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and a justification; at the trial a verdict was found for

Correspondence. the defendant on not guilty, but for the plaintiff on the justification. Tindal, c.j., in delivering the judgment of the Court, said—“ The statute intended only to pro

THE JURIST." vide for the case of frivolous actions of slander, where the jury, after hearing the merits, have decided affir- SIR,—The case of Russell v. M'Culloch, reported in matively, by their verdict, that the plaintiff is entitled one of your recent numbers, (1 Jur., N. s., part 1, to less damages than 40s. on account of the words p. 157), induces me to call the attention of your spoken. In this case, however, the jury have made no readers to the extremely anomalous state of the law estimate at all of the damages sustained by the plaintiff with reference to the point raised in that case—the by reason of the defendant's excuse for speaking the effect, namely, of a judgment, as a charge upon a words ; so that it cannot be said that the damages might charge, giving a mortgagee's or chargee's judgment not far exceed the sum of 40s., if that question had creditor an equitable lien upon the land in mortgage, come before the jury.”

or subject to the original charge. “ With respect to the apparent anomaly,” says Mr. 4 Vict. c. 105, ss. 19, 22) are precisely the same as

Now, the words of the corresponding Irish act (3 & Gray, (p. 23), “ assumed to be caused by the stat. those of the English act, (1 & 2 Vict. c. 110, ss. 11, *3 & 4 Vict., namely, of placing an unsuccessful plain- 13), even

to the extent of including copyholds, altiff in a better position than a successful one, it may though the statute is confined to Ireland.

But * be observed, that the statute has not, in fact, any the same point as to the lien upon a mortgagee's or state of circumstances that an unsuccessful plaintiff chargee's interest in the land in mortgage, or subject to would be in a better position than if he succeeded in while to pass a declaratory act (13 & 14 Vict. c. 29,

the charge, having arisen there, it was thought worth * obtaining damages under 40s.; for it must not be forgotten, that if unsuccessful, he is liable to the far as Ireland is concerned, but leaving the English

s. 12) to negative the interpretation contended for, so general costs of the cause. For example, in the case * of Neuton v. Rowe, (1 C. B. 187), it is incorrect to act untouched, although it must have been obvious assume that the plaintiff would have been better off be raised here, and thus leading to the absurd result,

that the same question would come, sooner or later, to 'if the defendant had obtained a verdict on the plea of not guilty; for in that case the plaintiff would have that the Legislature has declared the same words to had to pay the general costs of the cause, which in mean one thing in Ireland, which the judicature in ordinary cases would outweigh the costs of the issues will some one get a declaratory act passed to extend

England has declared to mean the very reverse here. found for him."

the 13 & 14 Vict. c. 29, s. 12, to England, and let us As an illustration of Mr, Gray's method of treating have a consistent interpretation of the same words ? the various branches of his subject, we may refer espe

I am, Sir, cially to his chapter on security for costs. (Chap. 32,

Your obedient servant, p. 324). Almost all the decisions upon this head are

C. B. shewn to range themselves under two principal classes -namely, first, where the plaintiff resides abroad; and, secondly, where he is in insolvent circumstances, and PROSPECTUS OF THE LECTURES is suing as the mere nominee or for the benefit of a To be delivered during the ensuing Trinity Educational

Term by the several Readers appointed by the Inns of There are numerous exceptions and distinctions in- Court. grafted upon this fruitful stem* ; for instance, reference to arbitration upon the usual terms; award for a sum less than 201.; costs of the cause will be taxed


scale, but costs of the reference upon The Public Lectures to be delivered by the Reader the higher. (Holland v. Vincent, 9 Exch. 274). The on Constitutional Law and Legal History will comprise City of London Small Debts Act, being different in its the following subjects:provisions from the General Small Debts Act, has pro- Close of the Reign of William III-Improvements duced corresponding distinctions in the cases which in the Constitution during that period-Law of Treahave proceeded upon the two. (See Chaplin v. Levy, son-Law of the Press-Exclusion of Placemen from 9 Exch. 673; Borrodailo v. Nelson, 14 C. B. 655; Cas- Parliament - Independence of the Judges-Triennial trique v. Page, 13 C. B. 458).

Act-Condition of the Dissenters Parliamentary InMr. Gray's book comprehends not only the subject quiries into the Mismanagement of Military Affairs of costs in an action, with its nuinerous ramifications, from the time of William to the close of the American but also costs on awards, mandamus, prohibition, quo War--Place Bill of 1743-Secret Corruption-Ayleswarranto, indictments, and other proceedings removed bury Election-Kentish Petition—Termination of the by certiorari, criminal information, and of rules and direct Struggle between the Crown and the House of motions. He also treats of the taxation of costs, of Commons-Renewal of the Contest under the Admisetting off and deducting costs of issues, and of the nistration of Lord ButeIncreased Power of the Middle modes of recovering costs.

