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The Race of the Age.


gested by the statement just quoted. What falling apple to the logical conclusion
are we going to do? This is the age of steam, gravitation. Everybody knows the facts about
the age of electricity. We must keep up in the blood, but only Dr. Plerce followed them

to the conclusion that if disease began in the What & race!


blood, the cure must begin there also. That.

was the first step. The next step was to find Our readers may ransack the pages of his. But how long can we keep up when we are the needed cure - to tory for two thousand years but they won't depending on a false strength? No longer, And recorded another race like this one wbich. relatively, than the children kept up their race

WIN THE RACE. means so much to millions of Americans. with the train. What we need is more brawn Hero is what & studious observer who wit. and less brandy, more blood and better blood.

Aside from the fact that Dr. Pierce is a nessed what he calls “a preliminary heat" It's as impossible to get strength from stimu. physician by birth, a physician by choice, and says: lants as to batch a turtle dove from the egg of

& physician by training, he had facilities en. The train was just pulling out of Englewood, a mud turtle. Strength of body depends on a joyed by no other physician, living or dead. puffing and panting with its mighty efforts. pure and plentiful blood current, for science

As head of the World's Dispensary and Surgl. As it slowly gained speed it came on a lot of has never advanced a fact beyond the state.

cal Institute, in constant practice and con. tow-headed children roosting on a lence, who

ment of Moses that “The Blood is The Life." sultation, treating successfully hundreds of sboited and waved as the cars came up, and But every generation of Investigation shows

thousands of cases, many of them the so-called then, as if with a common impulse, every

the statement to be true in a wider, deeper and hopeless cases, glven up by every other physi. child leaped to the ground and began a race

broader sense than was dreamed of in the clan, he was in a position to make practical with the train. The race was of short dura. past. Bad blood means bad morals. Foul proof of his knowledge. His success, the record blood and soul living go together. The taint

of his triumph, is written in tens of thousands in the blood has an ecbo in salacious speech, a

of testimonials received from grateful men and shadow in corrupt conduct. Side by side with

women. physical breakdowns we see the moral break.

The following are fair samples of many downs; defaulting cashiere, dishonest clerks, thousands of letters received by Dr. Pierce: faithless husbands, false wives. It all begins

“It was near the little town of Leroy, w. with the blood. And any hope of reform must Va., and during the month of March, 1896, that begin with the blood, too. You can't divorce a young man lay pale and motionless upon the mental and moral from the physical. (what the neighbors called) his dying bed. There is no special tood that feeds the intellec. Disease of the lungs, liver complaint, kidney tual man, no manna of the mind. The mind is trouble, and pleurisy were fast hastening him tarved as the body is fed or starved.

to the grave. The doctors had given him up to Thin blood and weak nerves shake the throne

die. The neighbors said, he cannot live." of reason. Starvation of the blood and nerves

Oh, I would not care to die,' he said,''were it drives men and women to mental, moral, and

not for leaving my dear wife and little child, physical destruction. It is easy to understand

but I know that I must die.' A brother had in the light of these facts the reason for the

presented him with three bottles of medicine, enormous percentage of cures effected by Dr.

but he had no faith in 'patent medicines'; but Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It begins

after the doctors had given him up to die and at the beginning with the blood. It cures

he had banished every hope of recovery, he practically a wide range of diseases because

said to his wife, 'Dear wife, I am going to die, many forms of disease have their origin in the there can be no harm now in taking that medi. blood. It is a scientific compound based, not

cine. I will begin its use at once.' He did upon theory but upon the practical, common.

begin to use it, and at first he grew worse, but sense proof that if you purify, enrich, and

soon there came a change. Slowly but surely vitalize the blood you overcome disease in

he got better. To-day that man is strong and tion. As the machine left the panting little

any organ. “The Golden Medical Discovery” healthy and he owes his life to that medicine. runners behind, this gray haired onlooker heals disease in just this way. It begins first

What was the medicine? It was Dr. Pierce's smiling sadly remarked: “Young America all of all to strengthen the body through the blood

