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under a collective title, (société en nom collectif), which ‘is precisely our partnership; and besides the anony

mous partnership, (société anonyme), which is simiThe Law of Mining, Banking, Assurance, and General'lar to our chartered company, and which requires only Joint-stock Companies, not requiring express Authority ' a royal decree or ordonnance to enjoy a legal existence. of Parliament. By CHARLES WORDSWORTH, Esq., There is a third description of partnership of limited Barrister-at-Law. Sixth Edition.

liability, called a 'société en commandite, which par[Benning & Co., 1854.] takes of the character of the two former, and therefore MR. WORDSworth has long been known as an author has a tendency to effect that union of skill and capiin connexion with the subject of joint-stock companies, tal without which enterprises requiring a high degree having been the first person to write a distinct treatise

of both cannot be undertaken; of the present state of upon it. This was about nineteen years ago, when; société en commandite, we shall give a short expo

“the French law of partnership, as far as regards the we believe, a pamphlet by the late Mr. Genge, and á

sition. chapter in Collyer on Partnership, constituted the

“ Commandite * associations consist of two or more "joint stock” of information upon the matter. But so greatly has this branch of law increased during the individuals, of whom one or more undertake the mainterval, that Mr. Wordsworth has found it necessary

nagement, and are held indefinitely responsible for all to divide his one moderate volume of former days into

engagements, as in the case of ordinary partnerships; two stout royal octavos, each, however, being distinct

and the others are mere shareholders, responsible only and complete in itself. One is devoted to companies

to the amount of their contributions, either paid up, or requiring the express authority of Parliainent-.e. g.

contracted to be paid (qu'ils ont versé ou promis de

verser) into the joint stock of the association. The railway companies; the other (now before us) to com

first, called 'commandites,' may be designated mapanies not requiring such powers. “The distinction

thus referred to," he says, “ will at once be under- naging partners; the second, called "commanditaires, stood, by stating that a railway, or water, or other non-responsible shareholders, or simply shareholders.

« When there are several responsible partners, (comsuch like company must obtain what is called a special act before it can be established; whereas a

mandites), the association, as between them and the banking company or a general joint-stock company public, is an ordinary partnership; but as between the

needs no such special power, but is formed by deed of non-responsible shareholders and the public, it is a settlement, in conjunction with provisions of certain 'privileged coinpany. general statutes passed with the object of regulating association that the non-responsible stockholder (com

“ It is an essential condition of this species of trading all such associations."

The treatise of Mr. Wordsworth has always been of manditaire) take no part in the management. If he much practical utility, both to the legal profession and

perform any act of management, (acte de gestion), his also to that large portion of the community who are

responsibility ceases to be confined to the amount of more or less interested in companies. If this may be

his contribution; he becomes liable indefinitely for all affirmed of the earlier, much more may it be said of

the engagements of the association; in other words, he the later editions, which have increased in importance

makes himself a responsible partner. He ceases to be together with the body of law on which they are based,

a commanditaire, and becomes a commandite. and have been more and more carefully elaborated by not be employed by the association, even by power of

“ This rule is without exception. A shareholder cantheir author. The plan of the volume before us embraces the regis- rule, that a clerk or servant cannot become a share

attorney; and it seems to be a corollary from the same tration of companies under the stat, 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, holder without incurring the full responsibility of a together with all its incidents; directors, and their duties; shareholders, their rights and liabilities; con

managing partner.

“ In order to constitute a commandite association, it tracts, calls, and the transfer and charging of shares; is necessary that in the deed of association it be agreed banking companies under the 7 Geo. 4, c. 46, and 7 & 8

that such and such of the associates be excluded from Vict.c.113; mining and assurance companies; companies under charters or letters-patent, incorporated by act of

management, and that their risk be limited to the Parliament, or empowered to sue and be sued; pro

'amount of their respective contributiors. According to ceedings at law and in equity by and against compa

• Pardessus, the ablest French writer on commercial law,

this need not be stated in express terms, no other exnies, (including proceedings against provisional committeemen); bankruptcy, dissolution, and winding-up non-responsible shareholders; that expression being

planation being necessary than that such and such are of companies; and illegal companies. The appendix deemed sufficient, without the periphrasis which it also contains the leading statutes, and the principal would otherwise be necessary to employ. forms in use with reference to these subjects.

