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Ten Dollars for a School Library Secured

in Two Hours.


Dear Sir :—Please find enclosed money order to the amount of $10.00, for which you will please ship to my address, via American Express Company School Library A. My pupils sold nearly one hundred certificates in about two hours at the close of an afternoon session of school.


Prin. Walter Street Grammar School.

You can do the same, read this:

The “Hawthorne Library Certificates," which we send you (FREE), are to be plaeed in the hands of your pupils, each one acting as a representative in obtaining subscriptions for his school library. Some pupils will dispose of only two or three, while others will sell as many as ten or fifteen shares. Our teacher writes us that the entire amount ($10.00) was raised in two hours, by this method, but everyone, of course, cannot expect such excellent results as this : the average time being from four to ten days.

The subscriber is given a certificate of his subscription and his name is written in the blank space for that purpose, and the certificate is then signed by the pupil.

This work has a good effect on the pupil, making him feel that he is an important factor in securing a library for his school, thereby stimulating his interest in the matter.

It will cost you a two cent stamp.

Send to us now and we will send you 100 certificates, as mentioned above, free.

Our Special Offer.

One of Our Famous
“30 Volume School Libraries.”

Library A-$10.00.
For Primary,

Intermediate and Grammar Grades.


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Every teacher who will send for certificates now, and will send us their order for a library on or before March ist, 1898, may select, for their personal uso, any two books from our entire list (see our complete catalogue of 1896-97,) or we will give one years' subscription to either Popular Educator or PRIMARY EDUCATION, Free. · If you are now a subscriber to either of these papers, we will advance your subscription one year.

Remember that you are under no obligation to make a purchase. All we ask is that you return all unsold certificates. Many hundreds sent for our certificates last year and secured one of our school libraries by this method. It costs you nothing to try, and to try this method is to own one of our famous libraries.

1. Æsop's Fables. Tilus.

Bds. 127 pp.
2. Grimm's Tales. Illus. Bds. 144 pp.
3. American History Stories. Vol. I.
4. American History Stories. Vol. II.
5. American History Stories. Vol. III.
6. American History Stories. Vol. IV.
7. Story of Columbus. Illus. 180 pp.
8. Stories of Industry. Vol. I. 172 pp.
9. Stories of Industry. Vol. II. 176 pp.
10. Ethics; Stories for Home and School.
11. Little Flower Folks. Vol. 1. 138 pp. .
12. Little Flower Folks. Vol. II. 130 pp..
13. The Great West. Illus. 176 pp.
14. Cortes and Montezuma. 100 pp.
15. Pizarro; or the Conquest of Peru. 128 pp.
16. Stories of Massachusetts. Illus. 358 pp.
17. Geography for Young Folks. Illus. 136 pp.
18. Storyland of Stars. Illus. 165 pp.
19. Stories from Animal Land. Illus. 179 pp.
20. Our Fatherland. Illus. Cloth. 160 pp.
21. Stories of Australasia. Illus. 230 pp.
22. Stories of India. Illus. Bds. 200 pp.
23. Stories of China. Illus.
24. Stories of Northern Europe. mus.
25. Leaves from Nature's Story.Book. Vol. I.
28. Leaves from Nature's Story.Book. Vol. II.
27. Patriotism in Prose and Verse.
28. Choice Selections. NORTHEND.
29. Stories from Shakespeare. Vol. I.
30. Stories from Shakespeare. Vol. II.

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Price to Libraries and Schools, $10.00

A Full Cloth Set for $15,00,

Write to us to-day for circulars, certificates and catalogue. (Free.)


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SCHOOL-ROOM HELPS FOR Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow Birthdays


5 Cent Classics.

For note books and compositions, we furnish
fine miniature photograph reproductions of U.S. Flag, 5 cents. Large Spread Eagle with

National Emblem, very handsome, 24 x 36.
(Second Reader Grade.)
original and excellent portraits. The follow.