Class-Reigns of the Tudors-Progress of the Consti

tution during the Reign of Elizabeth-Acts of SupreIt should also be mentioned that the law relating to

macy and Uniformity-Statute of 1562—Persecution costs, under the County Courts Acts and the Common- of Puritans and Catholics—Views, Character, and Elolaw Procedure Act, 1852, is fully discussed in the pages quence of Cartwright-Reasons why his Writings have now under review.

been neglected-Protection of the Subject's LibertyWe can with pleasure recommend Mr. Gray's work Privileges of the House of Commons-Influence of that as 3. very able treatise upon a subject of great practical body at the Accession of James I, compared with its utility.

Influence at the Accession of Henry VII – Reasons why there is no good History of England since the

Revolution. * Pardon the expression : we do but follow Lord Coke,

In his Private Lectures the Reader will pursue the soaring from the low regions of law to the nubila of fancy.

History of England to the Death of William III, and I from that period to the Accession of George III. He

third party.

will then return to the Reign of Henry VII. It will old Law, as ordinary modes of Assurance, 3 & 4 Will. 4, be his object to illustrate the subject by referring to c. 74; Abolitions effected by the Act, sects. 2, 14, 17; the law and history of other countries.

Alienation by Tenant in Tail of Freeholds, sects. 15, Books:-Millar's View of the English Constitution, 18, 21, 39; Office of Protector to the Settlement, sects. Hallam’s chapters on William III, George I and II, 22, 37 ; Alienation by Tenant in Tail of Copyholds, and chapter on the Reign of Elizabeth—Parliamentary sects. 50, 54; Disentailing of Entailed Money, sects. 70, History, vols. 1 and 5 – Tindal's or Belsham's Wil- 72; Alienation by Married Women, sects. 77, 91. liam III, George I, and George II—Foster's Crown III. The Law of Dower and Jointure.-Difference Law-Blackstone, vol.4-Rapin's History of Elizabeth. between Dower at the Common Law, and Jointure

The Reader on Constitutional Law and Legal His- under the Statute of Uses ; Legal and Équitable Jointory will deliver his Public Lectures in Lincoln's Inntures; Bar of Dower under the old Law; Effect of the Hall on Wednesday in each week during the Educa- 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 105; When a Widow will be put to tional Term, commencing at two P. M.; the first Lec- her Election. ture to be delivered on the 18th April. The Reader The Lectures to be delivered to the Private Classes will receive his Private Classes on Tuesday, Thursday, will comprise the following subjects:-With the Senior and Saturday mornings in each week, at half-past nine Class the Reader proposes to discuss the Law of Judgo'clock, in the Benchers’ Reading Room.

ments, Voluntary Conveyances, and Covenants. With

the Junior Class, the Power of Alienation possessed by EQUITY.

Tenants in Tail and Married Women, the Power of The Reader on Equity proposes to give, during the Testamentary Disposition, and the Leading Rules of ensuing Educational Term, a course of Twelve Lectures Interpretation applicable to the Construction of Wills. upon the following subjects:

The Public Lectures will be delivered at Gray's Inn I. On Equitable Presumptions.

Hall on Friday in each week, at two P. 2.; the first 1. Presumptions which arise from an act being done Lecture to be delivered on the 20th April, 1855. The apparently in discharge of an obligation. Presumed Private Classes will be held in the North Library of performance of covenants to settle. Satisfaction of debts Gray's Inn on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornby legacies.

ings, from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to two 2. Presumptions arising from the similarity of two o'clock. gifts. Legacies substitutional or cumulative. Against

JURTSPRUDENCE AND THE Civil Law. double portions.

The Reader on Jurisprudence and the Civil Law pro3. Presumption arising from the inconsistency of poses to deliver, in the course of the ensuing Educaseveral claims. Election.

tional Tern, Twelve Public Lectures on the following 4. Presumptions derived from the nature of a trans

subjects:action which control the effect of written instruments. Obligations joint in form treated as several. Resulting have been especially affected by Roman Jurisprudence


I. On the Departments of International Law which trusts.

II. On Obligation and Contract. On Ancient Theories II. On the Jurisdiction of Equity in Matters of Ac- of Contract, and the Principles descended from them to count.

Modern Law. III. On Partnership.

III. On the Roman Systems of Civil Procedure, and IV. On the Administration of Assets.

their relation to Modern Pleading, V. On marshalling Assets and Securities.

