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- The noted lecturer," Rev. D. E. Croft, is

LINCOLN FOUNTAIN PENSKE arousing great interest among the schools of New England and the Central States by the

Solid Gold Pen- Hard Rubber Engraved Holder Simple Construction - Always Ready delivering of his popular and famous lecture, Mailed to teachers, complete, boxed with filler, for $1.50. Your money back — if you want ú. Agents Wanted.

Never blots -- No better working pen made- A regular 82.50 pen. “ Kingdom Beautiful ” Elaborate tributes of praise have been spoken of it, some of which

LINCOLN FOUNTAIN PEN CO., ROOM 16, 108 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. appear in another place in these columns.

STORIES OF STABLAND. By Mary Proctor. Published by Potter de Putnam Company, New

in a single , thousand York. Cloth, 186 pp. Price 50 cents.

(100,000) copies of this acknowledged

masterwork of the Century, The style is conversational in character and

we are now enabled to offer it to the public at far less than the publishers' prices! the story is developed and guided by the

Thousands of persons, who heretofore have not felt able to purchase it, will eagerly welcome this

opportunity to secure at reduced price “The Greatest Achievement of Modern Times.” inquisition and natural questions of her brother Harry and his little cousin Nellie.

THE FUNK & WAGNALLS The story of the Giant Sun, the Family of Giant Sun; A Ramble on the Moon; the Planet Mars and the Baby Planets, Story of Jupiter EVE and His Moons; The Giant Planets; Comets and Meteors; Stories of the Summer Stars; God Bless the Star, are the main chapter head

OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ings. Nearly forty legends are told, some of

It is incomparably the greatest, as it is positively the latest, them appearing in print for the first time.

most complete, and most authoritative, new dictionary in The book is copiously illustrated, and at the

existence. It is everywhere the standard. end of each chapter are appropriate and

ENTIRELY NEW .: .:. It is not a reprint, rehash, or resimple poems. The typography of the book is

FROM COVER TO COVER. the result of the steady labor for

vision of any other work, but is most excellent, the binding attractive.

five years of over twelve score of the most eminent and

authoritative scholars and specialists in the world. Nearly - The annual conference of Librarians was

100 of the leading universities, colleges, and scientific institutions held July 5-9, at Lakewood, N. Y. The attend

of the world were represented on the editorial staff ; 20 United ance was about five hundred. Mr. Herbert

States Government experts were also on the editorial staff.

Over $960,000 were actually expended in its production before Putnam, Librarian of the Boston Public

a single complete copy was ready for the market. Never was any Library, was elected President.

dictionary welcomed with such great enthusiasm the world over. As the St. James's Bndget, London, declares: “It

is the admiraMuch interest was taken in the reports of

tion of Literary England. '. .. It should be the pride of Literary special efforts to promote “home education.”

America." The highest praise has come from all the great AmerChildren's rooms in the libraries, traveling

ican and British newspapers, reviews, universities, and colleges, libraries for remote districts and neighbor.

as well as all classes of intelligent men and women everywhere. hood libraries in the cities, the use of the

The regular subscription price of the Standard Dictionary, Our Great Offer of

bound in full leather, is $is. We will now supply the compublic schools as branch libraries with in- plete work in one rich, massive volnme, elegantly bound in struction given by teachers as to reading and full sheep, sent carriage prepaid to any address for the

The Complete Work

surprisingly low price of $12. Patent Thumb Index, 75 cents extra. Order from your bookseller, or from the use of books, were among the chief agencies reported. The free access to the shelves WARD & GOW (UNCOLNQ BAREDING) NEW YORK. now granted in the New York Free Circulating Libraries and in many others, is found to be one of the best agencies for getting the atter

BENTON'S HAPPY METHOD IN NUMBER. tion of readers to the better classes of books

EASY METHOD OF TEACHING PRIMARY NUMBER BY A PRIMARY TEACHER. and so promoting the circulation and reading

A Manual of Instruction for Teachers and Mothers Based on the Principles of Froebel. of good literature.

More than two ycars of work systematized to meet the needs of the Little People and Teachers.

New Arrangements and New Illustrations leading to accuracy, self-reliance, and love for the study. STYLE IN ENGLISH PROSE. A minimum of board work-a maximum of seat work. “Suggestions on the Multiplication Table are worth the Though you must never imitate any writer, price of the book."