Price, 20 cents. Liberty Bell, 5 cents. Wash28. Story of Washington. ing are now ready :

ington on Horse hack, 6 cents.

Extra Large Portraits of Washington, Lin31. S:ory of Lincoln.


coln and Longfellow. Price, 15 cents each. 45. Story of the Pilgrims.


NEW PORTRAITS. 46. Story of Boston Tea Party.


5 cents each. 95. Stories of the Revolution. 1.- Lexington

55. Franklin

58. Garfield. and Concord.

Send for complete list.

56. Washington, 59. Grant. 96. Stories of the Revolution. II. - British

57. Lincoln.

140. Longfellow. Driven from Boston.

Size of sample in this

HISTORIC SUBJECTS. 89. Story of Longfellow.

advertisement, printed
on enameled paper with

I. Northmen's Caravel.
(Fourth Reader Grade.)

IV. Indian in Canoe.

balf inch margin. Price, VI. Puritan in Dresg. 66. Washington's Farewell Address, etc.

10 cents per dozen; 3 XI. A Minute Man. 5 cents per copy.

dozen for 25 cents; 50

XI Faneuil Hall.

XIII. A British Grenadier. See full list on another page.

cents per hundred. Sent

Price, 10 cents each ; 6 for 80 cents. postpaid.

The Coat of Army so arranged as to be suita-
Send for specimen work from the Publiu

ble for the head-piece of Roll of Honor, if

desired. Op paper 18x24 inches. Price, 10 cts. Hall-tone photo ongravings of George and Schools of Quincy, Mass., showing how these

The word is Welcome "in & Wreath of Flow. Martha Washington and Longfellow size 6 x 8 are used with excellent results.

ers, very handsome, 10 cents. Large “Wel. inches printed on heavy calendered paper We also furnish photo-reproductions of the

come,” 25 cents. size 12 x 17 inches suitable for framing. Price, homes, etc., size 2 x 24, with ball inch margin. National Emblems, very handsome, 24 x 36.

U. 8. Flag, 5 cents. Large Spread Eagle with 20 cents each. Sent in pasteboard tube, postage Price 10 cents per dozen, 3 dozen 25 conts, 60 Price, 20 cents. prepaid. cents per hundred, postpaid.

Complete list sent upon application

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(3rd Grade.)

Stories from Garden and Field.

Illus. Boards, 30 cents; Cloth, 40 cents.

It must be welcomed by teachers and chil. dren everywhere as “ just the thing" that has been needed.- Primary Education.

(4th and sth Grades.)

(Ist Grade.)

(2nd Grade.) Some of Our Friends,

Nature Stories for Youngest Large type edition.

Il us. Bds., 30 cents; Readers. Cloth, 40 cents. For First Year. Interest. ing stories of animals told in a charming

By ANNA C. DAVIS. Boards, 30 cents; Cloth, manner. Easy reading for very little 40 cents. Embellished with colored pho. children.

tographic illustrations. Large type. Buds, Stems and Roots.

You are to be congratulated upon the illusBy ANNIE CHASE. Large type edition. Ilus. trations in your Nature Stories for Youngest Boards, 30 cents; Cloth, 40 cents.

Readers. Little children will get more from Flower Friends.

these than from the text, as good as it is.

HENRY T. BAILEY, Supt of Drawing, Mass.
Illus. Boardę, 30 cents; Cloth, 40 cents.
Charming books for the little folks, en.

(3rd Grade.
couraging a love of plant life yet giving
valuable information by means of interest. Introduction to Leaves from
ing stories.

Stories from Birdland.

By ANNIE CHASE. Large type edition. Illus. Boards, 30 cents; Cloth, 40 cents.
Fully Illus.

Vols. I. and II. Boards, 30 Printed in large type and graphically illu3. cents; Cloth, 40 cents.

trated. The exercises are graded as far a 3 As to the literary quality and accuracy of possible, so as to bring before the eye of these books we need only to say that they

the child a new word or two as he advances. are by the successful author of Stories from Animal Land.

