Proceedings of the American Gas Light Association ...

Vol. 11-22 include: "United States patents relating to gas," "Current gas literature," and "New publications."

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Página 100 - Now, if in addition to our previous unreasonable suppositions we further suppose that an atmosphere contains 0.2 per cent, of carbonic acid furnished by gas combustion, you will see that the whole matter becomes a reductio ad absurdum ; that we might actually have one-half millionth part of sulphurous acid present in the air of a gas-lighted room.
Página 100 - I am altogether at issue with the public when they maintain that the sulphur of gas produces, by its combustion, oil of vitriol, or that the amount of sulphur ordinarily contained in gas, is of any consequence whatever; and a little consideration will, I think, satisfy you of the soundness of this position. We will assume that...
Página 62 - The motion was seconded and unanimously carried. The President : The next business in order is the report of the Committee on Admissions.
Página 61 - Champaign, was appointed to nominate persons to fill vacancies of the Executive Committee. The report of the Executive Committee was then presented...
Página 100 - But the combustion of 1,500 feet of coal-gas would produce something besides sulphurous acid. It would produce at least 1,000 cubic feet of carbonic acid, and, in addition to its dilution by other gases and vapors, we should have our sulphurous acid diluted by 1,000 times its volume of carbonic acid. Now, if we can get at the proportion of carbonic acid in the atmosphere of a room highly illuminated with gas, and take the...
Página 100 - ... cubic feet of coal gas would be required to furnish one cubic foot of the acid, even upon the extravagant assumptions we have purposely made. But the combustion of 1500 feet of coal gas would produce something besides sulphurous acid.
Página 10 - There has never been a time in the history of this country when the...
Página 151 - The annual meeting shall be held in the city of New York, on the third Wednesday of May.
Página 56 - Sundays and other days and half days declared by law to be holidays or half-holidays, from nine o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon...
Página 120 - A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was also carried.

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