“ The law of France does not require that the deed Mr. Wordsworth directed public attention to partnerships with limited liability as far back as 1840, when

'(l'acte) of association be published. It may, like an

ordinary deed of partnership, be executed in private; he published some remarks on the “société en com

but it is imperatively necessary that an extract be mandite.” These remarks are republished in the pre-published, stating that among the associates there are face, and we proceed to transcribe some of them, as just now possessing a peculiar interest:

so many shareholders of limited responsibility, but

without indicating their names. The extract' must “Great advantage would result to the community if also announce in what sums, or in what species of "the maximum of prudence, intelligence, and vigilance could be united with an unlimited amount of capital; but the English law of partnership stands in the

*“ The term "commandite' is not translatable, but it will way of such union, by recognising no medium be- be seen what it implies. The term is retained because it does "tween the full responsibility of an ordinary partner

not include any ideas likely to interfere with the conception

'which it is desirable to convey of the various provisions of the ship and the irresponsibility of an incorporated com

law. For the same reason the term “association' is preferred

to that of partnership.' The term partnership connotes « The laws of France and of many other countries, 'the idea of liability; and to call this species of association a including most of the American States, recognise a partnership of limited liability would extend the idea of limi. species of partnership which fulfils the above condi- tation further than the facts warrant. On these grounds the ‘tion, besides the ordinary partnership, or partnership 1 phrase commandite association' is used."

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property, (objects), their contributions consist, and portance in a failing concern. Moreover, the form of whether they have been paid up, or still remain to be making a transfer, and getting it registered, so as to paid up. If the publication of the extract' be neg- determine the shareholder's liability, is more compli

lected, the association is deemed an ordinary partner- 'cated and dilatory. ship. (Pardessus, tom. 4ème, p. 118).

“It must, however, be understood, that in making “ This communication is deemed by Pardessus of the this contrast between a cost-book mine and one formed highest importance, as it is the only mode of inform- under the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, the cost-book regulations ‘ing third parties, who deal with the association, that in their ordinary form only have been kept in view.

in addition to the personal responsibility of the ma- . They may, of course, be so framed as to give them & naging partners, the capital of the association is com- more stringent character; but in doing so care must

posed of such and such sums, of which a creditor can be taken not to encroach upon the provisions of the • demand payment of the shareholders, unless these latter 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, so as to make the partnership can prove that they have already paid up the whole a joint-stock company within the meaning of the amount of their contributions. A false annunciation statute. But one point should always be carefully is deemed an act of swindling, and is punishable as borne in mind with respect to a mining company ' such.”

constituted by deed, viz. that the purser or manager In the chapter on Mining Companies, the author, working of mines in Cornwali

, may have an implied

of any such mining company, if established for the after an able argument in support of his views, arrives authority to bind the company, from the nature of at the conclusion that a "cost-book mining partner- his office and the custom of mining adventures in that ship’ may be established elsewhere than in Cornwall, and is not required to be constituted according to the county, for things necessary for the working of the requirements of the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, on the ground : mines, however stringent the deed itself may be in that at common law parties may form a partnership in it be shewn by the company that the creditor had

authority given to him; unless, indeed, any manner they may think proper or find nient to adopt; that such right can be taken away

' notice of the limit imposed upon his authority-which only by express words in a statute; and that no such proof lies upon them to give--for the stipulations of

the deed are otherwise only binding upon the shareexpress language is used in the 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110.

holders inter se.” Some of the main points of difference between a mining company by deed, and one under cost-book re- The chapter on banking will be found useful to the gulations, are thus stated, (p. 193)

great interests affected by its legal incidents, while that “1. In a cost-book' partnership a shareholder may devoted to the winding up of companies is especially "get rid of his shares, and with them his liabilities, as

full and complete. far as his partners are concerned, without their consent, either by transfer or simple relinquishment, provided the cost-book regulations do not prescribe against such a course : in the former case, the fact of The Common-law Procedure Act, 1854; with Explanatransfer being entered by the purser in the cost-book ; tory Notes and Index ; together with an Appendit, conand in the latter, by giving notice to the purser of his taining the General Rules of Michaelmas Vacation, 'having so relinquished his shares and all his claims 1854, and the Schedule of Forms. By JOSEPH PHI• * upon the mine.

LIPS, Esq., M.A., of the Inner Temple, Special Pleader. 62. There being a purser or manager of the mine,

[Benning & Co.] all acts are in general done by him, such as ordering the supply of the necessary materials for working the Common-law Procedure Act, 1854. No statute ever

ANOTHER is now added to the list of books upon

the ‘mine, hiring of labour, &c.; and a shareholder has no power to bind his co-shareholders by any contract for wrought greater changes in the old and established materials, &c. not necessary, nor for money lent, nor

mode of common-law procedure, and we may safely say upon bills of exchange; not has the purser, for money learned authors ready to expound and illustrate its ob

that no statute ever produced a greater number of lent or upon bills of exchange.

