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The woodpecker is hard at work

A carpenter is he And you may hear him hammering

His nest high up a tree.

Some little birds are miners :

Some build upon the ground : And busy little tailors, too,

Among the birds are found.- Sel.

Bob White Little Bob White, hid away, oh, so sly, Down under the clover and meadow-grass high, Where I never can find you or spy you at ali. Now tell me, dear Bob, why it is that you call?

When the clouds are so few,

And the sky is so blue, And the sun shines as bright as it ever shone yet,

Then why do you say,

In so teasing a way, “ More wet ! More wet !'

- E. H. Thomas

The Little Doves High on the top of an old pine tree Broods a mother-dove with her young ones three; Warm over them is her soft, downy breast, And they sing so sweetly in their nest. “ Coo," says the little ones, “ Coo,” says she,

All in their nest on the old pine-tree.

Bird Thoughts I lived first in a little house,

And lived there very well, I thought the world was small and round

And made of pale blue shell.

I lived next in a little nest,

Nor needed any other, I thought the world was made of straw,

And brooded by my mother.

May Oh, a dear little maiden is dainty Miss May, And she has such a pleasant and sweet winning way, That we long to be out and be with her all day. She comes over the meadows and into the town, All embroidered with lilacs her beautiful gown, And her bonnet of buttercups way to the crown. When she smiles all the clouds disappear from the skies, For there's seldom a tear to be seen in those eyes, Whose color to match the forget-me-not tries. And to show how they love her, their own darling May, 'Tis with blushes as pink as the dawn of the day That each apple tree turns to a blooming bouquet.

- Ada Stewart Shelton

One day I futtered from the nest

To see what I could find I said : “ The world is made of leaves,

I have been very blind.”

At length I flew beyond the tree,

Quite fit for grown-up labors. I don't know how the world is made,

And neither do my neighbors !

The Humming-bird I am the tiny humming-bird, The jasmines have come back, I heard. I swim above each dainty cup, And drink the sweetest honey up.

What Does the Robin Say?
Baby, what does the robin say,

Do you hear his evening song ?
He sits and sings his twilight lay,

With a heart all merry and strong. He sings, “Good-night my baby dear; Sleep well, sleep soft, and do not fear; For somehow I know as I sit and sing, That God takes care of everything.”- Sel.

Educators and Brain Workers from all parts of the world use and commend

CROSBY'S VITALIZED PHOSPHITES for the relief and prevention of all weaknesses resulting from over-work and anxiety. It gives active brain and nerves exactly what they need for their nutrition and normal action, and will help any case of mental

or nervous exhaustion. Shall we send you a descriptive pamphlet ? VITALIZED PHOSPHITES is a highly concentrated white powder from the phosphoid principle of the ox-brain and wheat germ formulated by Professor Percy more than thirty years ago. It contains no narcotic. Prepared only

56 W. 25th Street, by

New York City. If not found at Druggists, sent by mail ($1.00.) CROSBY'S COLD AND CATARRH CURE.- The best remedy kaown for cold in the head, sore throat, and influenza. It does not contain cocaine, morphine, nor narcotic of any description. By mail, 50 cents.

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Eastern Teachers' Agency,

364 Washington Street,

Boston, Mass.
Extract from letter to the manager from the
Sec. of the Mass. Board of Education :
“ You are entitled to the confidence of

Miss E. F. FOSTER, Manager,
others as you have mine.

Telephone, Boston, 775-2.
FRANK A. Hill."

60 Bromfield Street, Boston. Every position filled in 1897 the result of a direct call from employers. Write for three plans of service,

There is no better way to secure a school or a teacher than to do it through


What results can we show? Over 2,800 positions filled. Send for manual.
Telephone, 2981 Boston.

F. B. SPAULDING, Manager, 36 Bromfield St., Boston.


$1.00. $1.00. $1.00.


EVERETT O. FISK & CO., Prop's. Agency Manual sent free to any address. You can photograph anything. Instantaneous 4 Ashburton Pl., Boston.

