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tle, a prey to the vulture and the wolf. to my enthusiastic friend, whose lanIn the Austrian army there is no pro- guage and deportment had experiencvision of this nature ; and Tilly him- ed a change as striking as the alteration self, when marked with a Protestant in his person. I could not discern in the sabre, was obliged to send to Halle for martial figure before me a vestige of a surgeon. The brigading of troops, the modest, taciturn, and temperate -the firing en pelotons,—the dragoon youth I had formerly known. The service,-the short cannon, which car fire of his eyes, and the stern comries farther than a long one,-the new pression of his lips, indicated a resopike,—and the cartridge-box, are but lute and decided character ; his lana portion of the inventions which we guage flowed like a torrent; and he owe to Gustavus Adolphus. Every had so entirely subdued his dislike to field-officer in the Swedish service is the bottle, that, in the ardor of his euloa worthy pupil of our heroic master, gium, he swallowed successive bumwho fights alike in summer and in pers, without observing that I had liwinter, and who has proved himself mited myself to a single glass. the best engineer of his time, by his After he had entered into some skill in the conduct of sieges, batte- farther details of his military career, ries and entrenchments. When he he rose to depart, and thus addressed drew his sword in the Protestant me: “ My object in calling upon you, cause, and advanced like a hurricane Albert, was not merely to embrace an into Germany, the military fops of Vi- old friend, but to make his fortune. enna called him the Snow-King, and You are irrecoverably spoiled for a predicted that he and his troops would soldier; but a king, who pillows his melt in the summer heats. They lit- head upon the works of the immortal tle knew the formidable enemy they Grotius, can appreciate learning as had to encounter. But the more sa well as valor. He loves the book of gacious Tilly shook his head when he Grotius on War and Peace, as much heard this favorite jest of the Vienna as Alexander the Great prized the Ilicircles, and was heard to say, that the ad of Homer; and has often declared snow-ball would probably roll up into that he would make this highly gifted an avalanche. He had sufficient man his prime minister, if he would knowledge of human nature to foresee accept the appointinent. He has also a possibility, that the fresh and ardent a fine taste, or, I should rather say, religious zeal of the Swedish and Ger- an inpassioned feeling for poetry. man Protestants would eventually tri- After the surrender of Elbing, but umph over the worn-out fanaticism of before the definitive treaty was signthe Catholic soldiery. To return to ed, the King walked into the town unGustavus, I could utter volumes in observed, and purchased the Latin praise of his eloquence, and of the poems of Buchanan. You, Albert, talent displayed in his letters, trea are a scholar and a poet, but, more ties, and manifestos. His character, than all, you are descended from the in short, exhibits a splendid combina family of Luther. I have often bantion of intrepidity and self-possession ; tered you for attaching importance to of temperance and industry; of affa- this accident of birth, but I now forebility, clemency, and candor. To see that it will greatly promote your crown all, he is a good husband and advancement in life. Gustavus is a father, a sound and fervent Christian; zealous Lutheran. He venerates the and may I fall into the talons of old great Reformer as a second savior; Tilly, or of the devil, who is the best and he will certainly bestow upon you of the two, if I would not shed my an honorable appointment when he blood for him as cheerfully as I now learns, that, in addition to more solid pour out a bumper of old Rhine-wine merits, you are a scion, although but to his health."

collaterally, of the stock of Luther.I listened with growing amazement And now, my Albert, vale, et me ama!

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The moon will be down in an hour, quartered near the castle gate. Antiand I must to quarters. We are en- cipating a kind and hospitable recepcamped three leagues from hence, near tion from Seifert, I was no little surthe small town of R The King prised by his altered look and manner. and his staff occupy the adjacent cas He was sitting with folded arms, and tle. Visit me the day after to-mor- clouded aspect; and did not immedirow, and I will introduce you to his ately reply to my cordial address, nor Majesty.”

