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The busy, active brain requires some nerve-sustaining element as food.

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VITALIZED PHOSPHITES Contains the essential elements to feed, nourish, and sustain in activity all bodily functions. Used 30 years with best results by thousands of diligent brain workers for the prevention as well as cure of mental or nervous exhaustion.

It is a complete restorative of the vital forces.
Vitalized Phosphites is a concentrated white powder from the phosphoid principle of the ox-brain and wheat germ – formulated by Prof.
Percy - Descriptive pamphlet FREE.
Prepared only by

56 West 25th St., New York.
If not found at

druggists, sent by mail ($1.00).
Crosby's Cold and Catarrh Cure.- The best remedy known for cold in the head and sore throat. By mail, 50 cts.

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Miss E. F. FOSTER, Manager.
Telephone, Boston, 775-2..

60 Bromfield Street, Boston. The old reliable

THE FISK TEACHERÝ AGENCIES. EVERETT O. FISK & CO., Prop's. Agency Manual sent free to any address. 4 Ashburton Pl., Boston, 70 Fifth Ave., New York City.

1242 Twelfth St., Wash ington. Imitated by many, excelled or equaled | Cooper Building, 'Denver. 355 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 25 King St., West, Toronto.

Century B'ld"g, Minneapolis.

107 Keith & Ferry Bldg., Kansas City. 525 Stimson Blk., Los Angeles. by none. Sample card, 26 different TELEPHONE 2277 BOSTON.

ESTABLISHED 1893 numbers, for all styles of writing, sent

post-paid on receipt of 10 cents.

(formerly “THE BEACON TEACHERS' AGENCY," no change in management.)
Ask for “26" card.
P. I. MERRILL, Proprietor,

Tremont Tomplo, Boston.
450 Broome St., New York, N. Y.

C. A. SCOTT & Co., Proprietors.

2 A Beacon Street, Boston and 169 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.
The Tarr Noiseless Blackboard Pointer (rubber
tip) and the Gifford Air-Tight Ink-well (cork

First-class Primary, Intermediate, and Grammar Grade teachers who desire advancement are
cover) and are prepared to supply the wants of the invited to call at our offices when in Boston or Chicago. If you are a successful teacher we would
universe on short notice and at the right prices. Also
common pointers and ink-wells. Send for special like to become acquainted with you, whether or not you register with us. The demand for supe.
price-list to schools, covering also globes, maps,

rior Grade teachers is at nearly all times of the year much greater than the supply.
crayons, erasers, etc.
The W.A. CHOATE CO.,21 State St., Albany, N.Y. If you will send us your address, we shall be pleased to mail you our Agency Manual.

(Picture of U, S. Military Academy free with
first order if you mention this paper.)


Provides schools of all grades with competent teachers. We are getting calls for such teachers at all THE TEACHERS' EXCHANGE seasons of the year, and can certainly be of service to those who are seeing positions or promotion. send stamp for Application Form.

H. P. FBENCH, Managor, 24 Stato St., Albany, N. I
Will introduce Teachers and Employers, at its new
rooms, 258 Washington Street. Telephone.

Why Register With Us ? Our calls for teachers during the last six months

have been so numerous that we must have more candidates.
We make a business of recom-

mending lady teachers to school
officers, principals and superin

P. 364 Washington St., Boston, Mass.
tendents. We shall have calls for
teachers during the coming year,

Guarantees to give teachers enrolling for its full privileges, satisfactory service or to refund
from nearly every county and registration fees.
village in the United States, and that we may E. J. EDMANDS,


Telephone, - 3450. recommend teachers who live near where Manager.

Send for terms.

Recommend 2.50 FOUNTAIN PEN to Teachers for


vacancies occur, we want teachers registered
with us from all portions of the country, and
of all grades, college graduates, normal
graduates, special teachers and district

Solid Gold Pen- Hard Rubber Engraved Holder - Simple Construction Always Ready school teachers. If you want a position or a

Never blots - No better working pen made - A regular 82.50 pen.
BETTER posi.