156 Fifth Ave., New York City, 1242 Twelfth St., Washington. or time exposure. We prepare all apparatus, 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

25 King St., West, Toronto.

414 Century B'ld"g, Minneapolis. plates, chemicals, etc., you follow directions. Any: 1730 Cooper Building, Denver. 825 Market St., San Francisco. 525. Stimson Blk., Los Angeles. one with this camera can soon learn the art of photography. It will be a nice present for vacation. Get it now. Teach yourself. Prepared plates

ESTABLISHED 1893 only 25 cents per dozen. Lots of fun for 2 cents By mail $1.00.



formerly “THE BEACON TEACHERS' AGENCY," no change in management.)
P. I. MERRILL, Proprietor,

Tremont Temple, Boston.


$1.00. $1.00. $1.00.

If at any time within a year you desire to trade for one of our REPEATING cameras, we will allow you $1.00 and take back the one you buy. The

C. A. SCOTT & CO., Proprietors. repeating camera is like a repeating rifle.

You photograph one plate and instantly place another

2 A Beacon Street, Boston and 169 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. la position. No trouble or bother. You load it at home and snap the pictures at pleasure. Any child can handle it. This is a new device never put First class Primary, Intermediate, and Grammar Grade teachers who desire advancement are on the market betore. $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, according invited to call at our offices when in Boston or Chicago. If you are a successful teacher we would to siz, and number of plates. AGENTS CAN MAKE MONEY.

like to become acquainted with you, whether or not yon register with us. The demand for supe. Address,

rior Grade teachers is at nearly all times of the year much greater than the supply. A. H. CRAIG, Mukwonago, Wis

If you will send us your address, we shall be pleased to mail you our Agency Manual.



OF BOSTON, 258 Washington St., PROVIDES GOOD TEACHERS FOR GOOD SCHOOLS. If in search of either, you may find it to yonr Renders valable service to the best teachers. | PROVIDES GOOD SCHOOLS FOR GOOD TEACHERS. advantage to write us fully in regard to your wants. Manual explaining our method is sent free.

HARLAN P. FRENCH, Proprietor, 24 State St., Albany, N. Y. JEACHERS with successful experience or special preparation for teaching wanted f r first

class positions in Pennsylvania and other States. Write for information conTHE IDEAL CURRENT-EVENTS WEEKLY

cerning the NATIONAL EDUCATION BUREAU and learn what we are doing for teachers in Peonsylvania and other States. Fourteen Years Experience. Address





The first and only paper giving all the historymaking news of the world logically classified and

intelligently digested. Clean, clear, condensed, nonpartisan, up-to-date, entertaining, truthful. Trial,13 weeks 25 cts. Yearly $1. Low rates to school clubs. Sample free. Pathfinder. Washington, DC

(FORMERLY THE WINCHELL TEACHERS' AGENCY) Maintains a select and classified Register of Teachers and Instructors of all kinds (approved by a Board of Registration) Librarians, Lecturers, Musical and Elocutionary Talent, Governesses, Matrons, Stenographers Book-keepers, Secretaries, etc. Publishes TEACHER AND STUDENT, a Literary and Educational Magazine for all Educated People. Send for sample and circulars. 50 Bromfield St., Boston.

378 Wabash Ave., Chicago.


Fourth year, July 5 - August 12. Courses in
Mathematics, Science, Language, and Pedagogy. A
delightful suburban locality in New York City.
School of Pedagogy, ninth year, September 28, 1898 -
May 13, 1899. For circular address

University Heights,

New York City.

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Summer is Coming A bluebird sat on a tree and sang,

Summer is coming, coming. A bee crept out of its hive and began,

Lazily, humming, humming,
The frog from out the rushes and leaves,

Into the water went splashing,
The dragon fly with its body of green

Through the tall flags went flashing.

Guess What?