Golden Medical Discovery,' and I, Luther over. Nothing too swift for them to race and every ounce of new blood and pure blood Martin, am the cared man. Dr. Pierce, I thank against." "Yes, you couldn't find a fitter ex. counts against disease.

you from the very depth of my heart for res. emplification of the familiar saying The This is only common sense. Few people be

cuing me from the grave." The foregoing is

from Luther Martin, Esq., a prominent citizen child is the father of the man' than in that lieve that consumption is curable. Its no use

of Lubec, Wood Co., W. Va. group of children racing against the train. to argue the question. But here's a man, who, It's but a preliminary heat of the great race at twenty-five, was coughing, spitting blood, vt., writes: “I had been out of health for

M. L. Messer, Esq., of Garfield, Lamoille Co., their parents are engaged in. As a physician sweating his strength away at nighi, his face

about two years. Suffered with pain in head, I realize as perhaps you do not," he continued, ruddy with the hectic tinge of fever. He "the erroneous change that fifty years have thinks he has consumption. His friends think

nervousness, could not sleep, poor appetite, made in our national life. People point back

loss of flesh; caused by overwork. Doctors so. His doctor has as much as told him so.

did not help me, so I applied to you for advice, to grandmothers and greatgrandmothers and And so they assume he can't be cured. He

and described my case. You replied, advising say

takes Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
loses his cough, stops spitting blood, gains

me to use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis.
flesh, gains strenth, forgets he ever was sick, covery’and 'Pellets.' I did so, and after using

one bottle I could sleep better and felt better. Compare them with the women of today!

and bids fair to live until he is 80. Will his How straight they were and how strong, how friends insist when he does die at a good ripe Discovery' and two vials of' Pellets,' I find

After using six bottles of the 'Golden Medical hardy and how helpful they were, how heartily

age that he died of consumption? His doctor they ate and how heartily they laughed. They just to persist in his doctrine that consumption myself gaining in flesh and I am almost en.

tirely cured.” didn't smoke cigarettes and sip cordials and is incurable may still say that after the fifty. depend on chloral for sleep. They were a dif. five additional years of comfort and happiness

TO ALL OF OUR READERS feront race from the bloodless, dragged out, consumption finally undermined his constitu. narcotic-and-stimulant.using women of to-day. tion and killed him. What of it?

who will defray postage (as specified below) Now that's all true in general and yet it misses

Dr. Pierce offers his great work, the “Common the main point by failing to consider the vast


Sense Medical Adviser," free. This marvelous difference in the conditions under which life

book contains over 1,000 pages and 700 illustra. is being lived by the man and woman of to. what he finally died of so long as he was saved tions and is a cyclopedia of intormation on day. Our ancestry sauntered though life. to live a long, useful, and happy life? It every subject relating to health. It is valu.

doesn't matter much to us and to our families able at every stage, and to every age of lite. Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife

and friends what we die of when we've lived It“ holds the mirror up to nature," and enables Their sober wishes never learned to stray; Along the cool sequestered vale of life

out our life. Consumption, too, begins in the men and women to know the laws that govern They kept the even tenor of their way. blood. The first need of every weakly consti. their beings, their responsibility to their off.

