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agree that


Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Endorsed and Used by

Leading Physicians.

Loring's Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Foods Cure

Nerve and Brain Exhaustion. Free Advice
from Loring & Co.'s Chicago or New York
Medical Department - Only Certain Cure for
Rupture - Best Truss Ever Devised.

Doctors now agree consumption is curable.

Three things, if taken together, will cure nearly every case in the first stages; the majority of cases more advanced; and a few of those far advanced.

The first is, fresh air; the second, proper food; the third, Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil with hypophosphites.

To be cured, you must not lose in weight, and, if thin, you must gain. Nothing equals Scott's Emulsion to keep you in good flesh. .

soc. and $1.00, all druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.

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The long story in Lippincott's for Novem. ber is by Mrs. Burton Harrison, author of “The Anglomaniacs," "Sweet Bell Jangled,” etc., and should create a firm demand for the num. ber. There are no less than eleven short essays in the remaining twenty-seven pages of the magazine.

- Henry Holt & Co. have ready " Elementary Botany," by George Francis Atkinson, of Cor. nell University, not intended to be memorized as a text-book, but to serve as a guide to practical work in studying the life processes of plants, and also a reference book for their classification.

- Holger Drachman, the celebrated Danish poet and painter, has arrived in America, intending to spend several years in travel and study. He purposes to oversee the translation of several of his works during that time. His rank as painter is almost higher than his rank ay author, in his own home at least.

-E. P. Dutton & Co. have just issued “Among the Forest People," a book of natural history for young people, by Clara Dillingham Pierson, author of“ Among the Meadow People," illustrated by F.C. Gordon, and “Perennials," a year-book for 1899, arranged from the writings of Phillips Brooks.

The Pacific Monthly is the title of a new ten cent magazine to be issued from Portland, Ore. The aim of the editors is to “make & magazine of education and progress. A special endeavor will be made to keep in touch with advanced thought in education, and all sub. jects that pertain to increase of knowledge and progress." The prospectus of the new magazine is very attractive.

Once more the memory of Edgar Allan Poe is to be honored by the people of the South. This time the memorial is a bust of the poet executed by Mr. George Julian Zolnay, of New York City, and destined to adorn the library of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Mr. Zolnay has just finished the bust in clay. It is over litesize and will be cast in bronze by a New York firm, and as soon as possible set up in the rotunda of the library of the university.

· Henry Stevens, Sons & Stiles, London, have just ready “The Anuals of the Voyages of the Brothers Nicolo and Antonio Zeno in the North Atlantic about the end of the fourteenth cen. tury and the claim founded thereon to a Venetian discovery of America," a criticism and an indictment by Fred W. Lucas, author of “ Appendiculæ Historicæ," and part editor of "The New Laws of the Indies." The Zeno story has been the subjeot of much discussion, and the present work is the outcome of a friendly difference of opinion between C. H. Coote, of the British Museum, and the writer. The work is illustrated by facsimiles and maps, and is issued in very sumptuous shape.



Removes Tan, Pimples, Free kles, Moth Patches, Rash and Skin diseases, and every blemish on beauty, and defies de tection. On its virtues it has stood the test of forty-eight years; no other has and is so harmless, we taste it to be sure

it is properly made. Accept no counterfeit of similar

na me. The distinguished Dr. L. A. Sayer, said to a lady of the haul-ton (a patient) : “ As you ladies will use them, I recommend, "Gouaud Cream'as the least harmful of all the skin preparations."

For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

FERD. T. HOPKINS, Prop'r, 37 Great Jones St., N. Y



as well as Beautifies

the Skin No other Cosmetic

will do it.


Wadsworth Longfellow," just published. A Collection of Longfellow's most celebrated poems. Original colored cover page, with excellent portrait of the poet. Elegantly bound with silk ribbon. Sent, postpaid, for the marvellously low price of 6 cents. Two coples malled, postpald, for 106. Special Offer to Teachers. To enable teachers to secure cheap and satisfactory prizes to give to scholars, we will mall the Longfellow Booklet at the low price of 40c. per dozen copies. Address, M. C. BURKEL, 479 Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J.

