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Nature Songs for Children

By Mrs. Fanny Snow Knowlton.

This is a charming collection of Children's Songs admirably adapted to the

Kindergarten, Primary School and Home.

There are sixty-five songs in the book, divided into groups as follows: The Months, Flower Songs, Bird Songs,

Games, Miscellaneous Songs and Sacred Songs. The words are in the main, by distinguished authors and all were selected with great care. The melodies are

simple and within the compass of the child's voice. It cannot too strongly be said that these songs are exceedingly appropriate for the home circle. They are just

what musical mothers are looking for. Teachers of singing classes for children will also find them invaluable.

The size of the book is 8 x 10 1-2 inches. 110 Pages. Handsomely bound in gray cloth.



BRADLEY CO., Springfield, Mass. New York.


Kansas City. Chicago Agents, THOMAS CHARLES CO., 195-197 Wabash Ave. leelselleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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School Cards and School Supplies.



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SCHOOL CARDS. An elegant assortment, comprising several thousand

designs of the largest and best variety in the country. 15 samples postpaid for 15 cents. 40 samples for 25 cents.

Christmas cards, booklets, folding cards, leaflets,
CHRISTMAS, 1898. panels, novelties, etc. All with appropriate

Christmas mottos.
OUR SCHOOL SOUVENIRS Are the best ever offered. Two cards

tied together with silk ribbon. The first
card printed in colors, with appropriate border designs and teacher's name,
etc.; the second card contains the names of pupils. We have the FLAG
SOUVENIR with American flag in bright colors. The CHRISTMAS SOUVE-
NIR with green holly leaves and red berries and appropriate Christmas
wish; also several other designs. Illustrated catalogue free. Samples
sent for 2 cents each.
FAMOUS PICTURES for picture study. For use on special days, etc.

Large pictures, beautifully engraved and printed on heavy plate paper, size 5 x 8. Hundreds of ects — famous men and women, authors and their homes, historical buildings and events, famous paintings, etc. 10 pictures sent postpaid for 10 cents with full catalogue.

A great variety. Beautiful floral and SCRIPTURE TEXT CARDS. scenery cards. 15 samples for 10 cents.

40 for 25 cents, postpaid. Also an endless variety of teacher's books, aids and devices, blackboard stencils, school reports, wall mottos, large pictures for walls of school-rooms, etc. Latest catalogue sent with all packages or free on application. Address

Superb Pictures From Life. Published

Monthly at $1.50 a year of 12 numbers. Printed on one side so that each can be detached

and mounted on cardboard. SPECIAL We have just published a set

, In Colors, of the DOMESTIO

ANIMALS, price, 30 COUPON.

cents, and will send For roc. and this coupon we

" Animals"and this set to will send a Sept. Number and every one who will send also a copy of OUR TIMES. $1.60 before January ist.

Mention this paper.
Send for our new 100-page catalogue of teachers' books

and aids. We have everything for teachers.
E. L. KELLOGG & CO., 61 E. 9th St., New York.

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This is a Regular Department of the


By which You and Your Friends may

STAMPS With all that is Fresh, Vital, Experimental and Sug-

gestive in

It is interesting to know that the KINDERGARTEN MAGAZINE as an

official organ begins the eleventh year of publication. The KINDERGARTEN MAGAZINE announces as associate editors and co-workers for the

coming year the following representative, progressive and altogether SPECIMEN substantial school men and women: Dr. Henry Barnard, Hartford ;

James L. Hughes, Toronto; Richard G. Boone, Ypsilanti; Henry Sabin,

Des Moines; Geo. P. Brown, Bloomington; c. B. Gilbert, Newark; NUMBER Bettie A. Dutton, Cleveland; H. H. Seerley, Cedar Falls; Geo. Griffith,

Utica; Samuel T. Dutton, Brookline; F. D. Dressler, University of Cal

ifornia ; Sarah C. Brooks, St. Paul; Walter L. Hervey, New York City; TO

G. F. Reigart, Ethical Culture School; Sarah Louise Arnold, Boston;
Dr. C. C. Van Liew, Los Angeles State Normal School. A special

feature of the MAGAZINE for the coming year will be a Normal Training YOUR Department, bringing experimental, typical and suggestive programs of

work. The motto of this unique journal, edited by Amalie Hofer, is

“Pledged to make the Kindergarten free to all children and to support all STUDY allies of Elementary Education, including Manual Training, Farm Schools

and Domestic Science.”





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Matter in the Leaflets is arranged for first, advanced first, or beginning second grade. Each Leaflet is prettily illustrated. They are issued monthly.

BOUND VOLUMES Prices Single Leaflets

Contents of Volume 1. Price joc.