Cloth, 8 vo. 177 illustrations. Price, 75 cents. Copies can be obtained directly of the author. Address you may study the best writers with care. And for study choose those who have founded

EMILY E. BENTON, no school, who have no special and imitable

Croton, Tompkins County, New York. style. Read Pascal and Voltaire in French; Swift, Hume, and Goldsmith in English; and of the moderns, I think Thackeray and Froude. Ruskin is often too rhapsodical for a student; Meredith too whimsical; Stevenson too “pre. cious," as they love to call it; George Eliot too laboriously enamelled and erudite. When you

to-too-two. cannot quietly enjoy a picture for the curiosity aroused by its so-called “brush-work,” the

I was

late for the car painting may be a surprising sleight-ot-hand,

so I walked. but is not a masterpiece. Read Voltaire, Defoe, Swift, Goldsmith, and

I think it was — far you will come to understand how the highest

walk. charm of words is reached without your being able to trace any special element of charm.

Those children are The moment you begin to pick out this or that

small —

Sixty unique cards with felicity or phrase, this or that sound of music

be out alone. it

I went the store quent, lyrical, pictorial – then the charm 15 index, prepared by one of –

buy snapped. The style may be fascinatingly bril

papers. Boston's most successful liant, impressive; but it is not perfect.

I went — that store, Read Swift, Defoe, Goldamith, if you care to

It is rainy you to read another and a greater Book. The

- play. Book which begot English prose still remains ing, Punctuation and Lan

You paid

much for its supreme type. The English Bible is the true school of English literature. It possesses guage Work. In a neat every quality of our language in its highest form – except for scientific precision, practi. box. Price, 25 cents. Will you give me — cents cal affairs, and philosophic analysis. It would

for a stamp? be ridiculous to write an essay on metaphy. See Sample Card.

Yes, and buy stamps sics, a political article, or a novel in the lan. guage of the Bible. Indeed, it would be ridicu.

(Reduced size.) lous to write anything at all in the language of the Bible. But if you care to know the best that our literature can give in simple, noble

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, prose – mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Holy Scriptures in the English tongue.

50 Bromfield St., Boston. Frederic Harrison in The Nineteenth Century. 163 Fifth Ave., New York, 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 809 Market St., San Francisco.

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ous interweaving of instruction about birds

and animal life, science in cooking that leads STORIES OF LONG AGO. By Grace H Kupfer.
up to the study of food products and the home A collection of Greek and Roman myths, told
touches everywhere, are made vividly attrac- in simple fairy-tale style. It is claimed that
tive by the sympathetic pen of Nellie Lathrop nothing objectionable for the leading of young
Helm. Col. Parker chose wisely when he children is left in these ancient myths, but
selected this intelligent pupil and charming that the contents have been carefully selected
writer to give to the educational world his

and given an historical setting. Poems bear-
scheme of teaching a thousand things con-

ing directly upon the subjects of the stories nected with the natural life of a farm home. It

have been introduced at the close of the chap. is always an experiment to connect instruc.

ters. These poems are from standard authors, tion with a story, but this series of supple- Lowell, Tennyson, Hemans, Bryant, etc., and mentary readers has made a success of this

the association thus established between these
part of the undertaking. The book is well. poets and poems and the classic myths will
illustrated with birds, animals, country life

prove most valuable to the children. There
and farm scenes that will be a revelation to

are nineteen full-page illustrations, reproduc-
town and city children.

tions from the great pictures of the world, that POSE DRAWING. With Brush and Ink. Ву

immeasurably enhance the value of the book Irene Weir, Art Director of Brookline, (Mass.)

THE STUDY OF THE CHILD. (International from the standpoint of art and history. It is & Schools. Price, 50 cents.

Education Series.) By A. R. Taylor, Ph.D. unique book and should be owned by children Sketching from life has come to be a distinct

The author says:

as well as read by them. and popular feature of the drawing in the pub.

Every chapter in this

FROM SEPTEMBER TO JUNE. By Minetta L. lic schools. The object of this book is an attempt to organize the knowledge

Warren. Illustrated by Elizabeth A. Pickering. is to help the teachers and children in the art already possessed by those who know little or

“ The purpose of these lessons," says the of pose-drawing. There are twelve full-page nothing of scientific psychology, and to assist drawings of children, direct from life, to illus. them to inquiries which will give a clearer author, “is not to give information alone, or trate the best methods of observation and exe

apprehension of the nature and possibilities to tell the child what he can find out tor him. cution. They are not meant to be finished of the child." The avowed purpose of this self, but to arouse his interest, to excite his drawings but indicative of the way in which book, “to assist in dignifying and systematiz- curiosty and lead him to habits of observation masses of light and dark should be related to ing Child Study,” is reason enough for its exist

and reflection.” The book is designed for a each other. Teachers who“can't draw" must ence. The vast amount of aimless, silly Child

nature reader and its contents are arranged be encouraged to undertake this sort of work Study that has been attempted since organiza- for separate months " from June to Septem. when once they have seen and studied these tion was made for this purpose calls for pro

ber.” Shells, fruits, ripe corn, fall flowers, and drawings.

