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Unqualified Success of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

Cure sick headache, bad taste in the mouth, coated tongue, gas in the stomach, distress and indigestion. Do not weaken, but have tonic effect. 25 cents. The only Pills to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.

- It is understood that Mr. Gladstono das chosen John Morely as his biographer and literary executor, and that many of his letters and private papers have recently been sont to Mr. Morely.

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A MEMORIAL. An appropriate memorial to Lewis Carroll, the author of " Alice in Wonderland,” is to take the form of an endowment of a cot in the Hospital for Sick Children, London. It is to be known as the “ Alice in Wonderland Cot." The sum of one thousand pounds will be necessary to establish this memorial. Any who desire to aid in this movement to commemorate one who is dear to all children and who, himselt, was full of kindly sympathy for the suffering little ones can send subscriptions to The Macmillan Company, 66 Fifth Avenue, N. Y.

400 Recitations and Readings. A handsome bok containing 400 of the best recitatlong ever issued, desigued for use in Parlor Entertaloments, Reading Clubs, Day and Sabbath Schools, Adult and Juvenile Temperance Organizations, Young People's Associations, and Family Readings. Bound in Paper Cover. By mail, postpaid, 40 cents. LACONIC PUBLISHING (0., 123 Liberty St., N. Y.



Used by Building

Hundreds and Busy

of Primary Work.


Send six cents for sample set. L. P. Goodhue, 7029 Yale Ave., Chicago, Ill.

THE COMPLETE POCKET-GUIDE TO EUROPE. Edited by Edmund Clarence Stedman and Dr. Thomas L. Stedman. 1 Vol., full leather bind. ing. Price, $1.25, postpaid.

This guido is a thoroughly revised edition for 1898 of the well-known “ Cassell's Pocket Guide to Europe." The work needs no special introduction to frequent travelers, for by them it has been thoroughly tested and the indica. tion of their approval is its popularity.

It is complete, concise and handy, being so compact as to be carried in a man's coat or hip pocket, or in a woman's dress pocket or muff- an advantago apprecia:ed by a trar. elor.

Mrs. ELIZABETH WHEELOCK, Magnolia, Iowa, in the following letter describes her recovery from a very critical condition:

“ DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:—I have been taking your Vegetable Compound, and

am now ready to sound

its praises. It
has done won-
ders for me in
of a tumor.

“My health has been poor for three years. Change of life

was working upon me.

I was very much bloated

and was a burden to myself. Was troubled with smothering spells, also palpitation of the heart and that bearing-down feel. ing, and could not be on my feet much.

“I was growing worse all the time, until I took your medicine.

After taking three boxes of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Lozenges, the tumor passed from me.

“My health has been better ever since, can now walk quite a distance and am troubled no more with palpitation of the heart or bloating. I recommend your medicine to all sufferers from female troubles."

It is hardly reasonable to suppose that any one can doubt the efficiency of Mrs. Pinkham's methods and medicine in the face of the tremendous volume of testimony.

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TENN., is a monthly educational journal, containing well selected matter for both teacher and pupil. Each issue has 40 or more pages devoted to our schools, in which scholars find just what they need. Essays, book reviews, teaching outlined by our best teachers, and the progress of education will be the contents of each issue. Its contributors embrace some of our best literary and most famous celebrities. Subscription, 50 cents per annum; five trial months, 10 cents (silver.)

SEED.TRAVELERS. By C. M. WEED. Boston: ('inn Co.

This book consists of a series of simple dig. cussions of tho more important methods by which seeds are dispersed. The subject as a whole is treated in a natu"al and logical way, the first part dealing wich the “Wind as a Seed Distributer," the second with "Seed Dis. semination by Birds," and the third with “Seed Dispersal by Spines and Hooks.” The famillar plants of the northern states have been chosen for these object lessons, and the aim of the writer has been to lead the children who read these essays to fuller observation of the significance of the simplest facts of nature.



A Savings Institution

for Teachers

and Students You can deposit any amount at any time. All deposits draw 6 per cent. interest and are subject to check at any time. Send for THRIFT Circular.