tution is blood, blood for muscles, sinews, spring, and how to lay the foundations of “To-day, as men and women, millions of us nerves, arteries; blood for the servant matter, family life so securely, that on them may be do in earnest what those children did in play; and blood for the master mind. It is a notable reared a perfect home. Women who have we run a race dally against steam, against fact that when every student of physiology borne children too rapidly and experienced electricity and all the modern appliances for could tell you just what blood is to brain and the usual depletion of their vitality find speed. Is it any wonder men and women take body, that it was reserved for one man to the way in the “Common Sense Medical Adto stimulants and narcotics? It isn't deprav- follow out the fact to its logical conclusion in viser" to put themselves in harmony with ity. It isn't because we are less of women or the treatment of disease. Dr. R. V. Pierce, nature, and restore to them a condition of less of men than our ancestors. It's because chief consulting physician to the Invalids, happy, healthful enjoyment of family life, we're keyed up to the straining point all the Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N.Y., This book, in paper covers, is sent for 21 one. time, and the nerves won't stand the daily was the man for the emergency. There is cent stamps to cover cost of mailing only. A strains and drains without protest. They call always one man who meets the need of the stronger and bulkier volume of the same the effervescent bravery of the man in liquor times, who fastens on to a fact and follows it work, bound in cloth, will be sent for an extra • Dutch courage.' You might as well name the until he reaches the goal of practical results. ten stamps (81 stamps in all). Each conteing effervescent strength gained by stimulants From the days of Adam down, men have lain the same matter and illustrations. Address • Dutch strength. It is not strength at all. under apple trees and watched the falling World's Dispensary Medical Associaticn, There is a ton of solid fact to reflect on, sug- fruit. But only Isaac Newton followed the Buffalo, N.Y.

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The germs of consumptíon are everywhere.

There is no way but to fight them.

If there is a history of weak lungs in the family, this fight must be constant and vigorous.

You must strike the disease, or it will strike you.

At the very first sign of failing health take Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver Oil with Hypophosphites.

It gives the body power to resist the germs



500. and $1.00, all druggists.

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SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.


EON FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. Dr. Benjamin Andrews 18 inuch criticised by the writers of small editorials on account of his advocacy of free noon-day luncheon for school children.

Theoretically the idea is a grand one, and as yet, no arguments have been advanced against its practicability. Indeed, it is said that the plan is in successful operation in several of our large cities.

Much of the irritability in school children is caused by abused stomachs. A hearty noon. day meal of indigestible foods, and in many instances, no dinnor at all, are the causes for much of the sluggishness and ill-tomper that visit the school-room, particularly in the afternoon.

Then again, where children are given a moderate allowance for the noon meal, the science of eating is understood by so few, that the needs of the body are not supplied in proper proportions.

Few people understand well the composition of foods and the effects that different methods of cooking heve upon the digestibility of the foods. Hence many children are made glug. gish by an excess of carbonaceous foods; others are made thin and nervous by too much phosphate, and others again are made cross and sullen looking by a tired stomach that is ever wrestling with improperly cooked substances.

If the child were studied in school with the view of discovering what his organism lacks, and then have the needed elements supplied at the noon-day meal, the public schools would be taking the logical step of preparing a wellbalanced organism in which to develop & sound mind.

The habits of chewing gum and candy. smoking and drinking would receive a death. blow, for when all the tissues of the body are sufflciently fed, a peaceful, satisfied calm pervades the body. Then, too, the foods eaten at these meals and the styles of preparation might serve as guides for the children and their parents in making up the other two meals of the day.

Let the day soon come when this plan will be put into execution and, in the meanwhile, let us encourage Dr. Andrews to give us more of such noble ideas.

John A. KERNS,
Principal Cranston Grammar School.

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As well as

the skin.
No other Cosmetic

will do it.

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Removes Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Moth Patches, Rash and Skin diseases, and every blemish on beauty, and defies de tection. On its virtues it has stood the test of forty-eigh years; no other has and is so harmless, we taste it to be sure it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of similar

name. The distinguished Dr. L. A, Sayer, said to a lady of the haut-lon (& patient): "As you ladies will use them, I recommend, Gouraud's Cream'as the least harmful of all the skin preparations."

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout he U.S., Canada and Europe.

FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y.

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A NECESSITY. The necessity for taking a good spring medicine to purify the blood and build up the system is based upon natural and unavoidable causes. In cold weather there has been legs perspiration and the impurities have not passed out of the system as they should. Food has consisted largely of rich and fatty sub. stances and there has been less opportunity for outdoor exercise. The best spring medicine is that which most thoroughly purifies the blood and gives it richness and vitality. For the purposes of a spring medicine no other preparation equals Hood's Sarsaparilla. Its great popularity and Its general use among all classes of people prove that it has been found to be the best blood purifier and tonic on the market to-day.


