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The wife men of the caf. S. MATTHEW. Yoseph fleeth into Egypt CH A P. II.

gifts; gold, and frankincense, and The wife men dire&ed to Chrif. myrrh. Now when Jefus was born in 12 And being warned of God in

Beth-lehem of Judea, in the a dream that they should not re, days of Herod the king, behold, turn to Herod, they departed into there came wise men from the their own country another way. eart to Jerusalem,

13 And, when they were departe 2 Saying, Woere is he that is ed, behold, the angel of the Lord born King of tne Jews ? for we appeareth to Jofeph in a dream have seen his ftar in the east, and saying, Arise, and take the young are come to worship him.

child and his mother, and flee in3 When Herod the king had to Egypt, and be thou there until heard these things he was troubled, I bring thee word: for Herod will. and all Jerusalem with him.

seek the young child' to deftroy 4 And; when he had gathered all him. the chief priests and scribes of the 14. When he arose, he took the people together, he demanded of young child and his mother by then where Chrift;hould be born. night, and departed into Egypt

s.and they said unto him, In Is And was there until the death Buih-ltiem of Judea ; for thus it of Herod: that it might be fulfilled is written by the prophet, which was spoken of the Lord by:

6 And thou Beth-lehem, in the the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt land of Juda, art not the leait a- have I called iny Son. mong the princes of Juda: for out 14 | Then Herod, when he saw. ofthee shall come a Governor, that that he was mocked of the wife illall rule my people Ifrael. men, was exceeding wroth, and

? Then Herod, when hehad pri- fent forth, and flew all the children vily called the wise men, enquired that were in Beth-lehem, and in all of them diligently what time the the coasts thereof, from two year Har appeared.

old and under, according to the 8 And he sent then o Beth-le- time which he had diligently enhem, and faid, Go, and search di- quired of the wise men. ligently for the young child; and, 17 Then was fulfilled that whic! when ye have found him, bring me was spoken by Jeremy the prophet word again, that I may come and saying, worship him also.

'18 In Rama was there whoice 9 When they had heard the heard,, lamentation, andi veeping king they departed; and, lo, the and great mourning, Rachel weep: far, which they saw in the east, ing for her children, and would went before them, till it came not be comforted, because they are and stood over where the young not.

19 F But when Herod was deady 10 When they saw the ftar, they behold, an angel of the Lord ap rejoiced with exceeding great joy. peareth in a dream tu Joseph In

11 | And when they were come Egypt, into the house they saw the young 20 Saying, Arife, and take the child with Mary his mother, and young child and his mother, and fell down, and 'worthipped him: go into the land of Israel: for they and, when they had opened theit are dead which fought the young ireasures, they presented unto him childs life,


hild was.

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