test and for the thoughtful consideration of seed-sowers, are discussed in September. Oc.
well-balanced minds that can discuss a popu.

tober has the flight of birds, nutting time, etc.
lar subject and keep it within the realms of

The distinctive events of each month in the
facts and reason. The contents of this book

natural world are talked about in a plain, sen.
embrace the senses and their functions, con.

sible way that children will understand and TEACHERS' MONOGRAPHS. June

teachers will appreciate. The vocabulary is number. sciousness and apperception, muscular or Sidney Marsden Fuerst, editor. Price, $1.00 for motor control, the feelings, the functions of

best suited to second year children and is four numbers. the will and intellect, children's instincts and

remarkable for its simplicity and evenness. The New York Teachers' Monographs is a quarplays, manners and morals, etc. In the closing

The illustrations are a delight, in their artistic terly periodical devoted to the presentation chapters topics for Child study are suggested design, especially in initial letters, good exefor teachers' and mothers' clubs.

cution and adaptation to the text. No color of information concerning the course of study

has been attempted and no startling effects for the public schools of the greater New York.

but the pictures will give the children benefit The June number contains one hundred and AMERICAN BOOK CO., NEW YORK CITY.

and pleasure. The type is clear, not too large, fifty pages of matter devoted to the discussion

and has been shaded well in the introduction of elementary scienco. Among the subjects SWINTON'S TALKING WITH THE PENCIL. (Pri.

of a few good poems. In looking at the book treated are: “Development of the Aquarium mary Lessons in Language.) By William

critically it is to be regretted that there has in Primary Work," " Teaching Insect Life in Swinton.

been such a marked omission of the mention Schools," "Nature Study in the Primary The lessons in this book are designed to of the beauty side of the natural world. Chil. Grade"," "Mosses,” etc. It is packed full of

cover one year's work and to prepare the dren are endowed with a beauty-sense, and desirable information for the teachers who pupil to pursue the study of language with there is little in this nature reader to feed it, must teach elementary science and don't know

increased interest. The method promises to or to train the æsthetic side of child-nature. where or how to obtain the desired material be attractive to young pupils. Bright pictures The tacking on of human titles to plant life, so for their work. The teachers of Greater New of most excellent quality and full of child life popular now, seems cumbersome and uncalled York are most fortunate in having such a peri. and doings are plentifully introduced as sub- for. It is to be hoped the time is soon coming odical, for suggestion, reference, and inspira jects for the questionings that follow. Full when Mr. Wind, Mr. Turtle, Mrs. Maple Tree tion. It would be well if other cities should

sentences are then constructed from the oral and Mrs Horse-Chestnut are heard no more in follow the example of New York in the publi.

answers of the children and thus the child is the land. If there can be anything more ab. cation of similar monograph helps. Any led into story-telling. Vertical script is intro

surd than for a tree to proclaim, "I am Mrs. teacher wishing to obtain this book can ad.

duced on the first page and continues through. Maple Tree!" where can it be found? dress New York Teachers' Monograph Co., out the book. One feature of the book is open 25 East 14th St., New York City.

to criticism, viz., the filling in of blanks in

sentences - & universal fault in elementary A LOVELL & CO , NEW YORK CO. language books. A child would much prefer

to construct his own sentences, and would put From Experience the PUNCTUATION PRACTICALLY ILLUSTRATED. A

the thinking and individuality into it that is Manual for Students and Correspondents. By lost in filling out sentences made by somebody

Lesson of Health Kate O'Neill. 149 pages. 60 cents.

else. Such work is little else than the finding How to keep the Blood Rich, A clear, condensed work on Punctuation like

out of a puzzle. Children make fine, pithy this has not appeared for many a day. Ordi. sentences before they ever see a school-house. Pure and Nourishing. nary books of rules for punctuation are over.

We know from experience that Hood's done, “run together" and leave the student

THE STORY OF THE ENGLISH. (Eclectic School Sarsaparilla overcomes all scrofula troubles, more mixed than ever. But Miss O'Neill has Reading.) By H. A. Guerber.

salt rheum, boils, pimples and eruptions. made this little guide a gem of clearness and

We know it conquers the worst cases of hip condensation. The brief chapters stand out This is English history told in the charming disease, invigorates the whole system, tones clearly and there is no wavering, uncertain intellectually conversational style that has

the stomach, creates an appetite, overcomes sound in any of it. Its size makes it a convenis given to the preceding works of this author

that tired feeling and gives strength to the ent hand-book everywhere - on the desk, their deserved popularity. The children are

nerves. We know it prevents sickness and library table, or in the pocket. Every writer introduced to their mother country by suffering by fortifying the system against and every teacher needs just such a book for vivid descriptions and well-told anecdotes, the attacks of disease. We know it is just handy reference, and needs it divided and sub- and are not forced to consider the facts of

what is needed to keep the brain clear and divided in just the way this is arranged. Suc- law and religion of the past centuries, for

the body strong for the work of school life.
cess to the little work.
which they have neither interest nor taste.