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You work at home or travel, showing, appointing agents,

and taking orders, Patented "Quaker" Bath Cab. inet. 97.000 sold. Demaod unlimited. Home De cessity. Turkish, Hot Air Vapor, Sulphur or Medicated Baths at Home, 8 cts. Puri. fies system, produces Oleanliness, Health, Strength. Prevents disease, obesity. Oures Cold, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, LaGrippe, Malaria. Eczema, Catarrh, Female Ds, Blood, skin, Nerve, Kidney troubles. Beantities Complexion.

Guarantred best made. Price, $5. Wt., 5 lbs. Write today.Book Free. K. WORLD MFG. 00.,Olnclanat1,0.

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SCHERMERHORN & co., LORING & CO., Dept. 103,



Favorite Actress Cured by Loring's Foods.

Alice Porter of Armstrong and Porter, the popular sketch artists, writes thus from her summer address, 1853 Walker St., Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio: MESSRS. LORING & Co.,

42 W. 22nd St., New York, NY. Gentlemen :- l'pon the recommendation of some of my friends I commenced to take, about the Ist of April, your Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Foods, and in 5 weeks since then I have gained 28 pounds. I am an actress and during the past season I have had so much work and extra acting to do, especially at the continuous performance theatres, that I became worn out and so very thin, that I found that I must do something or lose my engagement, so began taking your foods with the above results. My friends say, “How much better you look," and I am so thankful that I can hardly find words to express it. You have my permission to use this together with my photograph for advertising purposes and if I should receive any inquiries I shall be glad to answer them. Hoping you will have the same success with thousands of others, I remain,

Yours very truly,

ALICE PORTER. Fat-Ten-U Tablets $1 a bottle. Liquid Fat-Ten-U $1 a bottle. Corpula $1 a bottle. WRITTEN GUARANTEE to refund the price if Corpula and Fat-TenU are taken according to directions, without good results. THE HENRY MEDICAL DISPENSARY (Medical Department of Loring & Co.,) is the largest and best appointed in the world. Its physicians are the most skilful, and its appliances for the successful treatment of all diseases are the most complete and embrace every recent worthy invention for the benefit of suffering humanity. Address our Medical department at New York or Chicago for free advice about thinness or any disease. Letters addressed by ladies to Mrs. Dr. Amy

M Henry, who has charge of our Woman's Department, will be opened and an. swered by Mrs. Henry or her chief assist

ant Be sure and write to our Medical Department and describe your case if ruptured. Best truss and treatment on earth. Send letters and mail, express, or C.0. D. orders to Loring & Co., proprietors, Send for free copy of “How to Get Plump and Rosy." Mention department as below. Use only the nearest address.

Nos. 58-60 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.
No. 42 W.220 St., New York City.
No. 3 Hamilton Place, Boston, Mass.


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An illustrated list of high class reproductions suitable for school decoration, selected from general catalogue. Mailed upon receipt of 10 cents in stamps. Berlin Photographic Co., Fine Art Publishers, 14 E. 23rd St.


OLD SOUTH LEAFLETS. Reprints of important historical docu. ments with bibliographical notes. Indispensable for teachers. Eighty-five leaflets now ready. Send for completed lists.

DIRECTORS OLD SOUTH WORK Old South Meeting House, Boscon, Mass.


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Write to-day for reduced pricos.
Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Vlolins

Sold DIRECT. Save you 50 per cent
United States Music Co., 213 Hewitt Block, Cin. 0.


AT NOBTH CONWAY, N. H., July 5-8, 1898.
The next annual meeting of the AMERICAN
North Conway, N. H., July 5th to 8th.
attractive and helpful program for teachers
and all interested in education is now in course
of preparation.

Ample accommodation for guests will be
furnished by the hotels at rates from $1 to
$2.50 per day. Railroads will offer greatly
reduced rates; it is hoped one fare for the
round trip.

North Conway, on the east side of the White Mountains, presents attractions not excelled by any mountain resorts in the country. Beautiful in itself, it is the center of many charming drives for ten to fitteen miles in all directions.