ROBERT FRAME, M. D. Dr. Robert Frame, Milford, Del., tested Loring's Fat-ten-O and Corpula pods and found them effectIve in many critical cases. Read his statement:

MILFORD, DEL., April 21, 1897. I have been in the practice of medicine nearly forty years, and have never met with a preparation that acts with such promptness and certainty as Loring's Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods. One patient who came under my care had had all the Doctors in the vicinity, who pronounced the case Kidney Disease and said that he could llve but a very short time, for there was no cure for him. I found the patient very poor and nervous; he could not sleep, could not walk, pains were excruciating. As soon as I put the patient on Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods he began to improve not only in strength, but also to fatten up and is now entirely recovered. I have tried Fat-TenU and Corpula in Consumption and wasting diseases, a cure being made in a short time after using them. They stimulate the appetite and the digestion, pro·mote assimilation and enter directly into the circuation. In all chronic and organic diseases, like Bright's disease, Consumption, Paralysis and Dispepsia, all diseases requiring a remedy to build up and strengthen, I prescribe Loring's Corpula and Fat-Ten-U Foods, and in all cases where a tissue builder is required. They cure nervous exhaustion. Any letters of inquiry, with stamp enclosed, will be promptly answered.

Yours sincerely, ROBERT FRAME, M. D. “As the young girl develops into the young woman she should be placed on the rock of safety," writes Esther Silliman, one of our mo t famous woman physicians. “That rock is regularity. The mother must point the way. If the daughter becomes weak and listless and takes no interest in the affairs of life, if her eyes become dulled, if she complains that hier clothing weighs her down, and of excruciating palns in her stomach after meals, the mother should arouse herself to her duty or expect to see the budding woman fade and die. Millions have gone this way to the grave, and thousands have been saved from premature death by those great regulators of woman Loring's Fat-Ten-U and Corpula Foods."

WRITTEN GUARANTY to refund the price it Corpula and Fat-Ten-U are taken, according to directions, without good results. Free advice about your thinness or any other disease if you address our New York or Chicago Medical Department. Be sure to write it you are ruptured. Best truss in the world. Send letters and mall, express, or C. O. D. orders to Loring & Co., proprietors. Send for free copy of “How to Get Plump and Rosy.” Mention department as below. Use only the nearest address.


IDEAL BUSY WORK In Print Ten Used by and

Kinds. Hundreds Vertical All of Primary Script. New. Teachers.

Send stamp for circulars, or ten cents for samples of three kinds. L. P. Goodhue, 7029 Yale Ave., Chicago, Ill.

UNIQUE CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENTS. Sparkling Operettas, Captivating Drills, New Songs and Recitations, and other exercises. 15 cente. MARCH BROTHERS, Lebanon, Ohio.

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Full size for family use, beautifully decorated & most artistic design. A rare chance. You can get this handsome china tea set & one dozen silver plated tea spoons for selling our Pills. We mean what we say & will give this beautiful tea set absolutely free if you comply with the extraordinary offer wesend

to every person taking advantage of this advertisement. To quickly introduce our Vegetable Pulls, a sure cure for constipation, indigestion & torpid liver, if you agree to sell only six boxes of Pills at 25 cts, a box write to-day and we send Pills by mail, when sold send us the money

& we send you one dozen Silver plated tea spoons together with our offer of a 56 piece china tea set same day money is received. This is a liberal inducement to every lady in the land and all who received the spoons and tea set for selling our Pills are delighted. AMERICAN MEDIOINE COMPANY, Dept. F,30 WEST 13th St., NEW YORK OITY.

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1899 Calendar.

A handsome 1899 Calendar, in colors, is being issued by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry. This calendar has thirteen printings and is made by the patent transparency process, producing a beautiful color effect, especially when hung in the light.