Hood's Sarsaparilla 1s the best fall
Instead of narrating the usual dry historical

medicine. By making the blood rich and
facts which children have been formerly asked

pure it protects the system from malaria, to memorize, they are made acquainted with fovers and the grin. UNCLE ROBERT'S GEOGRAPHY. II. (Apple. the principal characters in English history by ton's Home Reading Books.) By Francis W.

stories that will hold their interest from first Parker and Nellie Lathrop Helm.

to last. The book is beautifully illustrated The readers, big and little, of the first of the with choice pictures (many full page) that On the Farm" Series, will gladly welcome must cultivate the artistic taste of the chil- Is America's Greatest Mcdicine. $1; six for $5. this second visit to the little country children dren. The book should be supplementary to Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. who are delightful because they are natural. all teaching of English history, to vivify and Hood's Pills easy to take easy to buy, The play-life of the children with the ingeni. brighten it.



We May Learn

Hood's Sarsa:


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Have You Examined




The Teacher's Photograph on each of them.

Agents wantet for every county in the Vailed s ates and Canada. Liber-lra h commission paid. Samples free. Thirty (34 x 34 photos from any cabinet, postpaid. 75 cents. H. G. PHILLIPS, Publishers,

Williamsport, Pa.

From Mrs. Walter E. Budd, of Pat

chogue, New York.

A Liberal


Price, $1.50. Sent postpaid for eight sub

scriptions to The Favorite, at 75 cts, each. NATURE STUDY BY MONTHS. By

A. C. BOYDEN. Will be given for three

subscriptions. THE FAVORITE, one year, and Citizen

Birds, only $1.80; The Favorite, and

Nature Study by Months, only $1.00. THE FAVORITE is published monthly, Sept. to

June inclusive; contains 32 pp. of nature stories and poems; monthly outline for school work, etc. Send stamp for sample copy and begin your club

If you prefer cash discount, send for terms. 75 cents per year. THE FAVORITE, Hyde Park, Mass.


at once.


Mrs. BUDD, in the following letter, tells a familiar story of weakness and suffering, and thanks Mrs. Pinkham for complete relief: “DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:-I think it is

my duty to write to you and tell you

what Lydia E. Pinkham's


Compound has done for

I feel like another woman. I had such dreadful headaches through my temples and on top of my head, that I nearly went crazy;was also troubled with chills,was very weak; my left side from my shoulders to

my waist pained me terribly. I could not sleep for the pain. Plasters would help for a while, but as soon as taken off, the pain would be just as bad as ever. Doctors prescribed medicine, but it gave me no relief.

“Now I feel so well and strong, have no more headaches, and no pain in side, and it is all owing to your Compound. I cannot praise it enough. It is a wonderful medicine. I recommend it to every woman I know."

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- The October list of J. B. Lippincott Co, includes an illustrated life of Franklin, “The True Benjamin Franklin,” by sidney George Fisher, uniform in character and style with the author's "The True George Washington"; “Myths and Legends Beyo id Our Borders," by Charles M. Skinner, illustrated with photogravures, and completing the legends of North America, by adding to those of the United States, contained in the author's previous books, “The Myths and Legends of Canada and Mexico"; and Mr. Skianer's “Do-Nothing Days" and “With Feet to Earth," illustrated with photogravures and sold separately or bo sed together under the name of the “Do. Nothing Days Library.

- Lee & Shepard will have ready about October 1, a new Sophie May story, "Pauline Wyman," and will issue all their Q uinnebasset Series, by Sophie May, uniform with it, in a new style and at a reduced price. At the same time they will issue fifteen select novels of Amanda M Douglas, in a' new, uniform binding, at a reduced price.

“ John Hancock," His Book, announced for October 1, is a life of Hancock, made from his letter-book by Abram English Brown. It is a singular fact that no satisfactory life of John Hancock has heretofore been published, there. fore this volume will have a particular value. The letters give views of his private life, and throw light upon his position on all the politi. cal questions of his time.