IV. On the Criminal Jurisprudence of the Romans; VI. On the Jurisdiction of Equity in Transactions its Sources and History.

which are affected with Illegality; which are V. On Property, Possession, and Prescription. The contrary to Public Policy; in cases of Fraud, Roman Theories on these subjects, and the durable Unfair Advantage.

effects which they have produced on Modern JurisIn his Private Classes, the Reader on Equity will prudence. explain and illustrate the various heads of Equitable VI. On Conditions and Modes; the views of them Jurisdiction depending upon Superiority of Procedure, adopted by Roman and English Law. as well as the Leading Rules of Practice and Pleading With his Private Classes the Reader proposes to disadopted by the Court of Chancery.

cuss the principal departments of Roman Law, emThe Reader will deliver his Public Lectures in Lin- ploying the Commentaries of Gaius as his text-book, coln's Inn Hall on Thursday in each week during the and commencing with the Law of Persons. On partiEducational Term, commencing at two o'clock P.M.; cular days the Classes will read Wheaton's Elements the first Lecture to be delivered on the 19th April. of International Law, and portions of such other treaThe Reader will receive his Private Classes on Monday, tises on the same subject as may be recommended to Wednesday, and Friday evenings in each week, from them. seven to nine o'clock, in the Benchers' Reading Room. The Public Lectures will be delivered in the Middle LAW OF REAL PROPERTY, &c.

Temple Hall on Tuesday in each week, at two P. M.

The Private Classes will assemble in the Lecture-room The Reader on the Law of Real Property, &c. pro- in Garden-court on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturposes to deliver, in the ensuing Educational Terni, a days, at seven o'clock P. M. course of Twelve Public Lectures on the following The first Public Lecture will be delivered on Tuessubjects:

day, the 17th April. I. The Testamentary Power of Disposition, and the

Rules of Construction established by the late Statute of
Wills.—The extent of the Testamentary Power pre-

The Reader on Common Law proposes to deliver, vious to the passing of the 1 Vict. c. 26; Effect of the during the Educational Term, commencing on the 15th Statute; Enlargement of the Testamentary Dominion, April, 1855, Twelve Public Lectures on the Law of sects. 1, 3, 24; Execution and Attestation, sect. 9; Re- Torts, or Wrongs Independent of Contract; on Crivocation, sects. 18, 23; Revocation by Inconsistency of minal Law; and some of the Rules of Evidence orDisposition; Positive Rules of Construction established dinarily applicable in Criminal Proceedings. These by the Statute, sects. 24, 33.

subjects will be treated in the following order: II. Conveyances by 'Tenants in Tail and Married Lecture 1.–Nature of a Tort; wherein it differs from Women.-Operation of Fines and Recoveries under the ! a Contract and from a Crime--Inquiry as to the Classes of Cases in which a Remedy ex Delicto may be appli

GAZETTES.-Friday, March 30. cable. Lecture II.-Of Torts to the Person and Reputation.

BANKRUPTS. Lectures III and IV.-Of Injuries to Property, Real | JOHN LAKER the elder, Maidstone, Kent, dealer and and Personal.

chapman, April 14 and May 11 at half-past 11, London : Lecture V.-Of Wrongs which do not directly affect

Off. Ass. Cannan; Sols. Hughes & Hooker, 1, St. Swithin's. the Person or Property.

lane.- Pet. f. March 27. Lecture VI.-Introductory View of the Principles CHARLES KING WITT, New Sarum, Wiltshire, grocer, of our Criminal Law, and of the Leading Rules of April 14 at 11, and May 11 at 12, London: Off. Ass. CanEvidence applied therein.

nan ; Sols. Parker & Co., 45, Pall-mall.-Pet. f. March 29. · Lectures VII, and VIII.-On the relative Value of EDWARD HALE, Ware, Hertfordshire, dealer and chapDirect and Circumstantial Evidence; and on the Na- man, April 17 at half-past I, and May 9 at 12, London : ture of Legal Presumptions.

Off. Ass. Grabam ; Sols. Thompson & Co., Salter's-hall, Lecture IX.- Inquiry as to the Nature of Crime;

St. Swithin's-lane.-Pet. f. March 28. the Distinction between a Felony and a Misdemeanour; DANIEL CULHANE, Dartford, Kent, dealer and chapand the Capacity to commit Crime.

man, April 17 and May 9 at half-past 12, London: Of.

Ass. Stansfeld ; Sols. Gibson & Wates, Dartford; Willis, Lectures X.-XII.-The three concluding. Lectures

90, Queen-street, Cheapside.-Pet. f. March 29. of the Course will be devoted an Examination of some of the ordinary Offences against the Person and ISAAC HUGH WHITE HUNT, Reigate, Surrey, builder,

April 13 at 11, and May 10 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Jobnagainst Property, attention being specially directed to

son; Sols. Lawrance & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.-Pet. f. the proofs required to insure conviction for the same. March 28.