Design embraces a government mail pouch suspended from a mail crane, finished with a pleasing color sketch at bottom of hanger. Size of calendar, 14 x 20 inches.

Sent to any address on receipt of eight cents in postage. Ready for distribution December 15th. To insure getting a copy send in your order now to

A. J. SMITH, Gen. Pass. and Ticket Agent, Cleveland, O.

Several years ago a large school in the State of New York chartered a steamship for the purpose of taking its pupils on a trip of obser. vation and study around the world. It was a good idea, but owing to a lack of funds the project fell through. Next to seeing things come seeing good pictures of them, and while not one school can take a collective trip any. where, any school can take a magic lantern trip around the world, or to any part of it at very slight trouble and expense. As a help in every branch of education, the perfected modern magic lantern is coming to the front and coming to stay. It is only after considerable experience with it that teachers realize how useful it is; it is a labor-saving contriv. ance of the most pronounced type; children who doze over the text-book and turn away from the teacher's well-meant explanations with vacant faces awake into enthusiastic attention the moment the lantern is produced to illustrate the lesson. How to obtain a lantern of the very best make, with cost, mode of using it and all other details, may be learned by writing to Messrs. J. B. Colt & Co., of New York, who are the authority in this phase of educational work.

An exceptional opportunity is offered all of our readers at this time, who may be contemplating the purchase of a Magic lantern outñt on account of their closing out their lantern department, because of the rapid development of their Acetyline Gas business.

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A Principal or Teacher in each township or County, to act as agent for Maps, Charts, and School supplies. Liberal terms.

For full par. .40 ticulars and catalogue, address, The MCCONNELL SCHOOL SUPPLY CO.,

612 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mention Popular Educator or Primary Education.





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Stories of the United States

for Youngest Readers Stories of Great Men Stories of Great Inventors Stories of American Pioneers Stories of Colonia Children


.30 .30 .30 .40

.40 .40 .40 .60

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Æsop's Fables. Vol. I. (Pratt)
Æsop's Fables. Vol. II.
In Mythland
Robinson Crusoe

for Youngest Readers Water Babies for Youngest Readers Story of Ulysses

(Above, all in large type.) Grimm's Tales Stories of the Red Children Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Swiss Family Robinson Kingsley's Water Babies Hawthorne's Wonder Book Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales Dickens' Little Nell Dickens' Paul Dombey Robinson Crusoe


.30 .40 -40 40 .40

.40 50 .50 .50 .60

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10 I-cent stamps sent to Cottrell's Magazine

Agency, North Cohocton, N. Y. will get -50 you recent copies of more MAGAZINES than

you can buy elswhere for from 50 cents to $1.

They will also send you their latest catalogue .60 giving Wholesale Prices on more than 2000 periodicals.


.50 .50 .75

.36 .60 .40


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Dickens Liitle Nell
Dickens' Paul Dombey
Stories from Dickens
Tales from Henty
Cricket on the Hearth
Legends of Norseland
Stories from Old Germany
Mythe of Old Greece. Vol. I.
Stories of the Bible

.40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 -40 .30 .30

.40 -40 -50

Columbia and Hartford Bicycles.



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.60 -40 .40

Our Flower Friends

.30 Nature Stories for Youngest Readers .30 Buds, Stems and Roots

.30 Stories of Birdland. Vols. I. and II, .30 Introduction to Leaves from Nature's • Story-Book

.30 (Above all in large type ) Leaves from Nature's Story-Book. Vol. I.

.40 Stories from Garden and Field

.30 Leaves from Nature's Story-Book. Vol. II.

.40 Little Flower Folks. Vol. I. and II

.30 Stories from Animal Land


Columbia Bevel-Gear Chainless, $75


Models 50 and 51.


.60 .40

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Models 57 and 58.

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.60 .40 .75

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For further information see our SAMPLE PAGE and completo catalogue.