– Bellows Brothers, for the last five years representatives of Ginn & Company, have recently established themselves in the Studebaker Building, Chicago, as publishers of School Charts and Specialties. They are of the opinion that school charts are not used as much as formerly because they have been too expensive and not in accord with the present and established methods of teaching. They desire to provide School Specialities that will meet with the approval of the leading educa' tors.

Their new publications consist of Superin. tendent Speer's Primary Chart of Senso Train. iog and Mathematics, a definite guide in the Speer method for the first three years, the Striker Vertical Script Rading Chart, adopted for exclusive use in Missouri, and the School Library Encyclopedia in four volumes, just adopted for the schools of Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

We call the attention of our readers to this firm's advertisement in this 188ue glving in. tormation concerning these three publications.

Foreseeing the demand for a knowledge of the Spanish language Messrs. Isaac Pitman & Sons, the enterprising publishers of New York city, are issuing in weekly parts, “ Pit. man's Practical Spanish Instructor," for begin. ners and advanced students. The Spanish text, embodying the latest and most successful method of learning Spanish will be accompanied by literal, full, or annotated transla. tions, and imitated pronunciation. This interesting work will undoubtedly enjoy a very wide popularity, as does “Pitman's Practical French and German Instructors," which are companion works to the above. A special feature of tbis Spanish work will be the con. versational exercises for Tourists and others, as well as Commerclal Terms and Business Letters. Seeing there is now a question as to the advisability of introducing Spanish into the public schools as a study this work will certainly be much sought after. This firm have also issued an adaptation of the Isaac Pitman shorthand to the Snanish language that is meeting with much favor.

IN RAILROAD CIRCLES. Edward A Watson, son of General Passen. ger Agent J. R. Watson, of the Fitchburg road, has been appointed New England passenger agent of the West Shore road, with office at 300 Washington street, Boston. He graduated from Williams College last year, and is the youngest man ever appointed to so important a position in railroad circles hereabouts, but then he is by inheritance, judgment and energy a born railroad man.

THE HAZARD TEACHERS' AGENCY. 7th season. Business throughout the

Northwest. Catalogue free. 732-34 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn.

TEACHERS WANTED sa Loul, "40. 2nd year.



and Bryant Booklets. Souvenir Edition. Better than reward cards. Most instructive prizes in existence. Useful as supplem- tarv readers. All schools use them. LONCFELLOW BOOKLET containing celeb ated puems, b. und with silk

ribbon, artistic colored cover, 8 pares, 12mo. Special prices to teachers: 6c per c py, 2 cop'es for 10c.; only 40c, per dozen, postpaid. BRYANT BOOKLET, celebrated poems, including Thana opsis, TO a Waterfowl, Death of the Flowers. Origmal Illus,

ond COV-r in 3 col rs. Teachers - special rates: 10c. each, 6 copies, 50c.; per dozen. 80c. postraid. Sample of the two, 14c. Sperial Combination Offer: I diz Longfellow and I doz. Bryant Booklets, only $1.10 postpald. 100 Longfellow Book ets, postpaid, $3.00 uet. 100 Bryant Bonklets, postpald $6 00 net. No free samples. Address: MC. BURKEL, 479 Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J!


Removes Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Moth Patches, Rash and Skin diseases, and every biemish on beauty, and defies de tection. On its virtues it has stood the test of forty-eight years no other has and is so harmless, we taste it to be sure it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of similar

name. The distinguished Dr. L. A. Sayer, said to a lady of the haut-ton (a patient) : " As you ladies will use them, I recommend, Gouaud Cream' as the least harmful of all the skin preparations."

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y

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Are You Using the

5 ct. Classics?

See List on Another Page.



-"Russia and the Slavs,” is the title of an instructive article by Prof. William Z. Ripley, in Appleton's Popular S.ience Monthly for October. The rapid growth of Russian civilization, and the prominent position which she is assuming among the modern nations, give the article a popular interest quite apart from its strictly scientific aspects.

- The German school-boy has many bless. ings provided by & paternal government. During tho recent hot weather, whenever the thermometer went above 77 degrees in the shade, school children had a holiday, because the law forbids instruction to be given at any temperature above that point. So the chil. dren were set free to romp about in the sun. shine and to find a cool place, if they could.

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The Department of Superintendence of the
N. E. A., at its meeting in Indianapolis, Ind.,

February 17, 1898, appointed a committee con. The Whole Family supplied with Laundry and Toilet Soaps for a year at

sisting of Dr. William T. Harris, United States Half Price. Seat Subject to Approval and Payment after Thirty Days' Trial.