Malled to teachers, complete, boxed with filler, for $1.00. Your money back - if you want it. Agents Wanted. tion, send

stamp for fall
One registra-

tion lasts for a
year, and those who register now stand the
best chance of securing a good position for
the coming school year.

85 Exchange St.,




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Little you

Talk on the Book-Shelf The little toy shepherdess looked up

Where the books stood in a row. “I wish I could hear them talk,” she said;

" For it must be fine, I know."
" Ah, yes,” the wooden soldier said;

* They are quiet enough all day;
But I've heard when the children are all abed

They talk in a wonderful way.”
And now it was twilight in the room;

And on the book-case shelves
The books began to stretch their backs,

And to talk among themselves.

As the year goes by, my dear,
As the year goes by,
Let us keep our sky swept clear,

and I.
Sweep up every cloudy scowl,
Every little thunder-growl,
And live and laugh,
Laugh and live,
'Neath a cloudless sky.

When the year is old, my dear,
When the year is old,
Let us never doubt or fear
Though the days grow cold.
Loving thoughts are always warm;
Merry hearts know ne'er a storm ;
Come ice and snow, so love's dear glow
Turn all our gray to gold !
Laura E. Richards in Youth's Companion"

" I wish,” cried a peevish little book,

“ That you would not crowd me so; " You're always poking me in the back

Because I am small, I know.”

5 cts.=


5 cts.

PETTY, TEXAS, Dec. 5th, '97.
Educational Publishing Co.,

All the books ordered received. The 5 cent
Classics are most excellent - a boon to teachers and chil-
dren. Expect to make another order soon.

Very respectfully,

( Teacher) Petty, Texas.


No. First Reader Grade. (Large Type.)

Second Reader Grade.


Third Reader Grade. 2. Æsop's Fables.--1. 42. Story of Whittier.

83. Story of La Salle. 3. Æsop's Fables.-2. 43. Story of Cooper.

84. The Minotaur. (Hawthorne.) 11. Selections from Æsop.-1. 4. Story of Fulton.

85. The Pygmies (Hawthorne.) 12. Selections from Esop.-2. 45. Story of the Pilgrims.

86. The Dragon's Teeth. (Hawthorne.) 73. Story of the Buds. 46. Story of the Boston Tea Party.

90. De Soto. 74. What Annie Saw. (Nature Stories ) 48. Story of Eli Whitney.

91. Marquette. 75. Roots and Stems. GO. Story of Edison.

92. Audubon. 61. Story of Ilawthorne.

Fourth Reader Grade. First and Second Reader Grade. (Large Type.) 62. Story of S. F. B. Morse. 76. Some Bird Friends, 63. Story of Louisa M. Alcott.

5. Story of Macbeth. 77. Flower Friends. 61. Story of James Watt.

19. The Deserted Village. (Goldsmith.) I. 78. Flower Friends. II. 68. Story of the Norsemen.

37. Othello, etc. (Lamb.) 79. Flower Friends. III. 69. Puss in Boots.

38. The Tempest, etc. (Lamb.) 87. Legends of the Springtime. 70. Story of Stephenson,


We are seven, etc. (Wordsworth ) 71. Story of Irving.

40. Ancient Mariner. (Coleridge )
72. Story of Pocahontas.

51. Pied Piper of Hamelin. (Browning.)
Second Reader Grade.
81. Story of Cyrus W. Field.

55. John Gilpin, etc. (Cowper.)
1. Grimm's Fairy Tales.--1.
82. Story of Holmes.

56. The Elegy, etc. (Gray.) 4. Grimm's Fairy Tales.--2. 89. Story of Longfellow.

65. Sir Roger De (overley. 7. Little Red Riding Hood.

66. Declaration of Independence. 8. Jack and the Beanstalk.

Third Reader Grade.