Nashville, Tenn. LONGFELLOW BOOKLET Entitled "Poetic

Gems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow," just published . Collection of Lougfellow's most celebrated poems, Original colored cover page, with excellent portrait of the poet. Elegantly bound with silk ribbon. Sent postpald, for the marvellously low price of 6 CENTS. Two copies mailed, postpaid, for 10c, Special Offer to Teaehers. To enable teachers to secure cheap and satisfactory Prizes to give to scholars, we will mall the Longfellow Booklet at the low price of 40c. per dozen copies. Address:

Station 4, Jersey City, N. J.

A MENTAL ARITHMETIC. By W. J. Milne, Ph.D., President of the New York State Nor. mal College, Albany, N.Y. Cloth, 12mo, 176 pages. Price, 35 cents. New York: American Book Company.

A few years since grammars were banished from the school-room - and restored; then the spelling book was tabooed for a decade or so, and was likewise restored. The old mental arithmetic shared the banishment of the grammar and spelling book, but it has only been partially restored to its former place and favor in the schools. Of late, however, atten. tion has been called to the fact that, in much of the modern teaching, children do not show reasoning powers of so high an order as were to be found in the schools of a generation ago. Much of this loss is chargeable to the lack of drill formerly given in the study of mental arithmetic. Hence, to correct this defect, the restoration of this branch is demanded.

This new text-book will do much to aid and encourage the study of mental arithmetic in our schools. It embodies the latest methods of presentiug the subject, and supplies abun. dant and carefully gradod examples in the fundamental processes of arithmetic. At the end are a list of miscellaneous problems, and tables of weights and measures. The book is so planned that it may be used to supplement any series of school arithmetics, or for inde. pendent work. While it is elementary enough for beginners, the gradation is such that pupils will imperceptibly find the quality of the work furnished strong and rugged enough to employ and test their best efforts.

HISTORY have had remarkable memories. A slight investigation will show that the most successful business men are possessed of wonderful memories. The training of the memory should be the basis of education. The demands of commercial life are dally becoming more onerous: more detalls must be mastered-more facts and figures remembered. Only, the possessor of a powerful memory can win and hold a chiet position in the world of work. Price, $1.00. Post paid on receipt of price. LACONIC PÚBLISHING CO., 123 Liberty Bi., N.Y.

THE X-RAYS : THEIR PRODUCTION AND APPLICATION. By FREDERICK STRANGE KOLLE, M. D. Radiographer to the Methodist Episcopal Hospital; Member of the King's County Medical Society, the Brooklyn Pathological Society, the Long Island College Hospital, and the King's County Hospital Alumni Associatinn of Brooklyn, N. Y. A book of 250 pages, just out, bound in handsome cloth; with 50 illustrations, of which twelve are full-page hall-tone engravings. A work that will be gratefully appreciated by every progressive person. Price, $1.00 postpald. Address orders, with remittance to LACONIC PUBLISHING CO , 123 Liberty St., N.Y.

How to See the Point and Place It: Punctuation Without Rules of Grammar. A book of forty pages wbich teaches punctuation rapidly by example. Many people who have studied English, Latin, and Greek grammar are very careless and slovenly punctuators. This book is indispensable to all writers. Memorizing rules and exceptions wastes time and they are soon forgotten. Also gives rules for placing capital letters, Italics, and manuscript for publication. By mail, 20 cents. Cloth, 40 cents. LACONIC PUBLISHING CO., 123 Liberty St., NY

Music Lessons by Correspondence. New system for piano, endorsed by eminent musicians; GRAPHIC MUSIC and INSTRUCTION BOOK with one month's lessons for .00 GUILFORD Music Pub. Co., 178A Tremont Bt., Dept. 4, Boston, Mass. Agents wanted-circulars free.

Teacher Wanted !


Lady or gentleman, to travel and appoint agents. No canvassing. Salary and expenses paid.


Our lettered fingerboard and Instructor is the only reliable system for self-instruction. This system

teaches you to play from regular music; easy pieces TAUGHT mastered in a few hours. Lettered ard can be attached in 2 minutes, Compl. outåt for either instrument 500. United States Music Co., 213 Hewitt Block, Cin.