Commissioner of Education, Washington, D.C.; IT IS WISE ECONOMY TO USE Good SOAP. Our soaps are sold entirely on their merits, with IT

Dr. F. Louis Soldan, Superintendent of Schools, our guarantee of purity. THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES USE THEM, and have for many

St. Lo: is, Mo., and T. M Baliet, Superintenyears, in every locality, many in your vicinity. Ask us for your neighbors' testimonials. dent of Schools, Springfield, Mass., to recom.

mend a list of words with simplified spelling saves you half the retail cost of your soaps,

for use in the published proceedings of the and doubles the purchasing value of this 50

Department. per cent. saving in a premium bought for

The report of the committee was duly made you below usual cost of making. One premium is A White Enameled Steel, Brass-Trimmed, Bow-Foot Bed. Metallic beds add beauty and cheerfulness to

and the spelling so authorized was used in the the chamber, while they convey a delightful feeling of cleanliness that invites repose.

published proceedings of the meeting of the They harmonize perfectly with furniture of any wood or style.

Department held in Chaitanooga, Tern, Feb.

Brass top rod at head and foot, and heavy brass, gold-lacquered trimmings. Malleable castings that never

ruary, 22-24, 1898. break. Detachable ball-bearing casters. 472 gour

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the

N. E. A. held in Washington, D.C., July 7, 1898, or 4 or 32 feet wide. 672 feet long. Head, 472 feet. Foot, 3/2 feet high. Corner posts,

Our Great Combination Box. the action of the Department of Saperinten. i inch in diameter. Very strong and will lasts Enough to last an average Family one Full Year.

dence was approved and the list of words with a lifetime.

simplified spelling adopted for use in all pub. This List of Contents Changed as Desired.

lications of the N. E. A. as follows: AFTER THIRTY DAYS' TRIAL if the pur


$6.00 chaser finds all the Soaps, etc., of excellent

For all laundry and household pur:

Program – (programme); tho – (though); quality and the premium entirely satisfac

poses it has no superior. Large bars.

altho - (although); thoro— (thorough); thoro. 10 BARS WHITE WOOLLEN SOAP. tory and as represented, remit $10.00; if?

fare-(thoroughfare); thru-(through); thruout

A perfect soap for flannels. not, notify us goods are subject to our order. 12 Pkgs. BORAXINE SOAP POWDER (full lbs.)

- (throughout); catalog - (catalogue); prolog


An unequalled laundry luxury. We make no charge for what you have used.

-(prologue); decalog-(decalogue); demagog 4 BARS HONOR BRIGHT SCOURING SOAP,

- (demagogue); pedagog - (pedagogue.) If you remit in advance, you will receive in 1-4 DOZ. MODJESKA COMPLEXION SOAP, addition a nice present for the lady of the house, Perfume exquisite. A matchless beau

IRWIN SHEPARD, Secretary. and shipment day after order is received. Money

tifier. refunded promptly if the Box or PREMIUM 1-4 DOZ. OLD ENGLISH CASTILE SOAP, disappoints. Safe delivery guaranteed. The trans- 1-4 DOZ. CREME OATMEAL TOILET SOAP, action is not complete until you are satisfied. 1-4 DOZ. ELITE GLYCERINE TOILET SOAP,

INSIGNIAS OF RANK. ho-Many youthand maidens easily earn a 1-4 DOZ. LARKIN'S TAR SOAP Chautauqua Desk or other premium free by

Unequalled for washing the hair.'

Following is a list of the insignias of ranks dividing the contents of a Combination Box 1-4 DOZ. SULPHUR SOAP

in the United States Army. among a few neighbors who readily pay the 1 BOTTLE, 1 oz., MODJESKA PERFUME listed retail prices. This provides the $10.00

Delicate, refined, popular, lasting.

Colors of.stripes indicating branch of the needful to pay our bill, and gives the young folk 1. JAR, 2 ozs., MODJESKA COLD CREAM

army and departments : the premium as “ a middleman's profit." The

Soothing. Cures chapped skin.

Yellow - Cavalry. wide success of this plan confirms all our claims.

Preserves the teeth, hardens the

White - Infantry.
Booklet Handsomely Illustrating

gums, sweetens the breath.
15 Premiums sent on request.

THE CONTENTS, Bought at Retail, Cost $10.00

Red stripe, white corded Engineer Corps.
THE PREMIUM, worth at Retail.

Orange - Signal Corps.
Estab. 1875.. Capital, $600,000.
Buffalo, N. Y.


Green - Medical Corps.


Retail gratis. Value

Chevrons, indicating rank of non commisArarkwarerererererer

sioned officers : From The Evangelist, New York – We are personally acquainted with Mr. Larkin of the Soap Manufacturing Two stripes - Corporal. Company of Buffalo; have visited their factory; have purchased and used their soaps and received the premiums offered, and we know that they are full value. The only wonder is that they are able to give so much for so little

Three stripes - Sergeant. money. The Company are perfectly reliable.

