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$1.00 PER SHARE (Non-Assessable.)





IN THESE COLDEN RETURNS AND CAN REMAIN AT HOME. Are unequalled for smooth, tough leads that hold their points better and last longer than any other pencil made. Men.

Incorporated Capital, 85 000,000. Non-assessable. tion the PRIMARY EDUCATION, and send 16 cents for sanır les worth double the money. Hon. T. R. FOSTER, President.


Is the largest and most ably conducted Transportation and Merchandising Company for the Jersey City,

New Jersey

Alaska gold field trade in the world. Will have our
Own Specially Chartered Steamers Direct for the Gold Fields of the Klondyke and Alaska Generally.

Wbile we will send a certain number of men to the gold fields who will devote their exclusive This book tells the teacher how to proceed from improved methods, our principal business and specialty is that of doing a

time to discovering and taking up mining claims, and working them with the latest and most day to day.-What to havo pupils do. What

General Trading, Mercantile, and Transportation Business. questions to ask. What answers to require. The book is for the teacher only, the pupils being sold and used to advantage in a new mining country.

We will take with us an enormous stock of goods of all classes and descriptions that can be provided with models which can be prepared by the We will control our own steamers and our boats and barges up the Yukon. We will also

have an overland route from Juneau, St Michael's or Dyea. We will be among the very first in the field. This company is organized and conducted for mutual profit and mutual protection. The names of our charter members, stockholders and directors are suficient guarantee of the integrity and solidity of this company.

Transportation and Merchandising is the Greatest Kind of a Gold Mine,

for no matter if the prospector is successful or unsuccessfu), he must have food, mining outfits teacher and pupils from directions given in the book. and all other necessities of life. Being the largest traders, baving the best supplied stores and Teachers are also enabled to pass an examination in warehouses scattered all over the Klondyke region, we must necessarily do the business of the

country. Drawing by studying this book. The book is

FORTUNES ARE MADE QUICKLY. substantially bound and contains 180 diagrams and illustrations. Price 35 cents prepaid,

Fortunes are made in legitimate speculations. An opportunity of this kind has not pre

sented itself since the California days of '49. Will you sit idle and see such chances pass you Ad-We have just added a chapter on color to this by, and will you be one of the people io say, “I had the opportunity, but I missed it " Better

be the one person to say, “The opportunity was presented to me and I grasped it." We need an book, with questions at the bottom of each page, for additional million dollars within the next sixty days to develop and carry out our gigantic plans.

You can come in on the ground floor-you can be one of the originators – be one among the first. the use of teachers preparing for examinations, A share of stock, its full face value, will be sold to you at the rate of Price of the book complete prepaid, 35 cents Address THE EDUCATOR,

We are offering the public the grandest enterprise and investment of the day. Anyone with a small 35 Exchange St.,


amount of money has an opportunity to make a fortune in this gold and trading expedition and can stay

comfortably at home. Your investment is safe, profitable and devoid of speculation. This is a new book covering t?e whole,

We Will Earn in the Next 12 Months an Immense Income, Thereby subject of color as required by the teachers'

Paying Large Dividends to Our Stockholders. examinations, and having questions at the bottom of each page.

Our company is composed of some of the most eminent business and professional men, sach as: HON. WM. E. MASON, United States Senator from Illinois; FRANK A. HECHT, of Chas. Kaestner & Co., Chicago; ALBERT C. BLATZ, Pres. Val Blatz Brewing Co., Milwaukee; B. W. GRIFFITH, Pres. 1st National Bank, Vicksburg, Miss.; D. G. EDWARDS, Pass. Traffic Mgr. C.H. & DR. R., Cincinnati; CHAS. H. ROCKWELL, Traffic Mgr. Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville R. R. (Monon Route,) Chicago; W.C.RINEARSON, Genl. Pass. Agent Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific R. R. (Queen and Crescent Route),

Cincinnati; FRED A. OTTE, past 18 years with Shelby

Bank, Shelbyville, Ind.: HON. T. R. FOSTER, Fostoria and Vicksburg, Miss.; RUDOLPH M PAT. It also contains suggestions and devices TERSON, of Patterson, Shepard & Co.,, Chicago; SIDNEY B. JONES, City Pass. Agent Chicago,

Indiana & Louisville R. R., Chicago; WILLIAM A. BECKLEB, Northern Pass. A gent Q & c. Route, for teaching color. Printed on laid paper, Chicago; JOHN LEAHY. Gen. Southern Agent C., H. & D. R. R.,

Cincinnati; 3. E. VOYLE, Mgr. and elegantly bound. Price, prepaid 20 cents American Carriage Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.,


Cashier, 1st National Bank, Vicksburg, Miss.; DR. ROBERT WALLACE HARDON. Chlumbus

Memorial Bldg., Chicago; J. B. LEGNARD, Capitalist, Chicago; HENRY H. FULLER, formerly of 35 Excbange St,,

BUFFALO, N. Y. Snow & Dickinson, Chicago.