“3. The rules are simple, and all the concerns of the jects and intent. These observations are not made by partnership are entered in the cost-book; and all the way of complaint. The subject that has called forth shareholders meet and order their general affairs, with these various emanations of legal authorship is importout the assistance of any directing body, and consider ant, and the demand for the ipsissima verba of the staand resolve upon the purser's reports made to them at tute, as well as such comments as may tend to illustrate their meetings, which are seldom at greater intervals its meaning, must be as varied as it is great. Tastes, than two months. Sometimes there is a committee of means, and purposes are all to be consulted. One may management in a cost-book mine; but they are only desire the two statutes, 1852 and 1854, under one roof; appointed from general meeting to general meeting, another, treatises on the principles of injunction, inspechave no power to make calls or declare dividends, and tion, or specific performance; and again, a third may all their acts are subject to the review of a general rest satisfied with a small book confined to the statute meeting.

of 1854, easily carried in the pocket, and procurable 4. The mode of transferring shares is simple, and at a very moderate price. Under the latter descripeffected with greater facility, and in any form; and tion comes Mr. Philips's little work, which is comthe mere entry by the purser in the cost-book of prised within ninety-eight pages. The sections of the the fact of transfer is sufficient to bind all parties, and act are interspersed with short yet comprehensive notes. constitute the introduction of a new partner into the Mr. Philips has adopted the now more generally apconcern.

proved system of making his notes a portion of the “Whereas, in joint-stock companies under deed of text, instead of placing them, as of yore, at the foot of settlement, the directors are the principal actors, and the page. The General Rules of Michaelmas Vacation, the shareholders have no power, except by coming to 1854, with the schedule of forms rendered necessary by a vote on certain limited matters; and even then their the statute of 1854, follow the index, and complete the will is to be carried into execution by the directors.

work. 'So, likewise, they cannot at their own pleasure retire from the concern, but must have the consent of the directors for that purpose-a power of the utmost im


John Wm. Shaw, Liverpool, passenger broker, May 7 at 11,

Liverpool, pr. d.-Thomas Salmon, Kettering, NorthamptonThe following gentlemen have been called to the de- shire, ironmonger, May 8 at 2, London, last ex.-D. Halket, gree of Barrister at Law:

Herne Bay, Kent, shipowner, May 9 at half-past 11, London, Lincola's Inn.-Charles Foster, Esq., B. A.; John last ex. Joseph Clever and Caleb Stanger, Kent-wharf, Curtois Adolphus Bones, Esq., M. A. Charles Cecil Queen’s-road-bridge, Haggerstone, Middlesex, builders, May 8

at half-past 1, London, last ex.-W. R. Barrett, Folkestone, Trevor, Esq., M. A.; Alfred Hyman Louis, Esq.; ironmonger, May 8 at half-past 12, London, last ex.-John Francis Alfred Bedwell, Esq., M. A.; Francis Gregory Lowe, Salford, slate merchant, May 25 at 12, Manchester, Hairland, Esq., M.A.; Charles Buxton Musgrave, Esq., last ex.-Peter Taylor, Manchester, millwright, May 9 at 12, B.A.; Norman Macleod Ferrers, Esq., M. A.; Leonard Manchester, last ex.- Patrick Shanley, Manchester, shoe Benton Seeley, Esq., B.A.; Herry Smith, Esq., B. A.; dealer, May 8 at 12, Manchester, last ex.-John P. Samuel, Francis George M. Boileau, Esq., B. A.; and Lawrence Blackburn, shuttle manufacturer, May 9 at 12, Manchester, Oliphant, Esq.

last ex.

-Charles B. Rowe and Thomas J. Blachford, NewINNER TEMPLE.—John Simmonds, Esq., M.A., (cer- port, Isle of Wight, bankers, May 12 at balf-past 11, London, tificate of honour); John Richard Eaton, Esq., B.A.; sex, licensed victualler, May 10 at 11, London, aud. ac.-F.

- Samuel Adams, New.court, Goswell-street, MiddleCharles Henry Alderson, Esq., B. A.;

William Cayley White,


, Surrey, and Chelsea, common brewer, May 9 at Worsley, Esq.; William Downes Griffith, Esq., B.A.; 11, London, aud. ac.-Edward Handley, King William-st., Charles John Clay, Esq., B. A.; Robert Albion Prit- Strand, licensed victualler, May 9 at 11, London, aud. ac.chard, Esq., B.C. L.; and Thomas William Daniel, George Fifoot Lyde, Church-passage, Basinghall-street, lace Esq., B.A.

maker, May 9 at 11, London, aud. ac.- Charles Ferguson, MIDDLE TEMPLE.—Charles Boulnois, Esq., LL. B., Hitchin, Hertfordshire, draper, May 9 at 11, London, aud. ac. (certificate of honour); Fitzgerald Lockhart Ross Mur- - Thomas Sturges, Stockwell, Surrey, licensed victualler, May ray, Esq.; Robert Miller, Esq.; Robert Scott, Esq., 9 at half-past 11, London, aud. ac. - George Hart, Strand, London University; and John Martin, Esq.

ironmonger, May 9 at 11, London, aud. ac.-J. Roots, Luton, near Chatham, and Snodland, Kent, brickmaker, May 9 at

half-past 11, London, aud. ac.- John Streoens, BermondseyGAZETTES.-FRIDAY, April 27.

wall, Bermondsey, sailmaker, May 9 at half-past 11, London, aud. ac.-- David Enoch Davies, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire,

grocer, May 24 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac. ; May 31 at 11, div. BANKRUPTS.