White band on arm with red cross - Hospi. Christian Work, New York, says — The Larkin Co. never disappoint. They create wonder with the great value tal stewarts. they give for so little money. A customer once is a customer always with them.

Shoulder straps indicating commissioned offlcers:

General - Two stars and eagle.
Lieutenant General-Three stars.

Major General - Two stars.
By HENRY T. BAILEY, State Supervisor of Drawing, Mass.

Brigadier General – One star.
The book takes up the subject from the first form lessons through the fundamental geometric Colonel Eagle.
figures; Color, Form, Arrangement, Number, Language, and Nature Studies are skilfully

Lieutenant Colonel – Two silver oak leaves. correlated. Cloth. Price, 75 Cents.

Major - Two gold oak leaves.

Captain - Two bars. Henry T. Bailey's little book on drawing is the most helpful of any that I have seen for the First Lieutenant - One bar. grade of work for which it is intended. Logical in its arrangement. Full of practical suggestions,

Second Lieutenant - Strap without bars presented in such a way as to be an inspiration to any live teacher. No primary teacher can afford to be without one.

Three stripes with white diamond – First EDWARD SouthWORTH, B-ston. Sergeant.

Three stripes, with bar across top (resenEDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY,

tling a triangle) – Quartermaster.

Three stripes and bugle on arm - - Chief 50 Bromfield St., Boston.

Musician. 63 Fifth Ave., New York. 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 809 Market St., San Francisco. Two stripes on trousers-Bugler or musician.

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Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Endorsed and Used by

Leading Physicians.

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Should be in every family medicine chest and every traveller's grip. They are invaluable when the stomach is out of order; cure headache, billousness, and am liver troubles. Mild and ancient. 25 cents.


-D. Appleton & Co. make preliminary autumn announcements of “Admiral Porter," by James Russell Boley, a new volume in The Great Commanders Series ; “Cannon and Camera," sea and land battles of the SpanishAmerioan War in Cuba, described and illustrated by J. C. Hemmett; “Puerto Rico," an illustrated handbook for travelers, Investors, and others, by Frederick A. Ober, who also bas written a "History of Spain;" a new volume in the History for Young Readers Series, and six new volumes in the excellent Hom. Reading Series.

Loring's Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Foods Cure

Nerve and Brain Exhaustion. Free Advice
from Loring & Co.'s Chicago or New York
Medical Department - Only Certain Cure for
Rupture - Best Truss Ever Devised.



A Publication n the Trees of the United
States Illustrated by Actual Speci.

mens of the Woods, "Exceedingly valuable for study; It is a work where plant life does the writing and which no one can read without thinking." G. A. PARKER, Hartford, Conn.

“ I know of nothing so well calculated to make young people fall in love with trees."

Prin. E. H. Russell, Worcester, Mass. “This is a unique and beautiful publication for which the lovers of nature owe a great debt to Mr. Hough."

Dr. A. E. WINSHIP, Boston, Mass. “ The work is a most valuable one, and the price is reasonable." PROF. CHAS. E. Bessey, Lincoln, Neb. The Regent of the Univ. of the State of N. Y. will dup

licate on its purchase. Send for circulars relating to the above and also to our Preparations of Woods for tha

tereopticon and Microscope. Address ROMEYN B. HOUGH, B.A., Lowville N Y

SONGS AND SONG STORIES FOR CHILDREN. By Mrs. Frances S. Brewster and Mrs. Emma A. Thomas, Supervisor of Music in the Detroit Public Schools. Boards, 4to, 140 pages. Price, 60 cente. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati and Chicago.

In this book we have a choice collection of songs for children, prepared especially for this work by one of the most successful teachers and writers of music for the young, combined with appropriate stories descriptive of the songs. Each song and plece of music in “Songs for Children' is provided with an introductory story from Mrs. Brewster's " Song Stories." The teacher can read the story to the whole class; or the children can read it themselves as a piece of supplomentary reading.



We feel Bure that we can pos. itively cure OOLDB, GRIP,


OATARRHAL DEAFNE88, Incipient OONSUMPTION, and all TAROAT, CHEST and LUNG DISEASES that we will send you FREE & trial sample of our remedy with our 25-cent book on treatment by our Ozone Anti-Gorm Inhaler. A Boon to sufferers, Acts liko Magic. Write to-day. LORING & CO., Dept 13,56 Wabash Av., Chicago, Ill., 42 W.220 St., N.Y. City.or 3' Hamilton Pl., Boston, Mass.