The officers of the Institute particularly urge the active members and also all superintendents and teachers who are desirous of profes. sional advancement not only to attend this meeting themselves, but to interest their friends and others to be present.

Ląter bulletins and the educational papers
will give particulars as to program, hotels,
railroad arrangements, etc. This early notice
is intended to aid and stimulate the friends of
the Institute to plan for its success. If any of
the active members know of persons inter-
ested in educational work, who wish to be.
come members of the Institute. he names
should be sent to Hon. Mason 8. Stone, Mont.
peller, Vt.; M. Grant Daniell, Roxbury, Mass.;
J. M. Nye, Phenix, R. I., or to one of the under.

George E. Church, President; Alvin F. Pease,
Treasurer; Nahan L. Bishop, Ass't Treasurer;
Walter P. Beckwith, Secretary; Edwin H.
Whitehill, Ass't Secretary.

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Is a necessity to the progressive primary teacher of to-day. No school can be well done that is not well planned.

What material to use for the different months of the year and where to find this material, are questions all are asking.

How to correlate these lessons and find suggestions which will enable teachers to use this material to the best advantage when sound, all wish to know. THE PLAN BOOK IS A

MONTHLY GUIDE for each school month and contains Stories, Poems and Gems of Literature Work, Programmes for Special Days, Songs, new and old, Science or Nature Lessous, Blackboard Reading Lessons, Drawing Lessons, Blackboard Illustrations and Seat Work.

The February Number contains among other things, Half-tone Portraits of Washington and Lincoln, also their early Homes and Monuments. Picture of White House at Washington, Longfellow's Home, Study and Arm Chair, the Village Blacksmith and others appropriate for the month.

Patriotic Songs, Patriotic Selections and Suggestions. Information as to where many of the different songs and exercises, etc., suitable for the day, may be found; also topics of study for each week in the month, embracing such as The Black Child of the South, Stories of the Life of Lincoln, Story of the War, Story of St. Valentine, Story of Dickens, Story of Edison, Lincoln in the School-room, etc., etc.

Morning Talks on noted persons of the month, interesting paper upon Edison, Message of St. Valentine's Days, Story of Old Abe, the War Eagle, and an abundance of other matter appropriate for the month. Price for February or any month, 25 cents. A. FLANAGAN, 267 Wabash Ave., Chicago

IDEAL LETTER CARDS for word building and busy-work.

Used by hundreds of Primary Teachers. Send

six cents for sample set.

L. P. GOODHUE, 7029 Yale Ave., Sta. O., Chicago, III.

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We have removed our kindergarten supply store
from No. 211-213 to No. 195-197 Wabash Ave., N. W.
Corner Adams St., 3rd Floor.

With more light and better facilities every way for transacting onr business we shall welcome orders and calls from all our old customers and also hope to have many from new ones.

12* Send for our 80 page Catalogue of Kindergarten Materials and Primary School Aids.

THOMAS CHARLES CO., No. 195-197 Wabash Ave., Chicago.





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Reproductions of

Famous Paintings.

Via the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
to Los Angeles and Other Points in

Southern California.
These popular every Saturday California
excursions for both first and second class
passengers are “personally conducted"
by intelligent, competent and courteous
"couriers,” who will attend to the wants of
all passengers en route. This is an entirely
new feature of tourist car service and will be
greatly appreciated by families or parties of
friends traveling together, or by ladles travel.
ing alone.

The Midland Route Tourist Cars are up.
holstered sleeping cars and are supplied with
all the accessories necessary to make the
journey comfortable and pleasant, and the
sleeping berth rate is but $6.00 (for two per-
sons) from Chicago to California.

Ask the nearest ticket agent for a tourist
car “folder," giving complete information
about the Midland Route, or address "Eastern
Manager Midland Route," No.95 Adams street
Chicago, Ill., or C. A. Brown, New England
Passenger Agent, Boston, Mass.
Educational Publishing Co.