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Columbia Chain Wheels

$40 Model 49, 1899 Improvements, Columbia Tandems

$75 Mods. 47 and 48, Diamond and Combina.

tion Frames. Hartford Bicycles

$35 Patterns 19 and 20.

Pat. 21, for Men, $25 Vedette Bicycle

Pat. 22, for Women $26 We also have a few Columbias, Model 46. and Hartfords, Patterns 7 and 8, on which we wiil quote prices on application.

No need to purchase poorly made bicycles when Columbias, Hartfords and Vedettes are offered at such low prices. The best of the riding season is before you. BUY NOW. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn

80g Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO.





5000 handsome imported Sheffield steel razors FREE,

only one to a person. Sheffield Razors known world over as best made. Some have sold high as 10. Razors highly finished handles artistically worked in gold. To be given absolutely free for

selling or giving away 10 cakes of our shaving & complexlon soap which beautiflegskin, removes pimples, blotches &alltacial eruptions, leaving skin soft as a baby's, delicately perfumed after a shave. Send 10 cts. silver or stamps for sample cake & we will send one at once with our razor offer securely packed,

prepaid. Some firms spend thousands advertising in magazines, when present&show our goods. Addres! BALM SOAP CO., 10 Murray St., N. Y. City.


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Stories of the Bible.

, The

The Dog of Flanders. este

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The Fourtoenth Annual Conference of the

For the Observance of
Associated Academic Principals of the State
of New York will meet in Syracuse, Dec. 27-29,
1898. J. Carlton Norris, Canandaigua, President.

- The New York State Council of Grammar School Principals will also meet in Syracuse on same dates. James L. Bothwell of Albany, President.

– The New York State Science Teachers'
Association will convene at the Teachers' Col.
lege in New York City, Thursday, Dec. 29, con.
tinuing throughout the day and evening of
Friday, Dec. 30. Charles W. Hargitt of Syra.
cuse, President.

The People of the Chosen Land.

According to new regulations made by Supt.
Maxwell, certificates for teachers' promotions

Vols. I and II. With illustrations from Doré and other eminent are to be obtained on completion of certain

artists. courses of study instead of by examination.

Price, boards, 40 cts; cloth, 60 cts. The teachers' associations of New York are endeavoring to arrange for courses of study

The children have now an opportunity to read the history of the designed to comply with these requirements,

remarkable development of the Hebrew race, without prejudice to but so far the demand for such instruction

the doctrines of the sects. seems to exceed the supply. In the hope of supplying this need to some degree, the com.

Stories of the Bible seems to me to be exceptionally mittee of the Ethical Culture Schools has

well written for school purposes - and it is handsome. arranged in its Normal Department for courses

H. T. Bailey, Supt. of Drawing, Mass. which will meet the conditions laid down by the City Superintendent. Courses are offered


Critical Study of Literature, Nature Study, Art,
American History and Ideals of Education.
The classes will be organized Saturday,

Edited for use in schools by S. D. Jenkins. With photo-engravings from Rubens, etc. Boards,
Nov. 19, at 10 A. M., in the school building, 30 cents. Cloth, 40 cents.
109 West 54th Street. The tuition will be ten
dollars for each course.

TEN CENT CLASSICS. "Our Little Folk's Primer” is a very attrac- DICKENS — Cricket on the Hearth. Christ. | WE HAVE ALSO PUBLISHED tive little book, and contains excellent teach- mas Carol.

ing devices. It is free from all objectionable

STORY OF RAPHAEL — With Reproductions

of his Famous Paintings, Madonnas, etc.
Supt., Public Schools, Stockbridge, Mass.

STORY OF MILLET — With Reproductions of


his Famous Paintings. “My dear Mrs. Angel, let me congratulate

Price, 15 cts, each. you on your beautiful and clear complexion, FIVE CENT CLASSICS. Making charming and appropriate Christmas causing you to have so youthful an appear.

presents, for young people (12 to 16). These ance.