Our first expedition will leave in April, arriving in the Gold Valley of Alaska in May. Our The best way is to study carefully the next expedition will follow within one or two weeks after the first, and after that our special questions and answers used in previous steamers and special transportation facilities will follow each other at regular intervals. Everyexaminations. For 35 cents we send you, thing that human ingenuity can devise or think of to crown our labor with success will be prepaid a book containing the questions ani carried with us and done by our representatives. We shall almost at once commence tne purchase

of our supplies and our equipment, consequently you can become part of us and embrace this opportunity and make your own fortune, or at least an enormous profit, on a small investin ent You must act quickly, and the only way to act is to write us at once, stating how many shares of stock you want, enclosing currency, New York exchange, or in a registered letter,

the amount of money to cover payment of your stock at the rate of $1.00 per share, and upon receipt of your letter and the money, the stock will be at once returned to you, with full retails, and you will be posted and kept informed from time to time of the progress of this company, and every month after the expedition has landed you will receive such dividends and profits as your stock is entitled to. This stock will be sold to a limited amount at par for a short period; if you are

able to participate, do so at once. answers of the Uniform Examinations in Our transportation offer is the best before the public: $300 1st class Seattle to Dawson City, or New York state from Aug, '95 to Aug. 96, the $600 i^cluding food for one year. Address and make all money payable to questions and answers in Drawing also

The Alaska Transportation and Development Company, being given. * We also send with the book a supplement

Fisher Building. Corner Van Buren and Dearborn Sts., containing the questions and answers from August

CHICAGO, ILL., U. S. A. 1896 to and including March 1897, ihus making.

Send stamp for Alaska News which gives map and all information of Alaska. practically, two books for the price of one.

Price 35 cents postpaid.
Questions and answers from August 1896
to the present time, 35 cents.

Adopted in 35 Exchange St.,

Buffalo, N. Y.


Are making and selling
the best art tool in use
Applies color by jet of air,

enabling the artist to do
the best work cheaply
rather than to do cheap
work. No studio complete

without it. A good thing

free. Address,

4 Nassau St., Rockford,
I., U.S.A.


How to Pass An



Our lettered fingerboard and Instructor is the ouly SELF

reliable system for self-instruction. This system TAUGHT mastered in a few hours. Lettered fingerboard can he attached in 2 minutes. Compl. outfit for either instrument 50United States Music Co ,213 Hewitt Block, Cin 0

THE SWEDISH SYSTEM OF GYMNASTICS. By HARTVIG NI8SEN, Instructor of Physical Training in the Public Schools of Boston. Bound in Extra Flexible Cloth. Price, 75 cents.





Mrs. Pinkham Tells How Wo-
men May Avoid Painful


To a modest, sensitive, high-
strung young woman, especially
an unmarried woman, there is
no more trying or painful ordeal
than the “examinations," which
are now so common in hospitals
and private practice.

An examination by speculum, or
otherwise, is sometimes a positive
necessity in certain stages of
many diseases peculiar to women,
so at least it is declared by the pro
fession. This would not be the case if
patients heeded their symptoms in time.

If a young girl's blood is watery, her skin
pale and waxy looking, her lips colorless, bowels
torpid, digestion poor, her ears and temples throb and
she is subject to headache, begin at once to build up her
system with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Do not allow her to undergo a physical examination.

Here is a letter from a young lady who requests that
her name should not be used, but gives her initials and
street number so that any inquiry addressed to her
will be received. She says:

“Dear Mrs. Pinkham:-It affords me great pleasure to be able to say a few words in regard to the merits of your Vegetable Compound. I was tempted to try it after seeing the effects of it upon my mother, and now I feel like a new person. I am a stenographer and was troubled with falling of the womb and female weakness in general. I continued to work until I was so weak I could no longer walk, and the last day I'was forced to stop and rest.

“I was then so ill that I was compelled to stay in bed and so nervous that I could not hold anything in my hands. The least noise or surprise would cause my heart to beat so loudly, and I would become so weak that I could hardly stand. I suffered for almost a year. It is different now. I can go about my work with pleasure, while before, work was a drudge.