High Grade '98 Models, $14 to $40. CREAT CLEARING SALE of '97 and '96 models, best makes, $9.75 to $18.

Sent on approval without a cent payment. Free use of wheel to our agents. Write for our new plan "How to Earn a Bleycle” and make money. SPECIAL THIS WEEK-40 high grade '97 models (slightly shopworn), $10.75 each. “Wanderings Awheel," a souvenir

book of art, FREE for stamp while they last. Head Cyclo Co., 296 Avenue C, Chicago, Il. Out of the vast stores of experience accumu Day alter day early and late they earnestly now is the chief consulting physician of the lated in a life-time of research Dr. Pierce has planned and tolled, never realizing that they Invalid's Hotel and Surgical Institute at

How They Saved Their Home.

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John Brooks

shackles; his whole body full of sickness and and could not get well. I took Emulsion of nausea and distaste of living, and his mind Cod Liver Oil and it did me no good. After dark with dismal forebodings. Describing taking it four months I heard of your 'Golden this terrible time afterward, he sald to Medical Discovery' and wrote to you for friend :

advice. I have taken your medicine and it “What troubled me most was that I could

saved my life. I felt so sick when I wrote to

you I thought I would not live the winter A Romance of the Present

not understand what was the matter with me.

The doctors said it was consumption; they did through. In the morning I would raise an Day.

me no good. I knew something was killing awful lot and spit all the time, with pains in me by inches. Finally I had to give up and go

my chest all the time. My bowels would not to bed. I could hardly lift my head of the

move more than once or twice a week; my pillow. My brother wanted to write to Dr. strength was nearly all gone; I could not do a Pierce of Buffalo, and brought me three bottles

whole day's work. Now, my bowels are regu. of his Golden Medical Discovery' and begged

lar every day, and I feel no more pains in my They started their new happy life of love me to take it. I didn't have much taith, but

chest. Feel a great deal stronger. I am work. and hope together in a trim, bright-tinted little said to my wite:

ing hard every day, driving a team in the house that stood back upon a terraced lawn.

woods, and I owe my thanks to Dr. Pierce's

“What's the use? The doctors don't help me A smooth path led to the broad “stoop" and

Golden Medical Discovery. know it saved a bit, and nothing else will. At this rate I'll hospitable plazza. The long sweep of roof,

my life. I cannot praise it enough. I am die any way. This 'Discovery'can't hurt me; the wide-curving" bays" and the little western

proud to tell my friends what cured me." it may help me; I'll try these three bottles just turret with oriel windows bespoke ample

to please Jim. He was right, too. The first room and light and air and gorgeous sunsets.

boltle went straight to my digestion and gave O, how they loved that little home! He was me an appetite so I relished way food. I felt as Industrious, frugal, ambitious; she a tender if every mouthful was doing me good and wife with a heart full of devotion; and both of

making good blood in my veins. I began to them determined at any cost of struggle or feel better and pick up my flesh; my bowels

A lady living in Webster, Day Co., South sacrifice to earn and pay for this cherished came around right and I guess my liver sort of

Dakota, Mrs. Anna Tule, writos : “ Words can. waked up. My cough stopped. I got good and

not express my gratitude to you for the great strong and in four weeks I was back at work benefit received from Dr. Pierce's medicines, again like a man."

Favorite Prescription' and Golden Medical
Discovery.' Much of the time in the past four

years I have been languishing upon a bed of HOW TROUBLE WENT AWAY.

sickness, and racked with pain. Four skilful

physicians finally decided that I must go to a "My wife never let on how miserable she

hospital for a more intricate surgical operation was feeling all the while; when I found it out

than any I had yet undergone. I made her take the. Discovery,'too, and Dr.