I mention this fact abruptly because IRVING — Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, etc. editions are more elegant than the regular editions. those two gentlemen friends of yours that just passed up the avenue, remarked as they passed me, 'By jove! isn't Mrs. A - - stylish?

BLACKBOARD Such beautiful skin - her complexion is per

STENCILS. fect, and she don't look over thirty;' and more,

NEW CHRISTMAS DESIGNS, but I could not hear what it was. This is

Size, 24 x 36. Price, 20 cents. pleasing to our sex, as you know; now give me my reward by telling me why and how it Santa Claus with Reindeer..

Watching for Santa Claus. Santa Claus Going Down Chimney. is-what is the secret, my dear friend? We

New Year Welcome (Angels.) Large design of Santa Claus, 15 cents are the same age, forty-one, so you can easily The word “WELCOME” in Wreath of Flowers, very handsome, 10 cents. Large“ Welcome,” 25 cents. understand why I am so interested to know

Large Spread Eagle, 20 cents. the secret of your youthful loveliness." “You are the dear, good friend of my life,

Size, 18 x 24. Price, 10 cents, 6 for 50 cents, Clara; we ladies do like admiration, especially Old Fashioned Fireplace with Stockings Hung Up.

“ Christmas Chimes."

Reindeer. from those we love, maybe from the opposite sex - so for this bit of pleasantry I will give

Pine Cone Design. Christmas Tree. you my secret. For seventeen years I have

BORDERS. No. 1. Holly Leaves and Berries, No. 2. Ivy Leaf Pattern. No. 3. Oak Leaves and Acoros. used Dr. T. Felix Gouraud's Oriental Cream, No. 4. Dogwood Leaves and Blossoms. No. 5. Anthemion Pattern. No. 6. Blackberry Pattern. No. 7. Gra, ethe greatest Purifier and Beautifier of the skin vine Pattern. No. 8. Olive Branch Pattern.

ROLLS OF HONOR. No. 1. U. S. Coat of Arms. No. 2. Storks with Scroll and Flowers. No. 3. Laurel Wreath in the world, the great Preventive of those

Pattern. No. Scroll and Birds with Gothic Letters. No. 5. Word “Meritorious" with Scroll. blemishes that cause premature appearance of age. It is my treat, my angel, and here is

Complete Alphabet, Fancy Letters 5 inches high. Daisy Pattern. Price, 20 cents.


Size, 18 x 24. Price, 10 cents.
More vital force is consumed by worry than

The following line drawings of the great masterpieces have been specially designed for the by work.

blackboard and can be reproduced by any teacher. Don't worry because you feel a little out of SISTINE MADONNA.-Raphael.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.-Murillo. sorts; take Hood's Sarsaparilla and it will soon set you right.

MADONNA DELLA SEDIA. HEAD OF CHRIST.–Munkacsy. ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA. Don't worry because you have pimples on


MATER DOLOROSA.-Guido Reni. MAGDALEN.-Carlo Dolci, your face; Hood's Sarsaparilla will purify your

SIMPLICITY.-Sir Joshua Reynolds. blood and your skin will become smooth and


Don't worry about your health or the health of your friends. Keep your blood pure with Hood's Sarsaparilla and your system regular

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, with Hood's Pills, and you may depend upon 50 Bromfield St.,

63 Fifth Ave.,
378 Wabash Ave.,

809 Market St., having good health every day in the year.






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CUT THIS OUT as a Reminder
of the New Lothrop Books for 1898. GEORGE P. BROWN & CO.,

School Cards and School Supplies.