No. 1--The Sun, Phaeton, The Snow. No. 2-Our Flag, The i dozen Single Leaflets $.06 Boy Washington, The Man Washington, Joan of Aro. No. 2 Monthly, for 10 months, .50 Winds. No. Spring, Pussy.Willow, Rain, Dandelion, Little

Brown Seed. No. 5-Little Dandelion, What the Flowers 50 Single Leaflets


Wished, The Violet, Anemone. No. 6-The Frog, Snail, CrayMonthly, for 10 months, 1.50 fish. No. 7-September Aster, Goldenrod. No. 8-Milkweed, 100 Single Leaflets


Thistle, Ants, October. No. 9-The Mayflower. New Land,
Monthly for 10 months, 2:25

Fruit, Thanksgiving, Squirrel. No. 10—The Madonna, The

Stars and the Child, The Christmas Story.
200 Single Leaflets

Contents of Volume 2.

Price 1oC.
Monthly, for 10 months, 4.00

No. 1-The Snowflake Fairies, The Snow, A Trip to Cloud. · Additional over 200, per hundred,

land, The Star. No. 2- Abraham Lincoln No. 3—The Little

Hiawatha. No. Hiawatha's Canoe, The Cary Tree. No. 5 monthly, 20 cents.

-More about the Cary Tree, The Young Soldier, Take Care, The

Drummer-Boy's Burial, The Red and White Roses. No. 6-
We carry single Leaflets of all numbers in

Story of Little Caterpillar, Caterpillar and Robin Redbreast, stock and can supply them at the quantity Sleepy Little Caterpillar, Little Butterfly. No. 7-The Ants prices here quoted. Not less than 10 of any one

and the Grasshopper, The Pea Blossom No. 8-The Three number in making an assorted 50 or more.

Bears, The Pea Blossom concluded. No. 9 - The Lion and
the Mouse, Why Chipmunks Have Stripes, No. 10-The

Christmas Bells.
Prices Bound Volumes

Contents of Volume 22.

Half Number. Price only 5C. 20 copies Nos. 1, 2 or 3 $1.00

1-Little Red-Riding Hood and picture. 2- Little Cedric,

adapted from In Storyland (illustrated). 3-King Æolus and the 50 copies Nos. 1, 2 or 3

2.00 Bag of Winds. The Easter Hare. 5- A Little Morning-Glory 100 or more copies Nos. 1, 2 or

Seed. 6-Clytie (illustrated); The First Dandelion. 3. per 100

3.50 Contents of Volume 3. Price 10c.

1-The Seedlings, Thistle Song, Goldenrod, The Apple Tree,
Volume 2% at one-half these prices The Milkweed. 2-Going Away, Little Jack Frost, The Grapes,

The Anxious Leaf. 3—What the Squirrel Said, The Flowers'
Teachers find the Leaflet most fas-

Sleep, The Pumpkin, How Patty Gave Thanks. What the cinating to pupils and charming for Christmas Tree Said, The Stars, The Birds' Christmas. 5-The sight-reading. For regular class use New Year, The Snowflakes, In Eskimo-Land. 6—Old Abe, The

Snow Man._7-March, Spring and Her Helpers, A Windy they are very much desired.

Story. 8-The Easter Lily, Tree Talk. 9-The Violet, The

Thirtieth of May. 10—The Bees, The Dandelion's Birthday. Volume 4, beginning with November, 1898, will treat quadrupeds. It will be edited by Nellie Walton Ford, autho of "Nature's Byways" November, the Fox; December, Lamb; January, Bear; February, Deer; March, Rabbit; April, Cow; May, Horse; June, Dog. Primary School Leaflet is very much enjoyed by the children.

LUCY N. HOLTZCLAW-Author Waké Robin Series, Chattanooga, Tenn.
I enclose post office order for which you will please send to me Primary School Leaflets
as per list. I think the Leaflcts are the best i have ever seen or used.

ELLEN A. PRENTICE, Fairhaven. Wash.
I am gratified with my little people's enjoyment of the crisp, taking stories. The
Easter Lily was thoroughly enjoyed and digested by my class.

MAMIE C. WEATHERS, New Berne, Ala. Judging from the sample copy, I think the Primary School Leaflets will be just what I have been looking for. Please send two and a half dozen monthly, for $1.25 enclosed.

EDNA S. ELDEN, Člare, Mich,
The Primary School Leaflets are excellent and I can commend them for use.

SARA A. SAUNDERS-State Normal School, Brockport, New York.
Please send us 100 copies Primary School Leaflet. Volume I.

I like Primary School Leaflet very much for supplementary reading. Please send
me eight copies Volume 1, for enclosed money-order.-ANNIE C. ŚHERCER, Clinton, S. C.
SPECIAL Anyone who read this advertisement and who orders 6 copies of the bound
school year (to June, 1899), 12 copies, monthly, of the current leaflets. Mention this paper.

See circulars. Ask for samples if you have not received them.