“In my wretchedness bordering on despair, Pierce's Favorite Prescription' for her nerves

a friend came to soe me, and insisted upon my and she says she's just made over new again. giving Dr. Pierce's remedies a trial - citing I sent for his great ‘Medical Adviser.' It's the

two wonderful cures which these medicines grandest book you ever saw. If we'd had it

had effected right here in our neighborhood. before, we would have saved hundreds of

I commenced immediately taking his 'Favor. dollars.

ite Prescription and Golden Medical DiscovThen came new hopes, new plans, new ery' alternately, and in three days I had power and fresh achievements. The little gained so much that I most emphatically home in time became their very own, earned refused to be taken to the hospital. I have and paid for by the erstwhile nerveless hands steadily gained in hoalth and strength every and brain now restored to vigor and activity day since, so that my improvement is not only

by the most remarkable life-renewing “Dis. a surprise to myself and husband, but neigh. dwelling place, and possess it as their very

covery" that medical science has ever re- bors regard my cure as nothing less than a own; a cosy nest in days of Eunshine, a refuge

vealed to man. And when at length, a sweet, miracle. Any person desiring information in time of trouble, & shelter, a fireside, a

fresh little life came to bless their lives, they concerning my allments, which Dr. Pierce's home. felt that happiness was complete.

medicines have cured, can have it by writing This is a true story and it cannot be told too

to me and enclosing a self-addressed stamped HOW TROUBLE CAME.

often or too strongly. What this great “ Dis. mwvelope."

covery" did for this man, it has done for At first it seemed smooth sailing. He was thousands of men and women in every corner glad to work over-time, and she being deft of this broad Union, and in every civilized with needle and scissors helped the neighbors country on the Globe. The discoverer and with their gowns. In such ways a few dollars inventor of this matchless remedy, R. V. were added to the small home-making fund. Pierce, M.D., has been for thirty years and

compiled a wonderful thousand-page illuswere going beyond their strength, until the Buffalo, N. Y. Probably no living physician trated book, “ The People's Common Sense little breakdowns began to come. has had a wider practical experience in deal.

Modical Adviser," a complete bome medical Many a morning he would rise with his head ing with those obscure and obstinate diseases

library in one volume. Over 1,200,000 Amerifeeling, as he expressed it, “like a lump of which baffle the skill of ninety-nine doctors

can homes contain copies of this great book. lead," and no stomach for the dainty breakfast out of every hundred.

About half of this enormous issue sold at $1,50 she had prepared. “O, you must eat!" she

A Massachusetts man, Mr. John Brooks, or a copy. A free edition in paper covers has would exclaim anxiously. "You can never Boylston, Worcester Co., (Sawyer's Mills), in a been published, and one copy will be sent to work without it." And all the time trying to letter to Dr. Pierce writes: "I feel it my duty any family absolutely without price, for the smile, she would pass her hand lightly across now to write to you to tell you of the great bene- bare cost of mailing, 21 one-cent stamps. These her own forehead as if to brush away the pain fit I received from Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical should be sent to World's Dispensary Medical that snapped and darted underneath.

Discovery. I cannot thank you enough for the Association, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y., or Then came days when he could neither eat good I have received. About a year ago I was 31 stamps should be sont if a heavier, band. nor work at all; when his sight was blurred taken with a bad cold which settled on my somer, more durable cloth-bound copy is preand dizzy, his limbs weighted down as if with lungs. The doctors said I was in consumption ferred.


mrs. Anna Shule



Remedies that Impart Flesh and Vim and

Cure Nerve and Brain Exhaustion.


Mr. Eddie Girard, the " Funniest Comedian," of the
farce comedy firm of Donnelly and Girard, made a
great success in “Natural Gas," " The Rain Maker,"
and “My Friend from India,”
and later appeared in that
remarkable New York suc-
cess, “The Geezer." He took
Loring's Fat-Ten U and Cor-
pula Foods. Read his letter:
53 E. 105th St., New York, N.Y.

May 18, 1897.

42 W. 22nd St., New York.
Gentlemen : - It gives me
great pleasure to state that EPDIE GIRARD:
during the past eight weeks on
a treatment of your Fat-Ten-U and Corpula, I have
cured myself of chronic dyspepsia and increased my
weight thirty-two pounds. These preparations are
without a doubt the best Foods and Tonics in the
market. You have my permission to publish this tes-
timonial and my picture.

Yours respectfully,



88 well as Beautifies

the Skin No other Cosmetic

will do it.