-Luiz Cauzie, Cardiff, beer-house keeper, May 10 at 11, ABRAHAM PIERPOINT SHAW, Devonshire-street, Bristol, aud. ac.-James Aitken, Liverpool, draper, May 10

Bishopsgate-street, printer, May 4 at half-past 12, and June at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.- Thomas Escolastico Pearson, Sea5 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sols. Lawrance & Co., ton Carew and West Hartlepool, Durham, merchant, May 15 Old Jewry-chambers.-Pet. f. April 20.

at half-past 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-J. Dumble, STAIR WALKER, Boundary-road, St. John's-wood, dealer Sunderland, commission agent, May 15 at 12, Newcastle

and chapman, May 8 at half-past 1, and June 5 at half-past upon-Tyne, aud. ac.—John Robson, Durham, miller, May 15 11, London: Of. Ass. Bell; Sol. Nettleship, 21, Red at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.-Wm. Bradshaw, BirLion-square.--Pet. f. April 24.

mingham, victualler, May 11 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.THOMAS BROWN, Great Guildford-street, Southwark, James Ellis, Birmingham, fender manufacturer, May 11 at

brass founder, May 8 at half-past 12, and June 5 at 11, 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.--Wm. Harvey Fletcher, KidderLondon: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Nickoll, Essex-street, minster, auctioneer, May 18 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.-H. Strand.-Pet. f. April 17.

Binnell Harris, Shrewsbury, draper, May 18 at 11, BirWILLIAM PERFECT LOCKWOOD, (described in the mingham, aud. ac.; June 1 at 11, div.-Wm. Kinton Gibbs,

petition by the name of WILLIAM PAGE LOCKWOOD), Dudley, grocer, May 7 at half-past 10, Birmingham, aud. ac. Wakefield, Yorkshire, chemist, May 10 at 12, and June 8 -John Brindley, Birmingham, hosier, May 7 at half-past 10, at 1, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Marsden, 37, Birmingham, and. ac.-J. Latimer, Newcastle-under-Lyne, Queen-street, Cheapside. -Pet. f. April 18.

Staffordshire, draper, May 7 at half-past 10, Birmingham, DANIEL CUTTER and THOMAS JAMES HUNTER, aud. ac.—James Miners, Redruth, Cornwall, grocer, May 10

(not Thomas Hunter, as advertised in last Tuesday's Ga- at 1, Exeter, and. ac.-- George Elston, Crediton, Devonshire, zette), Regent-street, St. James's, Westminster, dealers shoemaker, May 10 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.-John Fry Reeves, and chapmen, May 4 at 12, and June 1 at half-past 11, John Fred. Reeves, Orlando Reeves, and A. Reeves, Taunton, London: Off. Ass. Cannan ; Sols. Ford & Lloyd, 5, Blooms- scriveners, May 9 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac. sep. est. of John Fred. bury-square.-Pet. f. April 13.

Reeves.-P. Greenslade, Stoke Canon, Devonshire, farmer, JOSIAH ALLEN, Birmingham, builder, May 9 and June 4 May 9 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.- .-John Norrish Greenslade,

at half-past 10, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Oakford, Devonshire, farmer, May 9 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.

Motteram & Knight, Birmingham. Pet. f. April 23. John Balkwill, Exeter, shoemaker, May 9 at 1, Exeter, aud. HENRY OBORNE BOX, Dursley, Gloucestersbire, woollen ac.-Samuel Redfern, York, innkeeper, May 21 at 1, Leeds,

draper, May 8 and June 5 at 11, Bristol : Off. Ass. Acra- aud. ac. and div. George Hobson, Leeds, grocer, May 10 at man; Sols. Beran & Girling, Bristol.- Pet. f. April 24. ll, Leeds, and. ac.- John Allen, Courthope-terrace, BerWILLIAM LONGMAN, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, dealer mondsey New-road, and York-place, Kent-street-road, grocer,

and chapman, May 11 and June 5 at 11, Bristol : Off. Ass. May 17 at 11, London, div.-William Nehemiah Parsson,

Miller; Sols. Bevan & Girling, Bristol.-Pet. f. April. 24. Gravel-lane, Southwark, millwright, May 18 at 12, London, JAMES GARTRELL FITZE, Exeter, bookseller, May 10 ( div.-Wm. Benniny, Fleet-street, law bookseller, May 18 at

and 31 at 1, Exeter: Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sols. Geare & half-past 1, London, div.-Henry Gouger and David Hunter, Co., Eseter.- Pet. f. April 24.

Great Winchester-street, merchant, May 18 at 2, London, div. JOHN HAWKER, Weston-super-Mare, Somersetshire, -Henry Markinfield Addey, Old Bond-street, bookseller,

dealer and chapman, May 11 and June 12 at 11, Bristol : May 21 at 11, London, div.- Alfred Spence, Chilworth, near Off. Ass. Hutton; Sols. Abbot & Lucas, Bristol.-Pet. Guildford, paper manufacturer, May 21 at 12, London, div. f. April 24.