67. Thanatopsis and Other Poems. (Bryant.) 9. Story of Bryant. 13. Selections from Grimm.-1.

15. Legend of Sleepy Hollow. (Irving.) 14. Selections from Grimm.--2. 16. Rip Van Winkle, etc. (Irving.)

Firth Reader Grade, 20. Stories from Garden and Field. I. 17. Philip of Pokanoket. (Irving.)

6 Lays of Ancient Rome.-1. (Macaulay.) 21. Stories fr m Garden and Field. II. 18. The Voyage, etc. (Irving.)

10 Enoch Arden (Tennyson.) 25. Story of Columbus. 22. Hawthorne's Golden Touch.

49. L'Allegro and Other Poems. (Milton.) 26. Story of Israel Putnam. 23. Hawthorne's Three Golden Apples.

51 As You Like It (Shakespeare.) 27. Story of William Penn. 21. Hawthorne's Miraculous Pitcher.

52 Merchant of Venice. (Shakespeare.) 28. Story of Washington. 32. King of the Golden River. (Ruskin.)

53 Henry the Eighth. (Shakespeare.) 29. Story of Franklin. 33. The Chiinzera. (Hawthorne.)


Lady of the Lake. Conto 1 (Scott) 30. Story of Webster. 34. Paradise of Children. (Hawthorne.)

58. Lady of the Lake. Canto II (Scott.) 31. Story of Lincoln. 41 Evangeline. (Longfellow.)

59. Lady of the Lake. Canto II. (Scott.) 35. Story of Lowell. 47. Rab and His Friends.

80. Cotter's Saturday Night. (Burns.) 36. Story of Tennyson. 50. Christmas Eve, etc. (Irving.)

88. Sir Launfal Are Order by number.

Each number contains about 32 pages of choice Illustrated Literature bound in strong manilla covers. Price, 5 cents a copy, 60 cents a dozen, postpaid. Send for complete list.

Address Dept. "A," EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, 50 Bromfield Street, Boston. 63 Fifth Ave., N. Y. 211 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

300 Post St., San Francisco,


of children's stories in the market. That's what many people have called




There is no better story book for Kinder

A new edition just out. Fifteenth thousand. gartners, Primary Teachers and Mothers.


Springfield Mass. New York.



THOMAS CHARLES CO., 211=213 Wabash Ave.

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The type, paper and illustrations are of an Creatures, 19; Home, 30; the Hunter, 6; the
order to make one wish to preserve the book Soldior, 5; Pleasure, 19.
for these alone. The contents are a collection
of delightful out door essays with the true Jacques W. Redway, F. R. G. S.


144 pages. spirit of nature in every line. It is a spring Price, 60 cents. and summer companion that will soothe, cheer, and suggest at the same time.

This claims to be the latest geography pab.

lisbed, and to follow the recommendations of LEE & SHEPARD, BOSTON, MASS.

the Committee of Fifteen. The central idea of

its treatment is Man-his history, customs, ON PLYMOUTH ROCK. By Samuel Adams industries and geographic relations. The dis. Drake. Price, 60 cents.

cussion of the countries into which man has The story of the Pilgrim Fathers is told over divided the earth includes the human and again by this well known author with sim. descriptive. The divisions of the United

plicity and without too much of history. It is States are according to elevation, climate and THE MACMILLAN CO., NEW YORK CITY. a transcript of their daily life and will give to industries rather than location. In Europe the

SINGING VERBES FOR CHILDREN. Words by children the true spirit of the times. Its illus. divisions are according to racial lines. The Lydia Avery Coonley. Illustrations by Alicetrations are taken from the Plymouth settle. book has a series of plain and distinct mapsKellogg Tyler, music by Frederic W. Root and

ment and many are choice works of art. physical and political - drawn so as to give others. Price, $2.00.

