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rings, china ware, bed linen, and table linen, and the furniture of my chambers at Cambridge, not otherwise bequeathed, to be equally and amicably shared between them. I give to the Reverend William Mason, Precentor of York, all my books, manuscripts, coins, music, printed or written, and papers of all kinds, to preserve or destroy at his own discretion : And after my just debts and the expences of my funeral are discharged, all the residue of my personal estate whatsoever I do hereby give and bequeath to the said Reverend William Mason, and to the Reverend Mr. James Browne, President of Pembroke-hall, Cambridge, to be equally divided between them: desiring them to apply the sum of two hundred pounds to an use of charity, concerning which I have already informed them: and I do hereby constitute and appoint them, the said William Mason and James Browne, to be joint executors of this my last will and testament. And if any relation of mine, or other legatee, shall go about to molest, or commence any suit against, my said executors in the execution of their office, I do, as far as the law will permit me, hereby revoke and make void all such bequests or legacies, as I had given to that person or persons, and give it to be divided between my said executors and residuary legatees, whose integrity and kindness I have so long experienced, and who can best judge of my true intention and meaning. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this second day of July, 1770.


Signed, sealed, published, and declared by

the said Thomas Gray, the testator, as,
and for, his last will and testament, in
the presence of us; who in his presence,
and at his request, and in the presence
of each other, have signed our names
as witnesses hereto,

Thomas Wilson,
Joseph TURNER.

Proved at London the twelfth of August, 1771, before the Worshipful Andrew Coltre Ducarel, Doctor of Laws, and Surrogate, by the oaths of the Reverend William Mason, Clerk, Master of Arts, and the Reverend James Browne, Clerk, Master of Arts, the executors; to whom administration was granted, having been first sworn duly to administer.

John Stevens,


} Geo. Gostling, jun.)




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