-Edward Crane Hunt, Kidderminster, ironmonger, May 18 LEVI BOOTH, Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff manufacturer, at 11, Birmingham, div.- Joseph Smithson, Mirfield, York

May 22 at half-past 12, and June 25 at 11, Leeds : Off. Ass. shire, corn miller, May 21 at i, Leeds, div.-John Lambert, Hope ; Sols. Hargreaves, Bradford ; Bond & Barwick, Halifax, timber dealer, May 18 at 11, Leeds, div.-J. Child Leeds.- Pet. d. April 25.

and Wm. Barker, Wakefield, railway contractors, May 18 at MARGARET BOLTON, Reedyford Mill, Marsden, near 11, Leeds, div. sep. est. of Wm. Barker.-. Obadiah Willans

Burnley, Lancashire, dealer and chapwoman, May 9 and and Henry Rawson, Leeds, cloth merchants, May 18 at 11, June 6 at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Fraser; Sols. Back- Leeds, div.-John Evans, Exeter, bookseller, May 10 at 1, house, Blackburn; Cobbett & Wheeler, Manchester.-Pet. Exeter, aud. ac.-Jacob Jenkins Nicholas, Newport, Monf. April 26.

i mouthshire, timber merchant, May 17 at 11, Bristol, fin. div. CERTIFICATES.

GEORGE RICHARDS, Aller, near Langport, SomersetTo be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or sbire, dealer and chapman, May 10 and June 14 at 1, before the Day of Meeting.

Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Sols. R. & J. Blake, Langport; George Cunningham Stewart, Hackney-road, draper, May

Allen, Burnham; Stogdon, Exeter.- Pec. f. April 21. 18 at 1, London.--- Charles Fox, Stafford -place, Pimlico, WILLIAM JENKINSON, Ecclesfield and Sheffield, dealer licensed victualler, May 19 at hall-past 11, London.-M. R.

and chapman, May 12 and June 23 at 10, Sheffield : Off. Scott, Harley-place, St. Marylebone, West India merchant,

Ass. Brewin; Sols. Smith & Son, Sheffield. - Pet. d. May 19 at 12, London.-- George Roots, New-road, Chatham,

April 28. brickmaker, May 19 at half-past 11, London.-T. Beswick, SAMUEL MAKANT, Henfield, Whalley, Lancashire, cotton 'Half Moon-st., Piccadilly, licensed victualler. May 19 at 12,

spinner, May 15 and June 12 at 12, Manchester : Off. London.-W. Palmer, Aldgate, draper, May 19 at 1, London.

Ass. Fraser ; Sol. Woodcock, Bury, Lancashire.—Pet. f. --A. Spence, Chilworth, near Guildford, Surrey, paper ma

April 28. nufacturer, May 21 at 11, London. - James Alexander Hughes, JAMES HOLMES, Lancaster, builder, May 14 and June 6 Victoria Park-road, Hackney, builder, May 21 at 12, London.

at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sols. Blackburn, Leeds; - James Johnson, Macclesfield, silk dyer, May 21 at 12, Man.

Robinson, Lancaster; Claye & Co., Manchester.-Pet. f. chester.- John Dixon Parry, Sutton, Lancashire, brewer,

April 27. May 18 at 11, Liverpool.- Frederick Reeves Barratt, Stam.

MEETINGS. ford, music seller, May 29 at 10, Nottingham.- George Por.

Charles J. Mathews, Lyceum Theatre, Strand, bookseller, teous Roby, Leamington Priors, fishmonger, May 21 at half. May, 11 at 1, London, pr. d.-Wm. Critchley, Manchester, past 10, Birmingham.- Robert Rimmer, Tenbury, Worcester- publican, May 11 at 12, Manchester, last ex.-Henry Gouger shire, publican, May 21 at half-past 10. Birmingham. - Ste. and David Hunter, Great Winchester-street, merchants, May phen Knapp, Coventry, printer, May 17 at half-past 10, Bir-11 at 2. London, aud. ac.- -Wm. Benning, Fleet-street, law mingham.-Richard Russell, Leamington Priors, Warwick bookseller, May 11 at half.past 1, London, aud. ac.—Prancis shire, printer, May 17 at half-past 10, Birmingham.-Edward R. Bingley, Grove-terrace, St. John's-wood, and SomersetCarrington, Birmingham, grocer, May 24 at half-past 10, terrace, Pimlico, sharebroker, May 15 at 1, London, aud. ac. Birmingham.—Thomas Brown, Bradford, grocer, May 22 at

- Henry 1'. Ryde, Gray's-inn-road, dealer in shares, May 14 1, Leeds.

at 12, London, aud. ac. - - George Hutchison, Palace-row,

New-road, timber merchant, May 15 at 2, London, aud. ac. To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

