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The Private Class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- work, while the superiority of his apparel over his day mornings, from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to attainments led me to suspect that he was a practised two o'clock.

thief. I forwarded his likeness to several places, and By Order of the Council,

soon received information that he had been convicted (Signed) EDWARD RYAN, Chairman pro tem. in London and Dublin. The London officer, who reNote.-The Educational Term commences on the cognised him by his portrait, was subpænaed as a wit11th January, and ends on the 30th March, 1855. ness, picked him out from among thirty or forty other

The several Readers will receive their respective prisoners, and gave evidence on his trial in October last, Classes on the appointed days, commencing on Monday, which led the Recorder to sentence him to six years' the 15th January.

penal servitude

“ J. D. came to the gaol wholly unknown; his perPHOTOGRAPHY AN AID TO THE ADMINIS- son and manners induced me to suspect that it was not TRATION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. | his first appearance in a place of confinement; and,

having made several copies of his portrait, I sent them MR. J. A. GARDINER, the Governor of the Bristol round to the governors of different prisons. He was Gaol, has just addressed a circular to the Governors of recognised as having been convicted at Wells; the neother Gaols, stating the advantages which result from cessary witness was subpænaed, his former conviction taking photographic likenesses of prisoners. We ex-proved, and he was sentenced to four years' penal sertract the following from his letter:

vitude. “ The importance of being enabled, in the cases of

“I could mention several instances in which some all hardened criminals, to prove previous convictions, most notorious thieves, strangers to this part, have been must be too self-evident to dwell upon; neither does it

| brought to proper punishment. require argument to shew that the difficulties hitherto

“Šuch having been my own experience, I now appeal in the way of such proofs have been always numerous,

to the governors of other gaols to aid me in carrying and often insurmountable.

out the system upon a broad and a national scale. The “ When the convict has been sent back for a second cost of an apparatus complete will not exceed 101., time to the same gaol, the required evidence has been and it may be worked at an expense of about 51. per easily procurable; but it is well known to all who have

annun. been concerned in criminal administration, that the

“I have only to add my wish that you should bring most cunning, the most skilled, and the most daring this communication under the notice of your visiting offenders are migratory in their habits; that they do justices, and to say, 'Should the authorities of any disnot locate themselves in a particular town or district, trict consider that I can help them, by instructing their but extend their ravages to wherever there is the most officers in the exercise of this most useful art, I shall open field for crime, or where the chances of plunder / be happy to do so." most present themselves. That this is the case will be attested by the police of almost every large city, whose

Court Papers. experience will have failed to connect the most extensive and best-planned robberies with their resident EQUITY SITTINGS, HILARY TERM, 1855. known thieves.

Court of Chancery. “A knowledge of the foregoing truths induced me, a few years ago, to desiderate some mode by which

Before the Lord CHANCELLOR, at Westminster. descriptions of committed prisoners suspected of pre Thursday .. Jan. 11 Appeal Motions and Appeals. vious convictions might be circulated among the gover

At Lincoln's Inn. nors of leading gaols, but numerous difficulties at first Friday ......... 12 Petitions and Appeals. presented themselves. Periodical visits of inspection Saturday ....... 13 might be useful, but they would have two great disad


15 vantages-first, they would withdraw the governor or

Tuesday:....... confidential officer too frequently from his gaol duties; | Thursday.

Wednesday 17J

18° Appeal Motions and Appeals. and, secondly, they would entail expenses which the counties could not bear. Written descriptions, in very

Saturday ....... marked cases, might be effective; but, as in the great | Monday... 22 Appeals. majority of instances it would be found impossible to Tuesday.... 23 make them sufficiently precise, they would only tend, Wednesday ..... 24 j where persons were sent to identify, to frequent disap- Thursday 25 Appeal Motions and Appeals. pointments and useless expense.

Friday “ Photography then suggested itself to my mind, and Saturday ... 27 Appeals. it became at once apparent, that if I could devise Monday ...... some means of making the operation sufficiently sud- | Tuesday........ 30 Petitions and Appeals. den, I might, in scores of cases, even without the know

Wednesday ..... 31 Appeal Motions and Appeals. ledge of the prisoner, procure his likeness, a very icon of himself, of which, being capable of multiplication

Before the LORDS Justices, at Westminster. to any extent, I might transmit a copy to wherever it Thursday .. Jan. 11 Appeal Motions. might promise to lead to useful results.

At Lincoln's Inn. "Twelve months' continuous study of the system Friday .................

12 Petitions in Lunacy and Appeal Mo. has enabled me to perfect it. I have now an apparatus

" tions. in my gaol which I use daily. I have rendered it most

Saturday ....... 13 subservient to the object for which it was designed, and


15 l through its use have brought to justice several har

Tuesday ........ dened offenders, who, being unknown in my neigh

Wednesday ..... bourhood, would otherwise have escaped with inade

Thursday ....... 18 Appeal Motions and Appeals. quate punishment.

Friday ..........