With his Class the Reader on Common Law will PETER STAINSBY, Salvadore-house, Bishopsgate-street; trace out the Leading Principles of the Law of Private Pontesford, near Shrewsbury; and Parson's-green, Fulham, and of Public Wrongs, illustrating them by constant dealer and chapman, April 17 at il, and May 24 at 1, reference to the most important recent cases, and to

London : Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sols. Lawrance & Co., Old the following works:-Smith's Leading Cases; Sel

Jewry-chambers.-- Pet. pres. Feb. 5. wyn's Nisi Prius; Blackstone's (or Stephen's) 'Com- CHARLES WARWICK, Highbury-place, Islington, and mentaries, vols. 3 and 4; Archbold's Criminal Plead

Cheapside, dealer and chapman, (lately carrying on business

with Charles Warwick, jun., and previously with Joseph ing (by Welsby); Greaves's edition of Lord Campbell's

Martindale Harrison and Charles Warwick, jun.), April 7 at Acts; and Wills on Circumstantial Evidence.

1, and May 21 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. The Lectures on Common Law during the ensuing Lawrance & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.--Pet. f. March 27. Educational Term will be delivered, and the Private EDWARD SPENCER, Coventry, Warwickshire, dealer and Classes will meet, in the Hall of the Inner Temple, as chapman, April 16 and May 7 at half-past 10, Birmingham : under:

Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol, East, Birmingham. - Pet. d. The Public Lecture on Monday in each week, at two

March 23. P.M.; the first Lecture to be delivered on the 16th ISAAC POCHIN, Leicester, dealer and chapman, April 17 April.

and May 1 at 10, Nottingham : Off. Ass. Harris ; Sols. The Private Class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur

Haxby, Leicester ; Motteram & Knight, mornings, from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to RICHARD UNDERWOOD, Leicester, dealer and chapman,

Pet. d. March 23. two o'clock. By Order of the Council,

April 17 and May 1 at 10, Nottingham: Off. Ass. Harris ;

Sols. Miles & Gregory, Leicester; Hodgson, Birmingham. (Signed) EDWARD RYAN, Chairman pro tem.

-Pet. d. March 29. Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn, March 28, 1855. WILLIAM GEDRYCH, Llandaff, Glamorganshire, dealer Note.-The Educational Term commences on the

and chapman, April 13 and May 11 at 11, Bristol : Off. 15th April, and ends on the 31st July, 1855.

Ass. Miller ; Sols. Peterson & Ashton, Bristol.-Pet. f.

March 26. The Lectures and Classes will be suspended after SAMUEL HARRIS ARMITAGE, Almondbury, YorkTuesday, the 8th May, to be resumed on and after

shire, dealer and chapman, April 17 at half-past 11, and Wednesday, the 30th May.

May 8 at 11, Leeds : Off. Ass. Hope; Sols. Clough, Hud

dersfield ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds. -Pet. d. March 29.


dealer and chapman, April 11 and May 2 at 12, Kingston

upon-Hull: Off. Ass. Carrick; Sols. Shackles & Son, IN CHANCERY.

Hull; Ashley & Watts,

7, Old Jewry.

Pet. d. March 24. JOSEPH BUNNELL THOMPSON, Rotherham, York

shire, dealer and chapman, April 14 at 12, and May 5 at 10, The Lord Chancellor, under the powers of the 16 & Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sols. Terry & Watson, Brad17 Vict. c. 78, intituled “ An Act relating to the Ap- ford ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.- Pet. d. March 28. pointment of Persons to administer Oaths in Chancery, JOHN CHARLES STIVENS and JACOB STOWER, and to Affidavits made for Purposes connected with Liverpool, dealers and chapmen, carrying on business Registration," has appointed the following gentlemen under the style or firm of Stivens & Co.), April 16 and to be Commissioners for administering Oaths in Chan

May 7 at 11, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Morgan ; Sols. Greatley, cery :-

Liverpool; Berkeley, 32, Lincoln's-inn-fields. - Pet. f.. To bc Commissioners in England.

Feb. 23.

MEETINGS, John Pearce Prangley, of Heytesbury, Wiltshire.

Richard Blundell, Liverpool, distiller, April 11 at 11, Charles Marklew, of Walsall, Staffordshire.

Liverpool, ch. ass.--F. Chapman, Fenchurcb-st., wine merchant, April 12 at 11, London, aud. ac.-Wm. Holloway,

Millbank-street, Westminster, harness maker, April 13 at 11, The Right Hon. Sir John Jervis, Knt., Lord Chief Southwark, wharfinger, April 17 at 12, London, aud. ac.-G.

London, aud. ac.-Thomas A. F. Burton, Montague-close, Justice of her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at Hall, Brighton, upholsterer, April 13 at 2, London, avd. ac. Westminster, has appointed Henry King, of Mayfield, James Hope, Burnley, Lancashire, grocer, April 26 at 12, in the county of Sussex, Gent., to be one of the Per- Manchester, aud. ac. ; May 3 at 12, div.- Joseph Crowther, petual Commissioners for taking the acknowledgments Manchester, grocer, April 12 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.of deeds to be executed by married women, in and for J. Symmons, Bristol, cut-nail manufacturer, April 26 at 11, the county of Sussex.