-Henry Mills, Great Portland-street, St. Marylebone, tobac. Frederick White, Ewell, Surrey, and Swan Brewery, Chelo conist, May 15 at 1, London, aud. ac.-Wm. Henry Sanders, sea, Middlesex, common brewer.-William Buckwell and Pontypool, Monmouthshire, grocer, May 24 at 11, Bristol, Thomas Jones, Duke-street, Southwark, dealers in cement.- Bowe Palmer, Newport, Monmouthshire, Isaac May, Ipswich, linendraper.-Samuel Plimsoll, Sheffield, porter merchant, May 17 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.- Thomas P: coal merchant.-John Fletcher, Unsworth Mill, near Bury, Derham and Wm. Bennett, Bristol, cabinet makers, May 24 and Manchester, cotton manufacturer.-William Edward at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.-J. A. Howard and J. Howard, Hol. Schottlaender, Poplar-row, New Kent-road, merchant.

lingwood, Lancashire, builders, May 16 at 12, Manchester, aud. Petition ANNULLED.

ac.; May 23 at 12, div.-J. Davies, Abergele, Denbighshire, Isidore Bloomenthal, Rodney-buildings, New Kent road, grocer, May 11 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac. - Robert Liddell

, lithographic engraver.

Doncaster, saddler, May 12 at 10, Sheffield, aud. ac.-John PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.

Crocker, Wyke Regis and Weymouth, Dorsetshire, tallow. Newenham Charles Wright and John Thomas Dodd, Fur- chandler, May 23 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.; May 30 at 1, div. -nival's-inn, London, attornies and solicitors.

Benjamin Bray and Wm. Bray, Okehampton, Devonshire, nursery gardeners, May 23 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.; May 24 at

1, div.-Joseph Edwards and Edward Edwards, Truro, Corn. TUESDAY, May 1.

wall, jewellers, May 23 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.- John Clench,

Exeter and St. Thomas-the-Apostle, Devonshire, timber dealer, BANKRUPTS.

May 23 at Exeter, aud. ac.; May 24 at 1, div.--Isaac May, WILLIAM WHALEY, Charles-street, Camberwell New. Ipswich, linendraper, May 23 ať 1, London, div.-- Frederick

road, dealer and chapman, May 14 at 1, and June 18 at 12, Chapman, Mansell-street, wine merchant, May 22 at half-past London : Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. R. M. & F. Lowe, 2, Tan. 11, London, div.-James Turner, Hedge.row, High-street

, field-court, Temple.-Pet. f. April 21.

Islington, draper, May 22 at 2, London, div.- Henry G. WILLIAM BAKER, Cumberland-market, dealer and chap- Mortimer, Lee, Kent, builder, May 22 at 12, London, div.

man, May 14 at 2, and June 12 at 1, London: Off. Ass. William Harrison, Clyde terrace, Caledonian-road, Islington, Edwards; Sol. Robinson, 29, Ironmonger-lane, Cheapside. baker, May 22 at 1, London, div.- Isaac Pochin, Leicester

, -Pet. f. April 30.

jeweller, May 22 at half-past 10, Nottingham, aud. ac. -GEORGE EDWARD NEAL, Pembury, Kent, dealer and Edward Round and Wm. Round, Tipton. Staffordshire, tim.

chapman, May 10 and June 15 at 1, London: Off. Ass. ber merchants, May 23 at half-past 10, Birmingham, aud. ac, Cannan; Sols. Church & Langdale, 38, Southampton and div. sep. est. of Wm. Round.- John Bates and Edward buildings, Chancery-lane ; Cripps, Tunbridge Wells. -Pet. Bower, Leicester, lamb's-wool spinners, May 22 at 10, Notf. April 27.

tingham, aud. ac. and div. sep. est. of John Bates.-William JOHN KENNEDY, Aldersgate-street, dealer and chapman, Whalley, Stockport, cotton spinner, May 23 at 12, Manches

May 11 at 1, and June 16 at 2, London : Off. Ass. Pen- ter, div.-James Worrall, Bolton and Manchester, manufacnell; Sols. Willoughby & Co., 13, Clifford's-inn. - Pet. f. turer, May 22 at 12, Manchester, div. --John Hannell, Man. April 27.

chester, tobacconist, May 24 at 12, Manchester, div.-John JOSEPH SALT, Longton, Staffordshire, dealer and chap. Balkwill, Exeter, shoemaker, May 30 at 1, Exeter, div.

man, May 14 and June 4 at half-past 10, Birmingham: George Elston, Crediton, Devonshire, shoemaker, May 30 at Off. Ass. Bittleston; Sol. Hodgson, Birmingham.- Pet. d. 1. Exeter, div.-James Miners, Redruth, Cornwall, grocer; April 30.