10 s Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

and Appeal Petitions. «J. H. came into the Bristol Gaol, upon commit-| Saturday ....... ment for trial, a perfect stranger to me and my officers; | Monday..... he was well attired, but very illiterate; the state of his Tuesday........ 23

23 > Appeals. hands convinced me that he had not done any hard / Wednesday ..... 24

16 > Appeals.

Friday .....




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Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Thursday ..... 25

Saturday ....... 27
Appeal Motions and Appeals.
ods Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Monday........ 29 | Pleas, Demur

29 ) Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Friday .........

Tuesday........ 30 ) Claims, and Further Directions. and Appeal Petitions. Saturday ....... 277

Wednesday ...., 31 Motions and General Paper. Monday....

29 Appeals. Tuesday........ 30

Before Vice Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood, at Westminster. Wednesday ..... 31 Appeal Motions.

Thursday .. Jan. 11 Motions.

At Lincoln's Inn.
Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE Rolls, at

Friday ....... 12] Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes.

1 Claims, and Further Directions. Thursday .. Jan. 11 Motions.

12 s Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, At Chancery-lane.

Saturday ....... 13

and General Paper. Friday ......... 12 Petitions in General Paper.

12 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Saturday ..... 13


ur Claims, and Further Directions. Monday......

15 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Wednesday ... Tuesday...... 16) Claims, and Further Directions.


18 Motions and General Paper. Wednesday ..

10 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Friday ....... Thursday 18 Motions.

Claims, and Further Directions. Friday

on Petitions, Short Causes and Claims, ......

Saturday ....... Saturday .....

and General Paper.
Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Claims, and Further Directions.

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday......

Tuesday .......

s Claims, and Further Directions. Wednesday ...

Wednesday .... Thursday ... 25 Motions.

Thursday .....

Motions and General Paper. Friday ..

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, 59 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Friday Saturday .....

1 Claims, and Further Directions. 507 Claims, and Further Directions.

s Petitions, Short Causes and Claims,

Saturday Tuesday ....... 30 Petitions in General Paper.

į and General Paper. Wednesday ..... 31 Motions.


29 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday....

30 Claims, and Further Directions. N.B.-Short Causes, Short Claims, Consent Causes, Un.

Wednesday ..... 31 Motions and General Paper. opposed Petitions, and Claims every Saturday. The Unopposed Petitions to be taken first. Notice.-Consent Petitions must be presented, and copies

| EQUITY CAUSE LISTS, HILARY TERM, 1855. left with the Secretary, on or before the Thursday preceding the Saturday on which it is intended they should be heard. ** The following abbreviations have been adopted to

abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu.

pied:- A. Abated- Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term--Ap. Before Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard T. KINDERSLEY, at

Appeal-C. D. Cause Day-Cl. Claim-C. Costs-D. De. Westminster.

murrer-E. Exceptions-F. D. Further Directions-M. Mo. Thursday .. Jan. 11 Motions.

tion-P. C. Pro Confesso-Pl. Plea-Pin. Petition-R. ReAt Lincoln's Inn.

hearing--S. O. Stand Over-Sh. Short. Friday ......... 12 Petitions (unopposed first).

Court of Chancery.
Saturday ....... 13 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

Before the Lord CHANCELLOR.
| Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,
Tuesday ........

APPEALS. | Attorney-Gen. v. Alford
Wednesday .....
Claims, and Further Directions.

Lockhart v. Reilly La
(3 Aps) L

18° Motions and General Paper.

Reilly o. Lockhart ) lo Friday ......... 19 Petitions (unopposed first).

Goldsmith v. Russell

Neale v. Farrer.
Saturday ...... 20 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.
Monday...... Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Before the LORDS Justices.
Tuesday ........
Claims, and Further Directions.


(Part Thursday .....

Evans v. Evans

Nicholson v. Whalley (3) (Ori. 25° Motions and General Paper. Friday .........

ginal causes) 26 Petitions (unopposed first).

Evans v. Saunders heard)


Saunders o. Richardson(Ca.) ? Davidson o. Mason
Saturday ....... 27 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

Evans v. Morgan (Sup. ca.) J Daniel v. Gosset
Monday........ 29 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,
Tuesday........ 30 )

Daniel o. Gosset
Claims, and Further Directions.

Duncan o. Canman
Wednesday ..... 31 Motions and General Paper.

Procter o. Cooper

Williams v. Hodgson
Lake v. Bruton

Burrows v. Walls
N. B.- Unopposed Petitions, not exceeding ten, at the

Same o. Same After T. Schofield o. Schofield sitting of the Court, every day except Seal-days.

Same v. Hirtzell

Miller o. Chapman
Smith v. Pawson

Walters 0. Northern CoalBefore Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART, at Westminster. Manning v. Purcell (2)

mining Co.

Alexander v. Brame (2) Maynell 0. Surtees (2) Thursday .. Jan. 11 Motions.

Hope v. Hope

Harrison v. Mayor of SouthAt Lincoln's Inn.