(For the Little Ones) I am a bright flower. I bloom in the fields in spring. I am the color of gold. When I am old my hair turns gray. The children like to make curls of my stems, or pipes to blow on. What is my name?


II. I have four legs and I have hoofs. I have a short tail. I live in a cold country. I have horns. I can run very fast. They harness me into a sledge. Who am I? (Reindeer.)

And suddenly brighter the sun shone out

And the clouds away went sailing,
And the sheep nibbled the soft green grass,

The cow looked over the paling.
Yes, summer had come and cuckoo sang,

Songs through woodland and hollow.
The summer has come, I heard it sung,
Not only by thrush, but swallow.

- Agnes R. Bacon

III. I am a bird. I like to build my nest in the elm tree. My


The Great
Round World. $1.50 a Year.




DEGREES - It is understood that Mr. Gladstone has VINEYARD SUMMER Sea Bathing , chosen John Morely as his biographer and

COOLER literary executor, and that many of his letters


Concrete Roads Than on the and private papers have recently been

for Bicycling Mr. Morely.

Mainland. Cottage City, Mass.

OUT IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. -On account of the National Educational Association meeting at Washington in July, Begins July 12, | SCHOOL OF METHODS High School: 3 Woeks – 20 Instructors.

- 20 Instructors. the Missouri Pacific Rallway and Iron Moun


20 ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS: 4 and 5 Weeks - 25 Instructors. tain Route will offer reduced rates from points In the west and southwest, with elegant train Send for Sixty-four Page Circular giving full information in regard to service to St. Louis where direct connection

the outlines of work in all depart. can be made with all lines to the east.

ments, advantages offered, railroad rodactions, tuition, club and combination rates, board, otc. - Hinds & Noble have purchased the electro

WILLIAM A. MOWRY, President, Hyde Park, Mass. types and copyright of the edition of Page's “Theory and Practice of Teaching," hereto. fore published by The Normal Instructor (Teachers' Improvement Co..) Dansville, N.Y. This

THE WEEKLY JOURNAL edition of Mr. Page's work differs from other

OF CURRENT EVENTS. editions in being provided with a useful section of questions, with answers, on the theory and practice of teaching.

$. - Milwaukee's Board of Education has col. lected statistics as to the use of the rod in the public schools of that city and finds that out

5 Cents a Number. of 35,000 popils only 500 were switched last year. The ratio of switched to unswitched

W. A. Hester, Superintendent of Education, Evansville, Ind., says: was so small that the Board has concluded

“Congratulating you upon putting out the most deservedly popular current events that there is no use in retaining the rod, and magazine in the world. It is reported that it is likely to soon disappear

(He has sent in 268 subscriptions.) from the schools of Milwaukee.

Dr. W. S. Dudley, School Commissioner, Cuthbert, Ga., says: -Those who know of the work which the

“I have read the Great Round World, every number through and am just delighted Eastern Teachers' Agency, 50 Bromfield Street,

with it for the purpose for which it is intended.” E. F. Foster, Manager, is doing, take pleasure in recommending it to their friends, and are

H. P. James, Osterhout Free Library, Wilkesbarre, Pa., says: ever ready to give a word of strong common.

The magazine is a benefaction.dation in its behalf. Its business-like methods the close attention and consideration to the

If you do not know the Great Round World, send for sample copy or needs, qualifications and desires of each can. didate. The constant endeavor to fit the right send 25 cents for trial subscription of 6 numbers with Reference Atlas Free. candidate into just the most desirable and

ADDRESS satisfactory place—all this advertises its work among patrons, both teachers and those who employ their services.

