other structures as nuisances; (9 L. R. A. 716) on abatement of nuisance by action.

Distinguished in Colon v. Lisk, 153 N. Y. 195, 60 Am. St. Rep. 609, 47 N. E. 302, Affirming 13 App. Div. 202, 43 N. Y. Supp. 364, denying power of legislature to arbitrarily provide for forfeiture to state of any boat used in interfering with oysters or other shell fish of another; Josh v. Marshall, 33 App. Div. 79, 53 N. Y. Supp. 419, holding seizure of 113-inch bar nets used more than 1 mile from shore not justified under fisheries statute making use within 1 mile nuisance; Fox v. Mohawk & H. River Humane Soc. 25 App. Div. 29, 48 N. Y. Supp. 625, Reversing 20 Misc. 467, 46 N. Y. Supp. 232, holding statute subjecting unlicensed dog to summary destruction unconstitutional where not declared nuisance; New York Sanitary Utilization Co. v. Health Department, 61 App. Div. 113, 70 N. Y. Supp. 510, holding statute declaring boiling garbage within city limits unlawful, void where not actually nuisance; People ex rel. Copcutt v. Board of Health, 140 N. Y. 10, 23 L. R. A. 484, 37 Am. St. Rep. 522, 35 N. E. 320, holding board of health liable for destruction of dam unless same in fact nuisance; Houston v. State, 98 Wis. 486, 42 L. R. A. 48, 74 N. W. 111, holding destruction of healthy animals under statute against diseased does not found statutory "claim against state;" Chicago & E. R. Co. v. Keith, 67 Ohio St. 293, 60 L. R. A. 530, 65 N. E. 1020, holding unconstitutional statute requiring railroads to construct ditches by side of roadbed. Construction of statutes.

Cited in People ex rel. Holmes v. Lane, 53 App. Div. 536, 65 N. Y. Supp. 1004, holding statute creating office of police justice not void in toto by reason of unconstitutional provision for exclusive jurisdiction; Rathbone v. Wirth, 150 V. Y. 479, 34 L. R. A. 416, 45 N. E. 15, holding unconstitutional provision disqualifying party for office unless member of particular political party sonders statute providing for bipartisan police board, void; Newman v. People. 23 Colo. 308, 47 Pac. 278, holding statute authorizing seizure of gambling devices without notice constitutional, irrespective of validity of section authorizing destruction thereof; Re Burger, 21 Misc. 372, 47 N. Y. Supp. 292, holding provision relating to present incumbent fails where part of unconstitutional act extending term of officer; Hennessey v. Volkening, 30 Abb. N. C. 111, 22 N. Y. Supp. 534, construing statute providing for collection of water rents from all buildings on street supplied with distributing pipes, to authorize collection only from premises using water.

Cited in notes (10 L. R. A. 196) on partial invalidity of statutes; (11 L. R. A. 583) on construction of redelegated powers.

Lake Ontario.

Cited in People v. Featherly, 35 N. Y. S. R. 159, 12 N. Y. Supp. 389, holding Great Sodus bay part of Lake Ontario within exemption of statute regulating duck shooting

7 L. R. A. 139, RAPPLEYE v. RACINE SEEDER CO. 79 Iowa, 220, 44 N. W. 363. Right to assign contract.

Cited in Worden v. Chicago & N. W. R. Co. 82 Iowa, 735, 48 N. W. 71, holding contract to furnish coal not in law assignable; Jackson v. Sessions, 109 Mich. 222, 67 N. W. 315, holding assignment by subvendees of rights in contract for purchase of timber void as between assignee and original vendor; D. C. Hardy Implement Co. v. South Bend Iron Works, 129 Mo. 230, 31 S. W. 599, holding executory contract with partnership may be repudiated by person contracting with firm, upon one partner withdrawing therefrom.

7 L. R. A. 143, PATTERSON v. LECKIE, 83 Ga. 703, 10 S. E. 355. Power of appointment.

Cited in Stearns v. Fraleigh, 39 Fla. 616, 39 L. R. A. 709, 23 So. 18, holding power of beneficiary in deed to appoint trustee possesses none of the elements of an estate.

Cited in footnote to Cotting v. De Sartiges, 16 L. R. A. 367, which holds intent to execute power of appointment not shown by will not referring to power.

7 L. R. A. 145, THOMAS v. WABASH, ST. L. & P. R. CO. 40 Fed. 126. Statutes partly good and partly bad.

Cited in note (10 L. R. A. 196) on statutes valid in part and invalid in parti

Special and exclusive privileges.