“Trusting that my words of praise may help some other afflicted person, and be of benefit to womankind in general, I remain, Yours in gratitude, L. H., 444 S. East St., Indianapolis, Ind.”

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PUPILS' OUTLINE STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. By Francis H. White, A.M. Paper. Square octavo. 123 pages. Price, 30 cents. New York: American Book Co.

This is a book of Outline Studies, Maps and Blanks, intended for use in connection with the study of United States History. It con. tains an original and systematic combination of devices consisting of outline maps, graphic charts, and blanks for historical tables and summaries, for the reproduction of pictures, for biographical sketches, for studies in civil government, etc. It also contains valuable suggestions to teachers and pupils, and care. fully selected lists of historical books and authorities for collateral reading and reference.

Its use will encourage the pupil to observe closely, to select the leading and salient facts of history, to classify his knowledge, to investigate for himself, and to carry his investigations up to recognized authorities and even to original sources. It also furnishes opportunity and material for the best exercises and train. ing in English composition.

The book is conveaiently arranged for either class or individual instuction and may be used in connection with any text-book on United States History. THE CHILDREN'S FOURTH READER

By Ellen M. Cyr. Square, 12mo. Cloth.

372 pages. Fully illustrated. Boston: Ginn & Co.

The “Children's Fourth Reader” has been prepared on the same lines as the second and Third Readers of this serles. The plan adopted in the previous Readers of making boys and girls acquainted with a few of our great authors is continued in this book.

Sketches of Hawthorne, Dickens, Scott, Ten. nyson, and Irving are introduced, amply illus. trated with portraits and pictures of the homes of these autsors. Choice selections have also been made from well-known writ. ere, like Bayard Taylor, Mrs. Spofford, George MacDonald, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Thack. eray, Eugene Field, Thomas Nelson Page, Helen Hunt Jackson, R. L. Stevenson, Charles Dudley Warner, Mrs. Ewing and other authors whose writings are especially interesting and instructive to pupils of Fourth Reader grade.

The book is illustrated with vignette portraits of many of the authors, in addition to a large number of original illustrations based upon the text and designed especially for this reader.

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regretted his purchase. No rider of a Waverley ever felt that he possessed less than the best that could be produced.


DAKOTA. To enable the farmers in the Eastern States to pass the long winter evenings in an enter. taining and instructive manner, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company has recently published for free distribution, a new pamphlet, finely illustrated with pictures

a which will delight the eyes of Eastern farm. ers, and containing letters from their brethren

ever in South Dakota descriptive of their experi. ence while tilling the soil and raising cattle, sheep and hogs in the “Sunshine State."

This pamphlet is well worth reading through from cover to cover. It will be sent free if you will send your address to either H. F. Hunter, Immigrat'on Agent, 291 Dearborn Street, Chicago, or to Geo. H. Heafford, General Pag. senger Agent, Old Colony Building, Chicago, Ill.

For map drawing let us send you some. thing in the way of crayons and pencils that will please you. No charge. Address, Educa, tional Department, Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., INDIANA BICYCLE CO., Jersey City, N.J.

Indianapolis, Ind. Enclosed please find check for $10.00 for which send me via Adams Express, School • Library A with the changes I have marked. My pupils sold one hundred shares in two days.

We may send for another Library or a part HAVE YOU
of one, as the children have had more money
promised if they want it.

If not, write us for particulars.

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 50 Bromfield Street, Boston.



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How it was overcome by a

Nova Scotian mother


The Department of Superintendence, N. E. A., will meet at Chattanooga, Feb. 22, 23, and 24.

- State Supt. Charles R. Skinner of New York has just issued “Tabulated statement of Facts Relating to the Organization of the School

System of the Cities of the State." is well known as an author.

-Osprey, an illustrated monthly magazine of

ornithology, hitherto published at Galesburg, of all the evils that attack children C. J. Wooldridge, Wortham, Tex., writes:

Ill., by Walter Adams Johnson, in association scarcely any other is more dreaded than "One of my children had croup. One

with Dr. Elliott Coues, is about to be transcroup.