A Manual of Instruction for Teachers and Mothers Based on the Principles of Froebel.
More than two years of work systematized to meet the needs of the Little People and Teachers.
New Arrangements and New Illustrations leading to accuracy, self-reliance, and love for the study.

A minimum of board work--a maximum of seat work. “Suggestions on the Multiplication Table are worth the
price of the book."
Cloth, 8 vo. 177 illustrations. Price, 75 cents. Copies can be obtained directly of the author. Address

Croton, Tompkins County, New York.




By Henry WadswORTH LONGFELLOW. With notes. Paper, 10 cents. Stories of the Red Children.

By Dorothy Brooks. Large type. Illus. Price, Boards, 30 cents; Cloth, 40 cents.

It is both natural and fitting that the boys and girls of America should be interested and familiar with the legends that have woven so much of poetry and romance about the life of the Red men. And when these sanciful tales are presented as a part of the life history of the little Red children they touch the kindred love of the marvelous in the civilized children of to-day with a peculiar closeness. All barriers of race and centuries of time fade away and the red and white children clasp hands in joy and delight in their mutual love of Nature's wonder-tales.

But for the noble contribution of the world's greatest artists this

book could not have been mangHandsomely Illus.

factured for less than $7.00. trated by thirty-two

The Fund created is divided of the world'sSequally between the family of Greatest Artists,

(the late Eugene Field and the Fund for the building of a monument to the memory of the beloved poet of childhood. Address


180 Monroe St., Chicago If you also wish to send postage, enclose 10 cts. Mention this Journal, as Adv. is inserted as our Contribution


50 Bromfield Street, Boston. New York.


San Francisco.

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Tho above cuts are two-thirds actual size of Souvenirs. T is time for teachers to think of what they desire to present their pupils at Christmas time and to arrange for it. There is certainly

nothing more appropriate and attractive for this purpose than the School Souvenirs published by us. We have furnished them to more than 20,000 schools, and many teachers have sent second and third orders for different occasions. They are equally appropriate

For Christmas, for Close of School, for Special Anniversaries,

Or for any occasion when a Gift or Souvenir is desired. Both teacher and pupil enjoy and appreciate them. Containing as they do the name of the school, place, date, name of teacher and all the pupils, they constitute a real Souvenir, always kept and highly prized.

The School Souvenirs Consist of two cards tied together with silk cord. On the face of first is printed the name of school, town, teacher, date, officers, etc., as may be desired, in the brightest gold letters, and on the second the names of the pupils. Heavy embossed cards are used and the Souvenirs are gotten out in a highly artistic manner. Where two cards are not sufficient, additional cards are attached so as to accommodate all the names of the pupils without crowding.

Remembe: we now furnish Three Styles of Souvenirs, all of the same size and with the names of teacher, officers and pupils, differing only in the style of the outside card. Notice the price of each and mention the one wanted in your order. These three are called

Plain Souvenirs, Photograph Souvenirs, and Flag Souvenirs.

venirs add 20 per cent to these rates.

For the Photo

The Photograph Souvenir has become very popular in the brief time we have advertised it. It consists in Price copying and transferring to the title card of the Souvenir the photograph of the teacher, the school house, some favorite author or popular hero. Those ordering Souvenirs with photograph should send a cabinet

Reduced. sized photograph from which to copy, and make extra remittance of 25 per cent. of the regular price for number of Souvenirs required. There will be no change in the photograph, and the picture on Souvenir will be PRICE LIST. an exact copy of original, but reduced in size. Photographs have always been considered a most appropriate The following gift for close of school, but they could not often be used on account of the great expense, especially where the prices are for the school is large. Now that you can procure good photographs in connection with the most appropriate gifts ever

plain Souvenirs.

For the Flag Soudevised for presentation to pupils for a mere trifle, none should fail to take advantage of the opportunity. Much inore satisfactory results can be given if a cabinet-sized bust or half length picture is sent than if a full-length or smaller card size. Remember that we furnish Souvenirs either with or without photographs

graph Souvenirs Number to Order. Order at least as many as there are officers, teachers and pupils to be printed upon them,

and as many more as you wish. State definitely the number you wish, and send, plainly written, the matter you desire printed on the face of first card, together with the names of pupils. Be sure that

15 90c. names are correctly spelled and plainly written. In proper names unusual care is always necessary. When to Order. Orders can usually be filled within three days of the time they are received, but should be sent in a couple of weeks in advance, if possible, so as to avoid any possible delay. Photo

specify which style graphic orders will take more time to execute than those without.

if Flag or PhotoSample Souvenirs : One Souvenir of each kind sent to any address on receipt of 2 cent stamp.

graphic styles are TEACHERS' IMPROVEMENT CO., Box 2003, Dansville, N. Y.

leeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

add 25 per cent.

12 or less 75c.



30. each.

InBe sure and

you want and add proper percentage


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