Teachers will be glad of this little book for pupils a correct idea of the comparative areas One pauses before attempting to speak of

supplementary reading and the early history of countries, population and products. It also of the colonies.

presents topical outlines for oral and written such a book as this. When a verse-writer like

work, and suggests independent work by its Lydia Avery Coonley who finds a way to the HARPÈR & BROTHERS, NEW YORK CITY. arrangement of toptcs. The illustrations are heart with happy touch in simplest metre, writes the songs of a book for the children, EYE SPY. Afield with Nature among Flowers use rather than ornament. The national repu.

drawn largely from nature, and are meant for and Frederic Root, Eleanor Smith, and other and Animate Things. By William Hamilton tation of the author of this book will guaran. good composers eet them to music, and Alice Gibson. Price, $2.50.

tee its accuracy and originality in geographiKellogg Tyler makes the pictures, and the

It is hard to speak of any of Hamilton Gib. cal presentation. Macmillan Company brings it all out in warm, son's books with moderation. Every one is a rich colors and elegant binding,, when this treasure that increases in worth when we THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY, SAN rare combination appears before us in book realize that the marvellous eye that saw so

FRANCISCO, CAL. form there is not much to do but enjoy this much and the hand that could execute what MATKA AND KOTIF. A Tale of the Mist thing of beauty which must be a joy forever.

the eye perceived will never do more for the Islands. By David Starr Jordan, President of It is always to be regretted that beautiful uplifting of humanity. For the books of Leland Stanford, Jr., University, and United things cannot be put at a price low enough Hamilton Gibson are an uplift of the most States Commissioner in charge of the Seal for the masses to possess them. This rare

wholesome character. The world worn men Investigation. book ought to be in every school-room for the and women can find recuperation in the fresh. This allegory of the fur seal is written with inspiration of the teachers and the æsthetic

ness of nature they present, and the scholar in a beneficent purpose – a protest against the training of the children. One can imagine the books can learn bumility as he sees a world of slaughter of the mother seals. As a story it 18 big eyes of the little folks who might be

nature opened to him wbich he has never full of vivid interest and takes the reader Into allowed to turn these beautiful leaves when noted or studied. But most of all do the chil- the atmosphere of the far-away Islands with their lessons were early learned and when dren and the teachers of children need the the skill of a true story-teller. But underneath their hands were very clean. The children of spirit which animates this author's works – the interest in the seal life, action and babits, poorest districts need such beauty-training the spirit of reverence for nature as the handi. there is always the consciousness that the end far more than they need “rules" and disci. work of the Creator. “Eye Spy" has an auto. will be tragic, and this casts a half melancholy pline.

biographical interest in its opening chapter on the brightest pages, Such a book from The following is a table of contents : [Good containing the naturalist's recollections of his such a man as President Jordan cannot fall to Morning Pussy Willows, Sunshine song. boyhood, his first impressions of nature, his do good. Much of the commercial traffic in Alter the Rain, Come, My Dolly, Wind song studies and favorite books, and the beginning seals and the use of them by just, kind-hearted My Pegasus, Cradle Song, Baby Mood, Clouds, of his professional career. There are chapters people have been through ignorance and The Child and the, Flag Song, Silver

on beetles, the housefly, wasps, spiders, thoughtlessness. The illustrations are numer Night, Dancing Song, Snow-Balls, Bed-Time, snakes, grasshoppers, pansies, cocoons, clo. ous, most of them full page, and all of them The Little Stars, Christmas Song. Every selec. vers, mushrooms, primroses and other insects show the life, habits and haunts of the seal tion 18 full of the poetry and pathos of simple and flowers. It is all worth careful study, and with great vividness. The sooner our children child life and will go straight to the child. the boys and girls are fortunate who can get understand this seal question in its humane heart. A happy arrangement places the words their eyes and hands on this book.

aspect, the better for the future of our and music of each song on opposite pages, thus

country. allowing the artistic ornamentation of each

AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY, NEW YORK page to complement the other in color and


BOSTON. design.