It so often comes in the night. pight I was startled by the child's hard ferred to New York City, where it will be The danger is so great. The climax is so breathing, and on going to it found it issued in enlarged and otherwise modified sudden. It is no wonder that Mrs. W. J. strangling. It had nearly ceased to breathe. Dickson (better known under her pen Having a part of a bottle of Dr. Ayer's

form by the Dout leday & McClure Company. pame of "Stanford kveleth,) calls it "the Cherry Pectoral in the house, I gave the terror of mothers." Nor is it any wonder child three doses, at short intervals, and - The Century Company has gathered together that she writes in terms of praise and anxiously waited results. From the mo- from the pages of The Century Magazine a col. gratitude for the relief which she has ment the Pectoral was given the child's found both from her own anxieties, and breathing grew easier, and in a short time

lection of portraits of celebrated people which for her children's ailments, in Dr. J. c. it was sleeping quietly and breathing pat

are put up in a portfolio and entitled “The Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.

urally. The child is alive and well to-day, Century Gallery of One Hundred Portraits."

and I do not hesitate to say that Ayer's “Memory does not recall the time when Cherry Pectoral saved its life." - č. J. - William Lloyd Garrison, 53 Federal Street, Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral was not used in

WOOLDRIDGE, Wortham, Tex. our family, for throat and lung troubles.

Boston, as treasurer of a committee formed to That terror of mothers- the startling,

These statements make argument in further the work, solicits subscriptions for “A croupy cough-never alarmed me, so long favor of this remedy unnecessary. It is

History of Woman," by George Willis Cooke, as I had a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral a family medicine that no home should be in the house to supplement the hot water without. It is just as efficacious in bron. intended to be “a scientific study of her social, bath. When suffering with whooping chitis, asthma, whooping cough, and all moral, and intellectual development." cough, in its worst form, and articulation other varieties of coughs, as it is in croup. was impossible on account of the choking, To put it within everyone's reach, Dr. my children would point and gesticulate Ayer's Cherry, Pectoral is now put up in

- The American Philosophical Society an. toward the bottle; for experience had half size bottles, at half price-50 cents. nounces that an award of the Henry M. Phil. taught them that relief was in its con: Send for Ayer's Curebook (free) and read

lips prize will be made two years hence; tents."- Mrs. W. J. DICKSON ("Stanford of other cures effected by Dr. Ayer's Eveleth"), author of “Romance of the Cherry Pectoral. Address the J. C. Ayer

essays for the same to be submitted before Provinces," Truro, N. S. Co., Lowell, Mass.

May 1, 1899. The subject is, " The development of the law, as illustrated by the decisions relating to the police power of the State." The essay shall not contain more than 100,000 words, excluding notes. Such notes, if any should be kept separate as an appendis. The prize will be $2,000 in gold, to be paid as soon as may be after the award. The essays must

be addressed to Mr. Frederick Fraley, Presi. We have a limited stock of finely Lithographed Art Crayons of the following

dent of the American Philosophical Society

104 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia. subjects, size about 18 x 24 inches. Usual price in Art stores, 1.00.

- Education is in a fair way of flourishing i, See our offer below. Order as soon as possible as this stock cannot be New York City. Over $300,000 has been approduplicated.

priated for increasing the salaries of public

school teachers, and $10,000 for the vacation ART SUBJECTS.

schools, next summer; and the increased

appropriations for libraries are also a move in “The Challenge."

Sir Edwin Landseer

the right direction. The Harlem Library bas 4. “The Sanctuary.”

been awarded $2,400 for the coming year by 6. “ Sark."

Edwin Douglass. the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, the 7. “Jersey."

New York Free Library, $82,000 and the Aguilar 9. " Thoroughbred."

Heywood Hardy. Library, $41,000. The Board agreed to give 10. “Society of Friends.” (Horses and Robins.)

other libraries the full amount allowed by the II. “The First Lesson.” (Terrier and Pups with Rat.)

Richard Ansdeli. law, as follows: the Pro-Cathedral Free Circu. 12. “ Wedded.”

F. Leigton. lating Library, $8,800, the University Settle. 13. “Anxiety.” (Child and Dog.)

Leon Olivie. ment Library, $4,000, the Washington Heights 15. “ Home Treasures." (Mother and Child.)

Free Library, $3,900, Maimonides Free Library, “ Bright and Early.”

$9,500, St. Agnes Library, $5,000, Young 17. “ Little Pilferer."

Meyer Von Bremen. Women's Christian Association, $5,800. 18. “ Reading from Robinson Crusoe.” (Boy absorbed in Defoe.)

R. Collinson. 19. “The Shepherdess."

PRIMARY MANUAL TRAINING. By Caroline S. 7. Hoffner.

Cutler. Boston: Educational Publishing Co. 20. "Gathering Ferns.”