Cited in note (14 L. R. A. 582) on constitutional equality of privileges, immunities, and protection.

7 L. R. A. 149, WOOD v. ST. PAUL CITY R. CO. 42 Minn. 411, 44 N. W. 308. Authenticated affidavits from another state.

Cited in Duggan v. Washougal Land & Logging Co. 10 Wash. 85, 38 Pac. 856, holding verification of lien before notary of another state certifying to jurat sufficient; Hickey v. Collom, 47 Minn. 568, 50 N. W. 918, holding authentication of affidavit by clerk of court of another state incomplete; Re Pancoast, 129 Fed. 645, holding signature and seal sufficient proof, in first instance, of official character of notary out of state.

Cited in note (38 L. R. A. 411) on mechanic's lien under contract made or performed in another state.

7 L. R. A. 151, MOORE v. SANFORD, 151 Mass. 285, 24 N. E. 323. Pendency of proceedings as affecting rights.

Cited in Newburyport Water Co. v. Newburyport, 85 Fed. 726, holding water company having petitioned state court for appraisal of its property for public use can apply to Federal court to test validity of statute; Norcross v. Cambridge, 166 Mass. 510, 33 L. R. A. 843, 44 N. E. 615, holding pendency of petition for damages for taking land does not prevent action to determine validity of act for taking; Boston & M. R. Co. v. Graham, 179 Mass. 67, 60 N. E. 405, holding lessee of railroad petitioning for determination of value of stock of dissenting stockholders of lessor not bound to admit right to dissent. Legislative determination of necessity to take land for public use.

Cited in Butte, A. & P. R. Co. v. Montana Union R. Co. 16 Mont. 529, 31 L. R. A. 306, 50 Am. St. Rep. 508, 41 Pac. 232, holding necessity to take property for railroad follows from determination that it is for public use; Re Kingman, 153 Mass. 572, 12 L. R. A. 421, 27 N. E. 778, holding determination by legislature that sewage system necessary for certain territory conclusive; Connecticut River Lumber Co. v. Olcott Falls Co. 65 N. H. 388, 13 L. R. A. 836, 21 Atl. 1090, holding abandonment by state of public right to float logs down a stream when it grants a manufacturing company the right to use the water power thereon, not inferable from fact that the manufacturing business is the more important; Ulmer v. Lime Rock R. Co. 98. Me. 591, 66 L. R. A. 393, 57 Atl. 1001, upholding right of railroad company to condemn land for purpose of building branch track to quarry.

Cited in note (8 L. R. A. 58) on right of eminent domain.

7 L. R. A. 154, RAMSDELL v. NEW YORK & N. E. R. CO. 151 Mass. 245, 23

N. E. 1103.
Construction of Massachusetts employer's liability act.

Cited in Clark v. New York, P. & B. R. Co. 160 Mass. 41, 35 N. E. 104, holding administrator no right of action for instant death of intestate, without widow or dependent rext of kin; Gustafsen v. Washburn & M. Mfg. Co. 153 Mass. 471, 27 N. E. 179, holding widow only person who could maintain action for negligent instantaneous killing of her husband; Dacey v. Old Colony R. Co. 153 Mass. 118, 26 N. E. 437, holding action not maintainable under statute of 1887, for death due to negligence of coemployee; Daly v. New Jersey Steel & I. Co. 155 Mass. 5, 28 N. E. 1056, holding action for instantaneous killing of unmarried man should be brought in name of dependent next of kin only; Vetaloro v. Perkins, 101 Fed. 394, holding nonresident alien widow not debarred from right of action under liability act of 1887. Action for death.

Cited in note (17 L. R. A. 77) on measure of recovery for death caused by neg. ligence.

7 L. R. A. 156, BATES v. WESTBOROUGH, 151 Mass. 174, 23 N. E. 1070. Liability of private person for discharge of surface water upon another's

land. Cited in Fitzpatrick v. Welch, 174 Mass. 486, 48 L. R. A. 279, 55 N. E. 178, upholding judgment for damages for discharge of water from defendant's gutter upon plaintiff's land; Smith v. Faxon, 156 Mass. 596, 31 N. E. 697, holding private landowner cannot collect surface water into definite channel and discharge it on neighbor's land. Stopping up drains of landowners.

Cited in O'Brien v. Worcester, 172 Mass. 353, 52 N. E. 385, upholding action for damages for backing up of water upon plaintiff's premises due to walling up of old sewer. Surface waters.