FABRICB. By Albert E.

Winship. D. APPLETON COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY M. A. Bailey, Professor of Mathematics in the

Every teacher will find something in this Kansas State Normal School. FAMILIAR FEATURES OF THE ROADSIDE. By

book that she will be glad to appropriate. E. Schuyler Matthews.

GRAMMAR SCHOOL ARITHMETIC BY GRADES. The teachers of smallest children may feel "The borders of the road are like the em. By E. H. Moore, Ph.D, Head Professor of that it has not much for them, but that de

pends on the kind of teacher she is. If she 18 broidered margin of a fine garment, full of Mathematics, University of Chicago. beautiful and elaborate detail.” So says the

searching for solid facts that she can give to

The Comprehensive Arithmetic possesses author in his opening sentence, and it is this many new and striking features in its applica- here, but if she is broad enough to draw con.

her children verbatim, she will fall to find it "elaborate detail" of the wayside as he sees tion to business and everyday affalrs of life it that makes up the contents of this volume. It devotes separate sections to the “Lumber

clusions from facts, gather fresh truth from Early wild flowers, shrubs belonging to the Dealer," "The Carpet Dealer,” “The Paper knowledge to childish comprehension, she

statistics, and has skill enough to adapt this rose and heath families, meadow singers and Hanger,” “The Mason," "The Farmer," etc. common birds, beetles, butterflies, bees Pupils trained in this book will be prepared to contents are Sheep, Wool and Woolens, Car.

will find help in this book about fabrics. The weeds, mountain and woodland coloring, are go from the class-room to the counting-room.

pets, Cotton, Silk and Linens. Illustrated. treated in these pages with a delightful infor. mality. As he walks by the roadside he sees Grammar School Arithmetic covers the with the sharp eyes of a nature lover, and tells work of fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades what he sees as easily and musically as a of public schoole. No rules are given in this brook flows. There are twenty-six full page book, but the inductive or laboratory method hall-tone Illustrations, besides a wealth of pen is followed throughout. In the selection of And Your Food Must Be Digested and ink drawings of the commonest weeds problems attention has been given to correla

and Assimilated. and flowers. It is a joy of anticipation to tion with otber subjects in the grammar school

Otherwise you cannot be strong. Hood's imagine the teacher's sense of richness as she

Sarsaparilla is the great stomach tonic. It really owns this book and can turn to it a

GEMS OF SCHOOL SONG. Selected and edited cures dyspepsia, and gives digestive power. dozen times a day for facts, for suggestion, for

Thousands who suffered with weak stomach its resource of illustration, and for the inspira. by Carl Betz, Supervisor of Music, Public

have taken Hood's Hood's Sarsaparilla and tion between the lines, to teach the children Schools, Kansas City, Mo. 190 pages. Price, 70 cents.

they can now eat without distress and food how to see.

A song book for children of all ages and for

gives them strength. Remember THE ROYCROFT PRINTING SHOP, EAST schools of difierent grades. Many of the songs AURORA, N. Y.

are those used in the schools of Germany and

never before put into English words. They UPLAND PASTURES. 63 pages. Price, $2.00. are topically arranged. Morning, 10 pieces;

Is the best- in fact the One True Blood Purlier. This dainty work of art is issued in an edition Evening and Night, 17; Lullabies, 3; Spring, 27; of six hundred copies, each numbered and Summer, 15; Autumn and Winter, 11; Forest

Hood's Pills

cure liver flls, easy to take signed. Everythil - about this! 00 is uniqug. and Stream, 15; Flowers, 10; Birds and Other

easy to operate. 25 cents.


You Must Eat


Hood's Sarsa;

Best Sachets, postpaid, 10c silver to introduce catalogues to new customers. Wm. 8. Maxwell, O.L. Trladelphia, W. Va.

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SHORTHAND Berst's School, Corning N.Y.

