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Página 282 - The legislature shall provide a uniform rule of taxation except on property paying specific taxes, and taxes shall be levied on such property as shall be prescribed by law...
Página 424 - ... burning, tearing, or otherwise destroying the same by the testator, or by some person in his presence and by his direction, with the intention of revoking the same.
Página 151 - A man is not, however, obliged to retreat if assaulted in his dwelling, but may use such means as are absolutely necessary to repel the assailant from his house, or to prevent his forcible entry, even to the taking of life.
Página 552 - It is true that the assignee of a chose in action takes it subject to all the equities to which it was subject in the hands of the assignor...
Página 482 - They ought not to be admitted where there are several charges, unless a foundation is first laid for their admission, by proving that the party had no clerk, that some of the articles charged have been delivered, that the books produced are the account books of the party, and that he keeps fair and honest accounts, and this by those who have dealt and settled with him.
Página 283 - Private property shall not be taken for public improvements in cities and villages without the consent of the owner, unless the compensation therefor shall first be determined by a jury of freeholders, and actually paid or secured in the manner provided by law.
Página 171 - In the next place, such homicide as is committed for the prevention of any forcible and atrocious crime is justifiable by the law of nature...
Página 473 - Courts of equity have therefore enforced contracts specifically where no action for damages could be maintained ; for at law the party plaintiff must have strictly performed his part, and the inconvenience of insisting upon that in all cases, was sufficient to require the interference of courts of equity. They dispense with that which would make compliance with what the law requires oppressive; and in various cases of such contracts they are in the constant habit of relieving...
Página 94 - In the sale of the franchise of any corporation, the person who shall satisfy the execution, with all legal fees and expenses thereon, and shall agree to take such franchise for the shortest period of time, and to receive during that time all such toll as the said corporation would by law be entitled to demand, shall be considered as the highest bidder.
Página 171 - When resisting any attempt to murder any person, or to commit a felony, or to do some great bodily injury upon any person; or, 2. When committed in defense of habitation, property, or person, against one who manifestly intends or endeavors, by violence or surprise, to commit a felony...

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