5 West 18th Street, New York City. – A. S. Clark, New York City, has issued an edition, limited to 120 copies, of “A Relic of the Huguenot Settlers in Virginia," containing the first authentic record of names afterward prominent in colonial affairs, and in the later

By virtue of the unprecedented purchase,

in a history of the country, which is of particular

(100,000) copies of this acknowledged interest to all descendants of the Protestant

masterwork of the Century, retugees. This remarkably interesting paper

we are now enabled to offer it to the public at far less than the publishers' prices! Thousands of persons, who heretofore

have not felt able to purchase it, will eagerly welcome this was brought to light by an eminent geneal.

opportunity to secure at reduced price “The Greatest Achievement of Modern Times.” ogist searching among the documents contained in the Public Record Office, in London.

THE FUNK & WAGNALLS It is really an autographic "Round Robin," addressed to Sir Dudley Carletor, in which certain promises are made to King James the First, contingent upon his permission to em. bark for Virgina. The signatures of the heads of sixty families are here found together with

OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, names of wives, children, and servants, mak

It is incomparably the greatest, as it is positively the latest, ing a total of 227 persons. The document

most complete, and most authoritative, new dictionary in bears date July 19, 16.1, but seven months later

existence. It is everywhere the standard. than the landing of the Plymouth Colony.

ENTIRELY NEW ..:.:. It is not a reprint, rehash, or re

FROM COVER TO COVER. the result of the steady labor for – To the modern primary teacher busy-work

five years of over twelve score of the most eminent and is a necessity. Letter cards for word-building

authoritative scholars and specialists in the world. Nearly are the most useful form of busy work. In

100 of the leading universities, colleges, and scientific institutions

of the world were represented on the editorial staff ; 20 United buying letter cards every teacher wants the

States Government experts were also on the editorial staff. best at a reasonable price.

Over $960,000 were actually expended in its production before

& single complete copy was ready for the market. Never was any The “Ideal Letter Cards" possess the follow.

dictionary welcomed with such great enthusiasm the world over. ing points of superiority:

As the St. James's Budget, London, declares : "It is the admiraThey are printed from large, bold, handsome

tion of Literary England.. ... It should be the pride of Literary

America. The highest praise has come from all the great Amertype - an “IDEAL " form of letter tor begin.

ican and British newspapers, reviews, universities, and colleges, ning pupils.

as well as all classes of intelligent men and women everywhere. They are printed on a quality of cardboard, The regular subscription price of the Standard Dictionary, Our Great Offer of that is smooth, tough and heavy, in assorted colors, and is both durable and easy to handle.

plete work in one rich, massive volume, elegantly bound in The Complete Work The letters are arranged according to a care- surprisingly low price of $12. Patent Thumb Index, 75 cents extra. Order from your bookseller, or from fully devised plan, by means of which those

WARD & GOW (LINCOLN BUILDING NEW YORK. letters most frequently used are the most numerous (16 e's, but only two X's). By this IDEAL" arrangement each set of letters contains the maximum amount

J. W. of usuable


SCHERMERHORN & Co., material.

EAST 14TH STREET, Teachers interested are invited to write for


NEW YORK. circulars to L. P. Goodhue, 7029 Yale Avenue, Chicago, Ill,



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L NGMANS, GREEN & Co., NEW YORK analysis and lays a good foundation for after


Lois Bates.

I., II., III.

IV. By 8. W. Baird.
To help children at recess in unfavorable

First year covers numbers from 1 to 20, and weather and to bring moro variety in the

fundamental operations and easy fractions school-room is the object of this book of one

are introduced in connection with each num. hundred pages. The contents are divided into

ber. Second year numbers to 100; third year “Games for the School-room," “ Games for

to 1,000,000; fourth year, designed for inter. the Playground," “Guess Rhymes,” “ Ant

mediato grades, a review of the third year's mals,” “Flowers," “Natural Phenomena,".

work is followed by exercises in numbers of “Nursery Rhymes," and “Fairy Tales.” The

any magnitude. The illustrations and type book is attractive in its simple unpretentious- throughout the series are attractive and tho ness, and clear, conciso directions. There is a

abundance of simple problems will be appregood illustration now and then showing chil

clated by teachers. Oral work is frequently dren's positions in some game, and plenty of