May 24 at 1, Exeter, div.- John Fry Reeves, John Frederick EDWARD WESTON, Dudley, Worcestershire, dealer and Reeves, Orlando Reeves, and Archibald Reeves, Taunton, scri, chapman, May 12 and June 8 at 11, Birmingham : OĦ. Ass. veners, May 23 at 1, Exeter, div. sep. est. of John Frederick

Whitmore; Sol. Smith, Birmingham.-Pet. d. April 4. Reeves.-J. Evans, Exeter, bookseller, May 30 at 1, Exeter, JOSEPH MARSDEN, Balsall-heath, Worcestershire, dealer div.---John N. Greenslade, Oakford, Devonshire, farmer, May and chapman, May 12 and June 8 at 11, Birmingham : 30 at 1, Exeter, div. -John Beringer, Penzance, silversmith, Of. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Powell & Son, Birmingham.- May 23 at 1, Exeter, div.-Thomas Hutchings, Axminster

, Pet. d. April 28.

Devonshire, nurseryman, May 23 at 1, Exeter, div.-Wm. GEORGE ISAAC WARD, Leicester, fishmonger, May 22 Turner, Crewkerne, Somersetshire, currier, May 24 at 1,

and June 12 at 10, Nottingham: Of. Ass. Harris; Šols. Exeter, div.-Joseph Edwards and Edward Edwards, Truro,

Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.- Pet. d. April 30. jewellers, May 30 at 1, Exeter, div.-William Fowler, AberFREDERICK WILLIAM HOLMES, Leeds, wine mer. gavenny, Monmouthshire, grocer, May 24 at 11, Bristol, fin. chant,

May 11 and June 15 at 11, Leeds : Off. Ass. Young; div. - John Crosthwaite, Liverpool, merchant, May 24 at 11, Sols. Cariss & Cudworth, Leeds.--Pet. d. April 27. Liverpool, div.- Edward Tregenza, Stockton-on-Tees, Dur

ham, shoe dealer, May 23 at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, div. ! STARKIE'S LAW OF EVIDENCE.--NEW EDITIOX. -Chas. Dizon, Gateshead, draper, May 23 at 12, Newcastle- | A PRACTICAL TREATISE of the LAW of EVI. upon-Tyne, fin. div.


with very considerable alterations and additions; incorporating the

Statutes and reported Cases to the time of publication. By G. M. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

DOWDESWELL and J. G. MALCOLM, Esqrs., Barristers at Law. before the Day of Meeting.

Just published, in 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 168. cloth.

“Fortunately for the Profession, the new edition has been intrusted Alexander Wm. Bell, Coles-terrace, Barnsbury-road, wine to gentlemen, of whom one is well known, not only as a ripe and accommerchant, May 22 at 12, London.-Henry Revel Spicer, plished lawyer, (doctrinâ malidus), but as a judicious editor, knowing Bognor Mills, near Newbury, paper maker, May 24 at 2, plague of reports mere industry is not sufficient to qualify even a secondLondon.—John Walker Brown, Sloane-street, upholsterer, rate editor. . . It is evident that the editors have not been blinded May 22 at 1, London.-Geo. Ricketts, Charles-place, Drum- by their respect for the author, but have altered,

corrected, and amended mond-street, Euston-square, coachbuilder, May 22 at 12, safely upon a small stock of learning or of judgment; and in our opiLondon.-Wm. Gillard the elder, Catherine-street, Strand, nion it has been pursued, not only with safety, but with manifest advanand Thornhill-square, Islington, general merchant, May 23 tage to the book; so that the fourth edition of Starkie is to the existing at 2, London.- Charles Jas. Cheatley Elkington, Hall-street, had some means of identifying Mr. Malcolm's portions of the work. City-road, electro-plate manufacturer, May 23 at 2, London. As it is, being hitherto unknown in authorship, he must be content with -Samuel King, Buckland, and Chas. King, Draycott Moor, the praise of having borne a part where all was good.”—Jurist. Berkshire, wheelwrights, and Cowley, Oxfordshire, builders,

" It is also the only work of which a new edition has been brought May 22 at 12, London.-Daniel Keen, Hillingdon, brick- tice, with any degree of consideration and accuracy, the modern changes

out at such a time as to render it possible that it should apply to pracmaker, May 23 at 12, London.-Cornelius Aubrey Markham, in the law. . . . . We think the editors will have gone far towards reGodmanchester, Huntingdonshire, currier, May 23 at half- storing the admirable work of Mr. Starkie to its original character of past l, London. - Peter Cattell, Long-acre, coachmaker, the best work on the law of evidence which has yet been produced."