Bristol, aud. ac.- John Williams the younger, Llanllyfni,

Carnarvonshire, draper, April 12 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.- byshire, out of business, April 18 at 11, County Court of H. Wigg and Burton Smith, Gresham-street West, commis- Derbyshire, at Chesterfield.-William Bennett, Chesterfield, sion agents, April 20 at 1, London, div.-John G. Hodges, Derbyshire, out of business, April 18 at 11, County Court of Bull's Head-court, Newgate-street, warehouseman, April 21 Derbyshire, at Chesterfield.-Thomas Eyre, Bradbourn, Derat half past 11, London, div.--Henry John Todd, Pancras- byshire, blacksmith, April 11 at 10, County Court of Derby. lane, warehouseman, April 20 at half-past 1, London, div.-shire, at Wirksworth.--Thomas Lester, Attleborough, near George Bowley Medley, Highbury-park North, Islington, and Nuneaton, Warwickshire, ribbon manufacturer, April 24 at Great Tower-street, underwriter, April 21 at 1, London, div.- 12, County Court of Warwickshire, at Nuneaton.-Thomas Henry Hadlow, Jewry-street, Aldgate, apothecary, April 20 Daulman, Ryton, near Bulkington, Warwickshire, licensed at half-past 1, London, div.-Latimer Allen, Peterborough, victualler, April 24 at 12, County Court of Warwickshire, at Northamptonshire, builder, April 21 at half-past 1, London, Nuneaton.-Wm. Wilson, Ryton, near Bulkington, Warwickdiv.-R. Thomson, St. John-street-road, Clerkenwell, linen- shire, carpenter, April 24 at 12, County Court of Warwickdraper, April 20 at 2, London, div.-Robert Smith, New. shire, at Nuneaton.-S. Shepherd, Cullompton, Devonshire, castle-street, Strand, licensed victualler, April 24 at 12, Lon- coal merchant, April 12 at 11, County Court of Devonshire, don, div.-Daniel Lefavour, New Oxford-street, merchant, at Tiverton.-Joseph Reece, Chester, butcher, April 25 at 10, April 24 at half-past 2, London, div.-Edward Goldsmith, County Court of Cheshire, at Chester Castle.-James White, Nottingham, hatter, April 24 at 10, Nottingham, aud. ac. and Corbridge, Northumberland, saddler, April 18 at half-past 11, div.-Douglas Bradbury, Derby, builder, April 24 at 10, County Court of Northumberland, at Hexham. Nottingham, div.-Simeon Stansfield, Little Hulton, Lancashire, cotton spinner, April 27 at 12, Manchester, div.-David The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before Haslehurst, Sheffield, and Henry Basen the elder, Whitting

the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt ton, Derbyshire, colliers, April 21 at 12, Sheffield, div. sep.

with according to the Statute:est. of Henry Basen the elder.

April 13 at 10, before the CAIET COMMISSIONER. CERTIFICATES.

Henry J. Collett, Navarino-place, Navarino-road, Dalston, To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or Middlesex, commission agent. before the Day of Meeting.

April 13 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. Charles Dearie, Frederick’s-place, Old Jewry, merchant, James Kelly the younger, Jermyn-street, St. James's, MidApril 23 at half-past 12, London.--Harry Wooldridge, Strand, dlesex, tailor. publisher, April 20 at 12, London.-Rdward Hall, Green

April 13 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. wich, licensed victualler, April 20 at 1, London.— Samuel G.

Sheppard R. Butler, Harleyford-road, Vauxhall, Surrey, Fairbrother, Bow-street, Covent-garden, printer, April 20 at half-past 1, London.-William E. Shottlaender, Poplar-row,

upholsterer. New Kent-road, merchant, April 20 at 1, London.-James

April 14 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Daniel, Bugbrook, Northamptonshire, coal merchant, April 21 Joseph Dunford, Little Chesterfield-street, Portland-place, at 12, London.--Samuel Lampkin, Gibson-street, Oakley, Marylebone, Middlesex, grocer. street, Lambeth, baker, April 21 at half-past 12, London.- April 16 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER. Charles Haselden, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square, book- George Sheppard, Drummond-street, Euston-square, Midseller, April 20 at half-past 11, London.-Henry J. Todd, dlesex, out of business.-William Matheus, Frederick-place

, Pancras-lane, London, warehouseman, April 21 at half-past Hampstead-road, Middlesex, pianoforte maker.-G.Stanford, 11, London. -- John Roots, Luton, near Chatham, and Snod Albany-road, Camberwell, Surrey, baker.-Cyrille Roy, St. land, Kent, brickmaker, April 21 at half-past 11, London. Katherine's Docks, St. George's-in-the-East, Middleser, Samuel Plimsoll, Sheffield, coal merchant, April 21 at 12, master mariner. Sheffield.John Ward, Penistone, Yorkshire, surgeon,

April 20 at 11, Leeds.- Walter Milligan, Wm. Gandy, and George

April 16 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. Gandy, Bradford, stuff merchants, April 20 at 1l, Leeds.