Thomas v. Cooper

ampton. Friday ......... 12 Petitions and General Paper. Saturday ....... 13 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

Before the Right Hon. the Master of The Rolls. Monday...... 15 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday......

· CAUSES, &c.

I Parsons v. Beebee (Cause) il Claims, and Further Directions.

Gray v. Haig 1 (E, 2 sets, F | Same v. Same Sila 18 Motions and General Paper. | Haig v. Gray / D, C, part hd.) | Swinton v. Wilson (Cause) 19 Petitions and General Paper,

(M for Kebble p. Samms (3) (FD, C) Saturday 20 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

er decree, Whitfield v. Sturgis nt. hd. i

Greenslade v. Dare (Cause) Monday.......


Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

2nd CD

Hele v. Bexley (7) † D, C) Edmonds v. Millett (M for Wednesday .... 3r Claims, and Further Directions.

Davis v. Earl Dysart (E) decree, part beard) jan. 19 Thursday 25 Motions and General Paper.

Green v. Dunn (M for decree) Wilson v. Harley (Cause, part Friday ......... 26 Petitions and General Paper.

Walmsley v. Cardwell (Cause) heard) Not until mentioned



Wednesday .....



Pollard o. Doyle


Andrew o. Simmons (Caps) Carew o. Yates (Cause) Lord o. Colvin (Cause) A. T. | Patch v. Graves (M for dec.) Andrew v. Simmons

Dania v. Hollows (Further Sutcliffe v. Crosse (M for dec.) | Countess of Mornington o. Tunally v. Mousley (M for. consideration)

Birley o. Owen (CI)

Greenly (M for decree) decree)

Johnson v. Cammell (M for Clements v. Pulman (Cause) | Stephenson v.Popple Lica Official Manager of the New-l decree)

Yeates v. Roberts (M for dec.) | Same v. Same . castle, Shields, &c. Banking | Edwards v. Bayley (M for de. Colvin v. Lord (Cause) Welch o. Coles (F D, C) Co. v. Moffett (Cause)


Maybery v. Brooking (Reh.) Dickenson 0. Peacock (FurTrutch v. Lamprell (M for Watts v. Shrimpson (Cause) Upton v. Forster (Cause) ther consideration) decree)

Freeman v. Stone (Cause) Welton v. Cracknell (M for Mayne o. Mayne (Cause) Meyrick'0. Lawes 1 (M for Collins v. Collins (M for dec.) decree)

Dolman o. Nokes (Cause) Same v. Mathias decree) St. Aubyn'v. Humphreys (Fur. Gough v. Lewis Lcone

Smith o. Banbury (F D, C, Blunt v. De Mallets (Cause) ther consideration)

Gough v. Lewis (Cause) Ptn) Hughes v. Williams (M for Birkett o. Russell (CI)

Summers v. Summers (CI) Attorney-Gen. v. Drapers Co. decree)

Orrett o. Corser (M for dec.) Other o. Iveson (M for decree) (Cause) Trafford v. Barton (Cause) Gregory v. Faulkner (M for

Gibson v. Homes (Cause) Yarington v. Barker (M' for decree)

Kearns o. Doyle ja Sturch v. Bolton decree) Spyer o. Hyatt (CI) Sh

| Houlding v. Cross (Sp. case) Same v. Same laus Partridge ». Ives (M for dec.) Att.-Gen. 0. Johnson (F D, Gurney v. Gurney (CI)

Shelford v. Kane (Cause) Symes v. Magnay (M for dec.) Same v. Seddon

C) Fawtrop v. Craven (Sp. case) | Dresser u. Hoare (M for dec.) Watson v. Cleaver (M for de Robinson v. Robinson (CI) Thornber v. Wilson (Cause)

Wiles v. Gresham (Further cree)

Twiping v. Twining 1 (F D,

consideration) Lavers v. Edwards (CI) Warick v. Richards (Cause) Minet v. Leman (M for decree) Twining v. Holmes C) Morland v. Isaacs (Cause) Wynne v. Ogilvie (M for dec.) Stephens v. Wanklin Lcconi Creed v. Corner (M for dec.) Banks v. Braithwaite (F D, C) Pilkington o. Belton (M for Same o. Salway s

Tomson o. Judge (Cause) Att.-Gen. v. Baines (F D, C) decree) Rowles v. Everatt (CI)

Pennell v. Hume (Cause) Barnes o. Carter (CI) Jebb v. Tugwell (M for decree) Melland v. Ashmall (CI) Newman v. Stone (CI) London and South-western Elain v. Stead (M for decree) Pitt v. Pitt (Cause) Sh Moodie v. Bannister (Cause) Railway Co. v. Humphrey Brady v. Morgan (M for dec.)