Introduced without analysis, and so carefully BILVER, BURDETT & CO., BOSTON.

versification to make the games “taking." graded that pupils will be able to give quick The book must be useful from its very sim.

results. Adding at sight 18 another good STEPPING STONES TO LITERATURE. VOL. V. plioity and variety, and teachers who have no

feature of the Arst books. While the series By Sarah Louise Arnold and Chas. B. GÜbert. music or cannot play will be grateful for some.

doos not bring out anything new or startling, Another volume in this series, adapted to thing that does not requiro instrumontal

the books will find a prace for themselves in musio. the higher grades. The prose and poetry are

our schools. choice selections, worthy of being “stepping


ECLEOTIO ENGLISH CLASSICS : stones” to a high literary plane. Among the thirty-three authors represented by notable UNDINE. Home and School Library. Trang.

PALAMON AND ABCITE. " By John Dryden. poems or classic prose we find the names of lated by Abby L. Alger.

111 pp. Price, 20 cents. Ariosto, Matthew Arnold, Elizabeth Barrett This is, originally, as everybody knows, a

SELECTIONS FROM THE POEMS OF ROBERT Browning, Robert Browning, Bryant, Elihu little German classic. Undine, as the spirit of

BURNS. Edited by W. H. Venable, LL.D. 96 Burritt, Alice Cary, Cooper, Cowper, Defoe, the water in human form, possesses no soul, pages. Price, 20 cents. James T. Fields, Hawthorne, Robert Herrick, till love elevatos hor to a moral responsibility SELEOTIONS FROM THE POEMS OF LORD BYRON. Leigh Hunt, Helen Hunt Jackson, Kingsley, and gives to her immortal life. The story has Samo editor. 170 pp. Price, 25 cents. Longfellow, Lowell, Adelaide Anne Procter, a significance and moral beauty to those who

SELECTIONS FROM THE POEMS OF WILLIAM Ruskin, Scott, Tennyson, Charles Dudley

know how to interpret it. By loving and assoWarner and Whittier. The children in our

WORDSWORTH. Samo oditor. 140 pp. Price, ciating with those bigher than oursolvos we

20 cents. public schcols who are fortunate in having

become like them. this series of reading books from year to year

SELECTIONS FROM THE POEMS OF THOMAS will have absorbed more of the true favor of

GRAY. Edited by A. M. Van Dyke, M.A. 80 pp.

WILLIAM BEVERLEY HARRISON, standard literature than most people ever

Price, 20 cents.

NEW YORK CITY. acquire. The taste for the best authors will be

THE RAPE OF THE LOCK AND AN ESSAY ON gradually and effectively cultivated.

FOUR TRUE STORIES OF LII AND ADVEN.. MAN. By Alexander Popo. Edited by A. M.
TURE. By Jessie R. Smith.

Van Dyko. 110 pp. Price, 20 cents.
This book, says the proface, is practi. These latest editions to the Classio Series

cally written by children. Miss Smith first include brief biographical sketches, and ex.

told those stories to her children, seven to planatory notes to assist the young students PUNCTUATION. With chapters on Hyphen.

nine years of age. Several days after she in their knowledge of these standard works. ization, Capitalization and Spelling. By F. called for its reproduction in both oral and They are in uniform binding, clear type, and Horace Teall.

written form. Their words and forms of lan. well adapted for the use of sehools. How to punctuate correctly has becomo an guage, it 18 asserted, are followed scrupulously agitated question. In this maze of individual within the limit of grammatical usage! These opinion a treatise which gives a few rules on stories have been used for many months in principle must be welcome to all literary the schools of Santa Rosa, Cal., and have been workers and especially to teachers. The sub. much revised in their prosent form. ject matter of this work is presented clearly Thero is great doubt of the wisdom of this and concisely, with abundant illustrations of sort of reading for children v u were given as the rules and principles incalcated. The the children gave it originally to the teacher in the Every Teacher Should B in chapters on hyphenization are particularly process of reproduction. After their Arst efforts