Henry H. Popham, Exmouth-street, Clerkenwell, MiddleTo be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

sex, apothecary.- John S. Burke, Rye-hill, Peckham, Surrey,

railway contractor. Elizabeth Taylor, Greenwich, licensed victualler.-Robert Smith, Newcastle-street, Strand, licensed victualler. -John The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before Hackness, Stratford, Essex, baker.-Mosely Nathan, Liver. a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt pool, watch manufacturer.-Edward Goldsmith, Nottingham, with according to the Statute :hatter. --- Joseph Harriman, Loughborough, Leicestershire, At the County Court of Nottinghamshire, at NOTTINGHAM, hosier.

April 10 at 10.

Richard Butler, Nottingham, out of business.
John Price, Newport, Monmouthshire, linendraper.

At the County Court of Lancashire, at LANCASTER,

April 13 at 11. Alexander Chisholm, Fort William, flesher.-J. & J. Thomson, Paisley, bricklayers. - James M.Donald, Banff , business.-Robert Chadwick, Gorton Brook, near Manchester


William Sutcliffe, Levenshulme, near Manchester, out of cabinet maker.- Peter Stoddart, Dundee, shoemaker.-James out of business.- Edward Brindley, Ancoats, Manchester, Sutherland, Edinburgh, furniture dealer. - James Esson, out of business.- Wm. Duckworth, Huntly Brook, Bury, out Edinburgh, tavern keeper.

Aitken & Drummond, Glasgow, of business Richard Leach, Wardle, near Rochdale, out of merchants.-Wm. Raeburn & Co., Glasgow, woollendrapers, business. Joseph Barlow, Manchester, coach painter.James

- Bache, Ballantyne, & Co., Glasgow, flint glass manufac. Barker, Oldham, cotton-waste dealer by commission.— Jereturers. INSOLVENT DEBTORS

miah Thompson, Manchester, out of business. Thomas S.

Barton, Cheetham, Manchester, out of business.-J. Taylor, Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, Heywood, out of business.--Henry Goodwin, Manchester, out

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from of business.-Joseph Hollingworth, Hulme, Manchester, out Process.

of business.--Lionel Swift, Sutton, near St. Helen, farmer.-Thomas Griffiths the younger, Wem, Shropshire, wine Edward Bladon, Manchester, stuff merchant. merchant, April 23 at 12, County Court of Shropshire, at Hough, widow, Hulme, Manchester, out of business. John Wem. — Benjamin Fleet, 'Portsea, Hampshire, blacksmith, Carr, Salford, assistant to a butcher. – Annie M Donald, April 17 at 11, County Court of Hampshire, at Portsmouth." widow, Liverpool, out of business.-Benjamin Misell

, Man. John R. Cummings, Landport, Southampton, grocer, April 17 chester, carver. -Wm. Carr, Manchester, out of business. at 11, County Court of Hampshire, at Portsmouth.-John William Scholes, Waterloo, near Ashton-under-Lyne, out of Roden, Hastings, Sussex, licensed victualler, April 16 at 11, business.-John Little, Liverpool, bookkeeper.-R. Kenyot County Court of Sussex, at Hastings.- John Hodgkinson, Manchester, small-ware dealer. --Robert May, Calstock Town, Sheffield, Yorkshire, spring maker, April 11 at 12, County Cornwall, carter.-Charles Brown, mate of the ship Edward Court of Yorkshire, at Sheffield.-Louis Gautier, Sheffield, Oliver.- Jacob Bayley, Manchester, joiner.- John Young Yorkshire, out of business, April 11 at 12,

County Court of husband, Salford, licensed victualler.-Wm. Nimmo, Livero Yorkshire, at Sheffield. - Edmund Swain, Chesterfield, Der. I pool, baker.-John Lammond, Liverpool, sagar baker.--