Payne v. Barker (Further con Campbell v. Lord Stafford (M! (Cause) Beere v. Beere (Cause)


for decree)

Aubert u. Aubert (Cause) Turnley v. Biron (M for dec.) | Att.-Gen. ý. Corporation of Rogers v. Hooper (Cause)

Taylor o. Portington (M for Maddock v. Akid (M for dec.) | Great Yarmouth (Cause) Henderson o. Cook (Cause)

decree) Robinson v. Anderson (Cause) |

Griffin v. Clowes (Further con- | Tennant v. Parker (Cause) | Pogson v. Burton (F D, C) Poole o. Poole (M for decree) sideration)

Williamson v. Wootton (CI) | Lawley v. King (M for decree) Shaw v. Neale (Cause) Coard v. Holderness (M for | Wardle v. Marsden (M for de. | Adlington 0. Chippendale Harford v. Lloyd (Cause) decree)


(Further consideration) Child v. Child (Cause) Cowling v. Bowstead (Further Bean v. Dawson (M for dec.)

Lewarne 0. Collins (Cause) Jefferies o. Michell (Cause)

Rumball r. Poole led.c)

Holmes v. Holmes Van
Bell v. Whitbourn (M for dec.) | Haigh 1. Hepworth (Further Rumball o. Peachy ( D Same v. Same (Di)
Hollingsworth 0. Woodhead

Williams v. Hughes (Cause)

Taylor v. Johnson (M for dec.) (Cause)

Lingard v. Lingard (M for Greene v. Norton (4) (FDC) | Wood v. Wood (CI)
Pullen v. Fairthorne (M for

Hudson v. Whimpole (Fur-

Job v. Truelove (M for decree) decree) Tew v. Austen (CI)

ther consideration)

Marryatt v. Marryatt (M for Rogers v. Rogers (Cause) Sanderson v. Duval (CI) Elder v. Maclean (3) (E, FD,

decree) Caledonian Railway Co. 0. Rendlesham r. Norman (Fur

Pembrook v. Kingsford (Fur. Woodrow (Cause)

ther consideration)
Barton v. Dixon (7) (F D, C)

ther consideration) Arkell o. Henly (Cause) Band v. Fardell (Further con Mott o. Jollye (Cause)

Fletcher v. Moore (Cause) Henly o. Henly (Cause)

Kent v. Porter (Cause)

Moseley v. Glen (M for decree) Capeil v. Hyatt (M for decree) Cochrane v. Barclay (CI) Greenwood o. Taylor (5) (E,

Sealy o. Waugh (M for decree) Davies v. Hallett (M for dec.) | Bicknell o. Bouleott (Further FD, C).

Chester v. Brown (Cause) Bensley v. Riches (M for dec.) I consideration)

Thompson v. Jeves (Cause)

Shew v. Marsh (M for decree) Collinson o. Lister (Cause) | Baker v. Baker la

Hitchman v. Stewart 1 (Fur.

Bowerbank v. Frodsham (F D, Brocklebank v. Johnson (

M Same o. Lees"

}(F D, C) Sh
Trail v. Stewart cons.)

for decree) :
Dorman o. Buckley (Cause) Evans v. Kinsey (Cause)

Pownell v. Miller (Cause) Cookson o. Bingham

Ball v. Freeman (Čause)
Bradbury v. Ward (M for dec.) | Bowles v. Field (Cause)
Same v. Elliott

Bolt o. Lockett (CI)

Garner v. Moore (Cause) Weston o. Hobson (F D, C)
M‘Mullen o. Rea (M for dec.) | Thomas v. Woodhouse (M for Boughen o. Farrer (Sp. case) Baynard u. Woolley (M for
Nicholson v. Carr (M for dec.) decree)

Ramsden o. Hirst (M for dec.). decree) Att.-Gen. v. Harman (M for Moore u. Brookes (F D, C) Harley v. Moon (Further con Joncs v. Lodge (4) (F D, C) decree) Bone v. Pollard (M for decree) sideration)

| Wood v. Taylor (PDC) Att.-Gen. v. Moor (Cause) Sh

Monro v. Proctor (F D, C) Turner v. Ramsay (Cause) Hodgson v. Smithson (M for Rogers v. Dicks (M for dec.)

Carter 0. Sanders (Further Jones v. Dickson (M for dec.)

Lacon v. Allen (Cause)

consideration) Hooper o. Barry (Further con- Hannah v. Kilner (Cause) Wild v. Booker (Further con.

Eckford v. Roome (F D, C) · sideration) Leisinger v. Winter (M for de sideration)

Shelley v. Clarke (È D, C) Hambly o. Michell (Further cree)

Berry'v. Charnock (M for den Turner o. Goodrich (M for consideration) Davis v. Earl of Dysart (M for | cree)

decree) Stockley v. Pearson (Further decree)

Dolman o. Curling (Cause) Fagge v. Sandys (M for dec.) consideration) .

Corrodus v. Sharp (Further Ashcroft o. Powell (3) (Cause) | Holmes v. Holmes (CI). Allan v. Ruyssenaers (Cause) I consideration).

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART.
Before Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard T. KINDERSLEY.