Good Physical Health applicable to school-room work. A list of in giving back, the storios have been gram. seven hundred compound words irregularly matically rovised and again “much revised." solidified are given, which will be invaluable After their uso in tho schools, this work, as

Puro, Rich Blood Absolutely Esfor quick school-room reference. The book here given, is doubtless far more the work of

sontlal for this Condition, closes with full lists of words spelled differ. the teacher than of the children. It would be ently by different authorities. This work is Interesting to test children with those stories For the most successful school work every crammed with practical knowledge of English as told hore and also with similar ones pre. teacher should be in the best physical that everybody ought to have and cannot find pared by a good writer for children without

condition possible. The close confinement time to “look up.” The book is tastefully and any assistance from them, and see which sto. in the school room as warm weather ap. attractively bound in rich brown and gold. ries the average child would prefer. There is proachos makes the teacher's voca:ion es.

reason to predict that tho “drawing power for pecially trying at this season. Every toacher

the chud" claimed for these storios would not should know the importance of having puro (Hoy READING BOOK8.) CRUSOE'S ISLAND:

bo startlingly apparent. It is a fact, proven blood as a means to good health. Every A BIRD-HUNTER'S STORY. By Froderick A.

by exporiment, that children prefer stories in teacher knows or may know that Hood's Ober. a form just a little boyond thom.

Sarsaparilla 18 America's Greatest Medicine This is an odd book and it 18 a wonder

becauso It has power to make the blood rich whether tho children will take it seriously. AMERICAN BOOK CO., NEW YORK. and pure and cure all forms of blood dis. The author oxplains that the expedition here

eases. described took placo nineteen years before TODD'S NEW ASTRONOMY. By David P. Todd,

It creates an appetite and gives the writing of it and was a fulfllment of a Professor of Astronomy, Amherst College. digestive power. It strengthens the nerves

and imparts wondertal power of endurance. youthful droam. He also claims that Robinson 500 pages. Prioo, $1.80.

While in School. Crusoe and Alexander Selkirk are not ono and It was the parpose of the author to write a tbe samo person, but that “their respoctive work on astronomy that should be at once

My daughter was run down and tired adventures have become woefully mixed." simple, scientiflo, practical and interesting.

while in school, and I have been giving her

Hood's Sarsaparilla, which has purified her It is also declarod by this daring author that As the director of the Amherst Collogo Obsor. blood and built her up, and she is now getting even the locality of Crusoe's island has been vatory he is known to the scientido public as well and strong. I have taken Hood's Sarsa

parilla mysoli with excellent results, and erroneously givon, and that it lies north of the one fully able to accomplish this ideal work.

whenever we have any little ailment we equator instead of south of it, and that it is The Wustrations aro an important foaturo ot resort to this medicine. It keeps me in good not Juan Fernandes but Tobago, in the Carib- the book. They inoludo Soonos from the health and good spirits, and makes me feel bean Sea. This book consists of vivid onter. author's own laboratory and from his scien.

younger." MRB. JENNIE PFABZGRAF, 124 War.

ren Street, New York, N. Y. taining accounts of what the author found upon tinc expoditions. Thoy include somo ano col. this famous island. There aro Afty-two Ulug. ored plates. trations of tho voyage, the tropical vegetation of the island, the species of bird lito found

LABORATORY MANUAL DI BOTANY. By Ohas. there and everything connected with the A. Clark. 371 pagos. Price, N conta.

Is America's Greatest Medicine. Sold by all drug. expedition. Whether the book be a reality or This book follows the rooommendation of

gists. $1; Bix for $5. Get only Hood's. A dream, it contains onough description and tho Committee of Ton. It begins with simplo information of the life on the leland to be laboratory studies of the highor towering worth a studious roading.

with Hood's Barsaparllla.


For School Work

Hood's Sparilla


plants, tiu the papti acquires • faollity in Hood's Pills are the only pills to take

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