Cited in Champion v. Crandon, 84 Wis. 410, 19 L. R. A. 857, 54 N. W. 775, holding action not maintainable for damages due to diversion of surface water by change of street grade; Collins v. Waltham, 151 Mass. 198, 24 N. E. 327, holding city not liable for overflow of surface waters from gutters upon adjacent land; Byrne v. Farmington, 64 Conn. 374, 30 Atl. 138, holding town not obliged to keep open surface water sluiceway across roadway. Statutory remedies.

Distinguished in Woodbury v. Beverly, 153 Mass. 247, 26 N. E. 851, holding municipality liable for affecting flow of surface water from land by change of street grade; Holleran v. Boston, 176 Mass. 77, 57 N. E. 220, holding remedy for changing flow of surface water by changes for park purposes, to be statutory. Liability of city for nuisance.

Cited in Nevins v. Fitchburg, 174 Mass. 550, 47 L. R. A. 314, 55 N. E. 321, holding city liable for nuisance caused by ending sewer in private tailrace under culvert in road.

Cited in footnotes to Miles v. Worcester, 13 L. R. A. 841, which holds city liable for encroachment by retaining wall on filling school yard; Long v. Elberton, 46 L. R. A. 428, which denies liability of city to neighboring property owners for erection of prison within city limits unless so negligently maintained as to constitute nuisance; Hughes . Auburn, 46 L. R. A. 636, which denies city's liability for disease due to neglect of proper sanitary precautions as to sewer system; Duncan v. Lynchburg, 48 L. R. A. 331, which denies city's liability for nuisance by pollution of water in unauthorized operation of rock quarry outside city limits.

Liability of city as to sewers.

Cited in Roberts v. Dover, 72 N. H. 154, 55 Atl. 895, holding city liable for injury to private property from overflow of sewer.

Cited in footnote to Nevins v. Fitchburg, 47 L. R. A. 312, which denies city's right to discharge sewer into tailrace.

C'ited in note (61 L. R. A. 684, 698) on duty and liability of municipality with respect to drainage. Defects in plan of construction.

Cited in Buckley v. New Bedford, 155 Mass. 66, 29 N. E. 201, holding landowner draining into sewer by permit could not recover against city for sewer water backing into cellar. Work of construction and repair.

Cited in Melrose v. Hiland, 163 Mass. 309, 39 N. E. 1031, holding power and duty of town to repair common drain through private land same as if in highway; Norton v. New Bedford, 166 Mass. 51, 43 N. E. 1034, holding city responsible for personal injury due to negligence of its officials in construction of sewer; Allen v. Boston, 159 Mass. 336, 38 Am. St. Rep. 423, 34 N. E. 519; Hamlin v. Biddeford, 95 Me. 315, 49 Atl. 1100, holding city liable for damages due to failure to keep sewer in repair; Bryant v. Westbrook, 86 Me. 455, 29 Atl. 1109, holding municipal officers assuming construction and repair of highways act as public officers; Melrose v. Hiland, 163 Mass. 309, 39 N. E. 1031, holding that care of drain is upon municipality, and that officials act as its agents.

Distinguished in Hewett v. Canton, 182 Mass. 224, 65 N. E. 42, holding town not liable for damages from surface water caused by construction of street railway, under permit from selectmen. Lability for damages resulting from performance of public duty.

('ited in Hughes v. Monroe County, 79 Hun, 126, 29 N. Y. Supp. 495, holding county not liable for negligent injury to servant employed in insane asylum; Workman v. New York, 63 Fed. 302, holding city fire boat by duty to extinguish fires, not absolved from use of ordinary care to prevent collision; Howard v. Worcester, 153 Mass. 428, 12 L. R. A. 161, 25 Am. St. Rep. 651, 27 N. E. 11, holding city in building schoolhouse not liable for negligent injury to traveler upon adjoining highway; Lenzen v. New Braunfels, 13 Tex. Civ. App. 369, 35 S. W. 341, holding city liable for negligence in maintaining waterworks preventing fire from being extinguished. Liability of municipality for negligence.

Cited in footnote to Snider v. St. Paul, 18 L. R. A. 151, which holds city not liable for negligence of agents in providing and maintaining city hall.

Cited in notes (9 L. R. A. 210) on liability of municipality for neglect of its officers or agents; (19 L. R. A. 454) on distinction between public and private functions of municipal corporations as to liability for negligence.

7 L. R. A. 160, JAY COUNTY v. TAYLOR, 123 Ind. 148, 23 N. E. 752. Contract of employment by public officers.

Cited in Henderson v. New York, 65 App. Div. 183, 72 N. Y. Supp. 609, holding city not liable to attorney employed by town three days before annexation to city to test validity of annexation act; Liggett v. Kiowa County, 6 Colo. App.

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