Teacher Wanted!

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Lady or gentleman, to travel and appoint agents. No
canvassing. Salary and expenses paid.

Educational Department.
PAPER CALLING CARDS, in book form.

Something new. Endorsed by clergy. 85 & 40c.
Sample mailed. G. R. BROWN, Dansville, N. Y.

Kindergarten, Primary

Methods and Child Study
by mail. Also work in Latin, Ger-
man, French, Sciences, History, Lit-
erature, etc. Shorthand and Book-
keeping, Review and Degree
Courses. 1000 enrolled last year.
When writing for catalogue state
subjects desired.
National Correspondence Normal,
W. A. Stevenson, Ph.B., A.M., Prin.,
Fenton, Mich.

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Have You Examined

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Ask for particulars before selecting books for Supplementary


The FIRST and ONLY paper giving all the history, making news of the world logically classified and intelligently digested. Clean, clear, condensed, non

partisan, up-to-date, entertaining, truthful. Trial, 13 weeks 25 cts. Yearly $1. Low rates to school clubs. Sample free. Pathfinder Washington, DC


D. APPLETON & COMPANY, Publishers,

Wadsworth Longfellow,” just published. Col.
lection of Longfellow's' most celebrated poems.
Original colored cover page, with excellent portrait
of the poet. Elegantly bound with silk ribbon. Sent
postpald, for the marvellously low price of 6
CENTS. Two coples malled, postpaid, for 10c,
Special Offer to Teachers. To enable teachers
to secure cheap and satisfactory Prizes to givet
scholars, we will mall the Longfellow Booklet
at the low price of 40c. per dozen copies.

Station 4, Jersey City, N. J

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Sent Free to School Teachers.
New Pretty Artistic Designs of Flowers, Landscapes,
Scenes, Juveniles, Birds, Animals, Crescents, Scrolls,
Panels, Vases, Buildings, Bridges, Ships, Anchors, etc.
Price, 12 cards, 3x4 inches, 8c; 3/4x5% 12c; 4%x6 20c;
5%87% 30c; 7x9 50c. All beautiful cards no two alike.
New Catalogue of School Supplies,

Fringed, Frosted, Mounted, Artistic Cut-, and
Embossede chrome Reward: Solvent and main, Paris; Elementary Drawing Simplified.
Books, Speakers, Recitations, Dialogues, PlaysDrills,
Marches, Tableaux, Entertainments, Drawing, Honor,
Prize, Alphabet, Number, Reading, and Merit Cards,

Complete. 500 Illus. Price, 75 cents.
School Aids, Reports, Diplomas, Certificates, etc., free.
All postpaid by mail. Postage stamps taken Address, SIMPLE.-Only three forms, the cube, the cylinder and the triangular

prism are made the basis of the whole work.

EFFECTIVE.-It stands the test. Pupils learn how to not only draw IDEAL LETTER CARDS

from objects but from memory and the imagination. for word building and busy-work.

BEST AND CHEAPEST. Augsburg's Drawing Cards. Used by hundreds of Primary Teachers. Send To more fully show the application of the type forms to natural objects, four six cents for sample set.

sets of cards, each set containing about 50 outline drawings, have been L. P. GOODHUE,

prepared to carry out this feature. They are 7029 Yåle Ave., Sta. O., Chicago, Ill.

Set I. Round Forms.
The only weekly

Set II. “ Things Like a Box."

Set III. “ Things Like a Cylinder."
to Secondary and
Secondary and Technical.
Technical Edu-

Set IV. “ Things Like a Prism." cation in Great Britain. Accurate and up to date in its intelligence. Subscription EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, $2.00 per annum. Offices :

50 Bromfield Street, Boston, Mass. 2 White Hart Street, Paternoster Square, LONDON, E. C., ENGLAND, 63 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

211 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

300 Post St., San Francisco.

EDUCATION: Tourum." devoted

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