John Lucas. 22. “ Toll Paid Here."

Meyer Von Bremen. This is a suggestive and helpful little work 23. “Amusments of Childhood."

Van Den Bis. for the teacher's use in intelligentlv guiding 25. “ The Descent from the Cross."

Rubens. small fingers through the mysteries of making. 26. “The Cherub."

Raphael. Beginning with a study of the type solids as a

means of gaining the first form facts, the usual PORTRAITS.

work under modeling, sewing, tablet exer

cises, paper-cutting, paper-tolding and stick. Presidents Arthur, Garfield, Cleveland, Cleveland and Cabinet, Harrison.

laying are given, each emphasizing some Charles Sumner.

salient point as well as adding variety. The W. E. Gladstone.

work is evidently the result of practical school James G. Blaine.

room experience, presented by one who thor. General U. S. Grant.

oughly appreciates the self-activities of the “ Lawnfield,” The Home of Garfield. (Lithographed in three tints from special drawings.) child and his love of creating.- Art Education. Washington Monument. (Printed in tints showing view of monument and surroundings.)


Such editions as your "50. Classics" certainly Send us your renewal, with $.25 extra, (total $1.25) and we will places opportunities within the reach of poor send you postage paid, neatly packed in strawboard roll, your choice children that thny might not otherwise secure.

And frem a mechanical standpoint, they are of any of the above $1.00 Art Crayons.

equally worthy of commendation.

MARA DE BENARDI, Independence, Mo. You would be gratified to see how the 50. Classics" delight my little pupils. They

deserve to be, and are the most popular chil. EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY,

dren's books of which I have any knowledge.

LAURA M. Prott, 50 Bromfield St., Boston,

63 Fifth Ave., New York,

Pelmar Public School, Belmar, N. J.


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as well as

the Skin.
No other Cosmetic

will do it.


Removes Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Moth Patches, Rash and Skin diseases, and every blemish on beauty, and defies detection. On its virtues it has stood the test of forty-eight years; no other has and is so harmless, we taste it to be sure it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of similar

name. The distinguished Dr. L. A. Sayer, said to a lady of the haut-ton (a patient): "As you ladies will use them, I recommend, Gourarid's Cream' as the least harmful of all the skin preparations.'

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers throughoutt he U.S., Canada and Europe.

FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y.


You work at home or travel, showing, appointing agents,

and taking orders. Patented "Quaker" Bath Cab.
inet. 97,000 sold. Demand uplimited. Home ne
cessity. Turkish, Hot Air Vapor, Sulphur
or Medicated Baths at Home, 8 eta. Puri.
fies system, produces Oleanliness, Health,
Strength. Prevents disease, obesity. Oures
Colds, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, LaGrippe,
Malaria, Eczema, Catarrh, Female ils, Blood, skin,
Nerve, Kidney troubles. Beautifes Complexion.

Guaranteed best made. Price, $5. Wt., 5 lbs. Write today.Book Free. K. WORLD MFG. CO.,Cincinnati,o.




Language Cards

Sixty unique cards with index, prepared by one of Boston's most successful teachers. Useful for Spelling, Punctuation and Language Work. In a neat box. Price, 25 cents. See Sample Card. (Reauced size.) Educational Publishing Co.,

50 Bromfield St., Boston. 63 Fifth Av., N.Y. 211 Wabash Av., Chicago.

300 Post St., San Francisco.

represent us in the following states, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, selling our Thirty Volume Library and Supplementary Reading and soliciting subscriptions for POPULAR EDUCATOR and PRIMARY EDUCATION, EDUCATIONAL PUB.00.,

300 Post St., San Francisco.

The Problem of Life.

County, Tonn., writes: "I am over 58 years of tivity and is ready for contagion of any de. age. One year ago I was prostrated, and from scription. The “Golden Medioal Discovery" that date until the 15th of the following Jang. is the best of all known liver invigorators. It ary I was treated by two as good physicians as will put the laziest of livers on a lope in no

there are in the country. They pronounced time. It makes your liver lively and your Every sensible doctor knows that the great

my disease thickening of the walls of the blood pure. It is the best of spring medicine. problem of life and health is a problem of stomach, a sloughing off of the mucous lining

“ I had been troubled for several years with repair. If he could only find some means to

of the stomach, enlargement of the liver, spells of liver complaint," writes H. N. Drangrepair the rapid waste of tissues in the

neuralgia of the stomach, and ulceration of field, Esq., of Centennial, Monroe County, W. human structure faster than it goes on, there

the bowels. I had frequent attacks of bilious. Va.," and about two years ago my health gave is no disease which he could not conquer.