The books you have forwarded reached me
about three weeks ago. Regarding "In Myth-
land," I would say it is the most delightful
arrangement of mythological tales I have ever
used. I put them into the hands of my second
year pupils and they read them and re-read

"Stories of the United States” and “ Stories of the Red Children" are especially adapted to the use of inexperienced teachers who have no conception of how much information a child needs or of the manner in which litera. ture and vistory stories should be presented to him.


Normal School, Chico, Cal



Etc., etc.

$1.00. $1.00. $1.00.

If at any time within a year you desire to trade for one of our REPEATING cameras, we will allow you $1.00 and take back the one you buy. The repeating camera is like a repeating rifle.

You photograph one plate and instantly place another in position. No trouble or bother. You load it at home and spap the pictures at pleasure. Any child can handle it. This is a new device never put on the market before. $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, according to size and number of plates.


A. H. CRAIG, Mukwonago, Wis.

Are you using them!

If not send to us for circular showing how they are used in the Public Schools of Quincy, Mass.


50 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass.

Are You Using the

5ct. Classics? IP

ENN'A EDUCATIONAL BUREAU, (10) Allentown, Pa. Oldest agency in the United States west of the Hudson. Operates in every state. Our demand for firstclass primary, intermediate and grammar teachers exceeds the supply. Send for our Agency Manual.

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BO Bromfield S:..

63 Fifth Ave.,

378 Wabash Ave.,

809 Market St.,





Revised and Re-drawn.

Now Ready.
Our Standard Blackboard Stencils.

EVERY TEACHER HER OWN ARTIST. It requires no skill in drawing to produce a picture from one of these stencils and the same stencil can be used'a great many times before wearing out.

By reference to the List, it will be seen that a large variety of subjects are presented, affording you ample scope for selection of themes for Language Lessons, Primary Reading Exercises, Object Lessons about Animals, Plants, Fruits, Flowers, Birds, Occupations of Children and the Lives of Distinguished Men.



Price 10 cents each.

No.1 Holly Leaves and Berries. No. 1. US Coat of Arms.
No. 2. Ivy Leat Pattern.

No. 3. Stocks with Scroll and
No. 3. Oak Leaves and Acorns.

Flowers. No. 4. Dogwood Leaves and Blog. No.3. Laurel Wreath Pattern. goms.

No. 4. Scroll and Birds with Gothic No.5. Anthemion Pattern.

Letters No. 6. Blackberry Pattern.

No.5. Word “Meritorious with No. 7. Grape Vine Pat 0.

Scroll. No. 8. Olive Branch Pattern.

The Coat of Arms so arranged as to be suitable for the head piece of
Roll of Honor, if desired. On paper 18 x 24 inches. Price 10 cents.

The word “Welcome” in a Wreath of Flowers, very handsome, 10
cents. Large “ Welcome,” 25 cents.

U.S. Flag, 6 cents.
Large Spread Eagle, with National Emblems, very handsome, 24 x 36
Price 20 cents.

Complete Alphabet, Fancy Letters 5 inches high, Daisy Pattern.
Price 20 cents.

FOR CHRISTMAS. Large design of Santa Claus, 24 x 36 inches, 15 cents.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, in Wreath of Holly, 10 cents.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL, in fancy letters, 10 cents.

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138. Tua Plant. 29. Wild Rose. 139. Coffee Plant. U.S. Flag, 5 cents. Large Spread Eagle with National Emblems,

very 30. Pansies. 155. Rice Plant and Birds.

handsome. 24 x 36. Price, 20 cents. Liberty Bell, 5 cents. 176. Wash. 31. Fuschia. 157. Pine Apple.

ington on Horseback, 5 cents. 32. Pond Lilies. 158. Morning Glory.

Extra Large Portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Longfellow, 33. Pinks. 224. Golden Rod.

and Columbus. Price, 15 cents each. 34. Calla-Lily.

225. Mayflower. 35. Sunflower.

A. Easter Lilieg. 36. Daisies.

D. Hollyhocks. 64. Tomatoes. E. Cat-tails.

WRITING CHARTS. 110. Green Corn. F. Apple Blossoms.