Pleas, DEMURRERS, Causes, &c.
Causes, &c. | Gossip v. Wright (Cause) White v. Self (CI)

I Cole v. Eaton (Further cons.) Davis v. Chanter Band Crosse v. Robinson (CI) Sayre v. Cramp (Cause) Edwards v. Tate (3) (F D, C) Same v. Plymsell (by ord.)

Darvell v. Roper (M for dec.) Chapman v. Great Northern Gore v. Bowser (3) (E, FD,C) Bush o. Peterson (Cause, part | Wallace v. Blackwell (Cause) Railway Co. (F D, C) Munk v. Cole (F D, C, Ptn) heard)

Coombs v. Mansfield lai Thompson v. Clarke M for Salter v. Adey (Cause) Fisher ý. Baldwin (Cause) ! Coombs v. Herniman (ca.)

Davey v. Harrison (2) (FD,C) Abberley v. Sherwin (Cause) Nixon ». Masterman (M for Goode v. Hollier (Cause) so Johnson o. Bennett (FD, C) Att.-Gen, v. Vansittart (Cau.) | decree)

Whitbread v. Lyall (M for de. Lee v. Browne (F D, C) Way o. Way (Cause) | Lukey v. Higgs (CI)


| Bethell v. Stocks (Cause)


Same o. Lord

(FD, C)


Henbrough v. Atkinson (M | Plumbe v. Straford (M for de. | Re Irvine (Fur. cons. | Knapman o. Loosemore (M for decree)


Irvine v. Irvine from cham.) for decree) Wheatley v. Purser (Further Russell v. M'Culloch (2) (Ca.) Jones 0. Jones (2) (Further Bulkeley v. Hope (Special ca.) consideration) | New River Co. v. Pearson (M) consideration)

| Ambrose v. Ambrose (2) (Ca.) Wickenden v. Rayson (Further for decree)

Winch v. Winch (Further con Lowe o. Palmer (M for dec.) consideration) Corke v. Higgins (F D, C) sideration) .

Johnson v. Windle (CI) Goff o. Walters (M for decree) Evans v. Brown (Cause) Wigan v. Rowland (Further Petty v. Cockeril (Cause) Lea v. Grundy (Subsequent | Hatwill o. Rimell (Further consideration)

M-Nicoll v. Kay (CI) Lea v. Cook ] FDC) consideration)

Powell v. Griffiths (2) (F D,C) Shotwell v. Shotwell (M for Marquis of Londonderry v. Green v Morris (Cause) Hills v. Busby (Further con. decree) Earl Vane (M for decree) Bishop v. Webb M for decree) sideration)

Hopkin v. Hopkin (Cause) Collinge o. Knight (4) (E) Rittson v. Stordy (F D, C) Thorp v. Thorp (Cause) Rooper o. Harrison (Cause) Singletono. Pulmer (E,FD,C) Ramsbottom v. Brierly (Cau.) Hibbert v. Balchin (Further Preston v. Rayns (CI) Sh Rose o. Smith (Further cons.) | Burton v. Sills (Further cons.) consideration)

Parry v. Milne (M for decree) Wiggins v. Peppin (4) (F D,C) Crow v. Colombine (2) (F D, Lane o. Niblett (Further con- | Langhorne v. Black (Cause) Hughes o. Paramore (E)


Malleys o. Ryott (Further conInce r. Ince (Cause)

Paddon o. Richardson (Cause) | Hepburn v. 'Palmer (3) (Fur. sideration) Mandero. Cattell (Further | Beaumont o. James (F D, C) ther consideration)

Stephens o. Adamson (Sp. ca.) consideration) Creak o. Fraser (CI) Lawton o. King Cance)

Firth o. Greenwood (Cause) Ridler v. Yearsley (F D, C) Earl of Mansfield v. Ogle (6) | Same v. Same se

| Watson v. Colchester (M for Cecil o. Nicholson (Further (E, 2 sets)

Thorpe v. Thorpe (M for dec.) decree) consideration)

Lewis v. Lewis (4) (E,F D, C) Goodwin v. Lee (M for dec.) Gabb v. Prendergast (M for Tickner o. Smith (Cause) Anderson v. Sandeman (2) (F| Wright v. Kitchin (CI)

decree) Clarke v. Whiteway (Further D, C)

Edwards o. Kennedy (M for

Williams v. North Staffordconsideration) Nicholls v. Hoblyn (E)


shire Railway Co. (Canse) Llewellyn v. Morgan (F D, C) Martindale v. Challis (CI)

Lea v. Church (Cause) Watson v. Loveday (CI) Cropper o. Mellersh (M for | Wood v. Ordish (6) (È D, C) Yeoman o. Chawcraft (Further

Hervey o. Fitzpatrick (Cause) decree) Spink v. Hutton (6) ¡F D, C) consideration)

Gross v. Errington (M for deEngleheart r. Ordell (F D, C, Williams o. Minster (Further

ster (Further Bell o. Adams (M for decree) cree) Ptn) consideration) Sh Remnant v. Smallpiece (CI)

Dewar v. Ellwood (Cause) Crosbie o. Bunnett (Cause, | Harwood v. Welbam (Further Earl of Lonsdale v. Countess

Pulling v. Crawshay (Cause) Ptn) consideration) Sh

Berchtoldt (Further cons.)