Harrison, Bolton-le-Moors, beerseller.-Jos. Ward, Black | URIAH HINCHLIFFE, Halifax, Yorkshire, dealer and
burn, out of business.- John Duckworth, Witton Stocks, near chapman, April 16 at 12, and May 7 at 1, Leeds : Off. Ass.
Blackburn, twister in a cotton factory.-Thomas Dewhurst, Hope; Sols. Robson, Halifax ; Cariss & Cudworth, Leeds.
Low Moor, Clitheroe, out of employment.—Thomas Bibby, Pet. d. March 26.
Whalley Banks, Blackburn, grocer.-J. Tomlinson, Bleakley BENJAMIN MISELL, Manchester, dealer and chapman,
Moor, near Blackburn, chimney sweeper. - George Wilson, April 13 and May 4 at 12, Manchester : Off, Ass. Herna-
Liverpool, butcher. - John Walsh, Bolton-le-Moors, stone- man ; Sols. Atherton, Manchester ; Stopher, 52, Cheap-
mason.-Robert Shepherd, Castleton, near Rochdale, labourer. side.-Pet. f. March 19.
Wright Sutcliffe, Bolton-le-Moors, tent dealer. - John

Stringer, Manchester, baker.- Sarah Tonge, Kersley, near Edward Dawes, Wolverhampton, licensed victualler, April
Bolton-le-Moors, innkeeper.—Wm. Dickinson, Low Moor, 13 at 1, Wolverhampton, pr. d.-E. Lloyd Owen, Tettenhall-
Clitheroe, confectioner.-T. Hodson, Preston, contractor. road, near Wolverhampton, mineral merchant, April 13 and 14
At the County Court of Hampshire, at SOUTHAMPTON,

at 11, Wolverhampton, pr. d.-- Adam Hunter, Woodstock, April 14 at 10.

draper, April 14 at 12, London, last ex.-James Harding, Antonio S. Silva, Southampton, hotel keeper.

Edgeware-road, china dealer, April 14 at half-past 11, Lon

don, last ex.-Thomas Wright Lawford, Tirydail, Llandebie, At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at BRISTOL, April 26 Carmarthenshire, market gardener, April 17 at 11, Bristol, at half-past 10.

last ex.-R. Broxap, John Broxap, James Broxap, and Wm. Robert Holley, Bristol, victualler.

Broxap, Burnley, Lancashire, cotton manufacturers, April 27 at 12, Manchester, last ex.-C. Warwick, Manchester, com

mission agent, April 28 at 11, Manchester, last ex.-James TUESDAY, April 3.

Burnblum, Manchester, commission agent, April 26 at 12,

Manchester, last ex.-Luke Jagger, Huddersfield, woollen BANKRUPTS.

manufacturer, May 21 at 11, Leeds, last ex.--Henry J. AchMICHAEL JONES, Oxford-street, dealer and chapman, lin, High Holborn, shoe manufacturer, April 13 at 11, Lon

April 14 at half-past 12, and May 18 at 1, London: Off.don, aud. ac.-F. Noake Baker, Southampton, timber merAss. Whitmore; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane. chant, April 13 at 12, London, aud. ac.- -G. Dunn, Rushey-Pet. f. March 30.

green, Lewisham, grocer, April 14 at 11, London, aud. ac.THOMAS HARVEY, late of Penryn, Cornwall, and now of C. H. Harben, Coulston-street, High-st., Whitechapel, and

Great St. Helens, London, dealer and chapman, April 17 Carlton-hill-villas, Camden-road, Holloway, cheesemonger, and May 9 at 2, London: Off. Ass. Grabam; Sols. Law. April 14 at 11, London, aud. ac.—Wm. Nehemiah Parsson, rance & Co., Old Jewry-chambers.-Pet. f. March 31. Gravel-lane, Southwark, millwright, April 19 at 12, London, MATTHEW HENRY FRANCIS, George-yard, Lombard- aud. ac.-7. Selby and Silas Norton, Town Malling, Kent,

street, dealer and chapman, April 17 and May 9 at 2, scriveners, April 19 at 1, London, aud. ac.-Edward Hall, London: Off. Ass. Graham, Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, Greenwich, licensed victualler, April 20 at 1, London, aud. 17, Sise-lane.-Pet, f. April 3.

ac.- Juan Oliver, Daventry, Northamptonshire, ironmonger, WILLIAM ASPIN the younger, Morgan's-lane, Tooley-st., April 19 at 11, London, aud. ac.- - Victor Bauer, Lilypot

Southwark, dealer and chapman, April 17 at half-past 2, lane, St. Martin's-le-Grand, merchant, April 19 at 12, Lonand May 15 at 12, London: Off.' Ass. Edwards ; Sols. don, Burgess, Over Tabley, Cheshire, conBothamley & Freeman, 39, Coleman-st.-Pet. f. April 2. tractor, April 28 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.-Henry Hunt, SPENCER' PERCEVAL PLUMER, New City-chambers, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, paper manufacturer, May 3 at

merchant, April 17 and May 17 at 12, London: Off. Ass. 12, Manchester, aud. ac. ; May 10 at 12, div.- Geo. LongBell; Sols. Reed & Co., Friday-street.-Pet. f. March 8. more and James Longmore, Manchester, provision merWILLIAM MILLER, Whitechapel-road, dealer and chap- chants, April 27 at 12, Manchester, and. ac. ; May 3 at 12,