What is Scott's Emul

NOTES sion ? It is the best cod-liver oil, Milwaukee's Board of Education has col.

lected statistics as to the use of the rod in the partly digested, and com- public schools of that city and finds that out bined with the hypophos

of 35,000 pupils only 500 were switched last
year. The ratio of switched to unswitched

was so small that the Board has concluded phites and glycerine. What

that there is no use in retaining the rod, and will it do? It will make it is reported that it is likely to soon disappear

from the schools of Milwaukee. the poor

blood of the anæmic rich and red.

EFFECT OF CLIMATE ON MIND. It will give nervous energy

The past four years of a life given to scien.

tific investigation bave been devoted to deterto the overworked brain and mining the influence of climate as touching

mental and moral energy. Of these last, the nerves. It will add flesh to first two years were spent in California,

Arizona, Texas and the Mexicos, while the the thin form of a child,

two just past have been occupied with inves. wasted from fat-starvation.

tigations in Kansas, the Lake States and

It is everywhere acknowl- The capacity of the people in each section

above mentioned has been found to depend edged as The Standard of greatly upon the frequency of ralfall in the

midsummer months. the World.

A fuw primal facts were first gleaned from 5oc. and $1.00, all druggists.

most reliable sources. These conditions were SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York. in all cases demonstrated by extended observa.

tiong. Some of these facts are: The mental R. T. FELIX GOURAUD'S ORIENTAL CREAM

processes of students in Michigan public

schools were found to be the more profound,
Removes Tan, deliberate, and therefore slow, than those of

states west of the Father of Waters. The like
Moth Patches,

conditions exist also in Florida, but in lesser
Rash and Skin
diseases, and degree. In contrast with these vicinity facts,
every blemish
on beauty,

it is noted that in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas,
and defies de California and neighboring regions the mental
tection. On its
virtues it has

processes are more instantaneous. Here the
stood the test

student mind is more suited to such studies as
of fordy-eight
years; no can be memorized. There is also a correspond
other has and
is so harmless,

ing lack of capacity for protr ted logical
we taste it to effort.
be sure it is
properly Scores of investigating educators in Call.
made. Accept fornia and Kansas have noted the fact that
no counterfeit
of similar pupils, at time of entrance to high schools, are

name. The distinguished Dr. L. A. Sayer, said to a lady of the haut-ton

weaker in mathematical and logical studies (a patient):" As you ladies will use them, I recommend, 'Gou

than pupils two years younger in the North ud's Cream' as the least harmful of all the skin preparations." For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers through

Central States. Also that studies not requiring out he U.S., Canada and Europe.

deep thought are much more easily mastered FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y

in the land of sunshine." California's chil-
We feel so

dren think quickly, but not profoundly. The
sure that
we can pog.

first theory presented in explanatlon of this
itively cure

condition was that the lack of the bracing

cold of wintry seasons resulted in enervation.

Bat the fact that Florida has absence of such
OREST and LUNG DISEASES that we will send you winter, without this cerebral weakness, set
FREE a trial sample of our remedy with our 25-cent
book on treatment by our Ozone Anti-Germ Inhaler, aside this supposition as untenable. So also
A Boon to sufferers, Acts like Magic Write to-day.

did the fact that Kansas, with wintry months,
LORING & CO., Dept 103,56 Wabash Av., Chicago, Ill.,
42 W.22d St., N.Y. Oity.or 3 Hamilton Pl., Boston, Mass. has a like logical deficiency in the important

item of power to continue in profound cerebral
BIND YOUR TESTIMONIALS. effort. Temperature alone, as touching change
Every teacber was a few letters of recommendation of seasons, fails to explain.
which ought to be preserved. I will typewrite and
bind, not to exceed six copies, for 25 cents.

Thorough investigation as to the essential

differences in the staple food products, re-
521 Bourse,
Philadelphia, Pa. vealed a marked variance as to proportions of

phosphates, albuminoids and carbo-hydrates CAMERA FREE You can pass your vacation pleasantly with one of our cameras

in these varied localities. Extended testimony whicu can be secured with little effort and at no cost taken from those who have personally learned, to you.

Particulars free. Address Universal Supply
Co. Dep't. X. 52 Rockland St., Roxbury, Mass.

and applied to their own need, that secret of
adaptation : "Life is power to fit harmoniously

to the contact points of environment," showed WATCH AND CHAIN FOR ONE DAY'S WORK.

that the problem is solvable only with relation posso

to the character of the food supply.