Norbury v. Green (F D, C) Stanley r. Wrigley (Cause) Sheppard v. Holmes (Cause) | Ogden o. Battams (Canse)

| Hall o. Broughton (Cause) Ibberson v. Warth (Cause)


Daines v. Parkinson (CI) : Walker o. Banks (M for dec.) Howard o. Lloyd (M for dec.) Dunne v. Dunne (CI)

Kennett v. Tytherleigh (F D, Gordon o. Henning (E) Vincent v. Godson (F D, C, | Foster v. Cautley (Further C)

Thompson v. Daniel (Further Ptn) I consideration)

Duke of Richmond v. Duncan consideration) Franklin o. Franklin (Cause) Eaton v. Hanwell (M for dec.) (M for decree)

Attorney-Gen. v. Stephens (M Fowler v. Holt (F D, C) Finch v. Pearson (F D, C) sh Henney v. Fenton (F D, C) for decree) Gay u. Tudor (Further cons.) | Evans v. Nixon (M for decree) | Hodgson v. Heads (M for dec.) | Loosemore v. Knapman (FurCasley u. Goodridge (CI) Rippon v. Baker (CI)

Robertson v. Newsham (M for ther consideration) Gibson 6. Fairlamb (Further Wyatt o. Fisher (3) (Further decree)

Rawlings 0. Nash (Further consideration)


Att.-Gen. v. Mostyn (Cause) I consideration) Perry o. Walker (E, FD, C) Jones v. Richards (M for dec.) | Coombs v. Baker (Cause)

Sneesby o. Thorne (M for deFinch v. Carey (M for dec.) Śh Wheatley v. Bastow (2) (Cau.) | Carrington o. Beard (Further I cree) Laire u. Parkin (Cause) In re Kirby's Trust (Further consideration)

Taylor o. Millard (F D, C) Weston o. Tompson (Cause)

Turner v. Irlam (M for decree) Ellwood v. Atkinson (Cause) Hunt o. Hunt (CI)

Orford v. Ardern (Further Beere v. Beere M for decree) Barnes v. Wood (3) (È D, C) Stockin o. Lane (Cause)

Harvey o. Bulkeley (Cause)

Howell v. Price (Further conBrayshaw o. Preston (Cause) Smith v. Edmonds (Further | Same ø. Sturgis

sideration) Roberts v. Vercoe (Cause) consideration)

Rufford v. Davies (Cause) Scovell v. Neale (M for dec.) Gage o. Gage (Further cons.) | Mullens v. Bush (M for dec.) | Hind v. Poole (Special case) Parr v. Jewell (Cause)

Cochrane v. St. Clair (Cause) | Curtis v. Allen (Cause) so, Sh
Kelley o. Parker (Cause)

Hillier v. Haymon (Cause)
Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood.

Smith v. Cross (CI)

Wyatt v. Haslewood (Cause) Causes, &c.

Scott v. Bentley (M for decree) | Palacio v. M'Knight (M for Barrow 1. Barrow (E for scan. Thompson v. Wedlake (Cause) decree)

Wilks v. Jones (M for decree) dal) Alderson v. Dalton (Cause) Webb v. Ledsam (M for dec.) |

Forster v. Waddington (M for Prance o. Morrison (PI) Eversfield v. Tisdell (M for Wood v. Grazebrook (M for decree) Anningson v. Newmarch (D) decree)


Mandeno v. Mandeno (FurForsyth v. Ellice (F D, C) Lawrie v. Bankes (M for dec.) | Taylor v. Wilkes (Cause) ther consideration) Same v. Same SO | Watson 0. Freeman (M for Savage v. Wilkins (M for dec.) | Wilkins v. Reeves (CI) Spickernell v. Hotham (E, F decree)

Swallow v. Binds (Sp. case) Cochrane 0. Buchanan (CI) D, C)

Woodhouse v. Herrick (Spe. Stephens o. Hotham (Cause) Gwyou v. Gwyou (Cause, M Davidson v. Greaves (Cause) cial case)

Lecoy v. Mogford (Cause) for decree) Hawkins o. Batchelor (M for Wale v. Rackstraw (Cause) Bartlett v. Salmon (M for de. Shaw v. Farrer (Cause) decree) Allport v. Stephens (Cause) cree)

Brewe o. Cox (Further cons.) Brett v. Lethbridge (Sp: case) Cropper v. Babb (Cause) Fowler v.' Bayldon (Further Walker v. Simpson (M for deHamson o. Olivo (M for dec.) Chappell v. Atkinson (M for

consideration, M)

cree) Gray o. Smith (2) (Cause) decree)

Bohun v. Smith (M for dec.) Newton v. Dimes (M for dec.) Pierce o. Beauland (M for de. Bullock v. Bennett (Sp. case) Tyrrell v. Weld (M for dec.) Milnes o. Betteley (CI) cree)

