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the most facinating and beautiful
primer ever published For Supple-
mentary Reading in your school?
If so, send us 30 cents in stamps
and receive by return mail a copy of

FAIRYLAND OF FLOWERS. I believe teachers will find the Fairyland of Flowers very helpful. I know from my experience with teachers, that it is just what most teachers need. Plant study is the easiest and most promising division of nature study and such a book will help teachers who know nothing about plants, if they will study the plants and not merely the books. The illustrations are unusually good. Busy teachers who want to correlate nature study with literature will find the poems and stories interwoven with the plant descriptions, very helpful. They help teachers to realize that plants are more than mere structures to be picked apart or analyzed and described.

CHARLES B. SCOTT, Oswego Normal School. Fully Illus , qto. Boards, 1.00; Cloth, 81.28.

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A Year With the Birds.

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No. 8-Milk

By answering this advertisement this month you will get .

PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAFLET and THE HELPER FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAFLET has four pages of choice sight reading for first and second grades, prepared by successful

primary teachers. It is published monthly. 12 single Leaflets, 6c. 100 single copies, 35c. 12 copies a month, ten months, September to June, for 50c. 100 copies monthly, 10 months, $2.50. Ask prices for larger quantities. Contents of Volume 1. Price 10c. Contents of Volume 2. Price noc.

Contents of Volume 2%:
No. 1--The Sun, Phaeton, The Snow. No. 2-Our

No. 1-The Snowflake Fairies, The Snow, A Trip to
Flag, The Boy Washington, The Man Washington,
Cloudland, The Star. No. 2- Abraham Lincoln, No.

Half Number. Price only 50.
Joan of Arc. No. 3—Winds. No. Spring, Pussy-
3-The Little Hiawatha. No. Hiawatha's Canoe,

1-Little Red Riding Hood and picture.
Willow, Rain, Dandelion, Little Brown Seed. No. 5 The Cary Tree. No. 5–More about the Cary Tree, The
- Little Dandelion, What the Flowers Wished, The

Young Soldier, Take Care, Thc Drummer-Boy's Burial, 2-Little Cedric, adapted from Story Land
Violet, Anemone. No. 6-The Frog, Snail, Crayfish.
The Red and White Roses. No. 6–Story of Little

(illustrated). 3-King Æolus and the No. 7-September Aster, Goldenrod,

Caterpillar, Caterpillar and Robin Redbreast, Sleepy weed, Thistle, Ants, October. No. 9-The Mayflower. Little Caterpillar, Little Butterfly. No. 7-The Ants

Bag of Winds. 4.-The Easter Hare. New Land, Fruit, Thanksgiving, Squirrel. No. 10—

and the Grasshopper, The Pea Blossom. No. 8-The The Madonna, The Stars and the Child, The Christ

Three Bears, The Pea Blossom concluded. No. 9 5.-A Little Morning Glory Seed. 6mas Story. The Lion and the Mouse, Why Chipmunks Have

Clytie (illustrated); The First Dandelion. Stripes, No. 10—The Christmas Bells. Volumes 1, 2 and 2% were edited by Mary L. Gilman, principal of the Clay school, Minneapolis, a most successful primary teacher and supervisor. Each volume is bound in manila covers. Volume 3 begins with september, 1897, and ends with June. 1898. It is edited by Bertha V. Taylor, of the Minneapolis public schools. Several of Miss Taylor's stories appear in Volumes 1 and 2.

A sample dozen of different numbers of the Leaflet will be malled to any teacher for 5C. We do not sell less than one dozen copies or enter subscriptions for less than one dozen monthly.

IS: ist. Just what its name implies, The Helper. It is a beautifully illustrated series of articles, poems, programs for special days, drawings and aids, conveni. ently and appropriately grouped for use in the successive months of the school year beginning with September and ending with June.

It has 136 pages 9x12 inches, more than 150 líne drawings, most of them suitable for blackboard work, music and words of the national songs of leading nations.

Next it contains Special Day Exercises for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Decora

tion Day, Arbor Day. Washington's Birthday, Lincoin Day; 25 patriotic poems, 17. poems on birds and insects, 24, poems on plants and flowers, 34 poems of nature, 12 poems and exercises for the seasons, over 50 miscellaneous poems and 30 pieces of music suitable for school.

Next, it is an emergency helper, ever ready. Every teacher needs it and can use it every day. The trite saying "a long telt want" means all it ever meant when applied to The Helper.' Those who have it recommend it, and it is seldom loaned, because each wants her own all the time.

Our offer is a year's subscription to Primary School Leaflet and a copy of The Helper both for 50c.
To any who prefer it we will send bound Volumes 1, 2 and 2% of Primary School Leaflet and a copy of The Helper for 50c.

If you do no find the Leaflet and the Helper all we represent them to be we will refund the money. If we please you, you will tell your friends; hence this special offer. Do not make a mistake in our address : SCHOOL EDUCATION COMPANY, 26 and 28 Washington avenue south, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mention this paper.

The Felper

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This is a new Color Book by Milton BRADLEY, designed for Primary Schools.

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With these books in the hands of Teachers and Pupils greater progress can be made in true Color teaching than has ever before been possible.