(Soe also list of 5 cent Classics )

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Send for SAMPLE PAGE and Complete Catalogue for 1898.

63 Fifth Avenue,
211 Wabash Avenue,

300 Post Street,


50 Bromfield Street,


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I cordially commend them to teachers. They are beautiful and within the reach of all. For language
teaching, or illustration of reading, they are very valuable.

-Sarah Louise Arnold, Supervisor of Schools, Boston.
November 14, 1897.

"I welcome with great pleasure your effort to bring the influence of good art into the schools.
I am sure that making the children familiar with great works of art will cultivate their taste and refine
their natures, and I trust that Kindergartners all over the country will avail themselves of the opportunity
you are giving them along these lines.'

-Laura Fisher, Director of Kindergartens, Boston Public Schools.

November 15, 1897.

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In ordering, mention 1897 LIST.

201 Trumpeters and Dancing Children,

214 Holy Family

Luca della Robbia. 215 Delphic Sybil
202 Singing Boys
Donatello. 216 Portrait of himself

203 Virgin with the Child Jesus Bellini

217 Portrait of himself

204 Madonna and Child

218 Sistine Madonna
205 Portrait of himself,

Botticelli. 219 Madonna of the Chair 206 Virgin with Child and Angels

220 Madonna Granduca
207 Virgin, Infant Jesus, and St. John,

Madonna with the Goldfinch
208 Coronation of the Virgin

222 Holy Night

. Correggio.
209 Portrait of himself, Leonardo da Vinci.

223 Aurora

Guido Reni.
210 Mother and Child . Fra Filippo Lippi. 224 Diogenes in Search of an Honest
211 Holy Family

Filippino Lippi.


. Salvator Rosa,
212 Portrait of himself Michelangelo. 225 Portrait of himself

226 Madonna with the Child Jesus,


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Life Photograph. 338 Portrait of Rosa Bonheur.
Corot. 339 The Horse Fair

Rosa Bonheur,
. Dagnan-Bouveret. 340 Coming from the Fair

Dupre. 341 Ploughing

342 Lions at Home
343 The Little Scholar

344 Virgin, Infant Jesus, and St. John,
345 The Gleaner

346 Recall of the Gleaners
347 End of Labor
348 Morning

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326 Portrait of Corot
327 Spring
328 Madonna and Child
329 The Haymakers
330 Oxen Going to Work
331 The Blacksmith
332 Portrait of Millet.
333 Shepherdess Knitting
334 Feeding Her Birds
335 The Gleaners
336 The Sower
337 The Angelus

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MRS. E. M. PERRY, 10 Tremont St., Malden, Mass.
hundred may be made up from the two lists if preferred. Send stamp for catalogue of “ Poets and their Homes.” Address
White House, Capitol, Martha Washington, Washington Elm. LINCOLN, his home, Emancipation Statue. Same price as above. An order of a
Longfellow Mansion, his daughters, armchair, Evangeline, monument, a blacksmith's. LOWELL, his home. WASHINGTON, Mount Vernon,

THE PERRY PICTURES FOR FEBRUARY. Twenty pictures; LONGFELLOW, his birthplace, his home, the

Partial Catalogue of the PERRY PICTURES (175 Subjects.)


51 x 8 inches. Postpaid. Order by numbers.

Send stamp or money-order. Address as below.
30 cents, each additional picture 1 cent additional. In lots of 100 or more, 1 cent each, assorted as desired.
TOU will be pleased with these pictures. All who see them are surprised at their beauty and price.

Twenty pictures,

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241 Portrait of himself

245 Christ and the Doctors

Hofmann. 242 doration of the Magi

246 Pet Bird

Meyer von Bremen. 243 Portrait of himself

247 Kabyl

244 Portrait of the Astronomer Kratzer,

348 Rest in Flight



381 Christmas Chimes


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Subjects recommended by Henry Turner Bailey for picture study

in the first nine grades. Grade I. 305-246-222.