even acknowledge my presence by With these words he embraced me, look or gesture. At length he coldly and summoned his dragoon. Two replied, noble chargers were brought to my “ Good morning, Albert !- Excuse cottage door, and the active riders, my reception of you, but I thought vaulting into the saddles, bounded ra our appointment had been for to-morpidly across the chuchyard path into row." the high road. The night was still Suddenly the stern expression of and beautiful; the moon-beams shone his features relaxed into kindness brightly upon their nodding plumes aņd cordiality; he started from his and steel cuirasses ; and, as I gazed seat, seized my hand affectionately, upon their retreating figures, and lis- and exclaimed, with visible emotion,tened to the loud ring of their sabres “ It is well, however, that you and accoutrements, I fancied them have arrived to-day, for possibly you two knights of the olden time, sallying had not found me in existence toforth in quest of nocturnal adventure. morrow.” On the morning of the day appoint “Good God !" I ejaculated,

« wbat ed for my introduction to royalty, I calamity has befallen you, Seifert ! felt a natural impulse to adorn the Have you by any fault or misfortune outward man, and surveyed, with some lost the royal favor ?" trepidation, the contents of my scanty “On the contrary," he replied, wardrobe. Alas! the best coat in my with a smile of singular meaning, “the possession displayed a surface more King has just granted me a signal and brown than black; and, while endea- unprecedented favor.” voring to improve it with a brush, I He then closed the door of his discovered more nebulous spots and apartment, and continued in a lower milky ways than ever met the gaze of tone : “ Every human being, Albert, astronorner through his telescope. At has his weak side, and even a great the risk of giving dire offence to the king is but a man. The failing of our royal nostrils, I obliterated many of heroic Gustavus is that of inordinate dethese celestial systems with turpen- votion. He is the high-priest as well as tine, converted an old hat into a new the general of his army, and no superone by the aid of warm beer, took my annuated devotee can surpass him in walking-stick and bundle, and com- praying, weeping, and psalm-singing. menced my journey to the Swedish give him full credit for zeal and sincamp.

cerity, for it is impossible that GustaAbout a quarter of a league from rus Adolphus can stoop to hypocrisy; the town I encountered groups of sol- but, amongst various unmilitary regudiers, seated at the entrances of tents lations which have sprung from this and cottages. They were men of religious enthusiasm, he has forbidden comely aspect, well clothed, and of duels under penalty of death.” peaceable deportment. To an officer Here I would have interrupted of some rank, who inquired my object him. in approaching the camp, I mentioned “ Excuse me, Albert,” he continuthe invitation of Seifert. He treated ed, “I know all you would say on the me with the respect due to my sacred subject; I know that, as a clergyman, office, and in terms of courtesy and you must vindicate this absurdity of kindness told me, that my friend was Gustavus; but kings and curates are

privileged men. The latter are not ther the bear shall give the coxcomb very tenacious of the point d'honneur; a mortal squeeze, or be compelled to and when a king is insulted, he wages dance to the coxcomb's fiddle.” combat on a large scale, and arrays With these words he left the apartnation against nation to avenge his ment, and shortly returned with a private quarrels. For instance, what Saxon subaltern of mature age and was the battle of Leipzic but a duel intelligent physiognomy. He told between Gustavus Adolphus and Fer- him to accompany me to the gallery of dinand III., or rather Maximilian of the castle-hall, and to procure for me Bavaria ? I must, however, do him a commodious seat. Thunderstruck the justice to acknowledge that he has at this intelligence, I left the quarters at length relaxed the severity of this of Seifert, and approached the castle regulation, and has permitted me to gate in silent consternation. My commeasure swords with Captain Bars- panion gave me a look full of humortrom; but on condition that the duel ous meaning, and remarked, while he shall take place in the baroniał hall of offered me a pinch of snuff,the castle, and in presence of the king “ All this is, doubtless, above your and his staff-officers. The gallery comprehension, reverend sir! It is will be open to the public, and I will almost above mine, although I have procure you a good seat and an intel- lived above half a century, and have ligent companion, that you may have made some use of my opportunities. the pleasure of seeing me avail my- Perhaps, however, you, who have self of his Majesty's gracious permis- studied at the university, can explain sion to humble the pride and insolence to me why no man likes to be called of my opponent. You are a classical by his proper nanie. I have known man, Albert, and may readily suppose Captain Seifert for a twelvemonth-I that you are beholding a mortal combat have seen him in battle—and, God of gladiators, for the encounter will knows! he wields his sabre as well as only terminate with the death of one or he does his tongue, which is no small both. In return for this gratification," praise, because he surpasses most men he added, with a careless smile, “ you in wit and knowledge; but I maintain, must pledge yourself to read the service nevertheless, that he is somewhat of a of the dead over my remains, should coxcomb. Captain Barstrom is also I fall, and to compose for me a Latin a man of distinguished bravery, and epitaph in flowing hexameters. And he had once the good fortune to save now, my beloved Albert, sarewell. I the king's life, but in manner he is a must go and apparel, for it would be a wild beast; and why he should take ofbreach of etiquette to perform tragedy fence at the very characteristic appelbefore spectators of such exalted lation of a Swedish bear,' puzzles rank in any but full dress.