CHICAGO'S SCHOOL CENSUS. The Chicago Times-Herald says:

“School cengus figures by wards in Chicago will be completed and given out within the next two weeks by Superintendent Fitzgerald of the School Census Bureau. His figures so far show a population within the city limits of 1,851,588. Classified by school age groups the result is: Over 21 years of age

1,004,966 Between 14 and 21 years

227,129 Between 6 and 14 years of age

344,246 Between 4 and 6 years of age

122,964 Between 1 and 4 years of age



To reduce our enormous stock of
Qards and Serap Pictures we
shall Bell Beautiful Cards of every

description at Great Cut Down. 60 Reward of Merit Cards, Children's S 50 Lover's

Valentine Cards, Now 100. Delight,

100. 60 Comlo Transparent Cards, 10c. 50 Seripture Text Cards, . 108. 50 Introduction & Escort 10. LO Easter Cards, (Beauties)

50 Courting & Conversation

100. 50 Birthday

100. 50 Scrap Pictures for ornamenting 60 Christmas and New Year,

100. Cards, Boxes, Vases, ae. 100. 60 Fine Bristol Cards with YOUR NAME on 100.

We will send 6 packets of the above and a Solid Rolled Gold plate Engraved Band Ring for 50 cents. Address,

BIRD CARD WORKS, Box 124, Clintonville, Conn.

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Dr. Robert Frame, Milford, Del., tested Lorirg's Fat-ten-U and Corpula Foods and found them effectIve in many critical cages. Rrad his statement:

MILFORD, DEL., April 21, 1897. I have been in the practice of medicine nearly forty years, and have never met with a preparation that acts with such promptress and certainty as Loring's Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods. One patient who came under my care had had all the Doctors in the vicinity, who pronounced the case Kidney Disease and said that he could lire but a very short time, for there was no cure for him. I found the patient v ry poor and nervous; he could not sleep, could not walk, pains were excruciating. As soon as I put the patient on Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods he began to improve not only in strength, but also to fatten up and now entirely recovered. I have tried Fat-TenU and Corpula in Consumption and wasting diseases, a cure being made in a short time after using them. They stimulate the appetite and the digestion, promote assimilation and enter directly into the circulation. In all chronic and organic diseases, like Bright's disease, Consumption, Paralysis and Dispepsia, all diseases requiring a remedy to build up and strengthen, I prescribe Loring's Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods, and in all cases where a tissue builder is required. They cure nervous exhaustion. Any letters of inquiry, with stamp enclosed, will be promptly answered,

Yours sincerely, ROBERT FRAME, M. D. “As the young girl develops into the young woman she should be placed on the rock of safety," writes Esther Silliman, one of our mo t famous woman physicians. “That rock is regularity. The mother must point the way. If the daughter becomes weak and listless and takes no interest in the affairs of life, if her eyes become dulled, if she complains that her clothing weighs her down, and of excruciating pains in her stomach after meals, the mother should arouse herself to her duty or expect to see the budding woman fade and die. Millions have gone this way to the grave, and thousands have been saved from premature death by those great regulators of woman Loring's Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Foods."

WRITTEN GUARANTY to refund the price if Corpula and Fat-Ten-U are taken, according to directions, without good results. Free advice about your thinness or any other disease if you address our New York or Chicago Medical Department. Be sure to wrl'e if you are ruptured. Best truss in the world. Send letters and mail, express, or C. 0. D. orders to Loring & Co., proprietors. Send for free copy of " How to Get Plump and Rosy." Mention departo ment as below. Use only the nearest address.


111 645 Under 1 year of age



ADVERTISERS. Nelson, Chesman & Company, of St. Louis, New York and Chicago, the advertising agents, have issued a book which is unusually valuable to all who advertise. It is a Newspaper Rate Book, in which is given not only a full catalogue of the newspapers and periodicals in the United States and Canada, of 5,000 circu. lation and over, with full descriptions of each paper (including number of pages, length and width of columns, character, circulation, etc.), but also the regular gross advertising rates for each paper per line or per inch, on short time advertisements as well as for three, six and twelve months.



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have brought out

No. 556, Vertical Writer, fine Points.
No. 570, Vertical Writer, medium Points.
No. 571, Vertical Writer, coarse Points.

These pens are made with firm points making a clear, distinct outline without regard to shading and have a remarkable durability.

If not already supplied in your school, principals should become acquainted with their merits. Orders can be sent to the local stationer, but if impossible to procure in this way, we will supply direct.


LORING & CO., Dept. 103.

No. 68 to 60 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, III. No. 42 W. 22d Street, New York City.

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