IV. 247-301-328.

VII, 302-223-265. II. 455-309-263. V. 453-224-292.

VIII. 282-335-215-219. II. 457-334-218. VI. 339-283-245.

IX. 303-327-310-344.


Renous. Burne-Jones.

On paper

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An un rivalled account of the social, economic, and political history of the American

people. Fascinating style. Practically adapted to school use Price, $1.00. BALDWIN'S SCHOOL READING BY GRADES. Eight books, one for each

grade. Early introduction to best American and English authors. Beautiful illustrations. First Year, $.25;

Second Year, $.35: Third, Fourth and Fifth Years, each, $ 45; Six, Seventh and Eighth Years, each, $.50. Bound also in five volumes.

Send for circular ECLECTIC SCHOOL READINGS. 15 volumes of fresh and attractive supple

mentary reading in classic tales, folk lore, history, and science. Profuse illustra

tions. Descriptive circular sent on request. NATURAL ELEMENTARY GEOGRAPHY. A study of the earth as the home

of man. Inductive, natural treatment. Frequent reviews and exercises in com

parisons. Correlations with language work, history, etc. Price, 60 cents. NATURAL COURSE IN MUSIC. Develops independent power. Musical and

literary selections of the highest quality. Many novel and helpful devices for teachers and pupils. Primer and First Reader, each, $.zo; Second, Third and Fourth Readers, each, $.35; Fifth Reader, $.50; Advanced Reader, for Academic

Use, $1.00. Chartex Series A, B, C, D, E, F and G, each, $4.00 PATTERSON'S AMERICAN WORD BOOK. A thoroughly modern speller,

co-ordinating orthography, penmanship, punctuation, pronunciation, definition and

use of words, etc. Price, 25 cents. MILNE'S MENTAL ARITHMETIC. A thorough, systematic drill book in the

fundamental processes of arithmetic, embodying best modern methods. May be used with any series. Price, 35 cents.

Howells' (W. D.) Stories of Ohio

$.60 Walton and Brumbaugh's Stories of Pennsylvania

60 Holbrook's 'Round the Year in Myth and Song

.60 Carpenter's Geographical Reader,- Asia COPY BOOKS

Curtiss's Semi-Vertical Copy Books, Nos. 1-6, per dozen

Curtiss's Freehand Writing (Vertical) Nos. 1-6, per dozen
Bailey's American Comprehensive Arithmetic

.65 MUSIC Betz's Gems of School Song

.70 The American Book Company publishes the largest number of the best books in all branches, adapted to every grado of public and private schools, Academies. Normal School, High Schools and Colleges. New Books to meet new demands in every departinent constantly issued. Largest Jist from which to make selections. Books sent prepaid on receipt of prices. Catalogues, circulars, and "Bulletin of New Books on request. Correspondence cordially invited.

No. 556, Vertical Writer, fine Points.
No. 570, Vertical Writer, medium Points.
No. 571, Vertical Writer, coarse Points.


.96 .96

These pens are made with firm points making a clear, distinct outline without regard to shading and have a remarkable durability.

If not already supplied in your school, principals should become acquainted with their merits. Orders can be sent to the local stationer, but if impossible to procure in this way, we will supply direct.

The Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.,

26 John St., New York.

Works, Camden, N. J.

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Horsford's Acid Phosphate

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This preparation by its action in promoting digestion, and as a nerve food, tends to prevent and alleviate the headache arising from a disordered stomach, or that of a nervous origin.


Dr. F. A. Roberts, Waterville, Me. says :

“Have found it of great benefit in nervous headache, nervous dyspepsia and neuralgia ; and think it is giving great satisfaction when it is thoroughly tried.”

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Descriptive pamphlet free on application to Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. I.

For sale by all Druggists.

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