The pupils of the Colorado schools are easily
Boys and Girls can get a Nickel-Plated Watch,
also a Chain and Charm for selling 11-2 dozen

able to master the same amount of grade
Packages of Bluine at 10 cents each.

Send your studies with legs effort than that required else.
full address by return mail and we will forward
the Bluide post-paid, and a large Premium List. where. This, when undertaken in Michigan to
No money required.

a like degree, exhausts both teacher and pupil BLUINE CO. Bor 210. Concord Junction, Mass.

because of lack of availability resultant from
the more sluggish physical functions. Her
children must think with more deliberation or

there will resolt greater“ wear and tear." A Methods in Form Study, Clay, Paper and

very prominent California professor says of Color Work.

the pupils under his instruction (public By CAROLINE F. CUTLER, Special Instructor

schools): “Although we devo‘e large time to n Manual Training to the Primary Teachers arithmetical studies, the work of the average of Boston Unanimously adopted by the

boy or girl in this branch shows neither acSchool Committee of Boston.

curacy nor thought." This lack of logical Cloth. Fully Illus. Price, 76 cents.



Alice Porter, of Armstrong and Porter, the popular
sketch artists, writes thus from 1853 Walker St., Mt.
Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio:

42 W. 22nd St., New York, N. Y. Gentlemen : Upon the recommendation of some friends, I commenced to take your Fat-Ten-U and

Corpula Foods, and in 5 weeks since then I have gained 28 pounds. I am an actress and during the past season I have had so much work and extra acting to do, especially at the continuous performance theatres, that I became worn out and so very thin, that I found I must

do something or lose my enALICE PORTER

gagement, so began taking your foods with the above results. My friends

say, “How much better you look," and I am so thankful that I can hardly find words to express it. You have my permission to use this together with my photograph for advertising purposes and if I should receive any inquiries I shall be glad to answer them. Hoping you will have the same success with thousands of others, I remain,

Yours very truly,

ALICE PORTER. Fat-Ten-U Tablets $1 a bottle. Liquid Fat-Ten-U $1 a bottle. Corpula $1 a bottle. WRITTEN GUARANTEE to refund the price if Corpula and Fat-TenU are taken according to directions, without good results. Letters addressed by ladies to Mrs. Dr. Amy

M Henry, who has charge of our Woman's Department, will be opened and swered by Mrs. Henry or her chief assist

ant. Be sure and write to our Medical Department and describe your case if ruptured. Best truss and treatment on earth. Send letters and mail, express, or C.0. D. orders to Loring & Co., proprietors, Send for free copy of "How to Get Plump and Rosy." Mention department number below on your envelope. When you write use only the nearest address.



Primary Manual Training.

LORING & CO., Dept 103, ,

endurance, also true of Kansas, explains why

80 many pupils drop out of school simply EDUCATIONAL PUB. CO.,

because of inability to do the work.- Leslie R Boston. New York.

Chicago. Nutch in Denrer Times.

Nos. 58-60 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.
No 42 W.220 St., New York City.
No. 3 Hamilton Place, Boston, Mass.



From the Public Schools of Quincy, Mass., showing how these are used
with excellent results.

For note books and compositions, we furnish fine miniature photograph reproductions of original and excellent portraits. The following are now ready:


· Not a page of theory, nor edited by one teacher, but reports of how hundreds of the most successful teachers of the country teach various studies.

I. Information Lessons,

Containing matter for many Information, Ob

servation, and Language Lessons. Price 75 cts. II. Methods in Geography,

By a hundred authors. Price, 50 cents.





WASHINGTON IRVING Size of sample on this page, printed on enameled paper with half inch margin. Price, 10 cents per dozen ; 3 dozen for 25 cents; 50 cents per hundred. Sent postpaid.

We also furnish photo-reproductions of the homes of Authors, etc.,
size 2 x 23, with half inch margin. Price, 10 cents per dozen, 3 dozen
25 cents, 50 cents per hundred, postpaid. The homes following are now
ready: –
Washington, Lincoln, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Lowell,

Scott, Emerson, Alcott, Dickens, Shakespeare, Irving.
We have in preparation a fine list of subjects for Sunday School work.
Send for circular.