ness and was badly constipated. Thus matters way. I tried Sarsaparilla. I was getting He is like the alchemists of olden times con

stood until January, 1895. The doctors were worse all the time. I had a weakness in my tinually seeking the one magical solvent

doing me no good. Prepared chalk, Dover's left side and limbs, palpitation of the heart at which should turn all tbings into gold.

powders, calomel, would not reach my case. times, cramping pains in the stomach after The wasting lingering diseases which come

My wife now got me a bottle of Dr. Pierce's eating, nerves weak, and no energy for any. from deep-seated constitutional weakness

Golden Medical Discovery and a vial of his thing. I took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical completely reverse all the natural conditions • Pleasant Pellets.'

Discovery, and began to mend from the start. of the organism. The waste increases to a frightful degree while every normal process of repair is entirely suspended. The drugs which are eficacious in some acute or merely local troubles are of no avail. The average practitioner has nothing in his medicine case which can cope with the disease.

It is in such cases as this that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery reveals its extra. ordinary power of restoring nature to her proper balance. It has the remarkable prop. erty of reaching and arousing the innermost springs of vitality in the human organism, enabling it to take up again and carry on to completion its own natural work of repair in spite of disease.

“I have thought for a long time," writes Mrs. Rosa Petty, of Lockville, Chatham Co., N.C., “that I would not do you justice if I did not write and tell you how I was cured of that dreadfal disease called consumption, by using Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I had measles and pneumonia both at the same time and came near dying, and as soon as I was able to go out I was taken with grip and then followed consumption. My physician did all he could for my relief but I received none. I tried everything that I could hear of that was good for a cough but grew worse, and would have died soon had I not com. menced using the Golden Medical Discovery.' I felt improved before the first bottle was finished. I took six bottles, and after that I felt better and stronger than in ten years before. That was six years ago, and to-day I do not feel any symptoms of a return of the dis. ease. I remain cured, and I think I am the cause of a friend being cured by using the same medicine. He was afflicted like I was,

IF HE COULD ONLY FIND THE ONE MAGICAL SOLVENT." and after everything else failed to cure him he took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and was cured."

This wonderful “ Discovery” begins its marvelous repairing process at the very “The medicine takon, my wife said I was I soon felt like a new person. I am now enfoundations of life in the nutritive system; it better, or at least was holding my own. She joying splendid health and have a splendid gives the digestive functions power to extract went back and got another supply; I took the appetite, good digestion, and also a peaceful, nourishment from food and transform it into medicine and then could see for myself that I quiet mind." rich tissue-building blood. It charges the en. was gaining. I have used in all twelve bottles As Chief Consulting Physiolan to that retire circulating system with the vital red of Golden Medical Discovery' and also, some nowned model sanitarium, the Invalid's Hotel corpuscles which repair inflamed throat and of 'Pellets.' My biliousness has left me, con. and Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., for the bronchial passages; heal and renew worn out stipation is gone and I am as regular in my pas, thirty years, Dr. Pierce has had an unpar. lung fabric; create healthy substantial flesh, bowels as I ever was. I was almost a skeleton. alleled experience with severe chronic dismuscular force and nerve power.

I lived for months on boiled milk, but now I eages. His remarkable book, "The People's it energizes and rejuvenates the entire

can eat a little of anything I want, sleep well, Common Sense Medical Adviser,” should be tem; drives cut impurities; restores strength, go anywhere I want to, visit my children and possessed in every home. It is a magnificent capacity and mental buoyancy; rounds out friends, and look after my business. In fact, thousand-page volume, Illustrated with more sunken form 3 and gives fresh color to pale 'Richard is (nearly) himself again.' In May, than three hundred engravings and colored cheeks. No other remedial agent known to after I was able to sit up a little, I weighed 116 plates. It will be sent absolutely free, paper. medical science is so marvelously eficacious pounds, in August, 122, in October, 132."


bound, for 21 one-cent stamps to pay the cost in bringing back complete, robust, permanent When a man's liver is out of order he is ripe of mailing only; or substantially cloth-bound health to the weak and suffering.

for almost any disease that happens along. for 31 stamps. Address the World's Dispensary Mr. A. W. McMillan, of Shiloh Church, Sevier His entire constitution is in a state of recep- Medical Association, 663 Main St, Buffalo, N.Y.

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