Legal Observer.
May 23 at half-past 2, London.-Meyer Jacobs, Steward-st.,

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Spitalfields, warehouseman, May 22 at half-past 2, London.-
John Barrell Morgan and John Lewis, Ystalyfera Craig, Gla-


In 12mo., price 14s. boards, morganshire, drapers

, May 25 at 11, Bristol.. wmDeffett THE WINDING-UP ACTS: 1848, 1849; with IntroBalkwill, Exeter, shoemaker, May 24 at 1, Exeter.-John pendix of Forms used in the Winding-up Joint-stock Companies. By Crocker, Wyke Regis and Weymouth, tallow chandler, May 3. M. LUDLOW, Esq., Barrister at Law. 24 at 1, Exeter. - Richard Brorap, John Broxap, James

The Winding-up Amendment Act, 1849, may be had separately,

price 7s. boards. Brocap, and Wm. Broxap, Burnley, Lancashire, cotton ma

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. nufacturers, May 24 at 1, Manchester.— Thomas Wadsworth,

RATING OF RAILWAYS. Macclesfield, silk dealer, May 23 at 12, Manchester.-Martha

In 12mo., price 4s. 6d. boards, Hope Ireland, Newton Heath,, Lancashire, dyer, May 23 at A SUMMARY of the LAW as applied to the RATING of May 17 at half-past 10, Birmingham.--Edward Carrington, Parishes, with the Judgments in the cases of the London, Brighton,

and South-coast; the South-eastern; and the Midland Railway ComBirmingham, grocer, May 24 at half-past 10, Birmingham.

panies, delivered February 22, 1851. And Notes of all the Cases To be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. hitherto decided by the Court of Queen's Bench on the subject of Henry Markinfield Addey, Old Bond-street, bookseller.- assessing a Railway. By HENRY JOHN HODGSON, Esq., of Lin

Railway Rating; and some Observations on the Practical Mode of John Dennett, Hatcham, Surrey, builder.—Matthew John coln's-inn, Barrister at Law, Recorder of Ludlow. Goff, Queen's-crescent, Prince of Wales-road, Kentish-town, "To shareholders and ratepayers, as well as to lawyers, the work before bookseller.-Fred. Noake Baker, Southampton, timber mer

us will be found to be useful, and we can recommend it as being an ex

tremely clear and accurate statement of the subject on which it professes chant.-Wm. Horton, High-street, Islington, grocer.--Hugh to treat." —Jurist, No. 750, May 24, 1851. Brown, Liverpool, merchant.-- Jas. Aitken, Liverpool, draper.

Stevens & Norton, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. -Jos. Crowther, Manchester and Eccles, Lancashire, grocer.

BRITISH AND NEUTRAL COMMERCE. -John Moore, Skircoat, Halifax, common brewer.- John

Just published, price 5s. cloth bds.,
Anderson, Hector Bradford, grocers-Benjamin Ratcliffe THE RIGHTS OF BRITISH and NEUTRAL COM.
Mitchell, Keighley, Yorkshire, worsted spinner.-Charles H. Council. By JOHN HOSACK, of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.
Holgate, Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire, scrivener.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


Price 3s. boards, George Ashley and Thomas Watts, Old Jewry, attornies and solicitors.


MON LAW to compel the Production of Documents for Inspec

tion; with an Appendix, containing the Act to Amend the Law of SHELFORD ON TITHES.-THIRD EDITION.

Evidence, 14 & 15 Vict. c. 99, and Notes thereto. By CHARLES THE ACTS for the COMMUTATION of TITHES in EDWARD POLLOCK, Esq., of the Inner Temple. ENGLAND and WALES, with the LAW of TITHES in reference

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane. to those Acts, and Directions and Forms as settled by the Commissioners; also the Report as to Special Adjudications, &c., and the Plans.


In 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. in boards, at Law. Third Edition. With a Supplement containing the Tithe A PRACTICAL TREATISE on POWERS. By the

Right Hon. Sir EDWARD SUGDEN. The Seventh Edition. recent Cases on the Construction of the above Acts. Price 188. boards.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.
The Supplement may be had separately. Price 2s. 6d.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, 26,

SIR E. SUGDEN ON THE LAW OF VENDORS AND Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn, Law Booksellers and Publishers.


In 1 thick vol. 8vo., price 11. 1s. cloth boards, CRIMINAL LAGI PIEAFDI N... Pidence of War PRACTICE. A CONCISE and PRACTICAL VIEW of the Law



EDWARD SUGDEN. MINAL CASES; with the Statutes, Precedents of Indictments,

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane. &c.; and the Evidence necessary to support them. By JOHN JERVIS, Esq., (now Lord Chief Justice of her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas.

In I vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 118. od. cloth boards, The Twelfth Edition, including the Practice in Criminal Proceedings A TREATISE on the LAW of PROPERTY, as adminisBy ,

tered by the HOUSE of LORDS. With an Introductory Chapter

on the Jurisdiction of the House of Lords. By the Right Hon. Sir S, Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, and V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, EDWARD SUGDEN. Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn, Law Booksellers and Publishers.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

In I vol. 12mo., price 8s. boards,

TREATISE on the LAWS relating to FACTORS and

In 1 vol. 8vo., price 16s. cloth boards,
BROKERS, with 20 Appendix of Statutes, Rules, Orders, and AN ESSAY on the NEW STATUTES relating to Limi-

, Barrister at Law.

Merger of Attendant Terms, Defective Executions of Powers of Leasing, S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, 26, Wills, Trustees, and Mortgagees. By Sir EDWARD SUGDEN. Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn, Law Booksellers and Publishers.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


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