50 Bromfield St., 63 Fifth Av, 378 Wabash Av., 80g Market St.,



III. Lessons in Natural History,

Price, 75 cents.

They are copiously illustrated in handsome quarto form.

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 50 Bromfield St., 63 Fifth Av, 378 Wabash Ave., 80g Market St,





(First all concede.) Fairyland of Flowers.

makes us love the trees and all nature. I find by placing the book in the hands of young teachers that it does not help them much in identifying trees, ' finding names,' but after reading the book, particularly if read

out of doors, in company with the trees themselves, a teacher must catch Primary Education well says,

something of the spirit in which the trees and all nature must be

approached and is much b tter fitted to study the trees with her pupils. “ The latest edition of FAIRYLAND OF FLOWERS is a decided im- It is a book full of inspiration to me.” provement in illustration upon the earlier editions. Many of the cuts which have marred the beauty of the book have been taken out, and

Illus. Cloth. Price, $1.00. many handsome full-page half-tone engravings have been added, so that the book stands to-day foremost in beauty among botanies for children

(Third.) and for school-room use. The unique position that FAIRYLAND OF Flowers holds among books upon the subject is evidently appreciated A Year With the Birds. by teachers, judging from the steadily increasing sales. It is not a botany in the old sense, neither is it a reference book' for minute facts.

Silk Cloth. Price, $1.00. It is a book of hundreds of illustrations, of flower legends, and flower poems, together with a reliable flora for young people to begin work Wilson Flagg is also the author of this illustrated work, and he has upon. One teacher writes us : I keep on my desk several botanies for treated his subject in a form that is readable to both naturalist and simple scientific and exact reference; but for inspiration and to arouse enthu- bird lover. Birds of winter, birds of the night, birds of the moor, sea siasm in my pupils and love for the work, I use always the FAIRYLAND and shore, birds of the pasture and forest, and farm and barnyard, are all OF FLOWERS.'

treated of, and hundreds of species receive a detailed review. New Edition. ' Illus. Priee, $1.00. Cloth, $1.25.

(Fourth.) (Second.)

The Poetry of Flowerland.

A Year Among the Trees.

By Wilson FLAGG.
That eminent teacher of Natural History, Prof. Charles B. Scott, of
Oswego Normal School writes,

“ Flagg's A Year Among the Trees, is exceedingly suggestive and helpful. It is laden with the spirit of nature study, the spirit which

Cloth. Price, 75 cents. Poetry of Flowerland edited and selected by M. Alice Bryant, (224 pp.) contains about one hundred and fifty pieces of poetry relating to various flowers, with occasional bits of prose relating to the legends or uses of plants. The collection is interesting and will be prized by those who love flowers.— Wisconsin School Journal.

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 50 Bromfield St., Boston. 63 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

378 Wabash Ave., Chicago.


Special Offer to the subscribers of Primary Education


Read this offer. It will positively be withdrawn June 30, 1898.
Here is our $2 00 worth for $1.00.

The subscription price of Popular Educator and Primary Education is $1.00 per year each To every present subscriber who will send us a new subscription - cash with order —we will send, free of charge, postpaid at our expense


Ten of these are to be retained by you to pay you for your effort and co-operation, and ten are to be given to the new subscriber. You are both entitled to make your own selection from our complete list published in recent issues of this paper (we will send our complete list upon request.)

Show this copy of the paper to your friends, tell them how much the paper helps you in your school work, how they can secure ten copies of our popular Classics free; and you can thus easily secure half a dozen new subscribers at $1.00. This will entitle you to 120 copies of our Classics, free of charge.

This offer is made not only to secure an increased circle of readers, but to introduce the Five-Cent Classics into every school in the land. Once introduced, we know they will always be used.

Under no circumstances can this offer be extended after June 30, 1898, so we

advise you to act accordingly.

Address as follows, sending cash with subscriptions,






50 Bromfield St.

63 Fifth Ave.

378 Wabash Avo.

809 Market St.

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