man, April 17 at half-past 12, and May 17 at 1, London : div.-- Wm. Waithman, Manchester, Alax merchant, May 3 at Off. Ass. Johnson; Sol. Roscoe, 14, King-street, Finsbury. 12, Manchester, aud. ac. ; May 4 at 12, div.-Frederick Ker-Pet. f. April 2

shaw, Sheffield, builder, April 14 at 12, Sheffield, aud. ac. JOHN BAKER, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey, grocer, April Titus Gaukroger, James Gaukroger, and Wm. Slater, New 20 at 11, and May 15 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Bridge and Lord Holme Mills, and Hebble End Mill, near

Beckett, John-street, Bedford-row.-Pet. f. April 3. Hebden-bridge, Halifax, cotton spinners, May 7 at half-past WILLIAM KEMP, Guildford, dealer and chapman, April 17 11, Leeds, aud. ac. ; at 12, div.-W.H. Wilson and R. Vause,

at 1, and May 15 at 11, London : Off. Ass. Bell ; Sols. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchants, May 2 at 12, KingstonSole & Co., Aldermanbury.- Pet. f. March 24.

upon-Hull, aud. ac.-J. Jackson, Kingston-upon-Hull, comAMBROSE EATON, Milk-street, Cheapside, warehouse-mission agent, April 18 at 12, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac. man, April 13 at half-past 11, and May 19 at 1, London:

-Bryan Hesleden, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, scri. Of. Ass. Pennell; Sol. Reed, 11, Ironmonger-lane.-Pet. vener, May 2 at 12, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac. and div.d. March 29.

Robert Balls, Sheen-vale, Mortlake, builder, April 24 at 12, SAMUEL RANDALL, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, London, div.-R. Norman, Histon, Cambridgeshire, grocer,

dealer and chapman, April 13 at half-past 2, and May 19 April 24 at half-past 12, London, div.-H. Buckell, Portat half-past 12, London: Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. Cook, sea, draper, April 24 at 12, London, div.-Richard Waistell, Wellingborough; Roscoe, 14, King-st., Finsbury-square.- Noble-street, London, warehouseman, April 24 at half-past 1, Pet. d. March 27.

London, div.- Isaac Cooper, Luddington, Northamptonshire, CHARLES JOSEPH PARLOUR, Strand, lithographer, corn dealer, April 26 at 2, London, div. - Charles May, Nor

formerly of Chancery-lane and Fleet-street, law stationer, wich, Wm. Leopold Metcalfe, Great Yarmouth, and Chas. J. (trading under the style or firm of Twycross & Co.), April Metcalfe, Roxton, Bedfordshire, soap manufacturers, April 27 13 at half-past 12, and May 21 at half past 1, London : at 1, London, fin. div. joint est., and fin. div. sep. ests. of Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise- Wm. Leopold Metcalfe and Chas. J. Metcalfe.-A. Silvestre, lane.Pet. d. April 3., Regent-st., dealer in fancy goods, April 26 at 2, EDWARD LOGSDON, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, dealer and London, div.

Jas. A. Bell, Great Baddow, Essex, hop merchapman, April 14 at half-past 1, and May 21 at 1, Lon chant, April 26 at 11, London, div.-Wm. Hall, Fordingdon: Off

. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. Young & Plews, 29, bridge, Southampton, butcher, April 26 at 1, London, div.Mark-lane.-Pet. d. March 24.

William Robinson, Grand Junction-terrace, Edgeware-road, THOMAS RICHARDSON, Birmingham, dealer and chap- upholsterer, April 26 at 1, London, div.Mary Parkes,

man, April 14 and May 11 at 11, London: Off. Ass. Chris- Golden-aquare, printer, April 27 at 12, London, div.-Joseph tie; Sol. East, Birmingham.-Pet. d. March 28.

Crowther, Manchester and Eccles, grocer, April 28 at 12, JOHN BROOKES, Birmingham, dealer and chapman, Manchester, div.-Lambert Tatley, Ince, near Wigan, cotton

April 21 and May 11 at 11, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Bit- spinner, April 27 at 12, Manchester, div.-W. Wilson, New

tleston ; Sol. East, Birmingham.-Pet. d. March 31. castle-upon-Tyne, scrivener, April 27 at 11, Newcastle-uponEZEKIEL MEADE, Bristol, tavern keeper, April 16 and Tyne, div.-K. Hutchinson, Monkwearmouth Shore, Dur

May 14 at 11, Bristol: Of. Ass. Hutton; Sols. Crosby, bam, ship builder, April 27 at 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bristol ; Jay, Serjeants'-inn.-Pet. f. March 26.

fin, div.

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