me exceedingly." “ Strange being !" I here impa I followed my conductor into the tiently exclaimed, “you speak of a gallery, which was crowded with citideadly combat as you would of a pa- zens, who readily, however, made way geant! Cease this unhallowed levity, for me and my escort, and we gained and tell me in plain language what is a position commanding a good view of the nature of this insult, which can the arena below. The royal guards, only be atoned for by the sacrifice of a fine body of men, in light blue coats human life?"

and steel cuirasses, lined both sides of “ Last night at supper,” he replied, the spacious hall, and their polished “ Barstrom called me a German cox- battle-axes flashed brightly from the comb, and I returned the compliment tops of their long black lances. by calling him a Swedish bear. А “ I suppose,” said I to my comdefiance to mortal combat immediate- panion, “that these fine body-guards ly ensued; the king's consent was ob are the King's favorite regiment ?" tained, and this day will prove whe " Gustavus is a father to all his

soldiers,” answered the subaltern; Tilly in the battle of Leipzic. He is “ and incredible as it may appear to at once a terrible warrior and a nobleyou, he knows personally almost every minded man. I could relate many Swede in his army, has conversed instances of his humanity and forbearwith most of them, and addressed ance.them even by name. The entire “ But why,” said I, “that expresSwedish force is as well equipped as sion of sadness in his countenance ?" the men before you. On this point “ He has recently lost an excelthe munificent Gustavus differs wide- lent wife and two lovely children,” ly from Corporal Skeleton, as he al- answered my companion, “ by a contaways calls Tilly. The old Bavarian gious malady. He clasped their dead maintains that a polished musket and bodies in a long embrace, and sent a ragged soldier set off each other. them in a silver coffin to Sweden for The Swedish monarch studies the interment.—But you must not overhealth and comfort of his soldiers col- look the Chancellor Oxenstiern, the lectively, and indulges no preference tall and majestic figure approaching for the guards. Indeed he has often General Horn. Observe his fine open been heard to say that he trusted countenance, exactly what the Italians not in body-guards, but in the Provi- call a viso sciolto. He is no Cardinal dence of God.”

Richelieu-no Machiavel; and yet as During this discussion, the castle cunning as the devil. He is of a mild hall bad become gradually crowded and tranquil temperament, and affords with officers in Swedish and Saxon a noble proof that an honest man may uniforms. Suddenly the loud clash be a clever fellow. Observe bow corof spurs and voices ceased, and was dially he presses the hand of his sonsucceeded by a deep and respectful in-law, and endeavors to console him. silence. The lofty folding-doors The wise of Gustavus Horn was his were thrown open, and with a beating favorite daughter, but his grief for her heart and aching eye-balls I awaited loss is not outwardly visible. The king, a first view of the mighty Gustavus. who is a man of quick feelings, could A tall man entered the hall, spare in not refrain from remarking this singubody but stout and muscular in limb. lar composure on so trying an occaHis forehead was losty and command- sion, and called him a cold-blooded ing, his eye-brows were prominent animal. But what think you was the and bushy, and his nose had the chancellor's reply? If my cold curve of a hawk's. Good feeling and blood did not occasionally damp your intelligence were finely blended in bis majesty's fire, the conflagration would physiognomy; but the powerful become inextinguishable.' Gustavus glance of his deep-set eyes was soften- did not hesitate a moment to acknowed and shaded by an expression of ledge the justice of the remark, nor settled melancholy. He saluted right does any man in Sweden better underand left with much urbanity, proceed- stand the value of Oxenstiern's cool ed to the upper end of the hall, and judgment and comprehensive understood with folded arms and abstracted standing. Had the chancellor's feelgaze, evidently unconscious of the ings been more acute and obvious, his passing scene.