Horsfield o. Ashton (F D, C) Goddard v. Haslam (M for Ferraby o. Commercial Credit Law . London Indisputable Att.-Gen. 0. Queen Eliza- decree)

Mutual Assurance Society Life Policy Co. (M for dec.) beth's College (Cause) Milligan'v. Earl of Hardwicke (Cause) Band v. Randle (Cause) Lee v. Head (Special case) (M for decree)

In re Lindfield 1 (Further Attenborough v. Attenborough Desborough v. Harris (Cause) | Hodson o. Cash (M for dec.) Horton v. Lindo consid. on (CI) Phipps v. Kelson (CI) Owen v. Bank of England (M field

summons) Sands v. Handley (CI) Goodlad v. Burnett (Further for decree)

Stephens o. Gadsden (M for Mills v. Birch (M for decree), consideration)

Crofts o. Middleton (Cause) decree) Baker v. Armitage (M for de. Powell v. South Wales Rail.

Jackson v. Foster (Cause) cree)

I way Co. (E, F D, C) | Key v. Key (Special case) | Cooper o. Cooper (Sp. case)


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Pickford v. Brown (M for dec.) | Littlejohns v. Household (Ca.) JONATHAN WAILES, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, scribbling Johnson v. Clarke (Cause) Jossaume v. Wade (Further miller and rag dealer, Jan. 23 and Feb. 13 at 11, District Grainger v. Newnham (Fur consideration)

Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Scholes ther consideration) | Edsforth v. Armstead (CI) & Son, Dewsbury; Blackburn, Leeds. - Petition dated Dickens v. Unthank (M for Bottomley o. Greenwood' (M Jan. 2. decree)

for decree).

OWEN THOMAS, Manchester, tailor and draper, dealer

and chapman, Jan. 16 and Feb. 6 at 12, District Court of

Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sols. Clough, London Gazettes.

Huddersfield ; Higson & Robinson, Manchester.-Petition

filed Dec. 22. FRIDAY, JANUARY 5.


Elias Warhurst, Ardwick, Manchester, timber mercbant, BANKRUPTS.

Jan. 16 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, last HENRY ALBERT LINFORD and WILLIAM RICHARD- ex.-Charles Warwick, Manchester, commission agent, Jan.

SON, Sherbourne-lane, London, tavern and eating-louse 27 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, last ex. keepers, Jan. 16 and Feb. 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, -John S. Smith, Liverpool, drysalter, Feb. 12 at 12, District London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Pollock, 54, Besborough Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, last es. - James Pedley street, Belgrave-road.-Petition filed Dec. 29.

Deane, Manchester, merchant, Feb. 16 at 12, District Court GEORGE HART, Strand, Middlesex, ironmonger, dealer of Bankruptcy, Manchester, last ex.- Thomas Deans, Black

and chapman, Jan. 13 at 11, and Feb. 16 at 1, Court of burn, Lancashire, draper, Feb. 1 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Shephard, Bankruptcy, Manchester, last ex.-Michael Solomon, Lam16, Clifford's-inn, Fleet-street, London, — Petition filed beth-walk, Surrey, china dealer, Jan. 18 at half past 11, Jan. 2.

Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-- Francis Wildbore, GEORGE JAMES LOE, Chertsey, Surrey, builder, dealer Stamford, Lincolnshire, hotel keeper, Jan. 18 at half-past 11,

and chapman, Jan. 11 (and not Jan. 13, as previously ad-Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.; Jan. 26 at half-past vertised) and Feb. 6 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : 1, div.-John D. Humphreys, New Wharf-road, CaledonianOff. Ass. Lee; Sols. Lovett, Guildford, Surrey ; Jaquet, road, Middlesex, engineer, Jan. 18 at half-past 11, Court of

9, New-inn, Strand, London.-Petition filed Dec. 18. Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.; Jan. 26 at 2, div.-Cornelius CHARLES MARYON CROOKS, Church-row, Hounds. Gibbs, Thorndon, Suffolk, innkeeper, Jan. 18 at 12, Court of

ditch, London, licensed victualler, wine and spirit merchant, Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - Charles Staples and John dealer and chapman, Jan. 11 (and not Jan. 13, as previously Collyer, Southampton, ship plumbers, Jan. 18 at half-past ll, advertised) and Feb. 6 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.—Sidney M. Hawkes, Off. Ass. Edwards; Sols. Trehern & White, 13, Barge. Britten-street, Chelsea, Middlesex, brewer, Jan. 18 at halfyard-chambers, Bucklersbury, London. -- Petition filed past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - James Dec. 20.

Bishop, Southampton, boot maker, Jan. 18 at 11, Court of JAMES WELCH, Barnsbury-place, Upper-street, Isling. Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.- George Howes, Mortimer.

ton, Middlesex, innkeeper, Jan. 19 and Feb. 13 at 12, road, Kingsland, Middlesex, licensed victualler, Jan. 18 at 1l, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Reed, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.--James Purdy and 11, Ironmonger-lane, Cheapside, London.-Petition dated Wm. T. Purdy, King's Lynn, Norfolk, builders, Jan. 19 at Jan. 3.