The True Story of Benjamin Franklin, told for boys and girls, by Elbridge S. Brooks

$1.50 A Little Maid of Concord Town: a romance of the Revolution, by Margaret Sidney

1.50 Marjory and Her Neighbors: the story of three little

SCHOOL CARDS. An elegant assortment, comprising several thousand girls and a boy, by Louise E. Catlin

designs of the largest and best variety in the country. 1.50

15 samples postpaid for 15 cents. 40 samples for 25 cents. Cian of the Chariots : a romance of the days of King Arthur, by William H. Babcock


Christmas cards, booklets, folding cards, leaflets, The Deserter: a book of two wars, by Harold Frederick 1.25 CHRISTMAS, 1898. panels, novelties, etc. All with appropriate

Christmas mottos. The Prince of Peace, or the beautiful life of Jesus, by “ Pansy,” (Mrs. Alden)


OUR SCHOOL SOUVENIRS Are the best ever offered. Two cards Bilberry Boys and Girls: the story of New England

tied together with silk ribbon. The first Young Folks, by Sophie Swett

1.25 card printed in colors, with appropriate border designs and teacher's name, An Island Heroine : a Long Island Revolutionary Story

etc.; the second card contains the names of pupils. We have the FLAG by Mary B. Sleight


SOUVENIR with American flag in bright colors. The CHRISTMAS SOUVE. Reuben's Hindrances: the story of a boy's ups and

NIR with green holly leaves and red berries and appropriate Christmas

wish; also several other designs. Illustrated catalogue free. Samples downs, by “Pansy” (Mrs. Alden)


sent for 2 cents each. The Older Brother, a story of self denials, by “ Pansy,” (Mrs. Alden)

-75 FAMOUS PICTURES for picture study. For use on special days, etc. A Little New England Maid and how she lived for

Large pictures, beautifully engraved and printed others, by Kate Tannatt Woods

on heavy plate paper, size 5 x 8. Hundreds of subjects — famous men As in a Mirror, a story of experiences, by “ Pansy,” (Mrs.

and women, authors and their homes, historical buildings and events, Alden)

famous paintings, etc. 10 pictures sent postpaid for 10 cents with full 1.50

catalogue. Child Stories and Rhymes, by the author of the famous “Nursery Finger Plays,” (Emilie Poullson)

A great variety. Beautiful floral and 1.25

SCRIPTURE TEXT CARDS. scenery cards. 15 samples for 10 cents. Buz-Buz: the twelve adventures of a house-fly, by Charles

40 for 25 cents, postpaid. Stuart Pratt

.75 Labor of Love: a story for boys, by Julia Magruder


Also an endless variety of teachers' books, aids and devices, blackThe “Lady Gay” Stories, four delightful books for

board stencils, school reports, wall mottos, large pictures for walls of very little children, by very good authors, each

school-rooms, etc. Latest catalogue sent with all packages or free on

application. Address
All profusely Illustrated
Ask to see the Lothrop Juveniles.

G. P. BROWN & CO.,
For sale by all booksellers. Send for latest lists. Illustrated holiday
catalogues, free by mail.

BOX 1802,

BEVERLY, MASS. LOTHROP PUBLISHING COMPANY, BOSTON. To Insure Prompt Delivery Add Box 1802 to Address.






Colored Illustrations.


Price, 30 Cents.


UR Little Folk's Primer,” is just received. I would say that I can scarcely

praise it too highly. It is a radical departure from the old-fashioned reader, and cannot fail to meet a long-felt want.

The points which must commend it to all are its beautiful half-tone reproductions of famous pictures, thus bringing real art into the realm of the child, its colored illustrations supplying a long-felt want, the novel introduction of the calendar, at once interesting and instructive, the combination of script and printing, thus familiarizing children with both, the use of number and science in connection with reading, the bright suggestions for busy work as shown in the stick-laying and drawing designs; the fact that each month's work is made to revolve about a central point, thus affording a means of new inspiration and interest.

B. R.


The feature of arranging it according to the seasons, is the very latest and best idea in the text-book arrangement. It is very evident that the nature study of the future will be arranged by seasons rather than by subjects.

A. L. SAFFORD, Beverly, Mass.


50 Bromfield St.,


63 Fifth Ave.,

378 Wabash Ave.,


809 Market St. SAN FRANCISCO


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