mind would have been proportionably “ That is a personage of high rank,” deficient in that consummate power I observed ; “ but it cannot be the and self-balance which have enabled king. I have understood that Gusta- him to accomplish so much for his vus is robust in person, and has a full king and country. Look at that innand jovial countenance."

petuous young soldier, who is striding That field-officer,” replied the rapidly up the ball-I mean the one subaltern, “is the king's right arm, whose locks are combed half over his the admirable Gustavus Horn, whose forehead, after the newest mode, indivision was immediately opposed to stead of being brushed upwards in the

lion fashion, like the hair of Gustavus Auently as his native tongue, but is and the chancellor."

ignorant of English.” “ Hah!” I exclaimed, “ that is my My companion was here interruptown illustrious sovereign, Prince Ber- ed by the loud cheers of a numerous nard of Weimar. I have often met assemblage in the castle-yard. The him, when we were children, on the window being immediately behind us, stairs of Luther's tower near Eisenach, we had only to reverse our position to and he always honored me with a obtain a good view of the spacious friendly greeting. He has shot up enclosure, crowded with a dense mass into manly strength and beauty; and, of human beings. The pressure was if I read correctly his impatient ges- terrific, and yet no soldiers were emture and flashing eye, he is a man of ployed to clear the way for the apdaring and impetuous character." proaching monarch and his retinue.

“ Right !” answered the subaltern. The assembled people showed their “ He is young and inexperienced ; but sense of this forbearance, by uncoverthere are within him all the elements ing their heads, and giving way reof another Gustavus. Observe how spectfully as he advanced. I now eagerly he approaches General Horn, beheld a large man on horseback, , and how cordially he embraces him. plainly attired in a suit of grey cloth. The general has many claims upon He had a green feather in his hat, and the esteem of this headlong youth, was mounted on a large spotted white who has sometimes in the field dared horse, of singular beauty and magnito dispute the judgment and the orders ficent action. I required no promptof the veteran commander; but at ing to tell me that this was the Great length saw his errors, and redeemed Gustavus. them nobly, by proving himself sol “Behold !” exclaimed my cicerone, dier enough to submit to his superior “how slowly he rides across the casin rank, and man enough to acknow-. tle-yard. He is afraid that his metledge in public his own rashness and tlesome courser may injure the inexperience.”

thoughtless children perpetually cross“Who is that grave-looking field- ing his path ; and, being near-sighted, officer,” I inquired, “who has just he shades his eyes with his hand.” entered, and is so cordially saluted by “ The king is very plainly attired,"

I remarked; “but a man so distinAh,

, my good and reverend sir !” guished by nature needs not the aid of exclaimed the old man, “you see dress. His features are finely mouldthere a striking proof of the great ad- ed and full of dominion ; but his pervantages of war over peace, and espe- son, although majestic and imposing, cially in the Swedish service. In is somewhat too corpulent.” peaceable times, the signal merits of “ Not an ounce too much of him," that man would not have raised him replied somewhat abruptly the subalfrom obscurity. He is Colonel Stahl- tern. " He is not a heavier man than hantsch, a Finlander. In his youth the heroic Charlemagne, or Roll the he was a footman, and now he is the Galloper, who founded the powerful equal in military rank, and the per- state of Noripandy; and in activity of sonal friend of Duke Bernard. But body and mind he is at least their he is a highly-gifted man, and, amongst equal." other accomplishments, is well ac Unwilling to irritate this partizan of quainted with the English language. Gustavus by pursuing the subject, I He gained this knowledge when in the remarked the uncommon beauty of the service of Sir Patrick Ruthven, and it king's horse. has enabled him to render some valu “ A fine borse," he replied, “is the able aid to the king, who speaks Ger- hobby of Gustavus, and by the indulman, French, Italian, and Latin, as gence of this foible he has too often

every one ?

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