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6 U.S.COMP.'16



(R. S. $$ 2491–2516. Superseded and repealed.) This Title, as enacted in the Revised Statutes, included sections 2491-2518thereof, of which sections 2503, 2504, contained the schedules of articles sube ject to duty and the rates of duty thereon, then in force, with a proviso annexed to section 2503, for special rates of duty on certain specified classes of goods; section 2504 contained the free list, of articles exempt from duty; and the other sections contained various particular provisions relating to imports and duties thereon. Said rates of duty on certain articles were altered and additional articles were included in the free list, by Act Feb. 8, 1875, c. 36, 88 1-10, 18 Stat. 307; and further alterations were made, and said proviso to R. S. $ 2503, was repealed, by Act March 3, 1875, c. 127, 98 3-6, 18 Stat. 340. R. S. § 2501, was also repealed by Act May 4, 1882, c. 120, 22 Stat. 58, and Act Dec. 23, 1882, c. 6, 22 Stat. 398; and R. S. § 2506, was repealed, on the termination of articles 18-25, 30, of the treaty with Great Britain of May 8, 1871, pursuant to the Joint Resolution of March 3, 1883, No. 22, 22 Stat. 641.

A substitute for this entire Title was enacted by section 6 of Act March 3, 1883, c. 121, 22 Stat. 488, 489, entitled “An act to reduce internal-revenue taxation, and for other purposes." Said substitute was in the form of new sections of the Revised Statutes, numbered 2491-2513, arranged in different order, but covering the subjects of most of the original sections then in force. New tariff schedules and free list, substitutes for the original R. S. $S 2503, 2504, were contained in the new sections 2502, 2503. Further sections of said act, Act March 3, 1883, c. 121, 88 7–13, 22 Stat. 523, made other amendments and provisions relating to rates of duties and collection thereof.

All such previous provisions relating to the subject of this Title were superseded by the provisions prescribing the articles subject to duty, and the rates of duty thereon, of the McKinley Tariff Act of Oct. 1, 1890, c. 1244, 88 1-25, 26 Stat. 567. These, in like manner, were superseded by the Wilson Tariff Act of Aug. 27, 1894, c. 349, 28 Stat. 509, which was superseded by the Dingley Tariff Act of July 24, 1897, c. 11, which, again, was superseded by the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act of Aug. 5, 1909, c. 6, 36 Stat. 11, and that was superseded by the Underwood Tariff Act of Oct. 3, 1913, c. 16, 88 1, 4, 38 Stat. 114.

This Title, as enacted in the Revised Statutes, was not divided into chapters. For convenience of arrangement it is here divided into two chapters: Chapter A, “Tariff Schedules," containing the provisions of sections 1 and 4 of said Underwood Tariff Act of 1913, as amended, with the provisions of other acts remaining in force relating thereto; and Chapter B, “The Tariff Commission,” containing the provisions of Act Sept. 8, 1916, c. 463, creating and relating to the Tariff Commission.

A. Tariff Schedules....
B. The Tariff Commission.

Sec. 5291 5326a


Tariff Schedules


5291. Articles dutiable, and rates of

duty; schedules and free list. 5291a. Dyestuffs; free list; dutiable

list. 5291b. Articles dutiable, and rates of

duty; schedules and free list. 5291c. Articles dutiable; rates, sched

ules, and free list; repeal. 5292. Negotiation by President of trade

agreements with foreign nations


5293. Reciprocity treaty with Cuba of

Dec. 11, 1902, and Act Dec. 17, 1903, c. 1, for execution thereof, not affected by this act, except as to proviso of treaty ab

rogated. 5294. Duties on articles coming from

Philippine Islands; certain articles free of duty; certain articles from United States free of duty in Philippine Islands; tax



Sec. equal to internal-revenue 5311. Discount on duties on goods, etc., taxes on articles conring into

imported in vessels registered United States from Philippine

under laws of United States. Islands, and into fhitippine Is 5312. Admission free of duty of merlands from United States; in

chandise from vessels sunk and ternal. revenues collected in

abandoned. · Philippine Islands to accrue to

5313. Duty on articles reimported aftgovernment thereof; repeal of

er exportation free of internal provision authorizing export du

revenue tax. 'ties. 6295. Exemption of articles going into

5314. Duties imposed by act applicable

to goods, etc., previously im Porto Rico from United States from internal-revenue taxes.

ported but not entered, or en

tered without payment of duty 5296. Countervailing duty on articles

and under bond.
on which bounty on exportation
was paid.

5315. President to ascertain amount of 5297. Articles to be marked to indicate

imports and exports of articles country of origin; packages, to

enumerated in section I of act, indicate country of origin and

and cause estimate to be made quantity of contents.

of amount of domestic produc5298. Fraudulent violation of provi

tion and consumption thereof, sions relating to marking, etc.,

and advise Congress when imarticles or packages, or defac

ports amount to less than five ing, etc., marks, etc.; punish

per centum of domestic conment.

sumption. 5299. Importation of obscene books, 5316. Repeal of Act Aug. 5, 1909, c. 6, etc., or other articles, or of lot

88 1-42, and of all inconsistent tery tickets, etc., prohibited;

acts and parts of acts; limitaseizure and forfeiture.

tions on operation of act and 5300. Aiding, etc., by officer, etc., in

on effect of repeals of other violation of provisions prohibit

acts thereby. ing importation, etc., of obscene

5317. Effect of invalidity of part of act publications, etc., or other arti

on remainder thereof. cles, a misdemeanor; punish

5318. Time of taking effect of act. ment. 5301. Proceedings for seizure, etc., of

5319. Suspension of importation of articles mentioned in two pre

products from countries makceding subsections, for violation

ing unjust discriminations. thereof.

5320. Grain brought from Canada by 5302. Importation of neat cattle and

farmers to be ground not subhides thereof prohibited; Sus

ject to duty. pension of prohibition, in part,

5321. Return free of duty of articles or authorized

live-stock exported for exhibi5303. Violation of provisions of preced

tion. ing subsection, punishable. 5322. Return free of duty of animals 5304. Importation of goods manufac

taken abroad for exhibition. tured by convict labor prohib 5323. Laws affecting imports of artiited.

cles, etc., and entry of persons 5305. Discriminating duty on goods im

into United States from foreign ported in foreign vessels.

countries to apply to articles, 5306. Importation only in vessels of

etc., and persons coming from United States or of country of

Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panorigin of goods.

ama. 5307. Restriction of preceding subsec

5324. Reduction of duties on products tion to vessels, or goods, etc.,

of Cuba authorized; limitation imported in vessels, of foreign

of reduction of duties on sugar; nations maintaining similar regulation.

construction of act as to origin 5308. Admission, without payment of

of acts changing customs du

duty, under bond for exporta-
tion, of certain articles for pur-

5325. No additional fees or charges on poses or uses specified, not for

products of Cuba; equal treatsale.

ment of imports by both coun5309. Importation in bond of materials

tries. for construction of naval ves

5326. Duties on specified imports from sels or certain other vessels,

Canada, when reciprocal rates and of materials for building

are imposed by Canada on spectheir machinery, and articles

ified imports from United for their outfit and equipment;

States, and exemption from use thereof free of duty.

duty of specified articles im5310. Withdrawal from bond, free of

ported from Canada, when duty, of articles for repair of

specified articles from United naval vessels or certain other

States are admitted into Can. vessels.

ada free of duty.

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