Samples mailed on receipt of price.


CO., Springfield Mass.

Kansas City.

New York.



THOMAS CHARLES CO., 195–197 Wabash Ave.

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50 Bromfield St.,


63 Fifth Ave.,


378 Wabash Ave.,


80g Market St.,

SAN FRANCISCO. Steamship Tickets for any Une. Choice berths secured both ways. Reliable information and estimates.


Cook County Normal Summer School,


Chicago, Ill.
Three Wecks, beginning July 5, 1898. OPEN TO ALL

- On account of the National Educational By Members of the Regular Faculty of the Chicago Normal School.

Association meeting at Washington in July, TWELVE DEPARTMENTS.

WRITE FOR CIRCULARS. the Missouri Pacific Railway and Iron Moun.

tain Route will offer reduced rates from points WILBUR S. JACKMAN, Manager, 6916 Perry Ave., Chicago, I11. in the west and southwest, with elegant train

service to St. Louis where direct connection THE H. E. HOLT NORMAL INSTITUTE OF VOCAL HARMONY. can be made with all lines to the east. FIFTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION opens Tuesday, July 12, and closes with graduating exercises, Friday, July 29, 1898. This summer school has pupils in nearly every State in

- The omvers of the Department of Super
The Union. The New and improved Normal Course in Music, and a new work on Vocal intendence for 1899 are:- President – E. H.
Harmony, the True Normal Method of teaching, now in preparation by Mr.
ready for the coming session. Send for circulars. Address, MRS. H. E. HOLT, Marks, superintendent schools, Louisville,
Secretary, Box 109, Lexington, Mass.

Ky; First Vice - President – G. H. Conley,
DECISION OF SUPREME COURT has confirmed my rights as publisher of the Boston, Mass.; Second Vice-President - A.T.
Normal Music Course. In placing orders for the Normal Music Course insist upp having
erlition bearing my name ai publisher on title-page, and secure valuable editions. Barrett, superinten 'ent schools, Chattanooga,
H. E. HOLT, 25 Arch St., Boston, 5 West 18th St., New York City.

Tenn.; Secretary - J. H. Van Sickle, superla.
tendent schools, Denver, Col.

will be

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Under the Auspices

of the
North American
Gymnastic Union.

Theory and Practice of Gymnastics.

Summer School for Public School Teachers.

Special Course for Teachers of Physical Training

Special Class for Beginners.

Finely Equipped Gymnasium

Expert Teachers in all Departments.

Moderate Terms.

For circulars taining full informa tion

to Teachers, Classes, Terms, Board, etc., apply to the Secretary, WM. A. STECHER,

214 Chestnut St.,

St. Louis, Mo.




Six Weeks,
July 6 to August 13.

“ It has a clean cut symmetrical look that pleases the eye, and compared to which a chain wheel seems to be encumbered and complicated.

New York Herald. “The construction of the new chainless wheel is simplicity itself.

Boston Journal. “Viewed from whatever standpoint, the new wheel represents the highest form of a bicycle development." - Philadelphia Ledger.

" The factory that has turned out this novelty is more than twice as large as any bicycle establishment in existence, and for twenty-one years has achieved one unbroken series of successes. Chicago Inter-Ocean.

“ It will run longer with a single turn of the cranks than the easiest running wheel now in use." - Philadelphia Press.

“All the driving mechanism is enclosed, so that it is impossible for dust to get in the bearings." New Orleans Picayune.

“The wheel runs smoothly, easily and is admirable in up grade work. It's a beauty and no mistake.” - Buffalo Commercial. It costs more, to be sure, but then good things always come high.

Evening Gazette, Haverhill, Mass. “The wheel is a model of grace and beauty." · Baltimore American. “Finest bicycle ever made and easiest to propel." —New York Press.

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Italy Switzerland, Austria, Germany,
Rhine, Holland, France, England and
Scotland. Under personal escort. ALL
EXPENSES included,

$285 to $775, according to TOUR

Catalogue free from any Columbia dealer, or by mail for one 2 cent stamp.

W. H. EAVES, Agt. H. Gaze & Sons, Ltd.

Special tour to Norway and Russia in June. Descriptive Programmes on application. Independent Travel tickets issued for any desired tour in EUROPE.

201 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

An Inspiration The Colorado

Teachers' Agency.
National League of State Teachers Bureaus.

We recommend competent teachers to School Boards
We assist teachers to desirable positions.
Inquire into our method, satisfy yourself of our
reliability, and then join us.

FRED DICK, Manager, Denver, Colo.

to any Progressive Teacher Desiring

to own a

30 STATE OFFICES. ONE FEE REGISTERS IN ALL FOR LIFE. Established 1885. Members of our League fill over 5,000 positions. Teachers of all grades wanted. Guarantees to recommend teachers, and plan their canvasses. For circulars and list of State Managers, write,

FRANK E PLUMMER, General Manager, Des Moines, Iowa.

School Library.



Educational Publishing Co.

An Ingenius Method of Teaching Primary Number by a Primary Teacher.
A Manual of Instruction for Teachers and Mothers Based on the Principles of Froebel.