11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. Benjamin West, WILLIAM BOWLER, Windsor-terrace, Cooper's-road, Old Fleet-street, London, and St. James's-walk, Clerkenwell,

Kent-road, formerly of Southwark-bridge-road, Surrey, hat Middlesex, bookseller, Jan. 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, manufacturer, dealer and chapman, Jan. 19 and Feb. 13 London, aud. ac.-T. Gadd, New Fishbourne, Sussex, farmer, at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Lee ; Sols. Jan. 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-R. Turnley & Luscombe, 38, Cannon-street, London.-Petition Forshaw, Liverpool, machine maker, Jan. 16 at 11, District filed Jan. 3.

Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-G. Rusling, ManROBERT THOMSON, St. John-street-road, Clerkenwell, chester, licensed victualler, Jan. 16 at 12, District Court of

Middlesex, linendraper, Jan. 19 at 2, and Feb. 13 at 12, | Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.--D, Scott, Deansgate, ManCourt of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sols. chester, and Southport, Lancashire, pork butcher, Jan. 15 at Lumley & Lumley, 41, Ludgate-street, London.- Petition 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.--H.C. filed Jan. 4.

Welsford, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, corn factor, Jan. 18 WILLIAM THOMAS ASHWIN, Montpelier Vale, Black at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.--B.

heath, Kent, chemist and druggist, Jan. 16 at half-past 11, Scriven, Birmingham, builder, Feb. 19 at half-past 10, Dis. and Feb. 13 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off, Ass. trict Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac. -- John Smith Stansfeld ; Sol. Lindus, 5, South-square, Gray's-inn, Mid- and Luke Ashby, Great Coram-street, Brunswick-square, dlesex.--Petition filed Jan. 3.

Middlesex, linendrapers, Jan. 29 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, DAVID LEOPOLD LEWIS, Salters'-hall-court, Cannon. London, div.- Rebecca Crichton and James Wm. Crichton,

street, London, and Larkhall-grove, Clapham, Surrey, mer- High-street, Newington Butts, Surrey, upholsterers, Jan. 29 chant, dealer and chapman, Jan. 17 at half-past 1, and at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div. sep. est. of Feb. 14 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Of. Ass. Gra- Rebecca Crichton.-George E. Clapham, Farringdon-street, ham ; Sol. Cox, Pinners'-hall, Old Broad-street, City, London, licensed victualler, Jan. 30 at 1, Court of BankPetition filed Jan. 4.

ruptcy, London, div.-James Maynard, Queen's-road West, JAMES DIGBY, Birch, Essex, miller, Jan. 13 at 1, and Chelsea, Middlesex, butcher, Jan. 30 at 12, Court of Bank

Feb. 24 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London : ruptcy, London, div.-Wm. H. Bousfield, Roughway, near Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Barnes & Neck, Colchester ; Wire Tunbridge, Kent, paper manufacturer, Jan. 26 at half-past & Child, 9, St. Swithin's-lane, London. - Petition filed 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. F. Nereton, Dec. 28.

Dover-street, Piccadilly, Middlesex, milliner, Jan. 26 at 1, THOMAS BATEMÁN MANNING, Creek-road, Deptford, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.- Caleb Pizzie, Noble-st.,

Kent, iron and brass founder, Jan. 17 at half-past 12, and London, and Haverhill, Suffolk, carpet manufacturer, Jan, 26 Feb. 24 at half past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : at half past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-E. Staples Off. Ass. Pennell; Sol. Nickoll, 33, Essex-street, Strand. the younger, Soham, Cambridgeshire, miller, Jan. 26 at 12, --Petition dated Jan. 4.

Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-John Thomas Jenkins, HARRIET JOSEPH, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, vic- Lewisham-road, Deptford, Kent, builder, Jan. 26 at 11, Court

tualler, and now a prisoner for debt in the Gaol of Cardiff, of Bankruptcy, London, div.-W.H. Elkington, King's Heath, out of business, Jan. 17 and Feb. 14 at 11, District Court of Worcestershire, brickmaker, Jan. 15 at half-past 10, District Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Miller ; Sol. Miller, Bristol. Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, aud. ac.; Jan. 29 at half. --Petition filed Dec. 26.

past 10, div.-Emma . Foulgham, Burton Joyce, NottingWILLIAM HENRY SAUNDERS, Pontypool, Monmouth. hamshire, braid manufacturer, Jan. 30 at 10, District Court

shire, grocer and shopkeeper, Jan. 17 and Feb. 14 at 11, of Bankruptcy, Nottingham, aud. ac. and div.-Wm. Fowler, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Acraman; Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, grocer, Feb. 1 at 11, District Sols. Bevan & Girling, Bristol. - Petition filed Jan. 2. Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, div.-Joseph Skaife, Keighley,

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