Charts showing correct position of hand in writing; two positions. 117. Blackberries.

G. Pine Cones. 118. Poppies. H. Iris.

Size 24 x 30 inches, 10 cents. Five Charts of Capital Letters, six inchos 121. Japan Lilies.

I. Thistle.

high-small letters accompanying - per set 60 cents. 122. Spray of Maple Leaves. 135. Flax. 241. May Flower.

PORTRAITS. 136. Cotton Plant.

242 Salvia. 137. Sugar Cane. 243. Forget-me-not.

Five Cepts Each. 226. Nasturtium.

244. Dwart Cornell. 227. Cherries. 245 Buttercup.

55. Franklin.

148. Edgar Allen Poo. 228. Trumpet Creeper. 346 Trumpet Honeysuckle.

56. Washington.

149. Napoleon. 229. Common Flax. 247. Pimpernel.

57. Lincoln.

150. Wellington. 230 Acorns. 248. Nightshade.

58. Gartield.

161. Pope Leo XIII. 231. Clematis. 219. Arrow Head.

59. Grant.

152. King William. 232 Narcissus. 250. Pink.

60. Cleveland.

153. Bismarck. 233 Sumacb. 251. Harebell.

62. Froebel.

154. Czar of Russia. 234 Wild Geranium. 252 Meadow Lily.

83. Boy's Face.

159 Professor Agassiz. 235. Sweet Pea. 25s. Dutchman's Pipe.

84. Girl's Face.

160. Horace Mann. 236. Gerardia. 231. Spiced Wintergreen.

111. Man's Face.

176. Coarles Dickens. 237. Swamp Azalea. 255. Painted Trillium. 112. Woman's Face.

177. Louisa Alcott. 238. Columbine. 256 Button Wood. 140. Longfellow.

178. James Russell Lowell. 239 Evening Primrose. 297. Butternut. 141. Whittier.

179. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
240. Pitcher Plant.
258. Jessamine.

142 Oliver Wendell Holmes. 220. Harrison.
143. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 221. Blaine.
144. George Eliot.

222. Mrs. H B. Stowe.

145. Shakespeare.

223. Gladstone. 146. Tennyson.

K. Frederic III. 1. Eastern Hemisphere. 16. Central States, E. Division. 147. Wm. Č. Bryant.

z. Columbus. 2. Western Hemisphere.

17. Central States, w. Division. 3 North America.

18. Pacific States and Territories. 4. South America.

19. Boston Harbor. 5. Europe. 20. Massachusetts.


21. Canada. 7. Africa. 22. Palestine.

Chart A. Showing the Respiratory Organs of Mammals, Fishes and

Insects. 8. Australia.

23. Map showing acquisition of 9. British Isles.

Territory to the Thirteen

Chart B. Showing

the relation of the Teeth of Mammals to their Feet, Food,

Habits, etc. 10. West Indies.

Original States, when ac.

Chart C. Showing the Búls, Feet and Legs of Birds, indicating their 11. United States

quired and how. 12. New Eogland States. 24. Map showing the Political, Chart D. Dissected Insect, showing all the different parts.

habits, and the means by which they are classified. 13. Middle Atlantic States.

Divisions and the Highways 14. Southern States, E. Division.

of Commerce and Travel in

Chart E. Shows the metamorphosis of the Butterfly, Larva, Pupa, and 15. Southern States, w. Division. the United States.


Chart F. Shows Twelve Different kinds of Shell-fish, all Univalves. Tne above maps are on paper, 24 x 36 inches, showing the Latitude Chart G. Skeleton and Outline of the Frog. and Longitude, location of the principal Mountains, Lakes, Rivers,

Chart H. Shows the Different kinds of Bivalves. Cities, and Political Divisions.

Price of each, 10 cents. Maps of the Separate States,

10 cents each.

Price, 10 Cents Each. 25 – 5 cent stencils for $1.00. 12 — 10 cent stencils for $1.00. Send for our complete list. Address

50 Bromfield St.
63 Fifth Ave.,

Wabash Ave.,


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