More than two years of work systematized to meet the needs of the Little People and Teachers.
A modification of the Grubé Method.
New Arrangements and New Illustrations leading to accuracy self-reliance a love for the study.
A minimum of board work.
A maximum of seat work.

Suggestions on the Multiplication Table are worth the price of the book.”
Already in use in many prominent schools of New York State.
Cloth, 8vo. 177 illustrations. Price, 75 cents.
Copies can be obtained directly of the author.


Groton, Tompkins County, New York.

The Library received. The children are satisfied with it in every respect. I find it a great help in the school wvvik and also of great value as books of reference. When I first thought of getting a Library I had but slight hopes of succeeding. I have only thirteen scholars in a small country school. But just one week from the day we started we obtained our ten dollars.


$2.50 FOUNTAIN PEN to Teachers for

Mattie U. Lord.



Appleton School,
Ipswich, Mass.

Solid Gold Pen- Hard Rubber Engraved Holder – Simple Construction - Always Ready

Never blote -- No better working pen made - A regular $2.50 pen.

Mailed to teachers, complete, boxed with filler, for 81.00. Your money back-if you wont it. Agents Wanted. There is no reason why you cannot meet

LINCOLN FOUNTAIN PEN CO., ROOM 16, 108 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. with just as good success, if you will try our method, as follows :

of Supplementary Reading Books The “Hawthorne Library

especially adapted to PRIMARY Certificates," which we send you


may be obtained by (FREE,) are to be placed in the

writing to hands of your pupils, each one

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 50 Bromfield St., Boston. acting as a representative in

63 Fifth Ave., New York.
211 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

300 Post St., San Francisco obtaining subscriptions for his school library. Some pupils will dispose of only two or three, while others will sell as many as ten or fifteen shares.

The subscriber is given a certificate of his subscription and his name is written in the blank space for that

for that purpose, and the certificate is then

“SILVERY CHIMES OF PATRIOTISM." signed by the pupil.

This work has a good effect on the pupil, making him feel FOR MEMORIAL that he is an important factor in securing a library for his school,

"Silvery Chimes of Patriotism" is a programme thereby stimulating his interest Prepare For Decoration Day. consisting of Songs, set to Music, and Recitals brimful

running over with Patriotism and prepared especially for in the matter.

See the banner how it waves!

Memorial Day exercises, and other patriotic occasions. For Hear the tread of marching feet,

convenience they are arranged in sets of 8 copies each. REMEMBER:

Nearing now the soldiers' graves,

Place these in the hands of the young people for preparation,

For they come with wreaths and flowers, and you will not only have an exercise to be proud of, but You are under no obligation, or do not All the budding flowers of May,

one which will be appreciated by all. enter into any contract to order a library Fresh with Heaven's brightest dews,

Wherever the “Chimes” have gone they have met with unless you succeed in disposing of the Fit tribute for our Decoration Day. appreciation. Especially appropriate for “ Flag Day," and certificates. Less than 1% of those who

other patriotic occasions in the public schools. try to secure a library by our method are unsuccessful and return the certificates to

Silvery Chimes of Patriotism sells for $1.00 per set of 8 copies. Sent postage prepaid. us. Write to us to-day for circulars, certificates and catalogue. (Free.) Educational Publishing Co. Address EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 50 Bromfield St., Boston. 50 Bromfield St., Boston.



Hear the sound of file and drum!

378 Wabash Ave., Chicago.
63 Fifth Ave., New York.

809 Market St, San Francisco, San Francisco.

New York.

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This preparation by its action, in promoting digestion, and as a nerve food, tends to prevent and alleviate the headache arising from a disordered stomach, or that of a nervous origin.

Eight books for eight grades : First Year, 25 cents; Second Year, 35 cents; Third, Fourth and Fifth Years, each 40 cents; Sixth, Seventh and Eight Years, each 45 cents. Bound also in five books.

The most attractive readers ever published. Abounding in freshness, charm and interest. Early introduction to the best writers, such as Stevenson, Kingsley, Irving, Longfellow, Bryant, Whittier, Hawthorne, Ruskin, Scott, Dickens, Tennyson, etc., with biographical sketches, and finely executed portraits.

Profuse and appropriate illustrations, especially prepared for this work in the highest style of art, including numerous reproductions of famous paintings.

Largest number of the best books at the lowest
prices. Now Books constantly issued to meet
new demands in every departinent, adapted to
every grade of public and private schools.
Prices, circulars, specimen pages, and special
information on request. Correspondenco cor-

dially invited.
New York Cincinnati Chicago Boston Atlanta Portland, Ore.

Dr. F. A. Roberts, Waterville, Me. says:

“Have found it of great benefit in nervous headache, nervous dyspepsia and neuralgia ; and think it is giving great satisfaction when it is thoroughly tried.”

Descriptive pamphlet free on application to
Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. J.

For sale by all Druggists.

Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.

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THESE TWENTY BEAUTIFUL PERRY PICTURES for 30 cents, postpaid, $1.00 per hundred.



MRS. E. M. PERRY, 10 Tremont St., Malden, Mass.

Be sure to mention PRIMARY EDUCATION.

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